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Do You Miss Cars?



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    I see some forget the option on TS2 cars was to assign it to a specific Sim so the carpool didn't show for them. They would automatically go to work in their cars. Teens can drive to school and they can drive their younger siblings to school. Parents can drive kids to school, too.

    I don't miss cars because I don't play TS4 but I enjoy them in TS2 and TS3.

    And isn't the Sims about options and Simulating life? I guess knitting is important for fulfilling life when they don't have to pay for clothes. :lol:

    Having dug out my "The Sims" Prima guide, I've found that my memory was right. Every career in "The Sims" (1) had a type of car assigned to them to collect them and take them to work and got better with every advancement in their career from junker, squad car, military jeep to, at the top level.... Limo, hospital Limo, Staff sedan, and Bentley! This was all in the Base game.

    There was so much thought put into the first iteration, plus as many worlds as you wanted to add I remember later on. Great fun when it first came out.

    Actually, there was a limit of 99 worlds/neighborhoods. The first one came with the base game. The second one came with an expansion pack when they ADDED the ability to clone and add neighborhoods (which were worlds, really since you could not travel between them). The 99th neighborhood unlocked an easter egg, related to Makin Magic.

    I also miss the way the Sims (1) loading screens were customized based on the mode of travel. In-neighborhood travelling had one kind of loading screen. Travelling to Hot Date destinations had another kind of loading screen. And travelling to vacation destinations (and there were always only three) was another kind of loading screen, and a still different one to the Superstar studio lots. Plus there were hilarious messages that scrolled across the screen while the game itself was loading up. Even Sims 3, which had less of those, added a hidden object mini-game to the startup loading screen, which was AWESOME.

    And yes, I miss the way the carpool vehicles helped measure the job level your adult Sim was at, and the way you could fix up cars in Sims 2. Sims 3 also introduced scooters/motorcycles. Plus with the color wheel/pattern, you could completely customize the outside of your ride.
    I have been playing The Sims since 2001, when Livin Large came out. My avatar deliberately looks like Chris Roomies from TS1.
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