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Your first family ever made?

Mine was the characters from Pokemon in The Sims 1. Or it was supposed to be. Didn't really look like them. How about yours?
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  • DijktafoneDijktafone Posts: 637 Member
    A mixed bag of 8 dudes in TS1, one of which was Sherlock Holmes. I knew absolutely nothing of the game...
    The first sim I still use to this day is a businesswoman, back in TS3.
  • prettyprettyplumbobprettyprettyplumbob Posts: 130 Member
    I sadly can't remember any of my sims 1 or sims 2 sims! I know I played legacies on the sims 2, but I just can't recall....
    My first family on TS4 was a doctor and a gardener who had triplets... but then the file got deleted and I was to heartbroken to ever remake the family.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,635 Member
    In TS1 mostly solo sims other than Goths & Newbies. Memories rather vague. TS2 cobbled together a foursome of two parents, their teen daughter, and wife's mom. That was good for a year or so until I made my 'go to' set of characters that I still use these many years later in various combinations.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 2,333 Member
    edited April 15
    Wow, I can’t really remember what the very first Sim I ever created was. It would have been on a console though. As for Sims 3, it was a human version of Karen Starr/Power Girl from DC Comics. She was a housekeeper for the Landgraabs. Can’t remember for 4 as I didn’t play it much.
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  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 6,079 Member
    edited April 15
    The first couple I tried were my simself and my wife. Had no frikkin’ idea how to use the sliders back then.

    Now my first family was River & Haruo.
    My original legacy. (River to far left; white skirt, the River clone is her daughter with Haruo, Alanna. No she’s not a copy, River actually gave birth to her)
    Yes she was a teen when I noticed Alanna’s exceeding resemblance to her mother. But as you can tell she has brown eyes - taking after Daddy.

    Then I rebooted it so that my sim didn’t look like a carbon copy of the Simpsons in skin color.

    You’ll see this portrait a lot.

    So all in all, I enjoy playing families...

    When I’m not trying to psychotically wipe out the town with meteors.
    I could say that meteors were taken out of the Sims 4 because of my playing habits but that wouldn’t be true. Unfortunately you Sims 4 players lost your capacity to cause cataclysmic cosmic disruptions in your sims lives long before I came on the Sims scene.

    *hint hint* Sims developers :smirk: could you please bring back meteors in Sims 5. 😈
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  • timiina3timiina3 Posts: 16 New Member
    my first family was in the sims 2 and it was my family! my dad, my mom and i!
  • Simsister2004Simsister2004 Posts: 3,475 Member
    When I had gone through the "learn to play" in The Sims 1, I started up with some of the premades. Goth family died in a kitchen fire, and I deleted the other premades. Then I started from "scratch" with Edens garden, Adam and Eve and my beautiful angel Aziraphale, guarding the holy apple tree and the gate to the garden with his flaming sword.
    He has been with me ever since. Here he is in The Sims 4.
  • RosysimmerRosysimmer Posts: 376 Member
    Mine was the Forresters in ts4, in around like 2016. They lived in the Parkshore lot in Willow Creek, but it was edited a lot....and not in a good way.. Ugh....
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  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 2,825 Member
    I have zero memory of my first family in previous versions... but my first Sims 4 family I still play. Stay-at-home dad, best-selling novelist wife, live on Sulani. They have 9 kids and a couple of foster children through a mod. (3 of kids are grown and moved out. 5 of the kids are biological and 4 are adopted. All their bio kids have been girls but 3/4 adopted kids were boys and foster kids they currently have one of each but they have had about 8 others in the past that they found other adoptive parents for eventually)
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 1,927 Member
    Mine was a group of roommates in TS2 Pets on Gamecube. Some of them had silly names.
  • logionlogion Posts: 994 Member
    The "Rickford" family. Based on a story that I wrote in High School about a couple of students that encountered an old vampire. Three students turned themselves into vampires and three other students escaped. I created those three students that escaped in the sims4.

    That was back in 2014, I had never played a sims game before so it was a pretty good family to start with, I explored the game with three sims that tried to get back into a normal life. Not unlike when I played the game for the first time and I was trying to figure out things. It also helped me to create other sims in the game because those sims were based on characters from my old story.
  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 453 Member
    My first ever sims family was a grumpy old man and a ghost child (Sims 3). My idea was that the old man lived alone and was haunted by the ghost. But I didn't know anything about how Sims games worked, so I was taken totally by surprise when the ghost child had to do stuff like eat, sleep, and go to school! :lol:
  • KathykinsKathykins Posts: 1,040 Member
    Oh goodness, I really can't remember my very first created sim. Its been 20 years. After the Newbies, I think I played Roomies and Bachelor, before I made my own sims. They are all long gone, since I don't have any of the old files anymore. I kept all CC and programs, but not gamefiles, sadly.
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