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Takissis Shell Challenge - October Challenge


  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 521 Member
    Thank you @JojoMOMSTER for putting up the links and pics for Kate. I was about to do it then I scrolled down. Thank you!

    Okay @Kate2450, time for a walkthrough! I'm so excited!

    First impressions, I love the old west theme here! I giggled at the picture of the toddler playing with the palamino. Adorable picture. I do like the hitching post though. Everything looks so true to theme here. It looks very rustic and desert like on the outside. I half expect to see a tumbleweed rolling by in the backyard. I like the camping area in the back with the firespit and all the cacti in the surrounding areas. The clothesline and washtub are a nice touch and a little wood shed! So well thought out.

    In the front, I like the bear wooden statue. I imagine an old time photographer taking pictures of people standing nearby, but not smiling. You can never smile in pictures in the old west. I wonder if I'm the only one who gets the reference...*listens to crickets* so yeah. moving on.

    I like how you converted the second floor balcony. It works well with the theme you have going here. Good choice on your colors and everything matches well. I still want to take the pony home.

    Oh my!!! Inside! It's like a saloon! You've got poker tables, a bar. This is so awesome! Sorry, I'm gushing early, but this is very original. I love it!

    I think you did well with the kitchen. It stays well within theme. You mentioned you weren't quite happy with it, but I think you did well with the materials you had to work with. It doesn't look too modern, maybe a bit newer than old west, but I'll just chalk it up to they had more money than their neighbors. :tongue:

    The only error I can find is that your mailbox is in the mudroom. I'm not sure if that was intentional or where the game placed it by mistake. And I'm going to assume that the odd colored chair is because it had to be replaced in a barfight. Hmm...Talking john in the bathroom. Not in theme, but I can assume that you were going for color. It looks slightly out of place, but I really had to look for it after not finding toilets in the bathrooms on the second floor.

    On the second floor, I love the split level with the balcony. I still haven't attempted a house with it though I've thought about it a few times. You did very well through. Your rooms are very well done. The wallpaper fits perfectly and they style of all the decor matches the theme well. It has a mishmash feel, which I assume is intended, meaning that things might have been bought separately and don't perfectly match because they weren't supposed to. It works.

    I like the front room the most. Except, you could have removed the door that's attached to the stairs. It's hidden in the room, but I had to stop and see what was going on there. For the room itself though, I like the pink tone to it, kinda dusty rose. It's very pretty.

    Third floor. I'm assuming attic here, that's why it's all drywall? I'm getting a servant's quarters vibe here. I'm hoping that's right. I'm just loving how things that are modern being placed in a different theme works so well. You can tell how much thought you put into what would fit. It works so well.

    I think the only thing I would change on the third floor is to paint the walls, but I get why you didn't.

    Overall, I can't find anything "wrong" anywhere. And I love how creative you are with everything. I absolutely love the first floor! The saloon area is wonderful.

    Thank you entering my challenge. You did such a good job!

  • Kate2450Kate2450 Posts: 21 Member
    first, thank you @JojoMOMSTER for posting my links.

    And huge thanks to you @Takissis for your detailed review. I really appreciate the consideration. I am not sure what happened with that mailbox- I think when I moved lots it placed it because it was not meant to be there. I actually didn't place a mailbox now that I think of it. I did not realise the talking john lit up - but the colour and look felt so right! The hidden door to the attic is so no one discovers the toddler in the attic. It definitely won't work for gameplay

    Hope you do another challenge next month :)
  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 521 Member
    Thank you everyone for participating this in May's challenge. I am so giddy with all the entries. I loved them. All have been nominated for Maxis favs.

    Next month's is up HERE.

    **Quick note** The stairs got moved and I forgot to put them back. Feel free to put them wherever you like.
  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 789 Member
    Would it be okay to build out the second floor and place the roof above it? It's impossible to decorate with the roof covering it.
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  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 521 Member
  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 789 Member
    Thanks, @Takissis! :)
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  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 789 Member
    Your Gallery ID: icanhassims
    Lot name and Link: Six Bedroom Home
    Slideshow Link: https://icanhassims.weebly.com/six-bedroom-home.html
    Feedback Requested?: Yes please
    Additional Information/Backstory: Big thanks to Takissis for allowing me to build out the second floor when I was having difficulty accessing it to decorate. I know it changes the look of the building but I tried to keep it close to the original. Basically, this is a six bedroom home with rooms set up for 2-4 adults (or a second teen), infant, toddler, child, and teen. There's also a playroom and lots of room and equipment to play on in the backyard. I threw on some Eco Lifestyle solar panels at the last minute to help with energy consumption. :)
    Front of home:
    Back of home:
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  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 521 Member
    This is awesome @icanhassims! I just got home from work. Let me get my feet up and download this and I'll do a better walkthrough. I like what I've seen so far.
  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 521 Member
    Okay, I get to walk-through now. Yay!

    Okay, first impressions on the exterior. First thing I saw was the landscaping in the front. So pretty! I love the blue flowers with the bushes behind them. It blends perfectly into the exterior of the home itself. I love the wildflowers under the trees in the front. Very well done.

    I like what you did with the front porch. Not too much there, but enough where it looks cozy and inviting.

    The backyard looks very friendly with a curvy pool and play area. I like the touch of having the bar up on the deck instead of a barbecue. Ah the barbecue is closer to the house in a picnic area. Fun! The whole area looks great for kids, with the swing set and jungle gym, as well as the pool.

    Alright, going inside, first floor. Everything looks so homey! I like what you did with the living room. There's a bunch of different colors, but it looks real and lived it. I absolutely adore the kitchen. I like the cabinets you chose and the stone motif tile work on the walls.

    Oh the nursery is so cute! Gender neutral coloring, but still has butterflies! I love butterflies if anyone doesn't know. Well, and dragons, and fairies...oh wait, walk-through. No one needs to know that. Moving on! I love the nursery!

    I like what you did with the hallway. Those are always so hard to do anything with to me. But you've made it a cozy little study with old record player and seating with a bookcase. A lovely little room.

    What a unique take on an office! Coffee and tea makers on the cabinets are a nice touch.

    Okay, second floor. I love the rooms you have up here. I think my favorite is the kids' gameroom. I love the pillows around the TV and Battlestation with the Voidcritters on the wall. Well, I also love the boy's room. Actually, I love all the rooms. Wait, I already said that. They are all my favorites!

    Overall, everything works so very well. I love the colors you used. Nothing is too monotone and everything looks "real." It's hard to explain what I'm thinking here. Things like the boy's room. You didn't just go.."Okay, I need a boy's room. Let's go with a blue color scheme and throw toys in." Which is entirely what I would screw up doing. You used a lot of pastels and neutral colors everywhere which is how a real home is. I just love everything you'd done here.

    Thank you so much for decorating my little shell. You are awesome as always hun!

  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 789 Member
    I adore your commentary @Takissis! You crack me up when you start to go on tangents. I love it. :)

    Thank you for providing a lovely shell and wonderful walk-through summary and comments. <3
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  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,928 Member
    Your Gallery ID:jojoMOMSTER
    Lot Name:Portmaster's Place
    Gallery Link:some art is flagging cc, not visible in online gallery
    Slideshow Link (if any):Link
    Feedback Requested?: Yes
    Additional Information/Backstory/Credits:
    This was interesting, I used a really small lot so the side porch got sheared off. Without changing the exterior shape, I rebuilt the spaces under the big high roof.
    Thank you for your art! juwels64, Eevam, Takissis, jlewi38, roseymow, mbarnet, MandyKay77, SimSationalToo

    Pictures (if you have more than 5, please use spoiler tags):

  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 521 Member
    I just saw this. I am downloading it now, but it might be tomorrow until I can do a walkthrough as I have company showing in about 10 minutes. I absolutely love what I have seen so far. I look forward to a closer look!
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,928 Member
    Hi @Takissis everything ok to d/l the lot?
  • SerraNolwenSerraNolwen Posts: 628 Member
    I built this at the beginning of the month, left it because I was extra-busy with work and couldn't figure out what to do with the landscaping, but now I figured I should finish this before the end of the month, so here it is. I'm still not satisfied with the landscaping :sweat_smile: .

    Your Gallery ID: SerraNolwen
    Lot Name: Well-behaved
    Gallery Link: Gallery link
    Slideshow Link (if any): Imgur slideshow
    Feedback Requested?: Yes please!
    Additional Information/Backstory/Credits:
    Once again, I limited myself to a few packs to see where it would take me. I tried to build a house for a big family that loves pets (especially dogs). I hope you enjoy the results!

    Pictures (if you have more than 5, please use spoiler tags):
    So here is how ti looks outside :

    I picked a couple other pictures I like :


  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 521 Member
    First, @JojoMOMSTER, I want to apologize for not getting to this sooner. Real life sort of distracted me and when I had time for Sims, I honestly could not concentrate enough to give anything real attention. I just painted because it was mindless and didn't think of much else. It's not a good excuse, but it's the truth. I have got your lot downloaded now and I am walking through it.

    On a note, I didn't get a popup saying that they removed something because it was CC, so hopefully nothing was lost.

    First impressions. I love the outside. Nice subtlety in the coloring and minimal landscaping. It's very pretty but calming. I like it. The grey exterior is contrasted well. It looks "real" and that's awesome. I am loving the new pack with all the new things to play with and the ability to move windows and doors around to look right. You made good work of that. I like the awning windows. Very cool.

    I need you to come to Texas and fix my backyard, at least design me a new one. This is so pretty. You've got so much in a little space, but it doesn't look cluttered. Plenty of seating area for guests and it's so pretty! I love the use of blue and green. It goes so well with the grey exterior of the house. And the fact it is all on a separate deck is creative. I just could gush over this forever.

    First floor.

    Just beautiful! I mean! Wow. The neutral tones with splashes of color is so pretty. The first thing my sim did when I let her loose was turn on the TV, so we will start in the living room. Again, the blue and green colors, well done with the tan and brown everywhere. Oh! my painting! yay. I love seeing my work in builds. I wish I could point out one thing here that is just awesome, but it's the combined look that makes everything work. The shelving is a good match. I also like the shelves on the staircase, good idea. and the laundry basket under is a cute touch.

    The kitchen is just a dream. So light and pretty. Very eco friendly and good use of space. You've managed to put the whole kitchen, laundry, dining and a place for a computer all in the same small space and it looks good! I'm in awe. Side note, I just love those windows.

    Oh wow. I just saw the planters under the stairs in the hallway to the bathroom. LOVE! Such a clever idea.

    Both the bathrooms are lovely and the double shower in the bathroom is so cool. Again, new pack stuff. I really should get around to playing with it. Literally everything I have picked up because I didn't recognize is from the new pack.

    Mudroom is cute. I love that new ceiling light. Oh! more of my paintings! yay!

    Ack, almost missed the bedroom. Just wow. This is so pretty! I love the paintings you chose. I wish they signed them so I knew who did them. I'll have to look in your notes and figure it out. I just absolutely adore the succulent garden (oh it's called "foliage keeper" over the headboard. I want. And butterflies!

    Second Floor

    Yay, you kept the balcony part. I wasn't sure if people were going to think that was a mistake and fill it in. Wonderful paintings by Juwel64. I'll have to find them. Wow, all of the paintings are cool. I guess I should have looked at them all before calling those out. The car front looks sort of out of place until I considered the design as a whole. I can see it being repurposed as decor, so now it works. :)

    I really do like these new showers! Lovely bathroom. I love the double sink. Very creative design there. I'm going to have to ....It's inspiration. Yep! :)

    More good use of space with the teen room. It's a small room, but you still manage a video station with a desk, bed and chest of drawers. It doesn't look cluttered at all. Love it.

    Cute kids room. I was hoping I'd find one considering the potties in the bathrooms. I'm still amazed at your use of space. I know I keep mentioning it, but every room is packed, but doesn't look like it. Love love love

    I like that you used the ladder to get up to the attic. I expect a lot more attics actually used and decorated now that we have them. And it works, a storage area. Sparse, but it's exactly what it should be.

    Alright, nothing is "wrong" with anything. The only thing I did was center the wooden leaf a little bit, but that was my own aesthetics. I love everything you have done on each floor. Wonderful.

  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,928 Member
    @SerraNolwen BB is a fantastic world for this home, it looks right on that lot I like your fenced yard for the whole family with the shade trees. I will d/l to see your interpretation. I backed myself into a corner with work this month too. Oof.

    @Takissis no need to worry about time. I was just not understanding why I got hit with the dreaded blue monkey wrench. All art is from reputable creators and my game is vanilla since Eco living.

    Thank you for your generous review. I was having a hard time getting a feel for type of home intended for that shell so I just made something up on the fly. I’m glad you like it.
  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 521 Member
    @SerraNolwen, downloading and walking through your design now.

    First impressions. Cute sitting area on the porch, and I definitely get the pet vibe. I like your landscaping in the front. You did good with the shading and overlap. Impressive. I love the backyard with all the play toys for the dogs. The enclosed pool is cute with the turtles. Very adorable.

    The inside is just lovely. My Sim (Mikayla) decided to go play the computer, so we will start in there. This is a cute little office with a treadmill within. It looks very functional as most houses would be. I love the doors you chose for the build. They go so well with the exterior design. Well done.

    The bathroom is lovely and good use of space.

    I just adore this kitchen. It has a rustic but still modern feel to it. It's as if they upgraded to all modern conveniences, but still wanted that country feel. It's so pretty.

    I like the children's toys (the dollhouse and puppet show) in the hallway. Again, it's like a real house. you put things where there is room. It doesn't look cluttered, in fact far from it. And it doesn't look out of place. A family would have things under the stairs and in hallways, where they could be played with.

    The living room is adorable. I love that coffee table. Nice bar area. Too bad it can't function as a bar. You still managed to get a lot into this room. It's wonderful.

    Second floor. Love the bedrooms. The fish tank in the master bedroom is a nice touch and goes well with pet lovers. Both the kids rooms are adorable and I love the hamster play cage.

    I think the only thing I would change on the second floor is the wallpapering in the master bedroom. The color you chose is a bit green compared to your blue highlights. You might have been better with the grey instead, but that's a personal choice.

    As far as the house as a whole, lighting is the only real issue. I had to buy lights to look at some rooms better. You might try utilizing the saucer lights sized down completely if you didn't want to have ceiling lights.

    I think some of the walls look a little sparse as well. You might have tried some paintings or wall decor to brighten them up a little.

    Overall, I love it. You did a wonderful job and it is all very pretty.
  • SerraNolwenSerraNolwen Posts: 628 Member
    @Takissis Thank you for this review. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I did feel like the lighting might not be enough. It wasn't so obvious in the bright summer afternoon, but it might be dark otherwise. I do wish we had some way of making any lamp have the brightness we want. I guess I'll have to settle on using those saucers. They might not be so bad sized down, though. I'll keep that in mind and try it next time.

    @JojoMOMSTER Thanks! Your build looks great, too. I love the backyard and absolutely adore the colors you picked for the living room. That art looks nice.

    Overall, I should probably start looking for some custom art. I always struggle to pick nice things to add on the walls when using only maxis stuff. I feel like I keep using the same ones.
  • ebuchalaebuchala Posts: 4,945 Member
    @Takissis I know I'm super late on this so you don't have to walk through it or anything. Just thought I'd share since I finally finished it!

    Your Gallery ID: ebuchala
    Lot Name: May '20 Shell Challenge (I forgot to rename it when I uploaded; it would be Leverton Lot, if I had)
    Gallery Link: Gallery link
    Slideshow Link (if any): Imgur
    Feedback Requested?: Would love it but I know I'm super late so it's not necessary.
    Additional Information/Backstory/Credits:
    Had to be different so I used the front of the shell for the back. I actually ended up liking it better this way since I could make a really nice master bedroom and a fun library at the back, that way. The family idea I was picturing is a family of four that is pretty well off. Hence, the kids both have pretty expensive laptops and one has a tablet while the other (the artist) has a digital sketchpad. My mental image of the family is two boys but the rooms ended up both being kind of all over the place which, realistically, is frequently what happens when you're getting stuff for your kids' rooms.

    Some pics:


    Origin ID: ebuchala
    I'm not a psychopath. I'm a high-functioning psychopath. Reaper
  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 521 Member
    This is beautiful hun. I'm working on an August Challenge atm. I should have it uploaded today. I sort of took a break in July. I will take a look around this hopefully tomorrow as I have company coming tonight and won't have time. I do love what I see so far though. Lovely job.
  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 521 Member
    August Shell Challenge is up, posted on the first comment of this thread. I look forward to this month's entries!
  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 789 Member
    Your Gallery ID: icanhassims
    Lot name and Link: Sulani Vacation Home
    Slideshow Link: https://icanhassims.weebly.com/sulani-vacation-home.html
    Feedback Requested?: Yes please
    Additional Information/Backstory: The ultimate vacation home where you can both relax and party. With the main house set back and the party hut in front, as well as a natural pond out front, this stunning home is waiting for its next occupants.
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  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 521 Member
    It seems I always start these with apologies for delays. I think we are just always going to have to agree that my schedule makes it where I might not get to something for a few days, but I will always get to it I promise. Just give me time. However, I desperate do want to do these walkthroughs. Everyone's creations are always so awesome. I get such inspiration from them.

    So let's start with @ebuchala.

    I love what you have done with this design. Switching it around makes it look nearly completely different and still quite lovely. The front is very pretty and I love the terrace on top of the porch. The birdbath and bird feeder on the side is a nice touch. I love the enclosed grilling area in the back. The backyard is cute with places for kids to play and plenty of room for adults to entertain. The roses along the balcony is beautiful as well.

    Looking inside at the first floor, I love what you have done inside. There is a beautiful level of detail here in each room. I absolutely love the little pantry area in the kitchen! That is so inspired. The rest of the kitchen is well designed. Dark wood is my favorite, and I love the bay window behind the sink.

    Oh my! How did you make the living room sunken!?! This is wonderful. Lovely details in here too. The row of books by the window is very well done.

    The dining room is beautiful as well. I wouldn't have thought of using the shadow box in the corner like that. I love it!

    I also love the little reading area.

    Onto the second floor.

    Each of these rooms are so pretty. It's hard to know where to start. The master bedroom is my favorite. I love the divider of the half walls to make a small office area. The large closet is very well done as well. It looks full and functional without being overly cluttered. I also like the shower in the master bath.

    Nice family room as well.

    My daughter, who is watching me walk through this, likes the boy's and girl's room the most. She says they are "definitely my favorite because they look cute and pretty."

    Overall, I love the design and the details are just beautiful. There is very little that I would change. I think I would have played with the terrain tools to shadow around the house and the landscaping a bit to give it some shading. As far as the decor though, I wouldn't change a thing.

    Thank you very much for doing this challenge. I love your ideas and creativity. Well done!
  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 521 Member
    Hello again, @icanhassims. I always love your work, so I'm excited to see what you did for this challenge.

    At first glance, I really love the island look that you have put together here. The swimming hole is a wonderful touch and very well done. The landscaping around gives it a very tropical look, simply gorgeous.

    Starting with the guest house. Ah, it isn't a guest house. More of a bar area. Very creative. It looks like a tiki bar/party room. Very cool. The second floor has a bubble machine and sitting area with a TV, perfect for those that want to take a rest after dancing up a sweat. I also like the coloring of the bathroom, still keeping very much into the tropical design. Very nice touch on the porch with the archaeology table. Very useful for an island home for someone exploring the jungle.

    Onto the main home, first floor.

    Lovely job on the first floor. You've kept a blue coloring throughout most of it, so it all blends together nicely. I like all the open doorways and archways. I get the feel of tropical breezes, and with the heat, one would definitely need lots of airflow. I think I like the kitchen the best. It's very simple but quite lovely.

    Second floor.

    The master bedroom is my favorite up here. It's so pretty. You've kept with the island theme in the colors and all the plants everywhere is so perfect. Each of these rooms are very well done. The teen room with the space theme is awesome. I can see a little boy with a love of space having this room.

    Overall, you've done wonderfully here. The tropical landscaping is my favorite. You've done such a good job. I think the only things I would change would be the hallways. Most are completely bare and could use a little decor to even out the white walls.

    Otherwise I simply love this build. Thank you for doing my challenge. As stated, I always love your work. I'm always amazed at how quickly you can put together something so awesome.

  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 789 Member
    Thank you for the detailed review dear @Takissis. I always enjoy reading through them. :)
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