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The Straud Legacy-Bachelor Challenge *Updated 16/09/2020*


  • doggers123doggers123 Posts: 226 Member
    @Queenarella ..... @MaggieMarley ..... What is this magic.....
  • Zora1327Zora1327 Posts: 40 Member
    @MaggieMarley I had stayed up all night a few days to read all the parts of your previous two challenges. This one should definitely do the same thing! :)
    I don't have Vampires, sadly (haven't seen much of a use for them yet in my game) :disappointed: , and I only have three packs, Seasons, Jungle Adventure and Cool Kitchen stuff (I'm only a teenager so I can't buy my own packs) so your challenges give me insight into vampires' lives (specifically Vlad's :p ).
    Keep blogging! :)
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,854 Member
    In your face, Caleb! I'm probably the only one who doesn't like Caleb. He's so annoying!

    It's hard to make don't wake the llama write funny but the pics are already funny enough ^^ The mocking, the faces :D

    Bahaha, Caly threatening Bunny :D Mean girl lol

    I love how Vlad's pyjamas are only his daily outfit with bunny slippers :joy:

    I'm so excited to see who won a date :love:
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 674 Member
    It's impossible to be funny all the time .... it causes the humor to lose its intensity and power ;)
    That said, there were a lot of funny comments in the third section. It was very entertaining to watch all the pictures of the various participants.
    ... and I'm glad that Candy for once seemed to wobble on the pedestal ... come again Keoni! :grin:
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  • TheYayToastTheYayToast Posts: 1,352 Member
    The expression Sims make when playing Don't Wake the Llama are hilarious. :)
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,746 Member
    I loved this chapter--
    Caleb trying to win back Roland (and Candy scheming only to then threaten Roland? GURL! You got game. >:) )

    And the two Titans battling it out! VAMP VS NYMPH Who will win the earth shattering struggle? (And will Vlad care? Of course he won't).

    Looking forward to see who wins the date!
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,247 Member
    @doggers123 Sorry I'm dumb :D What magic?

    @Zora1327 that is so sweet of you, thank you very much! I can't believe you actually read all the way through my other challenges :o I hope you enjoy this one too. The vampires GP is my favourite pack. I definitely recommend it if you're ever looking for a pack to get/ask for as a gift :)

    I like Caleb but I do feel he's overrated. Vlad for the win!

    I don't play don'twake the llama much with my sims so it was a fun challenge!

    I love that about Vlad's pyjamas too. Fits him really well.

    I'm about to post the next chapter so you'll find out soon enough ;)

    @MonaSolstraale thank you and I'm glad you found it funny! Candy isn't as perfect t as she likes to think ;)

    @TheYayToast they are! I don't play it enough!

    @pammiechick thank you!
    Candy has some nerve lol.

    For some reason I just felt like Candy and Caly would be rivals... They both strike me as very strong willed and competitive
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,854 Member
    Just love how sarcastic you write Vlad! Epic lol

    Congrats to Roland and Bunny for winning the group date! The spa is perfect for a date ^^ I can’t help but imagine spiders crawling out of Vlad’s wrinkles tho 😂

    What did Roland realize? :o

    Little Vlad 😂 that’s something I’ve never wanted to know even existed 🙈

    Congrats to Keoni! I’m a bit scared for Caly now tho.

    Gosh, I’m so happy Caly got a rose! That’s so hard from the other side 😂

    So sad to see Roland leave :/ Vlad misses a perfect chance to breed out that ugly ASAP lol
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 674 Member
    edited April 28
    There are so many funny whims in this section :D
    Candy who make intrigues as usual…. :grin:
    Poor Turner who get frightened out in the cold .... shame on you Keoni! :/
    Roland's shocked face when he suddenly realizes what he has overlooked ... it's amazing :)
    Bunny who does not want to be disturbed in her foot massage :lol:

    Keoni won the date :blush: ….
    I think Candy and Caly already are making plans on how to return strongly…. they are some uncompromising women and he should probably look over his shoulder in the future :#

    I love how Vlad tries to teach Keoni about bowling as well as how to be a real vampire .... it's so funny :joy:
    Your description of Vlad is uniquely hurmoristic... I almost get sympathy for him :)
    NB: You're not mistaken ... both of Keoni's parents are human

    I was surprised that Roland left the house this time ... but I assume their Chemistry wasn't quite good..
    He looks so happy with Caleb, so it will probably be good for him <3

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  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,247 Member
    he will be :(

    spiders crawling out of Vlad's wrinkles? Thank you for giving me nightmares lol.

    Roland realized he was still in love with Caleb <3

    Haha rose ceremonies are definitely a lot more stressful from the point of view of someone who has a sim entered!

    I know :'( he badly needed Roland's genes...

    @MonaSolstraale Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    Keoni did so well in the don't wake the llama tournament! He deserved that date!

    You're right, Candy and Caly strike me as the most determined of the bunch.

    Ah I'm glad that I got Keoni's parentage right. It's fun to see how Vlad interacts with a good vampire!

    It was so sad to see Roland go :'( but I'm glad he had Caleb waiting for him,
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 674 Member
    edited April 30
    I've heard that the fish bite extra well on the hook in rainy weather….. so the weather was perfect for everyone :)
    Almost all the competitors seem to be quite interested in getting Vlad's attention ….
    :o Caly! She is completely crazy .... and entertaining :joy:

    Yup! Keoni is a loner...
    ... I see that he always chooses his own ways.
    (and now he's lost his new "Goldy" friend :| )
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  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,854 Member
    You're welcome :joy:

    It is way worse than I expected :# I feel like Caly won't win tho... I see someone else as Vlad's favorite ;) If he likes it or not.
    The first screenshot is your revenge giving me nightmares :joy:

    Candy is savage. Love it :D

    The fishing challenge is really cool! I might steal this one day :p

    Caly tries hard to win Vlad's attention. Maybe too much :#

    Morgan is pregnant :love: So cute! And twins, too!

    Love the chapter ^^
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,247 Member
    edited April 30
    @MonaSolstraale I did not know that about fish :o
    Ah the loner trait would explain Keoni not being quite so sociable. Then again, Vlad is a loner too so perhaps they would suit each other that way?

    Maybe I will let Keoni put Goldy in a bowl and keep him as a pet if he wins :D

    @Queenarella haha whoever can you mean? I'm curious as to who Vlad will ultimately go for myself!
    Haha I am sorry about semi naked Vlad. The picture was so funny I had to include it.

    Yes please steal it! I have stolen way too much from you! The the challenge was one of the things I said I had managed to come up with myself in my PM.

    I saved the best two challenges for last and I am really excited for them. One of them I suppose isn'treally a challenge but it kind of is. I got that one from you but I can'tgive away too much or I will spoil it.

    The very last challenge I came up with myself and it will be EPIC. I can'twait for it haha.

    Actually Paolo (her husband) is pregnant. Lol blame me for allowing male pregnancy with MCCC
    Post edited by MaggieMarley on
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,854 Member
    I see Candy as favorite ^^ She seems to go up to talk to Vlad the most. And she’s hilarious lol
    It’s funny but also disturbing 😂

    It’s hard to find something unique anyway. So don’t mind stealing from me. Cuz I’ll do it for sure lol

    I wonder if they are my favorite challenges too 😂

    Epic sounds awesome 😎

    Oh uh... Morgan did just fine then 😂😂
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,247 Member
    @Queenarella Candy does autonomously go up to Vlad and talk a lot. But Caly has been going to talk to him autonomously a lot too. There's still a lot of time left for dates and things too :)
    The last challenge probably will be your favourite. I hope it comes off alright because if it does it'sgoing to be such a lot of fun. Ahhh I can'twait to play it now :D
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,746 Member
    edited April 30
    And now I'm intrigued by the last challenge!
    (I kind of see Candy as coming from behind and being a bit desperate. She's not very good at challenges. She came in LAST in the first one. I can't imagine her being a good fisher-girl, so she probably won't get those dates she needs.

    I love Caly's personality. Well, I love all of their personalities. Everyone is different! Vlad is the best one (of course). Mr. Grumpyzebrapants.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,247 Member
    edited April 30
    @pammiechick I hope I haven't hyped it up too much haha. But I do think that it will be very cool :) it will be on day 9 though so there's still a while to wait (yes I have all the activities planned in advance!)
    I felt so bad for Candy coming last in the llama challenge. After all her competitiveness I expected better from her!

    To be honest none of them strike me as natural fishermen/women (except maybe Keoni for some reason). At the end of the next chapter I will give a run down of how many fish each caught :)
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,854 Member
    Can't wait to see the last challenge! Even if it means the first round of bachelor will be over :#
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 674 Member
    Exciting dates :)
    Caly was really allowed to shine in this section :smiley:
    Congratulations :+1:

    It was almost predictable that Candy forced herself into a place in Turner's spotlight :lol:
    Candy has revealed she has a dark side.... I don't think it got behind anyone :smirk:
    Turner revealed more than he might be comfortable with :worried: .... hm! I don't think Vlad is the person who can give him compassion :/

    Bunny suddenly realized that she escapes from breeding ugly children :sweat_smile: (Sorry Vlad :innocent: )
    .... Pst! Keoni .... maybe you should start listening to your mom and interest you a little more for what you got yourself into :#
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  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,854 Member
    That glitch is weird but funny :D And it looks awesome on the waterslide!

    Congrats to Turner and Candy! :)

    Karaoke is great but it's annoying you have to start with country music. Who likes that anyway? :D

    It's quite obvious Candy has a dark side to her ^^

    Oh my gosh! Caly really won the solo date :o Good job, crazy b... girl lol

    Well, Vlad, someone who volunteers to date you must have daddy issues. Otherwise they'd run. :p

    It's always stressful to not see your own sim get the first rose :joy: Luckily it was the second one lol

    Aw man :/ So sad to see Bunny go. I wish she would have slapped Vlad :D She looks like she wanted it, too lol

    Love the chapter! You're so funny ^^
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,247 Member
    Caly gave me a lot of trouble with her stripping off and glitching out in her mer form lol. But it gave me material I guess!

    Yep Candy is not as perfect as she likes to pretend - surprise surprise.

    Ugly children is definitely what is awaiting Vlad's future spouse :D

    Haha Keoni's poor mum will be in for a shock if Keoni wins!

    I loved that glitch way too much. It was almost a pity to reset her.

    I would never do karaoke in real life so I almost felt for Vlad haha.

    It was fun to write Caly's solo date with Vlad. She has such a great character thanks to you!

    I'm surprised none of them have slapped him yet lol. Come to that, I'm surprised he hasn't autonomously performed any mean interactions with any of them yet. In my 100 baby challenge save he was always yelling at his kids!
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