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πŸ’œ Quick Creativity CAS Challenge πŸ’œ GLovelysQCC


  • ZebSimsZebSims Posts: 57 Member
    edited November 2020
    Harvestfest with Vampires is my entry for this week's Harvestfest challenge. The gallery description for it is below:

    To honor their thirsty tradition each Harvestfest, the Delarosas invite a neighbor as a tasty guest.
    They drink only from plasma packs year-round, but their holiday feast is a neighbor spellbound.
    Attending what he assumes is a costume party, their naive neighbor introduces himself as Marty.
    He asks why they have him in a chicken costume; they answer it’s for the feast they’ll consume.
    Glimpses of fangs and glowing eyes haunt his night, and the family keeps asking for a quick bite.

  • divanthesimmerdivanthesimmer Posts: 1,407 Member
    edited November 2020
    My entry: Everyone's Friend

    Bio: Angela is everyone's friend - especially during Harvestfest. She was once a poor little girl, walking down the streets begging for food and she will never forget the generosity of those who helped her during a difficult time in her life. So she's giving back each Harvestfest, by preparing a warm, delicious meal for those who are less fortunate and seeing the smiles on their faces means more to her than anything in the world.





    Check out my SimLit blog here: https://ageekylegacy.wordpress.com/
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    Origin ID: divanthesimmer
  • andieleahandieleah Posts: 32 Member
    My entry "The Rockwell Family" is shared to the gallery.. The Rockwell family has had so many blessings this year that they decided to pay forward to the community & help out serving at the Thanksgiving meal prepared for the less fortunate held at the community center in town. They're all dressed and ready to go meanwhile Granny will be watching the newborn till they return. I dedicate this entry to DudeanaterYT
    My family can be found here :)https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/8BCD943E2C5211EB802F05BB85D44FD3?category=households&searchtype=ea_origin_id&sortby=newest&time=all&searchquery=andieleah&max=50&maxis=false

  • MeowchaFrappeMeowchaFrappe Posts: 389 Member
    Oh my gosh! This is such a sweet idea for a theme and I already have a few ideas of what I want to do.

    You always come up with the best themes. And thank you, as always for holding these contests! :heart:

    And a big congrats to the winners of the last challenge!
  • pagounispagounis Posts: 366 Member
    oooops I just realized my 1st entry was just for fun, so please consider the 2nd one the entry which will be judged @GLovely1 . Sorry about that! :(

    Here's my 2nd entry. This is Halcyon Bloodshine, a vampire Sim who is my gift from me to RoseBlackVampire on the gallery. And just to think of her now that she's absent.

    Name: β™₯ Vampire Halcyon β™₯
    Origin ID: mikrolactaki3
    Gallery Link: https://ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/DE7F461C2D8511EB8753F8716E6D1AC6

    Joanne | 19 | Greece. Informatics student. I'm mikrolactaki3 on the gallery. Using 2 computers! My Blog: mikrolactaki3.tumblr.com
  • CatharinaSophiaCatharinaSophia Posts: 81 Member
    Of course y'all have these sweet stories and I'm here with a sob story...
    Either way, the No Fuel Left To Fly household is available on the gallery! (For the screenshots I did have to use gimp, the Journey to Batuu screen didn't wanna cooperate so I had to use tv's and place another screenshot inside the tv... hope that's ok?)

    On Nov 23, 2120, the last drop of fossil fuel was used. The governments didn't invest much in other types of fuel so we couldn't travel to our families to celebrate Harvestfest. My parents told me stories about the lockdowns in 2020, but ... at least we could safely go outside.

    Yes, it was weird, not playing with Karley, or hugging my daughter Bree. Or seeing Brian and my cat Mildred annoy each other. But we were grateful we could still teleport food and gifts, and our HologramScreens were still usable as TV, so we could see and hear each other.
  • GogoMGogoM Posts: 56 Member
    Paying it Forward
    The McGills recently lost their grandmother, Morgan, to old age, however they couldn’t let her legacy be lost. They’ve taken it upon themselves to continue her Annual Sim United Harvestfest Outreach Event. Every year, she would cook and bake up a storm in their house and then drag whoever she could find to help her set up a Harvestfest feast in the local Fire Department, Hospital, Social Work Center, and then at the end of the day her own home.
    When her husband died, her main partner in crime was gone and she began to bring her granddaughter, who she had be teaching all the recipes she knew since childhood. This year, Morgan passed, however, her son and granddaughter were primed and ready to continue her event. While Mr. McGill’s wife went to work her shift at the Social Work Center this morning, he and his daughter spent the entire morning cooking up every dish they could think of and then went out and set up the feast. They thought that this would be their loneliest Harvestfest, but they felt closer and more grateful than ever. The power in paying it forward. It is in giving that we receive.
    Dedicated to @victoriamui A fellow nursing student that first introduced me to the sims a couple of years ago and though we haven’t seen each other in a long time, a smile still comes to my face every time Origin tells me that she’s playing the Sims 4. #GLovelysQCC
  • MeowchaFrappeMeowchaFrappe Posts: 389 Member
    edited November 2020
    I went with something a little bit different for my entry this time. Rather than a story of my Sims preparing for Harvestfest, I decided to go with a theme about being thankful. I hope that still counts

    I also would like to note that this entry is really personal to me and based off a real life experience I had this year. So there's no grand plot or story this time. Just a (slightly) fictionalized account of what really happened to me.

    This entry is dedicated to my dear friend @QueenEbony1113 although we've never met in real life, I would truly consider her to be my best friend and I don't know what I would do without her. She also plays a role in both my household story and my real life backstory. :heart:

    (Expanded) Household Summary.
    It may have been a rough year, but Kacie Novak has a lot to be thankful for this Harvestfest. After losing three of her four beloved cats in just six months, animal lover Kacie fell into a deep depression and lost almost all zeal for life. But when her new kittens, Lugh and Reese came along, it was like someone flipped a switch and turned on the sun. Thanks to her kittens, and the support of her family and best friend, Samara Kripke, Kacie finally has a reason to get up in the morning, just a bit of zeal for life again and a new purpose: taking care of animals in need. Kacie volunteers at her local animal shelter every so often and is hoping to someday make a career out of caring for animals.


    I've put the real story under a spoiler since it's pretty long. Please do read if you feel inclined to do so though,

    The real story
    The loss of my cats is all too true unfortunately, and nothing is exaggerated for drama. In six months (November 2019 to May 2020) I truly did lose lost three of my four cats who had been with me since childhood. (14+ years) One of which had cancer under his tongue.

    Losing them was really hard and I ended up grieving so deeply, that I did fall into a long bout of depression to the point where I had lost almost all interest in my hobbies. From reading to writing, and truth be told: I almost lost interest in Sims for awhile. But it was around June or July that I found this contest which gave me a bit of a push in the right direction. Since it actually prompted me to get on Sims.

    By the time August had come around, we were starting to entertain the idea of bringing a new cat in our lives, but we weren’t actively looking to go out and get a cat. That is, until my mon and I were sitting in the living room and one day and she went on to Craigslist and saw someone’s ad.

    They were selling 11 week old black and white MaineCoon-Snowshoe mix kittens and were in my area. My mom called me over to look at the pictures of them and I instantly fell in love with the little boy (only male in his litter) with a half white face and when I picked him and held him later on that evening, I knew I was done for. I named him Loki and paid for him and we put him into a cat carrier to take him to his new (forever home.) My mom fell in love with one of his sister she's mostly black and has a half "milk mustache" as I like to call it and we took her home as well. Her name is Sugar Cube.

    And ever since these kittens came into my life, I'm slowly starting to get back to being "me" and getting back into my hobbies. And I have the motivation to get out of bed in the morning: because I want to see them and spend time with them. So when I say
    my kittens saved me, I'm not being dramatic... they truly saved me. From falling into a rut that who-knows how long it could have lasted. They saved me from being overcome by depression and grief.

    Loki and Sugar Cube are the miracle that I desperately needed after everything that has happened this year. Not just with me personally, but the pandemic and everything else. I was starting to lose hope in a lot of aspects of life, but Loki and Sugar Cube changed that for me. And Of course, @QueenEbony1113 and my parents also helped by being a major support system during these times too. If it wasn't for them, and this competition, I don't know if I would have been able to cope until my kittens found me. So I am eternally thankful to them as well. :heart:

    And what's really interesting about this story is the fact that, not only were we not intending to get a new kitten when we did but... the owners of the kittens' parents never intended to breed them. Loki, Sugar Cube and their sisters were the result of an "oops" litter. Although, I'm inclined to argue that it was fate and not an accident.

    The only parts of this story, other than the names that are fictionalized is that I don't actually work or volunteer at an animal shelter (yet) thanks to my ongoing struggle with both anxiety and depression and not being able to actually get to any animal shelters, but I know in my heart that an animal related career is my destiny so I wanted to include it in my story.

    And the fact that Kacie gets to hang out with Samara since I have not had the fortune of meeting my actual "Samara" (not her real name by the way) but I put us in a location we'd totally visit together: a coffeeshop.

    Also I want to note that this entry does not include anyone's Simselves. Without the use of CC, I wouldn't be able to make anyone accurate enough. So... consider these Sims "actors" for my real-life story.

    Oh and I snuck some references to my favorite TV show in here and I'm curious if anyone will catch them. :)
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  • QueenEbony1113QueenEbony1113 Posts: 380 Member
    Admittedly, it's been forever since I got on the forums since I have other things going on like my real life job (we may be under a second lockdown over here but I work at an essential retailer), so I'm waaaay behind on updates regarding this contest. But thanks @MeowchaFrappe for including "me" in your entry! It means the world to me that I actually was able to help you through this tough time, even though I don't realize it most of the time. I'm glad fate somehow led me to open this site today, instinct made me click on this thread, and yours is the first entry I saw/read!

    Great entry and good luck!! Also nice reference (and I still haven't caught up on that show that I'm purposely not mentioning to see if other people get the reference as well)!
    My real name isn't actually Ebony!
    Mainly a Fandom Simmer!
    I'd totally make Sims videos of the characters in my game but I don't know what to call my channel!
    Twitter: FrerardChild
  • MeowchaFrappeMeowchaFrappe Posts: 389 Member
    @QueenEbony1113 You're very welcome. It didn't seem right to NOT include some representation of you in my "Attitude of Gratitude" entry. Especially when you have helped me out so much through well, everything. :heart:

    And thank you so much for the good luck too. (I actually noticed I forgot to add one of the surnames and had to edit my entry quickly)
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 595 Member
    edited November 2020
    Hello sweet forum family πŸ’œ I hope you've had a warm, safe and thankful week ~ enjoying family, friends & of course some black Friday shopping! I'm grateful that you all choose to return challenge after challenge, giving your creative best to these QCC's! I'm constantly impressed with the wonderful screenshots & additional stories you share here so I hope you always keep coming back for more πŸ’œ

    But, now, it's finally time to give the most happiest announcement! The attitude of gratitude has concluded and the top 3 entries turned out to be .... drumroll please!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰



    @ZebSims ~ He generously wants to share his win with a runner up (3rd place) of our QCC ~ So, knowing this I'll name @Flash5 his partner winner! I'll DM you both to see which pack you'd like. Please also change your Origin country to US so I can gift you your pack of choice before the sales end on 12/1! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ’œ

    In the spirit of generosity I'd also like to gift a pack to our 2nd place winner and their simming friend they named ~ So, this win goes to @shachiruka and @Bora1397 πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ’œ Also, just as above, change your Origin country to US so I can gift you your pack of choice before the sales end on 12/1!

    A new challenge directions will be posted very soon so please, as always, stay tuned! Big hugs & happy creating always πŸ’œ
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    Please join my πŸ’œ Quick Creativity Challenge πŸ’œ forum thread

  • LSB12LLSB12L Posts: 31 Member
    Congrats to all the winners!
  • ZebSimsZebSims Posts: 57 Member
    Thank you @GLovely1 for these QCC's! I'm thrilled to be the winner for this week's challenge as I had a lot of fun making my vampire Thanksgiving. I'm thrilled too that my win will gift a pack to @Flash5 as she's always incredibly supportive on the gallery.

    Congrats to all the other winners as well! I don't envy the judges at all in trying to decide this week's challenge.
  • CarolcolorsCarolcolors Posts: 15 Member
    Big Congrats to the Winner!!!!!
  • NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 113 Member
    Congratulations to the winners! πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡βœ¨
  • GogoMGogoM Posts: 56 Member
    Congratulations! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰
  • MeowchaFrappeMeowchaFrappe Posts: 389 Member
    Ahh! Congratulations to the winners!!! <3
  • Flash5Flash5 Posts: 105 Member
    Congratulations @ZebSims @shachiruka and @bora1397 !! <3 ... and a big hug for @ZebSims for sharing your win with me (I went for Spooky Stuff ... how have I managed without fairy wings all this time!?!) <3

    To the other members of the QCC family - thank you for always being so supportive, so generous with your messages - never have I seen any sour grapes, you are all very special and it is so wonderful to be friends with people who celebrate with each other week after week! Much love to each of you, don't go changin' you adorable lovely lot .... see you all for the next challenge with hearts and HUGE FAVES! x <3

    Lastly, but most importantly - T H A N K Y O U ! ! ! to @GLovely1 - you've brought together a group of Gallery strangers who became friends, your generosity, creativity & support is infectious and brings out the very best in all of us. x <3
  • divanthesimmerdivanthesimmer Posts: 1,407 Member
    edited December 2020
    Congrats to all the winners! Awesome challenge as always! <3
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  • xamira99xamira99 Posts: 3,450 Member
    Congrats to all the winners!
  • FrankieDanySIMSFrankieDanySIMS Posts: 148 Member

    Congrats to the winners πŸŽ‰ ... I was late this time for the deadline so my creation maybe will wait for the next year harvest fest πŸ˜… (now stays as npc in one of my buildings) πŸ’€
  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,739 Member
    Congrats to the winners!
  • PatriPatri Posts: 60 Member
    Congratulations winners!😊
    The entrys look really cool!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    I would not have known what to do, the only thing I know about that holiday is from the moviesπŸ€­πŸ˜…
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 595 Member
    πŸ’œ Thank you Sims forum family for your kindness and support of all our awesome creators. I hope you feel as I do that the most fun is in the creating .. the win is a cool bonus but it's not why we keep coming back to create and share week after week. It's clear we really do just love this game! πŸ’œ

    I have to share something important first, not to have you feel sadness, but to encourage you to reach out to the young people in your lives please. Check in on them. Actually check in on everyone. So many are struggling with feelings of loneliness due to the isolation this pandemic has caused. It's been too long and I think young emotions are not handling it very well right now. I never thought I'd lose a student at the elementary level but I did last Sunday. If you are struggling, please don't let another day go by without asking for help πŸ’œ


    Creative Direction & Rules:

    I'm keeping this one short and sweet so I can reconnect with my favorite challenge. Let's roll with the idea of a warm winter treat. The actual treat in this case is the eye candy sims you create in the spirit of a winter wonderland. Are your sims partly responsible for creating this wonderland, like spirits, sprites and magical beings who can affect nature with only a feeling? Could they be part of nature living in the wintery woods like a two or four legged cuddly creature? Maybe simply a family of "normal" sims wearing winter wonderland style for her and him. If you didn't already guess, my inspiration this week was the traditional song, Winter Wonderland, and the lyric "walking in a winter wonderland".

    Your challenge:

    Create from 1-8 sims/animals/pets that are somehow experiencing a winter wonderland. Give us the feeling of being in the great outdoors and let your sim story take us on a fun winter wonderland tour. What are they doing outside in the cold? Do they have someone to hold? Do they somehow influence every snowflake or are they animals escaping the need for a hibernating break? Please think of anything in the sims world with an outdoor wintery theme and create your sims & story to share that special scene.

    Please include the hashtag #GLovelysQCC when you share your entry to the gallery. END DATE ~ SUNDAY 12/13 at 12:00 PM PST ~ However, it's very helpful to share your creations early so I can have some winter wonderland ready households to nominate!

    1. Your description should include your vision of what "walking in a winter wonderland" looks like to you and your sims.
    2. You may have 1 to 8 sims in your household, any age and pets are welcome.
    3. Remember to go for the "WOW" factor in looks & fashion creativity! Use what you have currently in CAS to design your sims in order to give us the feeling of a winter wonderland scene.
    4. Make sure your sims 1st outfit (everyday category) fits their story and feels connected to the outdoors somehow.
    5. NoCC and no defaults (defaults replace the original Maxis skin/eyes but are not officially tagged as CC).
    6. For fairness, please only use Maxis poses. Custom posed entries will be considered "just for fun" entries.
    7. Re-uploaded entries, in other words entries copied from other simmers creations, will be disqualified.
    8. Have a blast creating for our gallery and forum friends!

    Please continue posting all your awesome extras like additional story line, pictures, screenshots (limit 4) and the link to your creation in the gallery here! Please tag #GLovelysQCC if you post on Twitter or Instagram!

    Please stay safe, stay strong and stay creative! πŸ’œ Big hugs, thanks and love to you!
    Please join my πŸ’œ Quick Creativity Challenge πŸ’œ forum thread

  • MeowchaFrappeMeowchaFrappe Posts: 389 Member
    edited December 2020
    @GLovely1 So sorry to hear about the loss of one of your students. And at the elementary level too. But thank you so much for making the announcement about checking in on others. I struggle with both (pretty much crippling) anxiety and depression myself, so pandemic or no pandemic, I face so many challenges on a daily basis.

    Also, I may have to sit out on this theme as intriguing as is. It's just, I don't really know how to portray an outdoorsy sort of winter theme since I basically never go outdoors myself. I'm more of an indoors type of gal myself.
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