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Maxis Match vs Alpha for CAS, your opinion?



  • MarisSimsMarisSims Posts: 12 New Member
    I used to download a lot of Alpha cc, but it never really looked right in games. Someone in a FB sims group I'm in always posts pictures of the prettiest Maxis Match sims and she posted a master MM cc list. When I got my new laptop I decided to go Maxis Match only.
  • ButterishButterish Posts: 249 Member
    I'm maxis mix. Why have one when you can have both?
  • RouenpucelleRouenpucelle Posts: 1,738 Member
    edited June 13
    Euphoria97 wrote: »
    How do ppl get the women's head so thin??? My sims male head always end up wide

    On touchpad I use two fingers on the forehead (not the hair) and pull apart as though I’m stretching clay, to widen. To narrow, I bring my fingers closer together.

    Back on topic, I love some of both. I don’t like it when alpha hair gets really thin and wispy and you can see brushstrokes, but there are some alpha hairs I really adore. In my main family, most of the characters have MM, but a few have alpha hair.

    I couldn’t live without alpha eyes. I love them so much.
    Ooh Be Gah!! Whipna Choba-Dog? Whipna Choba-Dog!! :smiley:
  • the1akbthe1akb Posts: 56 Member
    Alpha for me. It's the hair. I cannot stand that awful clay looking hair. It's definitely been getting better with some of the packs/expansions but most of it just looks terrible (imo). I could 100% go MM for everything else though and have been considering it for a while but the hair... ugh, puts me off every time :(
  • JoradsonJoradson Posts: 9 New Member
    Maxis Match for life! I really love the cartoony aesthetics the sims has, as it gives me kind of nostalgia feels. I feel like a kid playing with dolls again and IDK, I really enjoy that haha! I was never really a fan of other games that had the same type of looks as Alpha CC ('think IMVU or secondlife and stuff), and I also was not a fan of TS3 (:O big shocker). There are some Alpha CC items that looks okay with MM, but it's very limited. If I would every download Alpha, it probably be decorational like posters or other wall decals! :)
  • ModydoggaModydogga Posts: 1 New Member
    I like Alpha because they look like real people.
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