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The Straud Legacy-Bachelor Challenge *Updated 16/09/2020*


  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 674 Member
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    I love all your humorous remarks to your pictures :joy:<3

    Rodrigo if you eat your way through that mountain of burgers it ends up really wrong! :open_mouth:
    Wonder if Rodrigo has a hidden gluten trait? ... I think his alter ego in my game certainly seems to have it :smirk:

    It's truly a diverse bunch of young men focusing on the environment ... I wish it was like that in real life.
    Galate lacks attention.... Get on the marks boys! B)

    Vlad is really funny :joy:
    How did you get me to like Vlad!? :dizzy:
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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,308 Member
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    What level knitter is he? I think mine had to be around 6-7, maybe higher before she made anything of Legendary quality.

    Yeah, it does take 3 days for the poison, which normally gives them tons of time to get to a computer and order the anecdote or ask a townie for the cure. However, my Sims usually stay at least a week in Selvadorada and camps out in the jungle or temple. They rarely even go back to their rental for the night unless it's just a quickie 2-3 days trip. So litter trays are portable? I had no idea! o.O

    Understandable. I like it too. That's the best part of a 100 Baby challenge, seeing all the different genetics with all the different Fathers. The babies drive me nuts though. Too bad you can't just stick them in a dungeon with a popcorn popper like you did with the toddlers. :D

    That is kind of funny, but hey, I love romance, it's true, but I love humor too and you're both fantastic comedic writers! That's what keeps bringing me back to read your stories. Well, helps the fact I usually have a contestant competing too, but even when I don't I come for the comedy! And genetics! ;)

    Ah, that explains it. I've used only a half wall to shield others from the toilet and curiously just having that works to ward against embarrassment too. At least for my Sims, your results may vary. :)

    Yes! Reverand Lovejoy's wife, Helen! She is such a pearl clutching 'ol busy body! I love The Simpsons! <3

    Ohhh, okay, I misunderstood then, I thought Galatea was having the Plasma Jane. Huh, I thought for sure that drink made non-vampire Sims sick. I guess I don't play with enough vampires. o.O

    That's true, never thought of that. He could be a major asset for her in that respect. Would be cool if you wrote something about that, but of course it's totally up to you! Don't do it just because of anything I said though. Your story, and Michael is your Sim now to write any which way you see fit! I love everything you've written for him. :)

    I think you're right. I don't know a lot either, but I did study it a bit for a couple contests my Staff and I held on my old TS2 forum I used to own/admin. So I do know a little. That was a long time ago though so I've forgotten quite a bit. :D

    I remember all that about you and Mimsy. That was her as your avatar for a long time too, right? I love the Von Haunts story, it's so romantically tragic. Bernard leaves a bit to be desired though when brought back to life. o.O At least in my opinion. I brought both back once, just to see how they looked. I didn't save or do anything with them though.

    Maybe, he'd give him a good run for the money at least. He wouldn't have a prayer if Michael was already a spellcaster though. hehe

    Oh pfft, no worries. It's not traumatizing really, he just looks weird wearing those since he's so darn skinny. It's his dark form that I really don't like the most. *shivers* So dark and disgustingly evil. I think it's the eyes... lol

    I'm sure they'd all confuse me too. The only reason I used Wordpress is for exactly the reasons you mentioned, it's the most popular and has the most written about it here on the forum. I learned a lot from that thread that @MonaSolstraale suggested. I'm so glad that chealsycat started it! There's another one by julyvee94 here that's good for all SimLit writers to check out too, it's not just about Wordpress though, it's FAQs about all things pertaining to SimLit. Perhaps you've already read it? Just thought I'd suggest it. :)

    Have a good rest of your week! <3

    EDIT: You posted while I was writing my post. hehe I'll have to read and reply to that later today. Time for this 'ol lady to get some ZzzZzzzs. Ciao!
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 674 Member
    These are some great sites you are referring to @Karababy52 :)
    I have also found good help at the julyvee94 page about writing SimLit.
    .... and now I have signed up for a course in WordPress! Yah! :smiley:
    Stop groping around blindly B)
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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,308 Member
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    Current Chapter:
    Ew, yuck! Poor Gabriel. He doesn't look too fussed about it though.

    Good Lord! Vlad sure likes showing off those speedos. :D

    Ah, the classic fishing contest. I think it makes more sense to just add up the value of everything caught since they often get mystery boxes, cameras, plants, etc.

    Okay, now, Vlad's skinny, that's a given, but has he been working out or something? The Dude's actually got muscles now. Can't believe I looked that closely to see them, but that's beside the point. :p Good for you Vlad!

    Oh Michael, Michael, Michael, even cloning that fish wouldn't help much, minnows aren't worth doodly squat! I hope he caught better stuff after that. :) Of course Adonis would get a big 'ol tuna. 🙄

    It always makes me laugh when Sims try to protect their head whilst running inside from a thunderstorm. Your hands are pretty much worthless against lightening so what's the point? So the top of their head doesn't get wet? I mean, Michael's wearing a hat and he's still doing it. Oh well... :D

    Ooo, I hope she does have a crush on him! Go Michael! <3

    hehe Rodrigo looks like he's thinking "Opps, you caught me!"

    Epic shot of Bryon on the waterslide! He always looks so confident.

    I keep forgetting about the waterslide. I've only ever had one at a vacation rental cabin in Granite Falls. Seems like Sims just love that thing. At least yours and Queenie's Sims. Anyway...

    Great chapter! Can't wait to find out the results of the challenge! Crossing my fingers Michael finally gets a solo or group date!

    Happy Simming! <3

    Hey that's a good idea @MonaSolstraale about taking a WordPress course! Maybe I should do that. It might make me more inclined to actually stick to writing a story on there. My account is so bare and pathetic compared to everyone else. I think I have maybe two chapters from one story, that's it! :D Thanks for the idea!
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 674 Member
    Thanks @Karababy52
    You should really take a course if you feel like it :)
    It's been a long time since I read the two chapters you have on your website, but as far as I remember they were well received.
    I'm really glad I took the plunge and I'm looking forward to getting a little wiser on web page design.... Although my starting point is to develop my creativity and not to make big money :lol:
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  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,247 Member
    Aww thank you so much <3

    Haha don't worry he only ate the one burger, I just thought it was a funny screenshot :D

    I agree, we need more focus on the environment irl. Things I've read seem to suggest it's too late or will be soon though. We are headed for catastrophe by 2050 :(

    Sorry for the depressing comment above!

    I'm glad that I've managed to make you like Vlad, he is a funny guy :tongue:
    Also good luck with your Wordpress course! I hope it's helpful :) maybe I should take one but I'm kinda lazy :#

    Vlad is level 10 knitting but maybe he has made some legendary items and I just didn't notice.

    Ah I see I have my sims camp in the jungle too but I usually have them go back to base every now and then. Yup, litter trays are portable! I find it funny that cats are unable to just pee outside on the floor though. My irl cat does.

    The genetics was the only reason I did the 100 baby haha.

    You're way too nice, thank you! I'm glad you like reading the chapters :)

    I haven't watched The Simpsons in years... Now I am having so much nostagia.

    Nope, Galatea wasn't having a plasma jane. I should make her have one just to see if she gets sick though ;)

    I'm glad you like how I've been writing Michael! He is such a sweet sim :)

    My avatar used to be Mathilde, the daughter of Mimsy and an alien. Mathilde looked quite a lot like Mimsy except for the purple skin. My new avatar is Alexis, the female version of Alek (Mathilde's son).

    Haha I'm glad you don't mind the Vlad speedo shots too much since he seems to wear his speedos way too much in my story haha.
    I'm so sorry, I forgot to add a 'Vlad speedo warning' before the screenshot of him in his swimwear :D

    Actually, Vlad's fat slider and muscle slider are both still at zero. I have all my sims flagged to 'freeze physique' with MCCC to stop them from losing or gaining fat/muscle mass. Maybe you're just getting used to the sight of Vlad in speedos lol ;)

    Don't worry he caught other stuff that I didn't screenshot :)

    Well considering how cute Michael is, Galatea would be crazy not to have a crush on him!

    The all gravitate towards that slide! I swear Gabriel spends most nights on the waterslide since he doesn't have to sleep lol.
  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 730 Member
    I'm so here for Gabriel calling Galatea a goddess.
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 674 Member
    edited August 30
    The two (three) dates seemed to be going really well B)

    A little funny observation I made was that Rodrigo did not switch to bowling shoes, but he kept his sandals on all the time. I've never noticed that with any sims before.
    I liked the whole conversation about tattoos. It was pretty cute :)

    Adonis seems pretty obvious to Galatea. They have many things in common ... not least the fact that they are mermaid / merman and then he has won three dates. He's not supposed to know for sure if it's for Rodrigo ... we'll see :|
    So far, none of them won the solo date....

    The Buff's is such a wonderful place if it does not rain.
    Michael looks pretty cool and his promise to Galatea that she never had to think about cleaning again seemed to make an impression.
    Well said Michael :)

    Even though the flock is shrinking in, the house is still full of attractive handsome guys, with and without clothes on their upper bodies :love:

    I'm going to miss Byron and his many comments about his own excellence. I will never forget the picture of him on the water slide <3
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  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,854 Member
    Has Princess Cordelia been in another iteration or is she only famous through the build mode descriptions?

    I had a bit of a bug with my goldmine. Half of them were already one step away from perfect and now ALL 40 plants are back to nice. No idea why. I still get 28K every day tho :sweat_smile:

    Oh I mixed the dates up then :sweat_smile: It's hard to remember dates when you're not the one who plays and writes them. Tho I sometimes forget who went on what kind of date in my game as well :D

    Totally understandable. It takes 2 days to get rid of that sad moodlet -.- SO annoying, especially when it's not a relative or friend.

    Yul prefered the pool over the waterslide? :o The pool is spared in my save all the time. The one in the Love Mansion, that is. Why even bother with traits when they don't work properly...? :/ I wish traits would be fixed but I guess that'll never happen.

    I'm still proud of how Will turned out lol He looks a lot like the "model" ;):D

    As long as you don't delete townies, Yul will get a partner for sure :)

    I've been a bit busy lately so comments on 2 new chapters. But good for me: 2 new chapters :love:

    Day 5:
    Rotten food all over the bachelor/ette mansion is totally normal. I already ignore it :D

    It's so cool when someone "steals" your idea. It means the idea is good B)

    Are you fed up with Vlad in speedos or why did you send him home? :p

    I had the same thought about the driftwood as Bryon :joy:

    Mystery weather day? That's a thing in the game?

    Day 6:
    Bowling! One of the coolest dates in the game. The fails, I love them >:)

    Caly probably wants to show Jesminder what her son lost by cheating on Galatea :p

    Imagine you go on a date and they say "My eldest sister was conceived in this bush" :D I'd probably run. And I'm lazy. :#

    Romantic chat is overrated anyway. I'm totally on your side!

    You're lucky that you didn't forget to pay the bills in the legacy part. That would be one minus point :p I wouldn't count it in the bachelorette part tho.

    I didn't know you could gift a rose as a romantic gift. It's kinda obvious tho :joy:

    Oh no, Bryon :'( He's a heartbreaker but hilarious, unintentionally :D I will miss him.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,308 Member
    edited August 31
    Good to know about the litter trays! I find that strange too. They should be able to do that, I don't know why they can't.

    Pfft, no I'm not, I just speak the truth as I see it! ;)

    I should play with Michael myself sometime to see how he is in my game. Maybe I'll put him in the save I have for his brother, Rafael. Glad you think he's sweet! :)

    Ohh, cool, thanks for clearing that up! I should've realized it wasn't Mimsy because of the purple skin. Opps! o.O

    lol Vlad sure likes to show off his skinny physique and those zebra speedos. I guess at least Caly loves his look anyway, and she's the only one that matters. ;) You don't need to include a spoiler. LOL Like I said, it's more his dark mode look that makes me cringe. Gawd! You think I'm getting used to it? Hmm, you could be right! #isshocked

    The fun metric must be set incredibly high for that waterslide. I don't use it much in my game.

    Current Chapter:
    LOL! You're so silly! You didn't need to include that shot as an apology, but...I'm glad you did! Michael and Will look gawgeous dahling! <3 Will cracks me up how he's always inferring that he's rich even though he isn't. Hey, they say you should dress and act like how you want to be so he's just practicing that philosophy. Good for him! ;)

    Nice try Gabriel! Too bad it didn't work, but Congrats to Rodrigo and Adonis on winning the group date! Bowling! I love we have this in our game, just wish I used it more. I always forget it's a thing for some reason. o.O Of course Mom shows up, again. Awkward she's there with Jesminder. Sheesh! 🙄

    Love the catty barbs both guys are throwing about as Galatea basks in all of it. :D Good answer from Rodrigo about the tattoo and Adonis of course has a romantic comment at the ready for her too.

    YAY! *dances in a circle of joy* Michael won the solo date! But, uh, what a weird thing to think would be good to share on a date Galatea. Glad Michael knew enough to be gracious in his reply. :D

    I don't care if you've used that romantic line already or not, still made me smile reading it said by Michael. :)

    Gah! Galatea is right, why isn't he shirtless, you blew it! *cries* I'm just kidding, of course. :D

    Uh oh, that's the second mermaid I've read/seen fail at diving and bellyflop in the last week. hehe Although my Coral supposedly failed on purpose so the bachelor wouldn't feel bad when she showed him up at diving.

    Aw, he said she looked cute at failing and she had to get revenge? I thought that was sweet. hehe I bet he didn't mind getting splashed though so it's all good. :)

    Oh yeah, Go Michael! Guessing he got big brownie points with the Scruberoo comment. Fun how you worked that in there for Michael and I love all the 'ticks' he got from what he looks for in a partner. Great solo date! I loved it! <3

    Great idea with the flirty lamp and giving out romantic gift roses! I had no idea Sims would gift back a rose with that interaction! Guess I need to have my Sims give out more romantic roses. hehe Made me smile again too seeing Michael get the first rose! <3

    So sorry Bryan was sent home @Skeilah He is such a fun Sim, made me laugh more than once with his comments. He will definitely be missed!

    Wow! Michael caught a cowplant berry! Very lucky for him!

    Great chapter Maggie, can't wait to find out what happens next!


    You're welcome! And thank you so much for what you said about my measly two chapters. <3 If I were to take any kind of class to learn more about web page design it would definitely be in an effort to be more creative with my blog and not for any monetary reasons too. Good luck with the class, I hope it's going well for you! :)
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,247 Member
    I love Gabriel calling Galatea a goddess too! But I can't take the credit for the idea, I got it from @pammiechick 's entry form for Gabriel. I am not romantic enough to think up something like that by myself :D

    Rodrigo didn't change into bowling shoes? That is weird. I don't make my sims go bowling often and I had trouble making all three of them start bowl at once. I thought I'd clicked an option to make them all bowl together but then it turned out only Rodrigo was bowling and
    I had to make Galatea and Adonis join in.

    Adonis and Galatea are both mermaids but I don't think sims get on better with sims of the same lifestate so that shouldn't make him any more confident. He has done well with the dates so far but there are still dates left to be won! He and Galatea are quite different in one way: Adonis loves the outdoors and Galatea is squeamish so she kind of hates the outdoors lol.

    I love the Bluffs! It's so pretty. I've heard that you can see a seamonster in the sea by the Bluffs sometimes but I have never seen it :(

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Galatea got very lucky with her selection of guys!

    I will miss Bryon too, I really liked how funny his character could be.

    Princess Cordelia hasn't been in any of the other games but I believe she is meant to be related to the Capp family from TS2 or something (I may be wrong about this, I own TS2 but have barely played it).

    The quality of the plants jumping up and down is because of EL I think. Plants seem to improve in quality when the eco footprint improves and decrease in quality when the eco footprint gets worse. So annoying.

    It's ok, I have been getting my chapters out so slowly that it's a wonder you can remember any of what happened from one chapter to the next lol.

    yeah, Yul seemed to prefer the pool. He was the only one though, the others are on the waterslide all the time!

    You did a really good job on Will, he is so handsome <3

    I am too lazy to delete townies so I guess all the guys will end up with partners :)
    Vlad had been at the house using the waterslide over and over for I want to say about 11 hours so I figured he might be stuck. Also I didn't really want him to talk to any of the guys before the official 'meet the parents' thing. So I sent him home :)

    Yeah on some days instead of a proper weather forecast you get 'mystery weather'. You can get some funny weather on those days!

    Nice idea about Jesminder! I hope that is what Caly was doing, showing Galatea off :D Dana is married now, but not even to the girl he cheated on Gal with.

    I guess Michael must really like Galatea or that line about the bush would have had him quitting the competition haha.

    Yeah I'm just going to pretend that the bills thing didn't happen... Like you said, it's the bachelorette part so it doesn't count ;)

    I'll miss Bryon too :( I wonder if he will marry the romance guru lol.

    For the litter tray thing I want to say it's lazy programming :(

    You should play with Michael! I bet he will make cute babies ;)

    No worries Mathilde looked a lot like Mimsy except for the purple skin!

    Caly thinking Vlad is handsome is confirmation that she is crazy (as if we needed any).

    I had never played with the waterslide before downloading QA's bachelor mansion but now I love watching the sims use it. Some of the tricks (and failed tricks) are so funny.
    Haha it was my pleasure to include the screenshot :tongue:

    I literally never use bowling. I think the last time I used it before Adonis and Rodrigo's date was when Vlad went on a date with Rodrigo in his bachelor challenge haha. I need to use it more too.

    I don't know why Vlad and Caly are showing up so much! I swear Queenarella hasn't had to deal with this much parental stalking in her bachelor/ettes... Or maybe you just notice it more in your own game.

    Yep Michael got his first date, and a solo date at that!

    You would think that mermaids would fail less often on the diving board but I guess not.

    She was getting 'revenge' because he said that she had failed at the backflip - but she was being playful :)

    I thought the whole cleaning thing would be a cute idea for some dialogue so of course I had to work it in! Thank you for making me think of it!

    I'm glad you liked the solo date, I think the Bluffs is a really nice location for dates.

    I didn't know that if one sim gave a rose as a romantic gift the other sim would give one back either. It's a really nice touch! And of course it adds an extra romance relationship boost so that's nice.

    Bryon made me laugh too. I wish he could have been around for longer! Then again, I didn't want to send anyone home haha.

    Yup Michael got unbelievably lucky with the cowplant berry, that made him win by a long shot.
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 674 Member
    It is very difficult to say which painting has the greatest value?
    I just have to wait for an answer :)

    "Keg stand" is a strange invention .... what's wrong with beer in bottles and glasses? 🍺

    I do not see that some of the guys are particularly romantic except for Adonis ? ... but I assume you have chosen just those pictures so that it should not be obvious ;)
    Rodrigo and Gabriel seem to be getting too much red light. They do not look completely healthy :/
    (I can see that Rodrigo has borrowed Finn's shirt ... that sentence only makes sense to me, but I love that shirt)

    I love Gabriel's remark: Perhaps a few toilets to scrub clean? He really seems to expect the worst :joy:

    It was a nice little family reunion when the two half-siblings met for the first time <3
    I can see that Shannon has inherited his father's big nose ... but what happened to his eyes?

    Regarding the seamonster:
    The guy in the foreground is not a monster. Tistan Caliente is the son of Travis Scott and Nina Caliente and he is anything but a monster.
    You need to focus over his head
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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,308 Member
    I hope so! You just never know though. It's a crapshoot. 🤞

    I think the fact she thinks her Father is a mythical God is crazier than that though. :D

    I haven't seen very many waterslide animations first hand, but the screenshots you and Queenie post in your legacies are hilarious!

    I've only used bowling lanes once at my remodeled bar in Sulani with my childish comedian Eddy. Those fails are hilarious too! :D

    Oh man, Queenie gets parental stalking ALL the time in her bachelor/ette stories!

    I figured she was just being playful. Great shot of her splashing him. You're welcome, I'm happy the cleaning thing was useful for you. :)

    The Bluffs are great for dates, parties, proposals and weddings. The sunsets make for some very romantic screenshots too. <3

    Made me happy romantic rose gifts were given out. I'm a huge advocate for more romance in these type of contests, when the time is right of course. :)

    I hope Michael gets more of that luck blessing him for future dates too! :)

    Current Chapter:
    Great idea painting Galatea. I doubt Michael won this round though. His painting has her the farthest away and her eyes are closed! :D

    Flirty House Party! Love it! Michael's too nice to drop Gabriel on purpose, seriously! ;) On a side note, I agree Gabriel looks HOT with his hair down wearing that shirt. That shirt and hair are two of my favorite CAS items for guys.

    Aww, maybe she was feeling TOO flirty towards Michael and felt she wouldn't be able to control herself if she got too close. It's okay Galatea, I understand. ;)

    Bummer Rodrigo and Gabriel were both sick. Didn't seem to affect their time with Galatea in any way though, that's good.

    Whoa! Angry Gabriel... *swoon* I wouldn't want him to look at me that way though. Especially since, you know, he's a vampire and all. :D

    No worries on more airtime for Gabriel. You had good reasons. I doubt anyone's upset over the extra eye candy at least. I know I'm not. :D

    Another great chapter, have a great rest of your week! <3
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,854 Member
    By the way, I love your new avi! So pretty :love:
    I can't remember the Capp family. It's been too long since I've played ts2.

    Duh, that explains a lot. The eco footprint in the legacy's neighborhood randomly is green or neutral. So annoying -.-

    Nah you don't post slowly! Slowly posting would be a few months in between chapters :D

    You don't mind the townie spam? :D

    I've never had mystery weather :o I want it now but I'm sure if it was in my game I'd roll my eyes so hard they'd hurt :joy:

    Dana is a bad boy :# Galatea is better off without him.

    The comment was super funny tho :joy:

    During the bachelorette parts it's also ok to cheat. I mean, with the founder you basically have to cheat to live in the mansion (imagine a bachelor/ette challenge on an empty lawn :joy: ) and for needs and stuff like that I use cheats all the time in this part.

    I would ship Bryon and the romance guru so hard! :love::D

    New chapter:
    Painting the bachelorette. Great idea! I might steal it lol

    Keg parties are so cool! Tempy hosted a ton of those the the Party Animal aspiration. On her own :joy:

    Is the hugging a bag of trash a trait thing?

    The shirt comment sounds like the person that inspired me for Will :joy: I love how you perfectly get my impression of him!

    Galatea just cares about social distancing. Poor Michael tho. Or maybe she wants him to get a chance to admire the whole picture instead of a close-up?

    I didn't see Rodrigo's swirls at first because Gabriel's tiger stripes are super visible :o Poor guys, get them some medicine :p

    Gabriel's death stare is scary o.O

    Woah wait, Gabriel is Candy's son? :o That is so cool! Weird fact: I usually don't read other simmers' entries for a challenge as they are kinda a spoiler :D
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,627 Member
    Nah you don't post slowly! Slowly posting would be a few months in between chapters :D
    I've been called out :joy:
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,247 Member
    Yeah I think it's impossible to tell from just looking at a painting how much it's worth, I think they are just assigned a random worth tbh. I'll post the next chapter soon so you can find out who won :)

    I think keg stands might be an American thing because I hadn't heard of them before the sims. But I don't drink alcohol or party so maybe I'm not the best informed person on these things!

    You think Adonis' picture looks more romantic than the others? Hmm that's interesting, I was worried his picture was less obviously romantic than the others haha. I tried to get a picture of Galatea doing the 'flirt' interaction with each of the guys since that is recognisably a romance interaction but I missed screenshotting one of Galatea flirting with Adonis so I had to use a different picture.

    I thought the picture of Rodrigo and Gabriel both sick was so funny - I must be very mean to say that ;)

    Haha I know what you mean about the shirt. I really like it too, I must use it more on my own sims!

    Shannon takes after Keoni a lot and yes he did get Keoni's nose! Aww I wouldn't say that Keoni's nose is big, Vlad has a big nose! I like Keoni's nose, I think it makes him more handsome somehow.

    OMG you got a screenshot of the monster!!! I am so jealous, I wish I could see it for myself in my own game.

    Hmm I don't know some would argue that the belief that Vlad is handsome is more crazy than the belief that one's father is a Greek God... I mean, the former involves denying the evidence of your own senses! But no, I shouldn't say that. I love Vlad really.

    I wish I'd managed to get some screenshots of the bowling fails. Ah well next time I will.

    I guess there is just a lot of stalking in TS4 in general haha.

    Using the Bluffs for weddings is such a nice idea! I've never had my sims get married there. I use the Von Haunt Estate a lot though.
    Sorry about the positioning of Michael's easel! I thought about having Galatea stand near to each of the guys in turn so that they all got a painting of her at the same angle but that would have taken longer and I also liked the idea of having five pictures of her from different angles. If it's any consolation, I believe the value of a painting from reference is randomly assigned rather than being tied to how the painting looks.

    Michael is too nice to sabotage Gabriel on purpose I agree :) the idea made me smile though.

    Darn I wish I had made Galatea say that about staying away from Michael so that she could control herself... I'm just so bad at coming up with romantic one liners!

    I had to include the screenshot of angry Gabriel. It was too hot to ignore lol.

    Thank you, I hope you're having a great weekend :)

    @Queenarella Thank you! She is the female version of the son of my previous avatar :)
    I might be wrong about the Capp family, it's been ages since I read Princess Cordelia's wiki page!

    It is so weird how the eco footprint changes all the time and I wish it wouldn't affect the plants like it does. I hope they tone this down eventually.

    Glad you don't think I post too slowly! I will get to the end of this bachelorette eventually I swear :D

    Honestly I really don't mind the townies. But if they start to slow down my game then I may have to start culling them haha.

    Really? I know I've had mystery weather a number of times but I often don't actually check what the weather is meant to be for the day so I might have had it more without noticing. I only checked on that day because I thought it was weird that there had been snow and then a thunderstorm!

    I kind of want MCCC to hook up Bryon and the romance guru now but I don't think it takes romantic relationships into account so I'm guessing it probably won't happen :(
    Thank you, you're welcome to use the idea :) I was going to just make them all paint a classic painting but then I thought this would be more fun.

    I think the recycle disciple trait is what makes Gabriel randomly hug a bag of trash every now and then. I love it haha.

    LOL I'm glad that the shirt comment fits Will's character!

    Ah that must have been it, Galatea wanted to admire all of Michael. Why didn't I think of that? Would've been perfect for Galatea's dialogue.

    I maaaaayyyyy have just let them recover on their own. But then Gabriel got sick again so I relented and gave him medicine.

    Yup, Gabriel is Candy's son from before she entered Vlad's bachelor challenge! Cool plot twist, right?

    @afai1261 I say upload when you want, it's your challenge! And you're busy having an actual life :D also the 100 baby challenge is the sort of challenge that you need to take breaks from, it can get super boring to play.
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,746 Member
    I enjoyed this chapter so much!

    Well, not because Gabriel got a date...that helped! But that sauna date looked HOT! And then Circe stalking by...she's so funny!

    I was happy Adonis was able to make the cut (as well as the hottie Michael--my second and third favorites!)
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 674 Member
    edited September 6
    I love the first picture. The contrast between a sad Galatea and a whole bunch of delicious young guys. They look so satisfied and expectant....
    Smile Galatea, they are all there for you <3

    Rodrigo's of Will's quarrel in the sauna. Calatea can only bathe in their zeal and the hot steam ;)

    Poor Brent ... that picture made me crack :joy:

    The talks seemed to go well and maybe I was more impressed than Rodrigo when he gets compared to Simdiana Jones. Wow! B)
    Rodrigo's compliments know no bounds ... but will Galtea in the long run fall for that kind of sweet word ?

    I love watching the Sims when they have never run on roller skates before. It would be me ... except I would never let go of the railing :lol:
    Gabriel will gallantly help Galatea to her feet and even end up on his own butt. Oops! :flushed:
    Gabriel remembers listening to Galatea's experiences and it speaks strongly in his favor.

    Hehe! Circe ... she does not have high expectations of her sister :lol:

    All dates seemed to be going well and yet Will had to leave the competition this time.
    He is a very special guy with a delicious body in his Calvin Klein underwear <3
    I'm sure he'll find his match soon.

    Next time, participants will meet with Galatea's parents.
    I fear the worst and hope for the best ... but expect in any case that there will be something to laugh about.
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  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,854 Member
    @afai1261 I actually had another story in mind :p One I deleted the bookmark as the waiting annoyed me too much :#

    @MaggieMarley The purple sim with blonde hair? Now that you mention it, I can see similar facial features ^^
    But you can turn off the eco footprint, can't you? I think I'll do this soon. The green footprint light is too bright for me anyway :D

    No rush ^^ My challenge is a bit slow lately, too. We don't live for the challenges but they're more of a hobby, imo.

    I wouldn't mind townies if they didn't join a conversation in public all the time :joy:

    It only says mystery weather in the weather forecast? I never check that one. I barely look at the little sign somewhere near the time and date. Only if everyone in the house has a negative moodlet from the AC.

    Bryon has a romance bar with the romance guru? I think MCCC sometimes uses this. But I might be wrong and the times I've noticed it were only incidents.

    Why do I know this "recover on your own" so well? :joy: It's 50 Simoleons after all! :o:joy:

    It's an awesome plot twist :o I wonder what Vlad would say about Gabriel ^^

    New chapter:
    Sims can miss their babies? Or did you just use Gal's sad face for the plot?

    Lol Will won a date again. A group date :D Will Will ever win a solo date? ^^

    :joy: I've never seen a sim fart during a massage :joy: And the massager's face :joy: Priceless!

    Rodrigo reminds me of how cool it would be if our sims could live in Selvadorada. Too bad it's just a holiday location.

    Roller skating! Love how Jesminder shows off in the background :D She doesn't even need rolls on her roller skates :p

    "I catch you if you fall" *bam* :D:D

    Candy really hurt her son :'( I think I like her a bit less now...

    Aw, Will is out. It's ok tho :) My sim won last generation ^^ I guess I'll create a simself and get Will married to her :joy: And make both immortal and place them in my legacy save ^^

    Thanks a lot for having my sim! You showed him just like I imagined him to be :)
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,247 Member
    I'm glad you liked the chapter! It was nice that Gabriel managed to win a solo date, who'd have thought he'd turn out to be a talented artist!

    So Michael and Adonis are your favourites after Gabriel, then? Honestly, I like them all. It's always sad to send anyone home :(

    I don't know how she could have been sad surrounded by so many handsome guys!

    I don't think I've ever seen a sim fart while getting a massage so it was a surprise for me. So funny though :D

    The whole temple exploration thing does remind me of Indiana Jones so I had to include that. My brother and I watched a lot of Indiana Jones when we were kids. But I do think that Rodrigo is more handsome than Harrison Ford. I never really got the fuss about Harrison Ford. I mean I suppose he's good looking but not massively so. It also always confused me as a kid that Indiana Jones had a different love interest in each episode. I used to wonder what had happened to the previous woman. Now I realise he is just a player!

    Watching them fall over is the best part of roller-skating :tongue:

    Will leaving was unexpected! I was surprised and had to look twice at the numbers because he had had so many group dates, but he didn't have any solo dates so maybe that upset his chances.

    Meet the parents chapter coming up shortly! This one was fun ;)

    @Queenarella yep the purple sim with the blonde hair is the mum of my current avatar!
    Yes you can turn off the eco footprint but even when I do that the eco footprint does seem to chance. My sims get moodlets like the moodlet from being in an area with a green eco footprint even when the eco footprint is switched off in settings and the plant quality also seems to fluctuate :(

    Ugh yeah townies try to join conversations on dates all the time. Been using the 'just go away' interaction all the time!

    Yeah if I remember correctly it'll say mystery weather on the calendar or if you look at the bottom of the screen the weather will be marked with a question mark.

    Yes Bryon and the romance guru have a romance bar. I should check and see who MCCC matched him with.
    No sims can't miss their babies although I would love it if they could! I can't remember why Galatea was feeling sad actually, I think it was something stupid and small. I just made her say she was missing Clemmie :)

    Will did really well with the group dates but sadly no solo dates :( I think if he'd just won a solo date, he'd have been ok!

    I haven't had a sim fart during a massage before either. Then again my sims don't often get massages haha.

    If your sims could live on Selvadorada my sims would probably always live there haha.

    I feel bad for Gabriel too :( but maybe Candy had her reasons for leaving, I guess Gabriel's father might have been difficult to live with.

    Sorry about Will, he still did well though! I think he was unlucky not to win any solo dates :( yes set him up with your simself! If he ends up in your save I can't wait to see what he gets up to :)

    Aww no worries, thank you for submitting him! I'm glad I did a good job at writing him.
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