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The Straud Legacy-Bachelor Challenge *Updated 16/09/2020*



  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,746 Member
    This chapter was so funny!
    I love Caly's nymph clueless narcissism and Vlad's curmudgeon humor. (And I was happy Gabriel could at least get on the good side of one of the parents. I died laughing when Caly said she hated Candy! Can't say I blame her!)

    All the guys had parent trouble. It was hysterical!!!
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,308 Member
    You have a point there. Let's just say she's crazy either way. :D

    Ugh, yeah, way too much stalking if you ask me. It seems to be getting worse though. :|

    I've never had a 'formal' wedding at the Bluff's just an elopement during an impromptu party one time. But I have had a wedding at the Von Haunt estate with Mimsy playing piano for my Not So Berry founder and her handsome NPC mixologist. :)

    Oh I know it's all random, I was just making an observation about Michael's painting. If it was based on how the subject looked though, he'd be a goner. :D However, his painting was the only one with the pretty flowering tree in it. *shrugs*

    If this were a real bachelorette contest it wouldn't surprise me if he had dropped him on purpose, those can be brutal. :# o.O

    lol No worries, I think you do just fine with the romantic one liners. :)

    I agree with this statement so hard! *rawr* :p

    I did yes, thank you! Very busy weekend filled with two wedding anniversary celebrations and taking care of our grandchildren! Hence, the reason I'm so late with my replies here. Trying to catch up everywhere now though. :)

    Day 8 Comments:
    Love how this chapter starts out with all the shirtless guys! <3 And it just continues with the Spa group date! Congrats to Will and Rodrigo! I literally laughed out loud at the screenie where Galatea farted in that guy's face. :D Great chat with both guys.

    Congrats to Gabriel for winning the Solo date! Skating! Another activity with plenty of fun fails! Man, Jesminder sure has some skills eh? Love what Gabriel said to Galatea about finding another to mend her broken heart, he's right! He's quite the romantic too with that last line. See? You're better than you think at this stuff! :)

    Aww man, bummer Will had to go @Queenarella He will be missed. :( Hopefully though he'll find someone else to love that can make him forget (at least for a little while) about his obsession with money. Maybe his true love wants to be super rich too, he just needs to find her. :)

    Day 9 Comments:
    Ouch! Poor Rodrigo getting a tongue lashing by Caly for not believing she's a Goddess. o.O Good effort trying to repair the damage though with that line about Caly's beauty. :)

    Gah! I wondered if the fact Candy is his Mother would come back to bite Gabriel at some point, and here it is. The look on Caly's face says it all.

    Uh oh, don't think Michael did too well with the parents either. He's got Vlad threatening to tear his throat out for flirting and telling him he won't last long if he dares to use magic on Vlad. *gulp*

    I think of the four, Adonis did the best with the parents. Although, Vlad wasn't too happy he didn't want to let him drink from him. Love the 'fishy' taste comment from Vlad. :D I guess we'll find out next time how they actually did. This game is fickle, so really, it's anybody's win at this point. :)

    Lastly, I love how Galatea tried to reassure Michael Vlad wouldn't tear his throat out, but I don't think it worked. :D

    Have a great rest of your week! <3
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,854 Member
    Both are so pretty! :love:
    The moodlets aren't a problem but the constant change is annoying and the bright light :D

    Wait, I think I've seen the question mark before. But not in my game.

    It would be so cool if Bryon ended up with her :D

    I had a similar thing in my game with Alexis. Group dates aren't as perfect for bonding as are solo dates. But it also seems they didn't have chemistry. I still believe there's hidden chemistry in the game ^^

    I would have to create my simself first tho :D Maybe one day.

    New chapter:
    Gal really has to plead her parents to act normal lol Love it!

    The celebrity stuff (shine and walk) sometimes turn off/on without you doing anything. Blue walked weird again after the bachelorette part with Rose was over and I had to change it back to normal.

    Oh Rodrigo... Not a good idea to "insult" a crazy sim like Caly :# Good thing Atlas was sent away earlier :joy:

    Oh oh, I hope Gabriel isn't disliked for his mother :#

    Vlad can't help but threat his potential sons-in-law, huh? :D

    Adonis and Galatea share similar parents in occult point of view! How cool! As if they were made for each other.

    Without Will I have no idea who to cheer for. They're all so great.

    Plasma tasting like fish. Not too bad, is it? A bit of change once in a while.

    Poor guys are traumatized by the parents. Do they know that the winner will live with them? It's hard to tell who might be their favorite.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,247 Member
    @pammiechick I'm glad you thought so!
    Hehe Vlad and Caly are such odd characters that they were bound to make the guys uncomfortable!

    I got the feeling that Caly and Candy had some sort of enmity going on. The relprint stats said that they had a good relationship but I'm sure they were just fake friends and prepared to stab one another in the back at any moment >:) ah I miss Candy, she was so fun!

    At least Vlad and Caly had permission to be present in the 'meet the parents' chapter :D

    Aww Mimsy playing the piano at a wedding sounds really nice <3

    I haver actually never watched a single episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette but I can imagine that it does get intense. I've seen two series of Love Island (it's a UK programme which is kind of a cross between The Bachelor/ette and Big Brother) and that can be quite full of drama so I can imagine that The Bachelor/ette is the same!

    Thank you, I try!

    I'm glad you had a good weekend :) Wow two wedding anniversary celebrations in one weekend, that sounds like a lot!
    Now that you mention it, yes there was a lot of shirtless guys in this chapter haha.

    I didn't even know that sims could fart while receiving a massage. That must've made a great impression on her dates...

    I'm glad that Gabriel's comments on broken hearts came out romantic rather than cringey as I had feared they might haha. Skating is another activity which I should make my sims do more since it is fun to watch.

    It was sad to see Will to go, I thought he'd be around for longer since he'd done so well with the dates. I would love it if MCCC did hook him up with someone really rich, maybe a lottery winner :D
    Complimenting Caly on her beauty was the perfect way to smooth over that situation!

    Well Vlad is kind of a grumpy guy... Doesn't mean he didn't like Michael deep down though ;) he can be hard to read!

    Yup all will be revealed in the next chapter, which I am just about to post!

    Thank you :) I spent most of my week playing JTB since it came out haha. Now I'm done with playing that through and I can get back to my legacy family. Maybe one of them will get a JTB aspiration some day! I hope you have a great week too!

    @Queenarella thank you :) I love when genetics turn up good looking sims and of course the purple skin is my favourite!
    That's true about the group dates. Maybe next time I'll give the contestants who win group dates more solo time with the bachlor/ette on those dates.

    I've heard that making a simself is hard. But creating any sim from scratch is impossible for me :D
    I don't think that Galatea's pleading worked much... At least 'Atlas' didn't appear though haha.

    That is strange about the celebrity shine. Must be a glitch :(

    I still don't know why that happened with Rodrigo haha. It's like the time Caly just randomly insulted Morgan in the park. Must be her erratic trait I think but she's never insulted Vlad or her family like that so who knows.

    Vlad can't help dishing out the threats, it's part of who he is lol

    Oh wow now that you mention it yeah Adonis and Galatea do have exactly the same combination of occult parents: one mermaid mother and one vampire father :o how did I miss that?

    I know how you feel haha Galatea can't go wrong with any of the guys :)

    Yikes it might come as a bit of a shock to the winner when he has to move in with Gal's parents :p
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 674 Member
    First a group date at a coffee shop. A lot of talk about coffee.
    Galatea's trying to tell a joke...
    Those guys are so funny ....
    ....Michael: but sometimes you get coffee in a Styrofoam cup ... Gabriel immediately starts talking about the environment :joy:
    What happened to Galatea's joke?

    Caly spying as usual ... or should she really buy coffee? ....Barely 🙄

    Galatea and Adonis at the art museum
    Adonis looks so much like a farvorit :star:
    Galatea wants to paint graffiti and turns the can towards herself ... stupid idea Galatea :joy:
    I've never actually seen any Sims do this before and believe me my Sims have painted a lot of murals (those poor guys)

    Then we reached the rose ceremony ....

    Hm! But wait! ....what really happened to Galatea's joke? ... it fell completely to the ground.... which reminds me ....
    This should have been the journey of my life!
    ... why do I suddenly feel completely knocked home :weary:

    Thanks for the game this time. It was a pleasure to attend <3
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  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,247 Member
    I realised after writing the group convo that I had them talk exclusively about coffee :D oh well lol.

    Galatea's joke was bad so it's probably best that it was forgotten haha.

    I can't believe how much family stalking I'm getting in this bachelorette! Caly is the worst offender I think.

    Your sims have never sprayed themselves while trying to do graffiti? That's so odd, Galatea did it many times. She must be especially dumb lol.

    I'm so sorry about Rodrigo, I really loved him but unfortunately I guess Galatea wasn't in love with him :( for what it's worth, I was/am especially fond of Rodrigo. His face is just the right balance of handsome but also sweet and kind of innocent and of course I also love his personality with his fondness for exploring in Selvadorada... He would have been such a great sim to add to the family. Thank you for submitting him!
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 674 Member
    As I told you, Rodrigo is a replica of José Bravo who has been my favorite Sim for many years.
    I have shared numerous stories about him and his friend Victor in my Danish forum. I will not repeat them here.
    At one point I thought I had told enough and I made this farewell picture of him and his family. It is his wife, two daughters and a son-in-law you see in the picture.

    I missed him so much that I picked him up again. I love his atitude and his complacent facial expressions. I think he's so funny.
    He now has a gray beard and a grandchild.

    He is so smug :joy:

    Now I promise to end this spam from my game :flushed:
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  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,854 Member
    But then the solo date isn't a "super prize" anymore :sweat_smile: I had the same problem but I guess it is what it is.

    The only sim I'm really proud of is my Freddie sim :D Imo he looks so much like the real Freddie ^^

    Just another glitch lol As long as it's minor stuff like this it's ok tho... Unlike the NAP glitch... or gardening glitch... It's not like 2 new packs have been released since then :D

    The erratic trait is special and I'm so happy it actually affects a sim :) Even if it's in a bad way lol

    It's a sign, they're meant for each other <3 (I don't have a favorite tho :p )

    It's always so interesting to see how the new spouse finds a way in the family ^^ I usually don't make them talk or anything because it's interesting to see if they interact with their in-laws on free will :)

    New chapter:
    There's a reason why your sims should never have a coffee machine (or tea maker) :D And it gets even worse when you have ghosts.

    The moment a joke turns into a lecture. We've all been there but usually parents were the ones lecturing lol

    Gabriel just remembered social distancing :D

    Ugh, I hate how a lot of premade locations are super badly lit -.- Screenshots always turn out dark...

    Oh wow, Adonis won another solo date! It's looking really well for him now :love: Unless he messes up.

    :joy: Love the screenshot where Galatea seems to look at Adonis' butt :D

    Has there ever been a sim not coughing at the bubble blower?

    Aw, poor Rodrigo :/

    Caly and Vlad both have 100 and 100! So cute!
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,308 Member
    It was nice and a total surprise. Made the wedding even more special. I call it a 'wedding' but they really just eloped in formal wear with the arch there by the water on the estate grounds.

    The only one I've ever watched was something called, 'Joe The Millionaire' that had a big twist. The guy was NOT a millionaire. :D

    I didn't know they could fart during a massage either! I've only had a few of my Sims even visit a Spa and none of them did. lol

    Totally romantic and not cringy at all in my opinion. But then, I'm a hopeful romantic anyway. Love the skating in this game, it's so fun! Low skill and high skill are fun to watch. :)

    You're welcome and yep, I've been reading your threads about what you did to get Kylo Ren and Rey together and how much fun you've been having with the pack as a result. No worries!

    Day 10 Comments:
    Yay! Michael won a group date! I guess Vlad liked him a little more than it appeared eh? :D Congrats to Gabriel too!

    HAHA! Loved the cheesy joke Galatea told. Seemed to completely go over both guys' heads though with their comments on it. :p

    Aww, I'm so glad Galatea feels that way about Michael, that's exactly what I was going for when I dressed him, a bad boy with a soft heart! ;) I'm sure Michael would be very happy to help find that last feather if he wins! :) Of course Caly was being her usual stalkerish self. Such a helicopter parent. lol

    Congrats to Adonis for winning yet another solo date! Sheesh! It looks like he might have this all sewed up at this point. The other guys better step up their game, Adonis is knocking it out of the park! o.O Love the screenshot of Galatea where it seems she's checking out his butt. LOL The smile on Adonis' face looks like he knows what she's doing too. :D Another great date for those two. *sigh*

    Whew! Michael's in the Top 3! Yay! \o/ Hang in there Dude, you might win her heart yet, maybe... :) So sorry to see Rodrigo go @MonaSolstraale He's a great Sim, I'm sure he'll find someone to love without a problem. :)

    Wow, looking at the relationship scores with the parents is surprising, Vlad actually liked Michael quite well in comparison to Caly.

    Great chapter, as always. It's getting down close to the wire now. I'm nervous! lol Ah well, I really like the other two guys too, so even if Michael doesn't win, it's all good!

    Have a great rest of your weekend! <3
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,247 Member
    I can see why Jose (sorry, I don't know how to put an accent over the 'e' using my keyboard!) is your favourite sim, because I love Rodrigo! Thank you for sharing that picture of him dancing in your game, it's so nice to see him enjoying time with his family :) that picture of him playing the guitar is amazing, he looks so pleased with himself! I'd have loved to have had Rodrigo join the family but alas it wasn't to be :'(

    No, don't call your pictures spam! I like looking at them, it's interesting to see what alt universe Rodrigo (and your other sims) gets up to in your game. Feel free to share pictures whenever you like :)

    Exactly! I agonised for so long this time over how long the solo and group dates should be for this exact reason. I didn't want the solo date to be so long it was unfair but I also wanted it to be long enough to count as a worthy prize.

    Hmmm I am actually thinking I might try out a different system next time. I might make it so that once a contestant has won one solo date they can't win another one - they can only win group dates (until everyone has been on one solo date each). I might also limit the number of group dates they can win each.

    Your Freddie sim is awesome! You are a big Queen fan though aren't you so I guess it's not surprising that you did such a good job ;)

    I can't wait to see how the winner does get on with Vlad and Caly when he moves in. Could be interesting :tongue:
    Oh do the coffee and tea makers break a lot? It's been so long since I had one in my sims' house.

    Ah that'll be it, Gabriel was being responsible and social distancing ;) but surely he shouldn't need to social distance from Galatea since they are members of the same household!

    Yeah when I saw that sofa in the coffee place I was like oohhh a perfect place for Galatea and Michael to talk! But then when they sat down and started talking it was so dark so the screenshots didn't come out well :( sorry about that!

    Yep Adonis has had two solo dates now which is pretty good for him. But still, anything could happen ;)

    Maybe the more often a sim uses the bubble blower the less often they cough? I need to test this.

    I know, I was sad to say goodbye to Rodrigo :( he was just so cute!

    Vlad and Caly do have a very close relationship. I make them woohoo a lot (basically whenever Caly's fun need is too low) and they also talk a lot autonomously. Plus since they've both completed the friend of the world aspiration their relationships never decay anymore so they will be at maxed out friendship and romance forever.

    Most of my sims' 'weddings' are elopements too! The arch in Von Haunte is a really nice place to elope though, so pretty.

    Lol I have never heard of 'Joe the Millionaire' but that sounds like an amusing premise :D

    Oh dear Galatea must just have no manners (although I think she might have the good manners bonus trait)... Or maybe she was nervous? Lol.

    I'm glad you think my romance dialogue isn't cringey!

    Honestly JTB was a bit of a disappointment for me, I can't lie :( don't get me wrong, there were parts that I liked but I think it could have been so much more. I did have fun figuring out how to make Kylo and Rey woohoo haha. Probably did not justify the price I paid for the pack but oh well.
    Yeah the dialogue I wrote for Vlad and Caly in the meet the parents chapter didn't really correspond to the relationship scores they had with the guys or the interactions they had with them - except in the case of Rodrigo where Caly did actually insult him.

    I totally googled 'coffee jokes' in order to find that joke :D

    I'm glad I read Michael's character right! I love his bad boy exterior but gentle and romantic personality :)

    Yes Adonis got his second solo date which is good for him obviously but who knows what will happen... (well I know actually because I have finished playing the challenge now but I'm not saying lol).

    Yup, Michael made it through again! All the guys in the final 3 have done well to get this far. I was sad for Rodrigo though :(

    Thank you - next chapter coming up momentarily!
    Thank you, I hope you have a lovely weekend too <3
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,746 Member
    This was nice to wake up to!

    Yay! It's down to Gabriel and Adonis! A bat and a fish. I think I know who the parents are rooting for so Gal will make one of them happy. ;)

    Looking forward to the dream dates! Should be fun!

    Good bye, Michael. You'll be missed!!!
  • DCJ504DCJ504 Posts: 110 Member
    It's the suit. Galatea just loves the suit that those two are wearing.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,308 Member
    It's gorgeous, I love that spot! Only used it that one time though. Most of my Sims just get quickly married wherever they're standing in whatever they're wearing. Sometimes just their undies and for some odd reason, in the bathroom. o.O :D

    It was very amusing! Although, a couple of the ladies didn't think it was so funny when it was revealed at the end once he'd chosen someone. :D

    LOL I'm guessing it was just nerves. ;)

    Not at all!

    As long as you had fun with it, that's all that matters. :) I'm sorry it ended up being disappointing for you, I can understand though just from watching Let's Plays about it. I have my qualms as well, but I still would like to get it, maybe, someday...after they fix EL, and the gardening bug, etc.
    I figured that was the case. It's fun making stuff up though based on their actions and the traits of the guys eh? :D I feel sorry for Rodrigo though being subjected to Caly's erratic actions like that. :| Oh well, that's just the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

    You found a fun one, a bit lame, but that's what made it funny! :D

    Aww, thanks! It's bittersweet reading that. I read the latest chapter so I know he's been eliminated. But I'll comment on that later...

    Gah, it must be tough knowing since you've played ahead to not accidentally slip and reveal who won without realizing it. Kudos on that, I haven't a clue at this point who actually won or even who to root for now. o.O I love both of the final two! <3

    Day 11 Comments:
    O.O Holy Simoly! So glad Adonis didn't die. It would be such a bummer to get this far and then end up dying in a fire like that. Kudos to Galatea and Michael for putting him out so quickly. That fireman deserves a rotten egg thrown at him though, pfft! Pretty cheeky of him to stick around after NOT doing his job just to play on the waterslide. 🙄

    Aww Michael, he looked soooo confident and happy in that screenshot, little did he know what was to come. Oh well, thanks for including that though. <3

    Oh man, poor Galatea. I'd be so embarrassed if 2 out of 3 of my dinner companions couldn't eat the food at a restaurant I had picked out. o.O Oh, but I can SO see Vlad doing exactly what she said to get his dinner afterall. :D

    When I saw Michael and Adonis were the last two vying for a rose, I KNEW Adonis would get it. I mean, he's been on way more dates than Michael. I would've been completely shocked if he didn't get a rose and Michael did. Anyway, thanks so much for everything you've written and showed for Michael, you did him proud! I'm just happy he made it into the Top 3! Congratulations and Good Luck to Gabriel and Adonis! Either one will make a wonderful hubby for Galatea! :)

    Have a great week ahead! <3
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 674 Member
    edited September 14
    I wrote these comments on your block, but came to think that you might prefer to get the comments here.
    Of course, it was not funny that Adonis was burning ... but his facial expression ... I burst out laughing :joy:
    Luckily he also escaped with his life thanks to Galatea and Michael ... firefighters were not much help and ... Gabriel?
    I hate when the Sims freeze in fear like him, but it's probably pretty human for some to react like that ... even to a vampire.

    Then the day was otherwise well underway.
    Galatea seemed to enjoy all her little tete a tete with the guys ... and it seemed to be reciprocated.
    Thanks for sharing the picture of confident Michael. I love it <3

    It was almost a waste of money to invite a vegetarian and a vampire to a fish restaurant.
    Luckily, it looked like Michael enjoyed the evening to the fullest.
    Sadly, it became his last meal :cry:
    ... In this context.
    I assume he was not decapitated when it was over.

    Now the last two contestants can get ready for their solo dates.
    I wish them both good luck <3
    It was a shame that Michael left the competition @Karababy52
    I liked his power of action <3
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  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,247 Member
    Haha a bat and a fish :D good one, I should have used that!

    Dream dates coming up ;)

    I thought this too! Can't blame her though, it's a nice suit!

    Mine usually get married wherever they happen to be too! Weddings are just too much effort.

    Reminds me of a TV show that was on in the UK a few years ago. It was called something like 'I want to marry Harry' and they basically tried to fool all of these American girls into thinking that the bachelor was Prince Harry (he looked a bit like Harry). I only watched like one episode though so I don't know how it ended.

    Oh gosh yes the gardening bug! ARRRGGGHH I really want them to fix this, it is so annoying. The dragonfruit plants reverted to the newly planted stage after the family moved into their new house (when Galatea was a child) and they haven't grown since :(
    Yeah I think it must have been because of Caly's erratic trait. It reminds me of the time that she randomly insulteld Morgan in the park.

    Most punny jokes are a bit lame I guess but I hadn't heard that one before at least, glad you found it funny :)

    I'm sorry about Michael :( you know I really love him and I'm really grateful that you submitted him! At least I'll get to see him around in the game as a townie, even if I don't get to play him anymore.

    Hmm well I actually hadn't played that far in advance so it wasn't that hard (unless I did accidentally reveal something... I hope I didn't)! I usually don't play ahead much if at all, but I did play the last few chapters all at once because I wanted to finish playing the bachelorette before JTB came out.
    The fireman was utterly useless! I'm so disappointed, I'd have liked to have seen him put out the fire. But I did make Galatea put out Adonis straight away rather than waiting for the firemen because I didn't want Adonis to burn to death.

    Michael looked so cute in that screenshot, I couldn't leave it out <3

    The restaurant thing was totally my fault for making them go to that restaurant. It just happened to be the only restaurant I had in the game :D

    I said it before in the spoiler above but I'm sorry about Michael :( he did well to get this far! He was a great sim to play :)

    @MonaSolstraale I don't have any preference for comments here vs on Wordpress :) I appreciate either!
    Adonis' expression was hilarious :D I found Gabriel jumping up and down in fright funny too though. He's this big tough-looking muscular vampire but he was petrified!

    Honestly it was a miracle I was able to think up any more flirting dialogue for Galatea and the guys!

    I really should have placed a different restaurant in the world, but I was too lazy ;) hehe no Michael was not decapitated :tongue: he's out in the save living his best life. Hopefully he finds himself a nice partner and has some beautiful spellcaster children.

    I'll post the dream dates in a moment :)
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,627 Member
    edited September 17
    *happiness noises*
    oops I forgot to sign them but that doesn't matter :D

    I can't believe how dominating Adonis was over the rest of the guys (relationship-score wise with Galatea) from the 3rd day onwards :o
    Anyways I cannot wait for the next chapter <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,308 Member
    Did any of the contestants actually think the bachelor was Prince Harry? o.O Sounds like a hilarious concept for these type of reality shows. :D

    Oh no! That's terrible! I know Queenie was afraid that might happen to her Dragonfruit 'Gold Mine' too, but last I knew it hadn't happened. She's extremely lucky!

    I love most of the things erratic Sims will do, but that's not one of them. Surprisingly though, not many of my erratic Sims will randomly insult anyone. Must be because of their other traits or something. Or the fact I micromanage almost everyone! :D Residents of my Asylum challenges though would do it constantly, and get into fights as a result.

    No worries, I could see the writing on the wall with who Galatea's choice was going to be, those two just seemed to click right off the bat. Guessing it's because they're both merfolk. (I'll comment more below for that chapter, but I've read it already). Hopefully, Michael will find someone else to love in your game and we'll get to see him again somewhere too. :)

    You didn't give anything away, don't worry. It was just very easy (for me anyway) to figure out who was going to win just by their interactions. :)

    I have yet to see any firemen in my game. Probably because I'm very micromanage centric when it comes to letting noob Sims cook. They only get to make salads until they have some cooking skills under their belt from watching the cooking channel. Did that fireman sexy dance for you? I guess that's a thing. :D

    lol You are me! I usually only have one restaurant in my game at any given time. Mostly there's none, but sometimes I place one if needed for whatever reason. I have a couple Italian restaurants I downloaded and tweaked a long time ago that I like to use. Plus I have a couple of my own made from scratch as well. :)

    Thank you so much for treating Michael so well, it was a pleasure reading about him in the challenge. The voice you gave him was perfect! I'm looking forward to the next challenge and perhaps entering another Sim too! <3

    Day 12 Comments:
    No apologies necessary. They may have both done the same activities, but it was still very different because of their relationship with Galatea and traits. :)

    The date with Adonis was quite special! Love Galatea's impression of the sculpture. lol I don't remember Vlad making a similar joke though. I never realized until now that these two share the same Merfolk tail! Almost as if they were made for each other eh? ;) The screenshots of them frolicking in the water together is absolutely beautiful and magical! <3

    Love the look on Gabriel's face for the greeting hug from Galatea. He looks so happy! Very bittersweet moment. :'( And of course, no chapter would be complete without a parental stalk sighting. So sweet what Gabriel said to Galatea about how Caly only does it because she loves her. Fabulous shot of Gabriel looking all pleased, yet humble over the muscles comment from Galatea. Such a gorgeous Sim! #Rawr Hilarious how Galatea playfully splashed him with her tail.

    Gabriel may have just been thirsty, but it still breaks my heart seeing that pout on his handsome face. I'm so sorry he made it all the way to the final two, but fell short in the end @pammiechick Gabriel is a very sweet, loveable and handsome vampire! I'm sure he'll have no problem finding someone else to love. Like he said, he has all eternity to do so. ;) *Hugs* <3

    Wow, first kiss and engagement on the beach, very fitting for these two, happy you decided to do that. Looking forward to reading about this new couple and seeing what their children look like! I bet they'll be gorgeous! 🤞 Congratulations @afai1261 on Adonis winning Galatea's heart! I believe it was written in the stars for these two to be together. ;)

    Great chapter! Congratulations to the winner! <3
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,854 Member
    I guess a bachelor/ette challenge will never fully be fair.

    That's an interesting idea. Sounds a bit complicated to remember all of it tho :sweat_smile:

    Haha thank you ^^ Yes, I'm a Queen fan and a bit obsessed with Freddie :D

    The coffee and tea maker are often smelly :D And you get all the mugs everywhere.

    Oh true, household members are an exception :D

    No need to apologize! It's the game -.- I had the same issue over and over again.

    I would test the bubble blower but it's boring :joy:

    That is so cute! :love:

    Day 11:
    What is it with sims and fires? :D

    The fire fighters in the game were such a nice idea but they are so USELESS -.-

    How could I miss Adonis has a tattoo on his arm?

    Michael's confident look... <3:D

    How picky they all are :D I love the Diving Pelican and use it many times :)

    I will miss Michael :'(

    Day 12:
    Wait, is this already the finale? :o

    The gnome sandsculpture does look a bit weird :joy:

    Calls in the game are sooo annoying! -.- But some fun ones were added ^^

    Lol, I totally forgot Galatea has Vlad's nose in her mermaid form :joy:

    I always use the same pattern for dream dates, too. There's not much you can do in Sulani on a date.

    Caly is even worse than Blue when it comes to stalking :joy:

    Why do most mermaids look topless under water?

    Awesome idea! The rose ceremony at the beach :love:

    Congratulations @afai1261 ! Adonis will bring perfect genetics to the family! Can't wait to see babies! :love:

    Aw, Gabriel looks super sad... :'(

    Caly spying is hilarious :D Every generation there will be one sim who stalks your active sim. Maybe even more.

    George and Moss had that slow down rejection :# It's really bad.
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