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What's Your Most Cherished Sim Moment?

Lately ever since EA announced the 20-year anniversary of The Sims, I've been feeling pretty nostalgic about the hundreds, if not, thousands of Sims I've created and installed throughout the exchange, the amount of lots that I've built, the stories (even though they weren't good) that I've read and created, and the community that I've become more engaged with all throughout my childhood. I've thourougly appreciated it!

I'm interested in knowing what your fondest memory in The Sims franchise was. How did you react? Was it good, bad, or middling?

Share your thoughts! And if you have screenshots, please share 😊.


  • MagnezoneMagnezone Posts: 202 Member
    Discovering all the premades in The Sims 2 had memories as a kid and diving down the rabbit hole of finding out who was related to who and why. This is what made me fall in love with The Sims, Strangetown, and in particular the Curious family. And I was overjoyed when I found out Notzo Curious was added in The Sims 3 Ambitions and recreated the family lineage up to Glarn getting abducted.
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  • DijktafoneDijktafone Posts: 637 Member
    edited April 14
    I guess, the first time I went from the creation of a sim, to his death of old age in TS2. Married to Dina Caliente, 4 kids, both 'platinum 4 life', and lots of memories inbetween. She departed first, and I was like 'see you soon'. The final day your sim wakes up, that's that kind of moment for me.
  • TWSimGamer82TWSimGamer82 Posts: 425 Member
    Reading all the albums people used to post on the Exchange for The Sims and The Sims 2. There were so many great stories. I really miss those days.
    Sim: "I'm starving!"
    Player: *instructs sim to prepare meal* "Then eat something, you little goofball!"
    Sim: *starts cooking meal*
    -5 seconds later-
    Sim: *Stops cooking meal* "I'm so hungry!"
    Player: *head hits desk*
  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 4,516 Member
    So, The Sims 3, Late Night - I was living the high life, working my Sim up the Celebrity ladder. I had befriended a 5 star celebrity - Lola Belle - and was having a party (with her as an invitee) to try to get a little more social traction for my Sim.

    I had also just discovered the cheat that allowed one to free build in a penthouse apartment, greatly expanding his space and putting in swanky features he otherwise couldn't, like a hot tub, and - this is crucial - a fireplace.

    Equally crucial, I had not yet learned that fireplaces needed to be upgraded to fireproof, if one didn't already have the Fireproof Homestead lifetime happiness reward - which my Sim didn't.

    Did I mention he lived in a penthouse apartment? At the top of an elevator?

    So, party is due to start, he's dressed all fancy, lights the fireplace to charm his guests, steps into the next room to start making those party drinks on his home bar.

    As soon as his back is turned, the fire alarm goes off. The living room is on fire! But guests are arriving, and running INTO the burning room to panic or attempt to extinguish it - but it is spreading fast! My Sim can't get to it himself.

    Lola Belle arrives! And runs into the burning room with an extinguisher!

    More guests are arriving. One in the living room catches on fire! The alarm is still shrieking! Somewhere, thirty stories below, a fireman waits his turn at the back of a line of excited party guests taking the elevator up to meet a FIERY DOOM!

    OMINOUS TONES! It' Grimmy! The party guest on fire has DIED!

    Wait, Lola Belle is on fire! A guest rushes to extinguish her.


    Lola Belle's rescuer is on fire!

    Party guests continue to arrive.

    They panic, mourn, and freak out.

    Lola Belle DIES! Her rescuer DIES!

    The fire is finally spent. Guests are covered in soot, standing in puddles of their own pee. The chic living room is a charred, sodden wreck.

    The fireman arrives! My Sim is fined, because there is no fire when the firefighter gets there.

    The party ends and everyone has had an astounding time, and the game tells me they will be talking about it for weeks. :D:D:D
  • DijktafoneDijktafone Posts: 637 Member
    No kidding they will! o:)
  • prettyprettyplumbobprettyprettyplumbob Posts: 130 Member
    It doesn't sound like a "sweet" moment, but in the sims 3, I had one of my sims get hit by a meteor literally MINUTES after initially moving the family in-- A young couple hit by tragedy!

    I brought her back as a ghost, and her partner became a ghost hunter. It ended up being one of my favorite save files, and one of my favorite stories I'd ever played.
  • hellokitty1496hellokitty1496 Posts: 160 Member
    edited April 16
    That is a miracle, if I ever heard one. I'd think that everyone's essential needs would go dramastically down, especially hunger (or maybe I'm thinking of Sims 2) when there's a goal event.
    Reading all the albums people used to post on the Exchange for The Sims and The Sims 2. There were so many great stories. I really miss those days.
    One of the most beloved things that I loved about that site, which is why I wish they we could relive it again, permantley. Unfortunetly, it's a lost cause.
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 31,579 Member
    When my Sim (TS2) had to give up all their puppies, been there done that irl. Sad. A police car pulled up in TS2 to take them away (gave up for adoption) my Sim ran out to the curb, stood by the car and cried her eyes out. I can relate.

    When my Sims lost their kids to the social worker, they cried for days. (TS2) Luckily TS2 let's another Sim adopt them in the list, a few days later, the previous mom was knocking on the door to visit the new home. She came over often though they were no longer a family member in her own household.

    When my perfect couple (TS2) got a divorce, not so perfect after all. On her first date when she was just about to kiss her new beau for the first time, out on the front porch, her ex walked by and stood to watch, at 2:00 A.M. (walk bys don't happen that late) but guess time didn't matter in the game that time.

    When my teen went off to college and dad went with her, crying and hugging in front of the dorm building..she was ready to let go, he was not. lol

    When my Sim kids cried because mom had cheated on their father. (TS2) One crushed the doll house.

    When my Sim kid passed out on the front lawn (no beds) and mom and dad stood over him wringing their hands with worry over their child. (TS2

    Too many to list from TS2.

    When my Sim in TS3 fainted because she saw ghost or a vampire etc. Her brave husband went to her rescue to help her.

    When back in TS1 the husband lost his wife to fire the very next morning, lol, and he wouldn't go to work or do anything for days. Wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, wouldn't go do anything (paint or skill on fun objects or whatever) to cheer himself up. Priceless.

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  • hellokitty1496hellokitty1496 Posts: 160 Member
    edited April 20
    @Cinebar I had a very stressful, yet funny moment in TS2 before. Back when I was in elementary school, my friend and I played one of my families who's mother was pregnant. Unfortunately because of her mood swings, whenever we were trying to help her boost her moodlets to get her functioning well, she would complain that she was hungry, sleepy, cramped, smelly, unsocial, etc. It was SO annoying, but also funny because during her meltdowns, she was completely naked 🤣 . We tried countless of times to have her put some clothes on, but she wasn't having it. She clearly just wanted the pregnancy to be over with. 😂

    After her child's birth, she went back to her normal self. It was indeed weird, but an interesting ride. Ugh, I just wish I captured those moments in screenshots.

    In TS1, the same childhood friend was with me playing another family I really liked, which was The Bob Family, I believe. And so, as we were playing for some reason I went into map view and was wanting to do something, but I let my friend choose another family to play with. As she was searching, I think she accidentally chose the bulldoze option and completely deleted The Bob's Family. As soon as it was pending, I started to freak out. Then once it set in as to what happened, I was immediately p'd. She knew this. She tried apologizing, but I wasn't here for it. I threw a fit, yelled at her and complained in disbelief, then I demanded that her youngest brother to break the CD simply because I thought that there was no way of getting it back. I thought he ended up breaking it or at least bending it to where it's unusable. I then ordered them both to leave, which they did. I don't think I spoke or even bothered to hangout with her for a while (I did, however, with her friends of the neighborhood). We eventually made up sometime not long after.

    In TS3, two of my given families have sim teens, which down the line have the been the best of friends. Fast forward to them being teenagers, you know how every week (?) there's prom? Well, they both managed to go there as just friends, but during that night, I believe they were dancing and all of a sudden one of my sims asked if she would like to go steady. At first I was against it, because I just wanted them to be friends and nothing more, but I figured since this was done autonomously, that what would the chances be for this to happen again? So, I agreed and they've been lovebirds ever since. Occasionally, I'll take screenshots of them as memorabilia and sometimes place an instill moment in the house.

    And in TS4, I was really curious on how sims got pregnant. I didn't even notice that she was showing signs of pregnancy. I really just thought that she gained weight, but to my surprise when she went to pee, I saw the option to "test pregnancy", which I was unaware of. As I saw her test the product, her expression switched from a dull face to extreme excitement. She was so happy to tell her husband and her daughter the good news that she couldn't possibly wait any longer. Three weeks later, she had a healthy baby girl named Crissy and her husband just couldn't get enough of her to the point where he was missing work hours.
  • KayeStarKayeStar Posts: 6,608 Member
    Asking me to dig deep here! Oh, gosh. Let me think.

    I think my proudest moment was when I made one million simoleons with no cheats. Just working with multiple careers and skill jobs. This was Sims 3. I still haven't topped that, so I guess I'd call that my most cherished moment.
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  • simesmerizedsimesmerized Posts: 139 Member
    edited May 7
    Definitely completing a rainbowcy in Sims 3. I even journaled it and shared on various forums. It was a huge undertaking for me what with save corruptions. moving my sims all the time towards the end and just keeping it interesting. It's still out there too! It was so awesome and fun to do. I had some great people to share it with too. : D


    And also, I was active in the tumblr community some years ago. I made houses and wall art and stuff for sims 3. Shared stories and got to help a lot of people with game issues or find cc. It was amazing! I regret I wasn't able to keep doing it. I basically just ghosted my acct. D:
  • hellokitty1496hellokitty1496 Posts: 160 Member
    @KayeStar I miss the feeling about being completely naive when it came to playing a vanilla game. I mean, I still earn simoleons that way and I only keep a fair amount of cc and mods in my sims 4 folder. The process is fun in the long run, but the question is: What do I do with all of that money?
  • RavennaRavenna Posts: 36 Member
    I'll always go back to my first memories with The Sims in the very first game, when all of my gameplay revolved around playing the Goth household and turning their entire house into a gigantic medieval castle. I spent hours upon hours just building. This is all I did in Sims when I was like 16 years old. After that it was Sims Online, which was a much less enjoyable experience because I didn't have money lol

    But having gone through every single game and put together so many memories, I'll always remember my very first time.
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  • KathykinsKathykins Posts: 1,040 Member
    One of my worst moments in TS2 was when I played Dina Caliente and Don Lothario. They were married and had a toddler son. It was late one night, I was tired, they both went off to work. I forgot to hire a babysitter. The child was taken away. The parents came back from work, both tired and hungry and heartbroken. Dina died because she was too tired to eat, and too hungry to do most anything else. Don pleaded with Grimmy and managed to save her. She died again, and surprisingly Grimmy was in a good mood and saved her again.

    Anyway, I managed to adopt the child to my main family. He grew up, went to college and generally did good for himself. When he came back from college, I had him meet up with Dina. It was a very heartwarming meeting. Think I even had her son move in with her, can't remember exactly.

    That's one situation where "exit without saving" would have been useful, if I had only had the presence of mind to remember it at the time, instead of going full panic.
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  • Destin2016Destin2016 Posts: 480 Member
    Discovering how unbelievably great The Sims 2 is!
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