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the sims 3 shell challenge corner challenge #4 due july 31th


  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,540 Member
    edited April 27
    Okay - so I think I'm just gonna take a forfeit on this one. I went round and round with the foundation but the house that was 'calling' to me just wanted to be the other way around so I kept the footprint exactly as it was but turned it 180 degrees. I am delighted with how it turned out, but I understand I technically did change the foundation so I'm okay with participating from the sidelines.

    Here's a peek at what I did, though

    Now to upgrade and play test!!
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,540 Member
    @Pinkusfamily Oooh! I really like that stone you have. Nice views, too
    @ADWilson How charming! Beautiful colors, and I see a peek of a playground in the back yard

    @Kgaff and @ciane Looking forward to seeing both of yours

    Can't wait to see everyone's pictures!
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,430 Member
    Sorry you weren't feeling well @Kgaff! Love that house @creativemetaphor, especially the various jut outs on the second floor. I love when things aren't symmetrically and have lots of ins and outs!
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,540 Member
    Pictures! Casa Arancione

    @ciane Thank you! This foundation just begged for some amazing patios, too :)
  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 419 Member
    @creativemetaphor Beautiful Creation !!
    Its Just lovely !!
    Amazing rather !!
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,540 Member
    @Pinkusfamily Thank you! o:) I was thinking I'd never finish in time but it came together a lot faster than I thought.

    Have uploaded to the exchange now too! All upgraded, pretty sure there aren't any foot stompies left. lol
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,430 Member
    Possibly my favorite of all your builds @creativemetaphor. Love the dark and lighter wood with the white, especially, and the cremes and red tones. and, you are right about begging for amazing patios. I too thought so, though not on the same scale as you.
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,540 Member
    @ciane Why thank you! I'm going to say the lack of a budget went a long way towards improving the result ;)
  • seabenseaben Posts: 338 Member
    @creativemetaphor I don't think it's cheating to rotate the foundation as long as the foot print stays the same you made a wonderful build
  • KgaffKgaff Posts: 1,613 Member

    I can't believe I did this in 3 days. This house just built itself. I love buidling with no budget constraints.

    I took the shell to Monte Vista where I bulldozed Varg's tavern so I could have some really nice views.

    I don't remember how much I spent but it was well over 250,000 simoleons.

    Once I decided to go Mediterranean I knew I had to throw in some verandas and lots of outdoor living things. So there is a large pool, a seating area around a fireplace, some lounges with incredible views and an outdoor kitchen. Fountains along the back wall finish the look.

    As you enter the main floor there is a wide staircase leading to the second floor. To the right of the door is the formal living room with a baby grand piano and doors leading to a veranda. Bookcases flank the fireplace and since I had so much room, I placed a pool table across from the living room.

    Under the stairs is a guest bath.

    To the left of the door is a bar/lounge area that leads to the dining room and large kitchen, with a veranda off the dining room.

    Upstairs the house has three bedrooms, master with en suite, and a private veranda. On the other side of the stairs is a girls room decorated for a tween with en suite bath room and a boys room (for some reason I had twins in mind while decorating) with a bathroom across the hall.

    There is a family type area with a stereo, tv for the kids with some skill items and yet another veranda with chess.

    There is also a small patio off the main hall with a table and chairs and some beautiful views.


    More pictures -->https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157714067627936/with/49826657308/
  • KgaffKgaff Posts: 1,613 Member

    @creativemetaphor Splendid! Amazing! Gorgeous! That pool, the kitchen, jaw dropping.

    I swear we were thinking alike on a lot of things but you have a way with filling a house and not making it look like a hoarder lives there. :p
  • seabenseaben Posts: 338 Member
    edited April 27
    Wow @kgaff your build looks fantastic that only took 3 days unbelievable!! now I need to ask everyone a couple more questions before I come up with the next shell was this to challenging was this to easy ? do you want a budget in the next challenge ? now there is one reason I didn't have a budget for this challenge I thought people could make community lot's but if I have a budget in the next challenge I could have the budget only be for residential lot's and one more question do you want inspirational objects ?
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,430 Member
    @Kgaff - LOVE the direction you took with the balconies over the patios and that corner balcony upstairs. Love the stairs you chose and the arches and the downstairs layout is so perfect. It's interesting how many of you chose the warm color palette!
  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 419 Member
    Introducing 455 Sunny side Blvd. in Sun Set Valley.

    455 Sunny side blvd

    I was able to fit in a Drive way & Garage..
    It is Not on the exchange yet. I am enjoying playing my Family in it...

  • cianeciane Posts: 16,430 Member
    edited April 27
    I think the challenge of just building on set foundation is enough by itself, but you could add an extra challenge of a budget if you like. Having no budget is less challenging, but allows more creativity, I think.

    By the way, this is how mine turned out:

    I was really happy with how the roof turned out, so I built down into the basement to add more bedrooms.

    Without hollowing out a basement, it was still a roomy one bed, one-and-a-half bath home.

    My additional challenge was keeping it base game only.

    More pics here:
  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 419 Member
    @Kgaff , why this is Beautiful !

    I love when a creation builds itself.. It happens for me a lot !

    @seaben to answer some of your questions. This was perfect, Not too hard, not to easy at all..I prefer No budget, But it becomes a challenge when one does have to work with some sort of budget- it makes one get creative in staying within the budget..I say sure to the inspirational object.. Also I am just getting back to Sims 3 - been gone about 2 years from it. So as far as me making a community lot I would have to think long & hard about that.. But I have done it in the past.. I have a bout half a dozen worlds in my Studio..
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,430 Member
    Your house turned out great @Pinkusfamily! I love that you were able to add a drive and garage and that you are enjoying playing it!
  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 419 Member
    @ciane , Your creation is just wonderful.. I Love the blue & matching stone !
    Very Nice & Clean build.. I can never do that I have to have some sort of clutter....

    I am enjoying what I see from everyone !!

    So creative !!
  • seabenseaben Posts: 338 Member
    edited April 28
    @Pinkusfamily I'm glad you liked this challenge I like how you used the stained glass counters in the kitchen and I like all the clutter/decor items in the nersery and @ciane I like the patios on your build and kudos for making a base game only build I'm going to see if I can build something with my shell with one EP will see if my house is done before the 30th
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 6,374 Member
    edited April 28
    With permission from @seaben, I used this shell and followed the requirements for the Build-and-Share Easter Bonus Challenge.

    Pictures: Cottontail Court
    Download Link: House

    Picture showing the footprint

    No CAP or CC
    Custard checked, clean
    Minimal MOO
    No Store Content
    Packs: base game, ambitions, generations and pets
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,430 Member
    Nice job @ADWilson! You used the space really well. I like that you have front, back, and side entrances. Very pretty landscaping, large garden, nice play area, and shed.
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 6,374 Member
    @creativemetaphor ~ So beautiful and elegant, perfect for Monte Vista! Love the bridge over the pool ... the layout with the benches makes me think of the canals in Venice. Easy to imagine this being the spot for family gatherings! Thoroughly enjoyed your picture tour!!
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 6,374 Member
    @Kgaff ~ Oooh, another beautiful build for Monte Vista! The tiling around the pool is a fabulous idea and makes quite a splash. The balconies add to the curb appeal as do the curved windows and staircase. Like creativemetaphor, you've created an elegant home that is full of charm and is sure to be the place the entire family wants to hold their gatherings at. Great picture tour!!
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 6,374 Member
    @Pinkusfamily ~ Your location in Sunset Valley is perfect! Placing things outside the fence and facing the beach is a clever idea & use of space. Covered pergolas are a favorite of mine. The mixture of wood, brick and marble throughout the interior was a pleasant surprise. It's easy to see their little girl is a princess, LOL Fun picture tour!!
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 6,374 Member
    @ciane ~ The blue and stone pair nicely, causing each to stand out! Your builds are always spacious and well thought out. Love the idea of it being base game only ... planned to do that until I decided to pair the two challenges together. Love how family or guests can gather and talk to the chef. I would spend a lot of time in the quieter nook! Your basement is so light and airy feeling. Thanks for the terrific picture tour!!
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