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The Straud Legacy-Bachelor Challenge Casting Thread (Gen 2 Bachelorette: Galatea Straud) *Closed*

MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,791 Member
I am currently playing a legacy challenge with Vlad as my founder. The current bachelorette is his daughter.

Following @Queenarella who invented the amazing Legacy-Bachelor Challenge and who kindly gave me her blessing to copy her idea, each spouse in this legacy is chosen via a bachelor/ette challenge.

I will be blogging the bachelor challenge and the legacy part of the challenge.

Chapters will be posted here

Bachelorette: Galatea Straud
Traits: Squeamish, perfectionist, tba
Life state: mermaid

I will be accepting up to 8 entries.

- Must be YA
- Must be male this time (Galatea is straight)
- Can be any life state
- Must not contain CC
- I have all the packs so feel free to use content from any pack
- Should have no skills or reward traits
- Must not already have a career

I'm playing with scoring so it'd be awesome if the sim you submit doesn't share any traits with a previous spouse. This isn't compulsory though so feel free to submit a sim with whatever traits you want :)

Traits that previous spouses have had:

Also for scoring purposes it'd be great if your sim doesn't have an aspiration which I have already completed or which I am currently working on completing. Again, this isn't compulsory.

Aspirations which I have already completed or which I am currently working on completing:
World famous celebrity
master actor/acress
friend of the world
fabulously wealthy
master vampire
painter extraordinaire
vampire family
body builder
nerd brain
lord/lady of the knits
angling ace

Please don't pick the city native aspiration as I cannot complete that aspiration due to the legacy challenge's rules.

Again, for scoring, I would appreciate it if your sim's chosen career is not the same as any of the careers I have already reached the top of. Once more, this is not compulsory.

Careers I have already reached the top of:
Painting career
Acting career

Entry form:
Picture of sim (optional)
Gallery ID:
Home world:
How many children do you want?
How would you feel about being a stepfather?
Do you want to get married?
What you like/dislike in a partner:
What career you would like:
How do you feel about mermaids and vampires?
Would you ever cheat on your partner?
Bio (optional):

1. Adonis Thebe by @afai1261
2. William J. Colt by @Queenarella
3. Rodrigo Costa by @MonaSolstraale
4. Bryon Ellison by @Skeilah
5. Gabriel Silver by @pammiechick
6. Jude Angel by @RL
7. Reserved for @Karababy52
8. Yul Zimmerfield by @VanPelt81
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  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,758 Member
    Awesome :love: Can I reserve a spot? :)
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,791 Member
    Also I need a bachelor mansion for this but I can't build to save my life. Having trouble finding what I want on the gallery. Does anyone know of a build which might suit? I will credit the original creator of course.
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,758 Member
    Awesome :) I’ll create a girl tomorrow 😍

    I have 2 mansions for this on my gallery if you want them ^^ ID is Queenarella
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,791 Member
    @Queenarella awesome can't wait to see her! I found you on the gallery earlier today when I was looking for Cam and I saw your 'Love Mansion' which I LOVE but I thought you might not like me to use it since you use it for your bachelor/bachelorettes.
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,758 Member
    Nah I really don’t mind it. If I didn’t want others to use it I wouldn’t upload it ^^

    Ah! I haven’t uploaded Cam yet 🙈
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,791 Member
    Nah I really don’t mind it. If I didn’t want others to use it I wouldn’t upload it ^^

    Ah! I haven’t uploaded Cam yet 🙈
    If you're sure you don't mind then it would be amazing if I could use your Love Mansion. Ugh how are you such a good builder?

    No worries! Also.... I'd love to have Tempy too, she's so pretty :)
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,609 Member
    Aww heck yeah! So I can enter a hot guy for Vlad right? Doesn't have to be a girl?
    maybe my sims will be luckier in this one than the other one lol

    So can you please reserve me a spot and I'll whip someone up pronto :smiley:
    |Origin ID: afai1261|
    And she tastes like birthday cake and storytime and fall,
    but to her I taste of nothing at all
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,609 Member
    @MaggieMarley actually I just had the brilliant idea of entering my simself (lol do I hate myself or what). Might save my guys for a later generation ;)
    Just gotta update her outfits. Or maybe I will make a guy... oh, decisions, decisions!
    |Origin ID: afai1261|
    And she tastes like birthday cake and storytime and fall,
    but to her I taste of nothing at all
  • DCJ504DCJ504 Posts: 108 Member
    edited April 18
    So how do you feel about extra traits. I know you can cheat the skills away. I have a sim born in-game, so she has a few extra traits like happy toddler.

    After I asked this question, I went back to the original post and saw that you do not want those.

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  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,609 Member
    edited April 18
    Decided not to enter my simself, she can suffer some other day lol

    Name: Roland Gothier
    Gallery ID: afai1261
    Home world: San Myshuno
    Family: I have a cousin named Mostyn, but he goes by Moss [yes, the same one I entered into @Queenarella 's legacy-bachelor ;) ]
    How many children you want: A few. Two at least
    Thoughts on marriage: I'm all for getting married, be it to a guy or a girl. I heard Moss entered one of these and walked away with a guy rather than the girl he was actually there to court... I want a partner in my life, after so long being lonely
    Hobbies/interests: I'm an artist like my cousin, though I'm a musician rather than a painter. I play the piano, guitar and violin [actually he doesn't because he doesn't have skills lol but I do see him as an instrument all-rounder]. Could never get the hang of painting. I also tend a small rooftop garden, mostly of wolfsbane and plasma fruit trees. Hmm, what else? I've never been a fan of chess or anything like that, no matter how much Moss tried to get me to play with him when we shared an apartment. Ew, that sounds more incestuous than I intended. Oh god is it weird to live with a cousin???? Oh, singing and songwriting too. I want to be famous for my music.
    What you like/dislike in a partner: I've never actually given any thought to that. Maybe just that they don't mind me jamming out on the guitar all the time. Plus I guess if they like my singing, which everyone I know says is horrible, then we'll be set for life! I try not to be too discerning in looking for a partner, and there's really nothing that I'd outright dislike in one. We've all got flaws, just gotta embrace them
    What career you would like: Musician

    Bio: What is there to say about myself that hasn't already been said? I'm bi, play instruments, have wicked cool glowing blue eyes that I used to hide with sunglasses... but then I said eff it, if the world can't accept me for how I look then that's their problem, not mine.
    Oh, and... I've almost been married once before, way back in 18-something or other (yeah, I'm over 200 years old, deal with it) when I was engaged (well, technically arranged) to a girl but realised I liked her brother instead (though he did like me too). May or may not have been disowned by my family, because we were wealthy and they wanted us to marry into other wealthy families and PaSs On ThE fAmIlY nAmE and apparently I couldn't do that if I was with a man, nope. Of course, that girl was Lilith Vatore and her brother Caleb... oh boy. But he broke my heart. Or rather, my family broke my heart for him. I don't know if he still loves me, or if he even remembers me. Although, perhaps my love for Caleb was not the only reason I was disowned. He turned Moss and me into vampires. With consent, of course, I wanted to live forever and so did Moss. My parents found out and were royally ticked off, pruned us out of the family tree. So my cousin and I got out of there. Moss and I were among the first to settle in San Myshuno when it was newly built, and I've seen it grow from a township to a whole dang city. I'd forgotten about Caleb after all these years... I don't know what happened to my parents or aunt and uncle after we left. I just know that I've been lonely for far too long and Caleb's probably moved on too. I'm ready for a new man in my life.
    |Origin ID: afai1261|
    And she tastes like birthday cake and storytime and fall,
    but to her I taste of nothing at all
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,791 Member
    edited April 18
    @DCJ504 Oh you can cheat the reward traits away? I didn't know that! Well in that case feel free to submit a sim with reward traits :)
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,791 Member
    edited April 18
    @afai1261 I love Roland! Thank you for submitting him :)

    That bit about Caleb in his bio :'(

    He's hot too (obviously)! Maybe if he wins his genes can overpower Vlad's.
  • DCJ504DCJ504 Posts: 108 Member

    Just a note: I removed skills and extra traits except the ancient bloodline trait as that strikes me a legitimate trait because of her father. She was not born a spell caster, so it will not have an effect on her. If you want it removed feel free, or tell me and I will get rid of it. Please note she is labeled with #StraudLegacy.

    Name: Morgan Shipp
    Gallery ID: DCJ504
    Home world: Born in Oasis Springs, moved to Willow Creek.
    Family: Mother - Summer Shipp, Father - Darrel Charm, and Sister - Abigail Shipp
    How many children you want: I want at least two that are close in age. I was a teen when my sister was born, and moved out shortly after that. I want my kids to be good friends
    Thoughts on marriage: My parents never bothered to get married, but I think that I want something a little more traditional. I like the idea of a celebration for the love that my partner and I will share.
    Hobbies/interests: I love to be around people. I haven't tried a lot of things, but I would like to learn new things. I'm pretty sure I will good at whatever I choose to do.
    What you like/dislike in a partner: My parents are my example of a good relationship. They were best friends and deeply in love. They both worked hard at the relationship and I want someone who will make that kind of effort. I do not want someone who will be over-protective or controlling
    What career you would like: I want to be a world-class comedian. That will let me be around people and have fun
    If you win, would you prefer to become a vampire or remain mortal? What a weird question. I had never really considered that, but if I have found my soulmate and have the opportunity to spend eternity with him, why wouldn't I? So, I guess the short answer is yes.
    Bio: It's funny, my mother was actually in one of these contests once. She didn't win, but that was probably for the best. She ended up having her own adventure and family. She found my father and they were very happy together. They were wonderful parents! Now it is my turn to take on the world and make my mark.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,791 Member
    @DCJ504 thank you so much for Morgan! She is a great sim and seems very sweet. Maybe that is what Vlad needs?

    And thank for for going to the trouble of removing her skills and reward traits :) the only thing with the ancient bloodline trait is that I think it means her children will inherit some sort of bloodline trait and so if one of them becomes a spellcaster they will have a bit of an advantage although I didn't personally 'earn' the trait for them by having several generations of spellcasters myself. I'm going to try not to do anything 'cheaty' in this legacy (for once!) so if she does win I will probably remove the trait - I hope that is ok by you!
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,609 Member
    That bit about Caleb in his bio :'(

    look at them ahhhhhh :bawling:

    wow look at me getting caught up in my own sims' backstories that I made up in 10 minutes on the spot
    and yes, I did start a whole new save file just to take one screenshot lol

    Anyways hope he finds better love with Vlad after he and Caleb were so forcefully torn apart. Imagine if Caleb happened to knock on the door of the bachelor mansion one night...
    |Origin ID: afai1261|
    And she tastes like birthday cake and storytime and fall,
    but to her I taste of nothing at all
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,758 Member
    I really don't mind it :) I'm not that good at building, just patient. And I use a lot of inspiration looking at other builds, real builds and all that. The current legacy house is made up of 4 real houses :D It almost wrecked my brain to combine everything...

    Do you mind Tempy being pregnant? If yes I'll upload her after her pregnancy ^^ She is in her first trimester tho...

    I'm off to create a sim for you know :) Not sure yet if she will be supernatural...

    @afai1261 So cool to see Moss' cousin :love: I saw the pic and was like "I bet they're brothers" :D

  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,609 Member
    edited April 18
    @afai1261 So cool to see Moss' cousin :love: I saw the pic and was like "I bet they're brothers" :D

    They both look similar to their fathers and their fathers are identical twins haha. They're basically brothers anyway: in the extended backstory that I'm about to post they were raised as siblings in the same household

    @MaggieMarley Here's an extended backstory for Roland. Honestly I could write an entire simlit now, I have so many ideas :D
    Also no reason at all for writing this other than... I wanted to lol
    Plus I wanted to give more context for Roland disliking Caleb
    So Grandpappy Gothier, Ambrose, is a rich guy. Don’t know what he did. Whatever it was, he got rich from it. His twin sons Enoch and Abraham each have one son: Enoch has Roland and Abraham has Mostyn. The cousins are basically raised as brothers, living in the same household because Ambrose can’t remember which of his twins is older and has the right to the inheritance. Small detail, right?

    The inheritance is now due to go to Roland as he is older than Mostyn. This suits Moss just fine: he has no need for material goods. This also means Roland becomes part of an arranged marriage to receive his inheritance. Roland is betrothed to one Lilith Vatore, but soon falls for her brother Caleb and discovers one night that they both are vampires. Roland begs Caleb to turn him, but Caleb refuses at first. Eventually he does agree and turns Moss too, much to Moss' delight.

    After carelessly meeting up one spring day with Caleb on the Gothier estate, the boys are caught by Enoch, who proceeds to immediately disown Roland and strip him of his inheritance. However, Roland’s homosexuality is not the only reason for this: Enoch has figured out that his once darling son is a vampire. An unholy creature of the night. Roland is quick to anger just like his father, and the emotional shock of being caught and disowned causes him to show his dark form for the very first time and bite into Enoch’s neck, making him fall unconscious. Mostyn then arrives, trying to find Caleb to ask why his eye colour changed from a light brown to a purple [just pretend that his mother or someone noticed and asked about it lol cause he can't see it in the mirror]. At seeing his father on the ground, Roland breaks down and is totally unable to shift back into his normal form due to the stress, leaving him with the bright glowy blue eyes that he still has to this day.

    Caleb is horrified to see Roland attack Enoch like that, but can’t bring himself to stop seeing him in secret. Eventually, though, he discovers that he himself won’t receive that Vatore inheritance unless he marries the daughter of some other rich old guy. Some Inna Cents or whoever. He doesn’t know her and doesn’t want to know her, but with his materialistic a$$ the thought of having all that money makes him giddy. And Lilith, well, she did like Roland, but always knew she wasn’t into men... No, she likes Inna, who’s promised to Caleb. But, unlike the attraction between her brother and Roland, Inna doesn’t like her back and it’s all Lilith can do to not lament her love for the woman in yellow every single night. She leaves her childhood home at Caleb’s request. Mostyn and Roland leave to San Myshuno, and Caleb is left, unremorseful. Centuries later, he and Lilith meet up again and make up, moving to Forgotten Hollow together. Lilith doesn’t question Caleb about whether or not he and Inna did marry all those years ago, but she can tell that something is eating at him. She thinks it’s about the man she was once promised to, Roland. Unless Caleb has forgotten the black-haired blue-eyed pretty boy. She doesn’t pry. It’s not in her nature to do that.

    Roland forgets all about Caleb and resides with his cousin Moss in San Myshuno as one of its first residents. He sees the city grow and thrive over the years, and become a hub of cultures. He’s happy. Mostyn signs up for something called a Bachelorette challenge. He leaves San Myshuno to try and win the heart of a green woman named Amy Brennan. He doesn’t win, but instead tells Roland that he’s fallen for Amy’s younger brother, George. Just as Roland fell for Lilith’s brother, Caleb. All those years ago. He says that these challenges are fun, you’ve been alone too long, cousin. Sign up the next time you hear about one. And sign up Roland does. As a male contestant, for a male bachelor. Unheard of. Vladislaus Straud, whoever he may be*. Roland’s coming.

    *Okay maybe it's a tad unrealistic (wow "unrealistic" in a sims game????) that he's lived as a vampire this long and he still hasn't heard of the King of Forgotten Hollow. Maybe he just didn't read Encyclopedia Vampirica, which I'm sure contains a few chapters about Vlad. Whatever lol

    So TL;DR: Caleb turns the boys, Roland is discovered during a romantic meet up with him and almost kills his father out of anger, Caleb goes "🌺🌺🌺🌺 I want my money" leaving Roland and Lilith heartbroken because Lilith likes Caleb's arranged marriage partner and Roland likes Caleb, Roland and Moss are disowned by their family for being vampires and leave. Roland now hates Caleb (and consciously forgets about him), so if Caleb ever comes a-knockin' on that front door, he's not having any of it.

    Hope you enjoyed that :joy:
    |Origin ID: afai1261|
    And she tastes like birthday cake and storytime and fall,
    but to her I taste of nothing at all
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,758 Member
    edited April 18

    Name: Calypso "Caly" Titan
    Gallery ID: Queenarella
    Home world: Del Sol Valley
    Family: Caly doesn't know her parents but she imagines the titan Atlas is her father (Calypso is actually nymph from Greek mythology and her father is Atlas :D )
    How many children you want: As many as possible. The more babies she gets the more attention she gets.
    Thoughts on marriage: Yes! A big glamorous wedding that makes it into all magazines!
    Hobbies/interests: diving, swimming, taking baths, being surrounded by people, taking selfies, painting (she wants a huge potrait of herself like kings and queens have)
    What you like/dislike in a partner: Caly loves a popular man but dislikes a man who steals her spotlight. That's all she cares about.
    What career you would like: Any career that makes people notice her.
    (For non-vampire candidates) If you win, would you prefer to become a vampire or remain mortal? remain mortal
    Bio (optional): As a baby, Caly was found on the beach with no parents around. The residents of Sulani decided to raise her together. As she was found near the sea they gave her the name Calypso, named after a famous nymph in Greek mythology.

    Caly had a nice childhood despite not knowing her parents. Everyone in Sulani was her family and she never felt lonely. Everyone loved the little girl and she enjoyed everyone's company.

    The older she turned, the more Caly felt like something's missing. She started reading but soon gave it up because books are boring. Instead she used the Internet to watch videos. Soon she found out what she lacked: a family history. Typing her name into a search engine, she found out about her name donor. The nymph Calypso had everything Caly longed for: a family and fame.

    At first she admired the nymph but her admiration developed into more. The young Caly dreamed about Atlas being her father and what it would be like to be the nymph from the mythology. Her mind dug deeper and deeper into this imagination until one day. Caly went to school and told everyone she found out about her parents and her history. "I'm a nymph and my father is Atlas."

    Right after she graduated from school, Caly moved to Del Sol Valley. Someone like her - a nymph and daughter to a titan - needed to be known world-wide. And to make her ancestry more obvious, she had her family name changed to Titan.

    Edit: She is tagged as with CC because of the CC eyes and skin I use. But she's CC free. You need to tick the CC box tho to find her.
  • DCJ504DCJ504 Posts: 108 Member
    thank you so much for Morgan! She is a great sim and seems very sweet. Maybe that is what Vlad needs?

    If she wins, I figure that either she will bring out the best in him or he will bring out the underlying toughness in her. In my save she had a military career, but I was using a randomizer so her career, aspiration, and traits were a mixed up mess. So I tweaked her so it all makes more sense.

    I have no problem with removing the ancient bloodline trait. I was actually surprised to see it there when I looked this time (I'd forgotten she had it). She only has it because her father is one of the pre-mades from realm of magic.
  • TheYayToastTheYayToast Posts: 1,341 Member
    edited April 18
    OMG. @Queenarella mentioned you were doing a Legacy-Bachelor Challenge... but I was not expecting the founder to be Vlad. :D I totally wanna enter... I'll make someone today!


    @afai1261 *jaw drops* I agree with the statement of he's waaay too hot! He's even hotter than Moss was and Moss was really hot! :o

    @DCJ504 Morgan is soooo adorable! I love her so much.

    @Queenarella Calypso is really pretty! I love the twist of her being inspired by her namesake!
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,791 Member
    @afai1261 oh my gosh I love this thank you! That is some amazing back story! Wow there’s gonna be some interesting scenes if Caleb ever rocks up at the bachelor mansion... Also that old timey picture of Roland and Caleb together is too cute... And sad :( maybe Vlad can mend Roland’s broken heart. He is the polar opposite of Caleb after all!

    @Queenarella thank you for Calypso she is very beautiful! And she sounds like a very interesting sim too - it’ll be a lot of fun to have her around :)

    @DCJ504 maybe Vlad will bring out the toughness in her and she will bring out the soft side in him? Glad you don’t mind about her losing the bloodline trait! Since she’s not a spellcaster herself hopefully she isn’t miss it ;)

    @TheYayToast I want to see how long Vlad’s features stick around :D and yay I can’t wait to ‘meet’ your sim!
  • DCJ504DCJ504 Posts: 108 Member
    @TheYayToast Thank you. I love how the genetics turned out.
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