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Enable to roll the house around more when building

I'm finding the building controls a bit limited. I would like to use my middle mouse wheel to roll the house more gently round from top to bottom and the reverse rather than using just top down and straight on or have I missed something?

It would make placing furniture and decorations much simpler. The opposite of using the tools up on top of the screen to move the lot around to left or right around.

Sims 1 at least allowed you to see the nearest walls when decorating them when in half down mode. Sims 4 is not as good in this respect.


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    OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 5,000 Member
    To be more basic, we should be able to move around in build mode like we can in live mode. It should'nt take mouse button combos to move past the edge of the current view.
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