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Move OT games to their own section

AyeffenAyeffen Posts: 231 Member
edited April 27 in Forum Ideas & Feedback
During my time here I have noticed that discussion threads in the Off Topic Chat quickly get buried by threads acting as forum games i.e. word association, A-Z, counting games and so on.

Scrolling through, I have to get to Page 4/5 before I find any discussion threads and then think twice about posting incase it could be considered a 'necro-post'.

This stifles conversation and community members getting to know each other better. In times like these, I think all could do with more opportunities to reach out and communicate on any subject.

I also believe that these threads are used in order to inflate post-count, enabling users to achieve badges and ranks at an accelerated rate compared to those that post in a more constructive manner. Other communities I have been a part of (EA included) have disabled post-count contribution in these kinds of threads to mitigate post-farming.

I'd be interested to hear the views of admins on this subject and whether this is something that could be considered to improve the Off Topic Chat.

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