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What type of shops do you play?

AJC20178AJC20178 Posts: 104 Member
Curious as to what other OFB players create with thier shops?
At the moment I'm playing the owner of a hobby shop and flower shop.


  • cmbaker16cmbaker16 Posts: 9,111 Member
    I enjoyed running a bakery/restaurant I would have the majority of the building be a restaurant than I would add a small section to sell desserts or "meals to go" . I also enjoyed having a car salesman sim and a furniture store, also had a sim run an arcade. Good times! :D

  • DijktafoneDijktafone Posts: 637 Member
    What an interesting topic!
    To unlock the perks without losing money, I found that a shop selling flowers from the buy mode was great.
    Overtime, with the right perks, I open a second, and sell paintings o:)
  • popstarissapopstarissa Posts: 693 Member
    I loved running a car dealership! 🚘
  • AJC20178AJC20178 Posts: 104 Member
    cmbaker16 wrote: »
    I enjoyed running a bakery/restaurant I would have the majority of the building be a restaurant than I would add a small section to sell desserts or "meals to go" . I also enjoyed having a car salesman sim and a furniture store, also had a sim run an arcade. Good times! :D

    Great idea, I might try the restaurant/bakery!
  • AJC20178AJC20178 Posts: 104 Member
    I loved running a car dealership! 🚘

    I've never tried that actually, do you have cc cars to make more stock? Or just maxis cars?
  • JadesimmerJadesimmer Posts: 74 Member
    I open a bakery for Brandi Broke to make use of her best cooking skill, it ran successfully and she became rich B)
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,964 Member
    edited April 17
    I love venues like bars and coffee shops. I have campgrounds and parks. I like pools and gamer shops. Shop themes like Magic supplies, party supplies, and baby supplies.
    I enjoy starting Build a City Challenge so the more business I have the more points. I've never finished the challenge but I enjoy it.
    I'm going to be opening a spa next, a skating rink, a holiday shop, and a birthday venue.

    I have never been able to make money at a car dealership. I don't know what I do wrong. :lol:

    I have a farmer markets and fish shops. I started a Hot Dog Shop once because I couldn't sell pizzas, but now there's a mod which makes pizza available to sell (or make and sell)!

    I've made a few lists of all the businesses I want to open in TS2. I still remember seeing a Simmer post about running a toilet shop. :lol::heart:
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  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 1,245 Member
    I made a graveyard where a grandma sells extremely overpriced flowers but people pay for it despite the prices out of guilt. She makes a killing (no pun intended ;) )

    I made an enraged ninja that sells malfunctioned toys to kids. He plays death metal inside the store and every employee wears their ninja suit. Of course, the ninja is crazy and mean but people cant get enough of the toys.

    Theres a luxury womens fashion brand everyone goes to, but on the lot theres a secret sweatshop where they make all the clothing and flip the prices pretty steep. But people pay because its brand.

    I make all kinds of shops, restaurants, lounges, hotel, bakeries etc and they usually have some kind of joke or storyline going alone with them.

    Sims 5. Please be great.

  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,964 Member
    edited April 18
    @StrawberryYogurt Awesome!
    I've run a cemetery but it was running gambling (poker) in the basement.
    I had an idea of renting Servos a maids and nannies but never got around to it. There's one Simmer who had a Hit man business which I wanted to find a way to put in my town but I never got that far. There's an idea of running a Church or starting a Grilled Cheese cult - with Uniforms.
    I did have a Dating Site for the lonely.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,635 Member
    I've done a small airline terminal, complete with helicopters and a hanger out back for effect. The business part is in the terminal and is essentially an arcade and various objects that the sims will use on their own. There ia one of those ticket things at the entrance. It's a family run home business, which is limited in types you can do. I've even made uniforms for my sims that own it and evey hour or so do a helicopter flight.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 31,579 Member
    edited April 23
    The basic stuff like furniture, clothes, collectibles, or weird things the odd Sim would want, (occult shoppers).
    Restaurants are interesting to play as long as my Sim keeps cooking and has the most skills for that. Car dealerships, grocery stores, bakery, anything I can make a buck doing.

    With the ticket machine I have ran bars, nightclubs, massage parlors, beauty parlors, (my Sim stands at the chair to offer haircuts and makeovers etc.), gyms, karate classes, yoga instructors, private men's clubs with bar, ballards, pool, chess etc. Like you see in old 40's movies. For the ladies I have offered piano, art, easels, reading rooms, tea, high fashion clothing redressing, etc. Like a ladies' club of Victorian age.

    For Dracula characters I have offered the villagers the tour of his castle. >:) After all he's just a legend right? There are no Dracula brides anywhere in a dark corner, right? lol Stay as long as you like, especially until dark. :D Plenty of room to lock away an unspecting townie in a dungeon.

    Yard sales, garage sales, flea markets. The yard sales and garage sales are home lots. Flea markets are community lots.

    With the sleep on lot mod it was fun to live above a grocery store like in Brooklyn, that Sim rarely went to real home or held a vacant lot as home lot.

    With the mod for shops in apartment buildings that allow your Sim to live in a building with a grocery store or whatever it was fun to live in an apartment with a shop beneath them where I could just pop in on way up to get a few things. Makes great play for urban hoods.

    I tried running a horse farm (with Becky rideable horses) but the townies don't usually want to do that.

    Carnavals, with ticket machine with some special objects from Echo for roller coasters, dancing skeletons etc. for haunged house, rideable merry-go rounds (large) etc. This worked pretty good because all I had on the for food (before vending machines) was the custom popcorn cart and some chocolate milk etc. carts. Those worked good when they were hungry. Booths to win a prize etc. via dart throwing then they buy a prize actually, but after later EPs they seldom play and or buy. They usually just buy then leave now. After later EPs this type lot works better now as just a community lot to visit instead of run with ticket machine.

    Long ago I built a Landgrabb office building where Sims could paint and use a pc to work on their 'graphic skills for game's'. lol It had a nice office space for the receptionist and the private secretary, then Malcolm's office was private with a bar and big TV, along with hottub. Townies showed up as if they worked there but only my Sim would use the easels or the pc etc. so as a ticket machine lot it was mostly pretend I guess.
    But they enjoyed getting into Malcom's private office.

    Once a Sim lived on a chicken farm (really run down place) and sold chickens (custom content) it was fun because these chickens made sound and some placed around the lot as if they were out of their pins. And a hog farm. lol Kids could ride the pig..but it's been years since any kids show up on business lots anymore (even toy shops) so later EPs sort of changed all that.

    ETC: recently I've been thinking of running a bus terminal (Sims will have to sit out at the bus stop) that also sells coffee and magazines. Or maybe a post office if I can relocate the post office custom content.

    Oh, wait a few more, I did run that deed shop in OFB. Sold deeds to other businesses and homes to townies.

    And with the mod to be the landlord (before AL) I did have one of my Sims collect rent on some Sims' homes that was interesting. You can raise it as high as you want it. lol

    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

  • AprilDawnAprilDawn Posts: 554 Member
    Ran quite a few businesses - generally like service businesses better (like a bar, game room, pool hall,) as more fun to me - not just selling all the time. Dina and Nina even ran a brothel out of their home and made a lot of money!
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