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πŸ’œ Quick Creativity CAS Challenge πŸ’œ GLovelysQCC



  • FrankieDanySIMSFrankieDanySIMS Posts: 151 Member

    These are my entries for the very nice QCC calendar challenge πŸ€—

    SANTA's pretty SISTER as December calendar girl entry:
    This Xmas girl is Natalia Claus (Santa Claus' sister): she's not a top model but her brother thinks she's beautiful so he sent her picture to the contest... she's participating flattered by her brother's love and appreciation and she will enjoy the fun of this new experience πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ

    HOT guy β™₯ EMO guy as November calendar guy entry:
    In Italy we have 2nd of November as tribute to honour the deceased as funeral cult: some visit their relatives' tombs at the cemetery or remember them in church or send prayers... so I guess Emmanuel Emo likes a lot this day ☠️ and its month too πŸ‘πŸ»

  • lisabee2lisabee2 Posts: 3,674 Member
    A few shots on the way for this fella .. Hot June grad
    New readers can visit here first: In-a-NUTSHELL
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 763 Member
    Here's Mr. Marcus March....for March lol. Ahhh March, its that time of year when Winter is ending and Spring has just begun. The weather is cool but just starting to warm up. Marcus LOVES the outdoors and thinks this is the perfect time of year to head out and start hiking and fishing!
    Download this hunk here: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/4289480974D711EC8EED2F6BDDF4AE3F
  • lisabee2lisabee2 Posts: 3,674 Member
    Linc is graduating ... June is the month for grads .. Working on getting more shots done for the blog .. Lp3Vvim.png
    New readers can visit here first: In-a-NUTSHELL
  • FireflyMoonWitchFireflyMoonWitch Posts: 11 New Member
    My entry for the Women's Calendar: October cos I am a simple spooky being https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/7812D29D755F11EC8347BDCA9B14F2D5
  • krystalgamer1krystalgamer1 Posts: 9 New Member
    Hmm. I don't see how to post my Sim's photos here. But I rarely use this site, so I'm probably missing something. I wonder if it will let me post a Twitter link? I'm going to try it and see. This link goes to the images and backstory of my calendar entry, Olivia May. Bet you can't guess which month she's going for. ;)

  • SvineprutterSvineprutter Posts: 1,990 Member

    Great entries all and therefor I faved all :)
  • NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 180 Member
    Hmm. I don't see how to post my Sim's photos here. But I rarely use this site, so I'm probably missing something. I wonder if it will let me post a Twitter link? I'm going to try it and see. This link goes to the images and backstory of my calendar entry, Olivia May. Bet you can't guess which month she's going for. ;)

    You need to become a full member before you can post images. By quoting you, your image should show up. Here's a link to give you more information. Happy simming!
  • NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 180 Member
    My favorite season is autumn, so I had to go with October:

    Mr. October
    Dave is here ready to be Mr.October. He's dressed cozily for the season & can't wait to pose with some gourds and a leaf pile! When he's not oozing sex appeal for the camera as a part-time model, he loves to paint. His favorite subject is nature, particularly the trees in their autumnal finery. (I forgot to add that he has at least two outfits in all categories. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ)

    Miss October
    Lena is here representing the month of October & some of its biggest events. She's wearing a cozy look for canning her harvest, another look for tending her garden, & a third look for Spooky Day. For that event, she's dressed as a sexy vampire. (I forgot again, to say that Lena has 2-3 outfits in some categories. πŸ™„)

    I'll be looking at and commenting on as many (maybe all?) of the entries as I can later! I'm sure everyone's done an awesim job! πŸ‘
  • krystalgamer1krystalgamer1 Posts: 9 New Member
    > @NeoFelis22 said:
    > You need to become a full member before you can post images. By quoting you, your image should show up. Here's a link to give you more information. Happy simming!

    Ah, that seems familiar. Now that you say that, I feel like I tried to post an image with the same result in the past. I looked at my profile and I have enough points, but not enough posts. That said, I only post on this site when I get involved with something GLovely or LisaBee are doing and I catch a whim to use it. So, I'm just not here enough. Nonetheless, I'm sure I'll hit that post count eventually.

    In any case, thanks for quote posting my post so the images show. That was very nice of you. :smile:
  • MenaBuchnerMenaBuchner Posts: 174 Member
    April Lyric is a regular at #SplashyFen which is considered South Africa’s friendliest, biggest & longest-running festival, celebrating music, arts & people & she's looking forward to 5 days of partying with friends, 24-hour jamming sessions by a variety of bands & solo artists, & nights by the bonfire sampling the juice from juice-fizzing stalls. This festival is celebrated each year in April (14-18 April 2022) #GLovelysQCC https://ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/27590AA475F311EC80B7A15490F1F0B0
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 670 Member
    πŸ’œ 49th WEEK CHALLENGE! πŸ’œ

    Our first annual QCC Calendar Cuties is well on it's way to complete development. Thank you to everyone who participated, from sim creation to hanging out in stream with me yesterday! I had the best time once again. It feels amazing to have such fun-loving, supportive friends standing with me .. or sitting as it typically is lol πŸ˜‰πŸ’œ

    The creative energy of this next theme is already running at high speed so I figured I'd better run over here ASAP to share all the details!

    Creative Direction & Rules:

    We're venturing into uncharted territory with the terrifically technological and possibly totally terrifying tales of titanium constructed cyborgs! No, don't worry, no alliteration this time lol I just really enjoy that writing style along with a bit of rhyme. ;) What this one is coming down to is awesimly created sim(s), cyborg style. Think of terms like robotic, cyborgs, cybernetics, bionic person, humaniod, android etc. and discover all the cool CAS make-up and accessories to use as your creative muse.

    Your Challenge:

    The most important thing about this theme is to push your imaginations to the extreme! Captivate us with the cyborg you make and additionally make sure you explain their fate. Call it your sim household's origin or creation story. What happened to your sims? Was it some form of accident? Secret robotics experiments? Did they somehow evolve from a simple microwave and now they're out to take over simsworld?! Maybe it was a sim wide event which changed all simlife? Anything you dream up will be right. You only need to accept the challenge to begin your cyborg dream!

    When finished, please upload your household to the gallery using the #GLovelysQCC hashtag.

    ENDS ~ Friday 1/28/22 ~ However, it's very helpful to share your creations early so we can have some households full of aweSIM creativity to nominate for a Maxis Fav!

    1. LIMIT 1 to 4 cyborg sims. You can include one servo and/or one robotic pet in your household.
    2. Style your sim(s) in anything you find to make them as robot or cyborg-like as possible.
    3. In your description, write your sims origin or creation story.
    4. Style ALL of your sims fashions, especially the first one, according to this theme.
    5. Custom posed entries which include the use of defaults are permitted as "just for fun" entries only. Posed entries do not have an opportunity to earn a Maxis nomination or fav. In addition, posed entries would not qualify for prize round challenges.
    6. Re-uploaded entries, in other words entries copied from other simmers creations, will be disqualified.
    7. Have a blast creating for our forum and gallery friends!

    Please continue posting all your awesome extras like additional story line, pictures, screenshots (limit 4) and the link to your creation in the gallery here! Please tag #GLovelysQCC if you post on Twitter or Instagram!

    πŸ€– Save the date for our Cyborg Sims Origins Stream ~ Saturday 1/29/22 at 12:00 PM EST on my Twitch channel! πŸ€–

    Check out all the fun from our most recent QCC Calendar Cuties Twitch Stream here β†’

    Thank you for always sharing your love of The Sims with me! Have a blast creating in CAS! There's already some super cool cyborg examples in the gallery but if you have any questions on this one, please ask away! πŸ’œ
    Please join my πŸ’œ Quick Creativity Challenge πŸ’œ forum thread

  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 670 Member
    @GLovely1 It looks like the cheat to turn sim into servo robot is no longer working. What are our options then, without using Mods or CC?

    Good question Svend! Begin with any sim and search through the make-up and accessories to create a cyber-like humaniod. Explore all your options with the skin tones and make-up sliders. I actually think it's more fun to not turn sims into servo robots ;) You can do it! Here are a few of the entries from the gallery for more inspiration πŸ€–πŸ’œ

    Please join my πŸ’œ Quick Creativity Challenge πŸ’œ forum thread

  • SvineprutterSvineprutter Posts: 1,990 Member

    @GLovely1 Agreed, so I did that, based on my previous workexperiences and imagination of today. Thank you :)
  • ChristineRose5ChristineRose5 Posts: 30 Member

    Because *clearly* I can't even make a robot without it being a sappy romantic, here's my lovelorn 1950's-inspired housewife robot: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/0D56C377774311EC82F7F4435629C7A7

    Housebots are created for one thing and one thing alone - to care for the house. Designed by W. Wright's House of Robotics, the Housebot line will make household duties a chore of the past. All day long, your Housebot will cook, clean, and care for your children with nary a complaint. Contact your local W.W. House of Robotics to make your purchase today!


    When Nancy Landgraab purchases her Housebot-(HB-2147, according to her user manual), she's ready to make taking care of the house a chore of the past. She is, after all, quite exhausted from her nights as a very reputable business-person. Ahem. Anyway, even the kids seem to take to her well, little Johnny giving her the nickname Helen B. Landgraab and making it his sole mission in life to make the robot laugh with his comedy routines. Nancy can't help but roll her eyes - it's a robot, Johnny. Don't be so silly. Now, get back to doing your homework.The robot doesn't seem to mind, though Johnny's humor is often lost on the bucket of bolts. Nancy finds herself wishing Johnny was a little more like his younger brother, even as Helen cares for the children, Geoffrey, and the house in equal measures. It was definitely worth the investment. Now Nancy can finally devote all her time to her totally legal investments.

    When Nancy arrives home one evening she finds Helen staring at the television - a late night soap that Geoffrey must have accidentally left on.
    "What are you doing? Do you need to recharge or something? Get back to work!" Nancy could have sworn the robot even looked startled for a moment, scurrying away to return to her duties. Nancy spies on Helen during the day, spotting her cook little pink cookies and doodle little hearts on the edges Johnny's and Malcolm's homework. One night Nancy even overhears Helen talking to Geoffrey about a romantic movie coming out- one that looked like a total bore by Nancy's standards but one Geoffrey, for whatever reason, seemed to be interested in. Must be defective, Nancy thinks. She wonders if Geoffrey was smart enough to purchase the robot's extended warranty.


    Even Helen herself is confused - no, she's not even supposed to be able to feel *confused.* Ever since she watched that old soapy drama on television, she can't help but fantasize about being swept into someone's arms and carted off to a new life together. She runs a system analysis every day, but still can't seem to find the source of the faulty programming. To tell the truth, she's not sure she wants to be fixed. She shouldn't be able to want, but Helen wants the romance, the passion, the family of her dreams. She knows her primary protocol, but she can't help but wonder - is it impossible for a robot like her to find true love?
  • divanthesimmerdivanthesimmer Posts: 1,458 Member
    edited January 17
    My entry to the latest QCC: Cyberpunk Mermaid

    Harmony can't recall who she was or where she came from, but her mission is clear and the end of humanity is near...





    In the last pic, she's wearing an awesome CC tail by @BlueShreve. ;)
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