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100 Baby / ISBI Hybrid

So I wanted to do a 100 Baby challenge (posted on the Sims 4 forum by Erica87), but there are elements to that challenge that I just don’t like doing. So I created my own hybrid with Lynnwood’s ISBI challenge.

My matriarch will be married. If her husband dies before she is past childbearing age she will marry again. She will have as many kids as possible with each husband.
The matriarch will be the only controllable sim.
The matriarch will not have a job outside of the home. Husbands may get a job, but may not be controlled to gain any of the job skills.
Toddlers can age up once all skills get to level 3 or their natural birthday.
Children and teens can age up when they get an A or on their natural birthday.
I am not using the ISBI scoring system, as I prefer to play and not try to keep track of points.
The youngest daughter will be the heir.
All children traits and aspirations will be randomized.


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