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Hi there! Moin!
I write a story about a big family in the Sims 3 story´s section of the forums.
Recently I tried out Pose Player the first time ever and made so many pictures of the family that I don´t want to post them in this story because I don´t want to disrupt it too much, loading it lasts so long already. So I decided to open an new thread to post portray pictures or Pose Player pictures with them here.
Hopefully you like them a bit. I am happy with them and their appearance so, please, don´t be too harsh with your criticism, they can´t defend themselves. :D
The first picture is a family portray of Travis and Haldir Helmquist and their 16 children.

In the coming posts I´ll post pictures of the individual family members and their names and maybe some more information about them, which can help to understand the family links in the story better.

Here is the link to their story: https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/950668/meet-the-helmquists-a-sims-3-story#latest
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    The history of the Helmquists began in September 2012, when I got Supernatural.
    To discover Moonlight Falls I created this couple, Freia and Henning Helmquist.
    Here their every day outfit
    Here they are in their evening gowns
    They are the parents of Haldir Helmquist.

    I became so attached to them and their family that I have played them continuously since they were created.
    Freia is a fairy, Henning is a powerful warlock.
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    Their son Haldir (left) met his husband Travis right after Travis finished university (although their parents were neighbors, but Haldir didn´t live in Moonlight Falls when Travis grew up)
    They immidiately fell in love with each other and up to this day this hasn´t changed a bit.
    This picture was taken in order to celebrate their last wedding day.
    (at this photo shoot they got the idea that they wanted to have pictures of all their children. ;) )
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    Travis´father is Tristan van Gould.
    Here he is with his second wife Margaret, Travis´ mum died shortly after he finished school.
    Margaret is the daughter of one of Haldir´s brothers (they will be pictured, too, some day in the far future :p )
    everyday clothing

    evening gowns
    Tristan is a vampire, Margaret a witch.
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    The children of Travis and Haldir
    From left to right:
    Timothy, Thom, Misty, Torben and Emerson.

    Heath, Haden, Thor, Harlow and Thalan

    Thore, Tius, Tara, Tyler and Timon

    And what do they do as modern Sims during the sessions?
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    Emerson and Silvie Helmquist

    Emerson is the oldest son of Haldir and one of his potential heirs.

    Haldir once was married to somebody else before he met the love of his life Travis.
    Emerson is the son of Haldir and Emily van Gould, the sister of Tristan van Gould. He is a fairy. Emerson is just a few years younger than Travis, but he loves his step-dad as much and strong as his dad. He dislikes his mother from the bottom of his heart.
    Silvie is the oldest daughter of Matthew Hamming and Richie Striker (after their marriage their family name is Striker-Hamming). She became a fairy when Emerson threw a poition on her made by his father. Silvie was a werewolf before but Emerson couldn´t stand the hair on the furniture anymore. :D
    They live in Moonlight Falls.
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    Misty and Jules Helmquist-MacDuff

    Misty is the oldest daughter of Haldir and his first born child ever.

    She is married to Jules MacDuff, the nicer twin of the Moonlight Falls´MacDuff twins. Her mother is Emily van Gould. She doesn´t hate her mother like Emerson does but she doesn´t like her either. (There happened too much in their childhood which made her and Emerson to not like their mother.) She is a fairy. Jules is a very good warlock but once happened to kill himself by eating a distasting jelly bean. He was resurrected by a brother-in-law of Haldir. They live at Cape Garner Island.
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    Torben and Sebastian Striker-Hamming-Helquist

    Torben is the first son of Haldir and Travis.

    Torben is married to Sebastian, the first son of Richie Striker(-Hamming). Sebastian is the older brother of Silvie and he met his future husband at her marriage with Emerson. I have to add that Richie and Matthew Striker-Hamming are best friends with Haldir and Travis, because Haldir and Richie played as sports superstars in the same team in Bridgeport and became best friends with each other.
    Sebastian was never interested in a steady partnership and had a lot of affairs in Bridgeport before he met Torben. Untill today he is the most faithful husband to Torben. He is much older than Torben but that doesn´t matter much because he is a werewolfe and lives much longer than normal Sims. Torben is a fairy of course. They live in Hidden Springs, in the near of Sebastians fathers.
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    Thom and Rike Helmquist

    The second son of Haldir and Travis.

    Thom used to be the mayor of Moonlight Falls but after another one of the family got the job he was happy to resign and to live in retirement at Cape Garner Islands with his wife and the youngest children. His wife is a werewolf and likes to hunt in the woods there. She is the younger sister of Sebastian and Silvie. Yes, the two families have a very strong and narrow bond. ;) Thom is a fairy.
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    Timothy and Suze Helmquist-Northman

    The day at the photo studio was long and Timothy and Suze were the last to be photographed so they weren´t very motivated anymore! ;)
    They both are self-employed as successful painters, supported by Travis who is a well-known patron of the arts. Timothy met Suze when one of Haldir´s sisters married her father, Eric Northman, in Monte Vista. Suze´s mother died at the day of her birth and she was alone with her dad until he decided to marry again when she already was adult. She is a fairy like Timothy and they are the next door neighbors of his dads when they are at home in Moonlight Falls.
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    @AlexaKry It is really cool seeing your original sims and the parents of Haldir.
    I think you got the hang of taking family portraits really quick!! They are fantastic.
    Lots of pretty close relations. :grin:
    I loved the Van Gould family when I first got Supernatural, but I made my own sims and they didn't marry townies. They were friends though. :lol:
    Amazing you've been playing the same family all that time. My Ballan folks have only been around since 2017. Imagine where they will be after 8 years! As slow as I play barely changed probably. lol
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    @bekkasan : Thanks so much for commenting!

    It´s not my ability to take the pictures though, the credit must go to the pose creators who made such nice poses! :D
    I just had to put the right poses to the family members.
    What I tried was to give them poses which not only are showing how they look but how their relationship is. I´m quite happy how the poses match their relationship to their spouses. It´s not perfect, because unfortunately my pose list is limited and I have too many Sims which have to be posed so I have to use a few poses twice, but it´s ok.
    Stay tuned, because the next five photo sessions are over and will be posted soon.
    Yes, the relationships are very close to some families. :D In real life I would find that really strange and edgy, but the worlds of the Sims are limited and you won´t your family to marry a Sim coming from a run down family. :p

    I loved the van Gould family, too, so Haldir got married to Emily, but it turned out that they didn´t like each other much. When they got married they moved out, while Haldir became a sportssuperstar I played with Freia and Henning and Haldir´s littler brothers and sisters and let SP manage the town. I was completely surprised when I got the notice that they got divorced! And I was even more surprised that Haldir fell in love with Travis, because at that time I still played with his siblings! So SP did a very good job here! :D

    I play sowly like a snail, too. But that´s ok for me! I really want to play with every member of the family which stands out for me in some way. Some children of Haldir and Travis I played more than others,. I don´t play very straight forward and linear/horizontal, I´m always distracted by some events that happen and use to jump to the family that caught my eyes. So the family tree is veeery wide but not very deep for the time I´ve played. Especially if you keep in mind that most of my Sims are fairies or got the eternal life awards.
    I think that your Ballan family <3 has come a long way! For me this kind of family bonding and the deep connections they have is essential while playing! I still want to know more of Victor and Rafe! (have I said once that I have a little crush on them? :D )
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    Thalan Helmquist and Isobell Ichtaca


    They are not married yet, Thalan is in now hurry. He had a lot of girlfriends before and it could be that he wants to keep all options open.
    And perhaps it´s because out of respect of his brother Emerson, because he once was married to Isobell. Of course Emerson is not happy about their relationship.
    Poor Isobell is just a lost soul in search of love. She is the oldest daughter of Rubisel Ichtaca from Isla Paradiso. She is the result of a slip of Rubisel who normally is gay but was too drunken to distinguish between his partners at that time. When Isobell rang on his door on her search for her dad she was already an adult, Rubisel happily married to his husband Quentin and father of 3 boys.
    First he denied fatherhood untill a DNA test confessed that he was her father, but he always didn´t see her as a real family member. Even Emerson and his love and understanding couldn´t heal her.
    Thalan and Isobel live together in Starlight Shore, in the big cliff hanging house.
    Thalan is a fairy, Isobell a witch.
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    Harlow and Luke Helmquist-Tatum


    Harlow adores her husband Luke. The family hates him, because he is really bad for her. He has a lot of affairs and they have an on-off-kind- of- relationship. They are married twice, because when Haldir and Travis discovered that Luke betrayed her daughter they forced her into divorce, but she was so madly in love with him that she began to date him behind the back of her dads. When she married him again Haldir and Travis were very angry and nearly expelled her from the family, just the intervention and mediation of Emerson and Thom helped that their dads accepted her decision. But Luke is hated from the bottom of their hearts and he is never invited to family gatherings.
    Harlow and Luke live in sight of her dad´s house in Moonlight Falls.
    Harlow is a fairy, Luke a warlock.
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    Thor and Shioban Helmquist


    The newly weds!
    Thor is much older than Shioban, he was married once but his first wife died from old age. He was alone a long time, never thinking of ever getting married again, because he didn´t want to lose another loved one. But when he met Shioban he fell in love with her immidiately. He was so drawn to her cheerfulness and positivity that his crusted heart broke free. He once was a successful doctor (lvl 10) but he thought after his wife´s death that if he couldn´t heal old age he would be a bad doctor so he quit his job and he began to paint. He is a famous comic illustrator now. Shioban just finished university, she doesn´t know what kind of job she wants to do. Both are fairies and live at Caldey Isle.
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    Haden and Quirin Helmquist-Ichtaca


    Haden was still in school when he met Quirin. Quirin is the second oldest son of Rubisel and Quentin Ichtaca who once lived in Moonlight Falls for some time, because Quentin was born here. Rubisel and Quentin now live at Sunlit Tides. They became very good friends with Haldir and Travis so it was just normal that both families got to know each other quite well.
    When Haden was in his last school days there was a party of the two families. Quirin lived at Isla Paradiso at that time and just visited his dads when he went to the party with them. When he saw Haden the first time he fell in love with him, well knowing that Haden was much too young for him. Haden´s point of view was very different: he thought he was grown up enough to date such a handsome young man and after a while Quirin gave in and they became a couple. But they married much later because their dads insisted on a good education for Haden who went to university to study engeneering.
    Now they live in Willapa Valley where Quirin is the mayor. Haden takes care of their little kids and is a painter, his sea paintings are well-known and very expensive. Haden is a fairy and Quirin is a warlock like his dads.
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    Heath and Sirius Helmquist-Ichtaca


    Sirius is the son of Quirin´s older brother Quinn, so he is a grandchild of Rubisel and Quentin Ichtaca.
    Heath and Sirius met each other at university, because his parents and granddads already moved to Sunlit Tides. The families have a house at university in which the kids can live while studying, Heath and Sirius were studying at the same time. First they were just good friends, but when Heath visited Sirius at Sunlit Tides in a holiday they slowly fell in love with each other. Now they are inseparably and not only deeply in love but best friends, too. Sirius is a warlock, Heath a fairy and they live in Willapa Vally as next door neighbors of Haden and Quirin. Both are self-employed as authors.
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    @AlexaKry Love reading the backstories on your sims and seeing their pictures. Brings the whole family alive.
    I need to get back to Victor and Gardenia and age the kids up officially. I had trouble with the travel and didn't save, but used the pictures that I took. lol
    I will go back to Rafe once the current quest with Adam is done. He has one more task to perform before I let them go. I need to let poor Seth and Shea have the baby, she's been preggers forever! lol
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    @bekkasan : Thank you so much for commenting!
    I really would like to see some portrait pictures of your family! It brings the family history alive. Especially if one plays with just a few families that are directly connected to each other, like we do!
    And I was amazed how much I still knew about my Sims! It brings back many beautiful memories with them!

    Hopefully I can visit all the siblings in the near future so I can take some pictures of their families, too, then I´ll add them here and can explain the connection between them even more!
    In addition there are Haldir´s and Travis siblings who are important for the family as well! (Oh, well, if I think about all the travelling: this will be work for years to come! :D )

    Besides travelling is tedious and can go wrong (as you said! You poor lady, I can relate!!! <3 ). And in my game it lasts from 20 min upwards. :s

    Which world did you chose for Adam´s quest?
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    Timon Helmquist and Qeiko Ichtaca


    Yes, another Ichtaca! :D
    Qeiko is the little sister of Quirin. She once was married to Jamie Jamesson who is now married to Haldir´s sister Dianah. o:)
    Timon was married, too, his wife was a normal Sim who died long ago. After some time of grief Timon became some kind of charmer. :p
    He had a lot of affairs, many women wanted to be with him as he is a lvl 10 acting superstar and he took his chances.
    Qeiko betrayed her former husband, too, so he got divorced from her after he couldn´t look away anymore.
    Especially Travis wasn´t very keen of getting his son married to her but Timon explained to his parents that both, he and Qeiko, were very comfortable with their decision to lead an open relationship. Furthermore he had to explain to his dads that he and Qeiko loved each other which was more important to them as to whom they had sex with. Travis and Haldir were not convinced but accepted their son´s way of life with bad grace.
    Timon is a fairy, Qeiko is a witch and they live in Moonlight Falls.
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    Tara and Jarred Helmquist-Jamesson


    It was already getting late and Jarred was hungry, so he looks very fierce, he is a very kind and friendly man when he has eaten enough. After his shooting he was rewarded with a kiss by his wife for being so patient.

    Tara met Jarred when she was a teenager. Jarred lived in Bridgeport at that time and he visited his father for the weekend. There was a party of the families which he attended and there Tara saw him the first time. Because she is a Helmquist and has inherited the determination of her fathers she didn´t let him go anymore. :D Before he could understand what had happened to him she already planned their future life! Of course both had to wait until she finished university before they could marry but Tara wanted him and he couldn´t defend himself from her firmness and his love for her. Both never regretted their decision!
    Tara is a fairy like her dads, Jarred is a witch like his parents, Jamie Jamesson and Qeiko Ichtaca. :p
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    Tius and Constance Helmquist


    Tius is the second heir after Emerson. If the kingdom will be splitted or if something happens to his dad or his big brother he will become fairy king.
    Tius met Constance when he had a job to do for his father. Haldir wanted to expand the family´s business and decided that they should invest in some companies in Sunset Valley.
    So Tius had to visit Constance´s father to get the permission to make business in the town. So, already guessed who Constance´s parents are? Right, Gunther and Cornelia Goth.
    Constance is their second child and she was the one who opened the door when Tius had to visit her parents. For both of them it was love at first sight, whenever Tius was able to go to Sunset Valley he visited Constance. He even purchased a house there before they were together officially, because he knew that she was his! Much to Gunther´s grief. He had already planned that his daughter should marry Malcolm Landgraab. Only Haldir´s reputation and intervention made him change his mind. Now he is very happy about his son-in-law. Cornelia was relieved that her husband changed his mind because she knew that her daughter would have been very unhappy if she had married Malcolm.
    Tius is a fairy and Constance is a witch, like her mother. Her father is a vampire btw. They live in Sunset Valley with their teenage son.
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    @AlexaKry Wonderful pictures! My favorite out of these ones is definitely Timon, perhaps it´s the hair. I don´t know.
    Loving the family picture!
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    @ZhakiraP : Thank you so much for your comment!

    So Timon is your favourite? Is it the color or the haicut? He is quiet a charmer, so to speak. ;) He lives in Moonlight Falls and whenever I play there I get notices that he dates different girls. Seems as if the girls like him very much. Poor Qeiko, she must be suffering a lot because of this, she doesn´t seem very happy lately. But their relationship panel still says they love each other 100%, so perhaps she doesn´t know what Timon is doing?!?! Or she is really content with their arrangement?? I wouldn´t, but they must know for themselves what they do. (well, Story Progression hopefully does! :D )

    In my family´s desciption there are missing 2 brothers still, Tyler and Thore, the youngest sons of Haldir and Travis, when I can make some portraits I don´t know, because I don´t know if both will still be there in the future (well, Thore will be, but Tyler.... :'( )
    But because they don´t have partners at the moment I chose not to show them yet.
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    @AlexaKry I like the hairstyle, but the hair color is what really makes him stand out I think. He looks like an interesting sim!
    Sims will be sims :p Timon sounds a bit like Don Lothario :D
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    @ZhakiraP : then you must like Thalan as well.
    He isn´t much better than Timon and he has this white hair, too. Poor ladies of them, they have to suffer a bit from their men. :D (both are Itchtaca ladies, I wonder what went wrong in this family??? :p )
    And yes, Timon (and Thalan as well!) are womanizers, if there is a beautiful lady who flirts with them they don´t refuse! But somehow they love their partners.... Somehow. But it was obvious from their teenage years that they can´t say no to a nice girl.
    I let the older siblings live in Travis´ and Haldirs´ house untill they get one or two children so both granddads can get some time with their grandchildren and I can remember that Thalan always was found together with Suze, the spouse of Timothy. He wasn´t amused to see his little brother trying to flirt with her! :D
    And Timon moved back in when he lost his first wife, it was the time when Tius and Constance lived in their fathers´ house, too, and Timon always tried to flirt with Constance. And then Haldir´s sister and her husband lived next door (I had to delete their big house after they moved to Bridgeport) and they had sons with partners living in their house, and whenever I sent the family to Haldir´s sister Dianah I had to watch like a hawk over Timon, because I didn´t want to break up a relationship just because Timon was there! :D
    So yes, he is a bit like Don Lothario! :D
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