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💜 Quick Creativity CAS Challenge 💜 GLovely1's QCC


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    Congratulations to our AWESOME Winners!! <3 Everyone brought their A-game to this challenge. x
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    GLovely1 wrote: »
    Thanks so much @amp107 for celebrating the Spark'd wins here with all of us! It really was exciting to see so many friends on the stylist page!

    Thanks also to @divanthesimmer for helping and encouraging @MeowchaFrappe to give this one a try. I'm so excited to see what everyone does! I love your entry Divan 💜 It's so cool that both you and @Flash5 picked the dark side .. or well Sami picked the scoundrel side lol 😂 Definitely creations that are opposite of your personalities 💜

    My great friend and occasional QCC judge @LukasCreatesSims helped me announce our Rockabilly winners in the gallery today. Check it out:

    ✨🎉🎊 Please join in more celebrations here for @Tabatchoi , @AlphaFFrog & @MenaBuchner .. our top 3 Rockabilly winners! ✨🎉🎊 I'll DM today to see which game pack you're needing to add to your sims gameplay!

    I want to thank @FrankieDanySIMS once more for this cherry sweet, super neat challenge theme 💜 Also, for her thoughtful work as a guest judge! You all made this one so challenging to score so please give congrats to everyone once more! ✨🎉🎊

    Stay safe, have fun and keep on simming on everyone! 💜

    Wow, thank you so much, Lisa and congratulations @Tabatchoi & @AlphaFFrog !!
    I appreciate your generosity, Lisa <3 Sending you lots of (excited!) love xxx
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    Congrats to the winners!! :)
    And now here is my secret, a very simple secret...
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    As one of the top officers of the Resistance, Sabine Robin was in a, shall we say, compromised position... She has fallen in love with a Twi'Lek slave, Iokek'kelu. Off to fight in the liberation war against the First Order, will she return home to a changed collective & be able to live in the open with the one she loves? #TwiLek #Resistance #StarWars #JourneyToBatuu #GLovelysQCC
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    Entry: Lea Russell
    Story: Choosing sides is for losers. I'm here to make money and cause trouble. And I just ran out of money.
  • MenaBuchnerMenaBuchner Posts: 132 Member
    Entry: Lea Russell
    Story: Choosing sides is for losers. I'm here to make money and cause trouble. And I just ran out of money.

    She is so cute! 🤗
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    Annd my entry is up! The household is called 'A Chip off the Old Block'. I wonder why...

    Despite being the daughter of two Resistance Troopers, Elvira chose to join the First Order with her two dogs, Major and Minor. She'd always been a good fighter, and she'd quickly risen through the ranks. Ever since Elvira had been around odd things had happened. She explained them as coincidence or fate, but not everyone believed those explanations...

    What would Elvira, Major and Minor be discussing in this picture?
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    Here's my entry for this theme!

    “Everyone has their own story. Here, is my story. My journey. My name is Zayneman.”

    Zayneman, Braala, & Lilymari were orphans. The grew up together ever since since they were abandoned by their parents when they were very young. They have been friends since as long as they can remember. Batuu is their homeland, and that was the only thing that they know. Growing up in Batuu was very harsh. No one can survive without having had to fight. They knew that, the only way to survive were to risk their life. They were always so grateful to Hondo for taking care of them and recruited them as part of his gang. Without him, they would probably already dead.

    Zayneman, a bright and mischievous young man. He always caused trouble wherever he goes. There was a time, he was caught by the First Order Officer when he was trying to sneakily entering their base. However, he was a very responsible and possess a leadership skill whenever he is on missions. He’s always the leader among his friends, especially for Braala & Lilymari. Even Hondo has a high expectation for Zayneman.

    Braala is someone that his friends can count on. He’s very strong, loyal, and always be the protector of his friends, especially Zayneman. He knows that he needs to be there for Zayneman as he always gotten himself into trouble wherever he goes. Braala even makes an oath that he will always follow Zayneman wherever he goes and will keep on assisting & protecting him. They even got themselves the same tattoo that signify their friendship.

    Lilymari is the wisest among all as she tends to initiate and plan out the strategies for her friends, whenever they were on any missions assigned by Hondo. Hondo can always count on Lilymari as she's a very excellent strategist, despite her young age. However, she has a secret where she could not even share it with anyone. She has a crush on Zayneman since they were a kid. That’s also the reason why she always enjoys hanging out with both Zayneman and Braala. Even gotten herself the same tattoo as theirs.

    One day, Hondo called for Zayneman and they met up at their usual place. Hondo and Zayneman sat down as they started to talk over a game of Sabacc. “Zay, I need you. We need you. I have a new mission for you. However, you have to do this alone and do not share this info to anyone. “ said Hondo in a very serious tone.
    “Yes, Hondo. Anything for the gang. I will do it!” said Zayneman enthusiastically. “The Resistance is on the move, and they are planning to start a war. I’ve offered to help them to gain as much as information that I can get. So, we need to infiltrate the First Order base.” said Hondo as he looked at Zayneman. “Also, this mission is very important for us and the rest of Batuuan too. And more than anything, it might cost a life, your life,” Hondo was looking at Zayneman with fatherly love as he remembered the first time he met him who was left in the middle of the district crying and hungry. “Hondo, I will do anything for you, for the gang, and of course for the Batuuan. Here is my home and you’ve been like a father to me, ” said Zayneman eagerly as he was ready to sacrifice his life. “OK, Zay. Thank you for this. The gang will always remember and would never forget your sacrifice,” said Hondo as he hugged Zayneman. “We’ll begin the mission in 2 days. Please do not tell anyone. If you need to, tell them that you’re on a trade mission.” “I will. Thanks Hondo, for everything!” said Zayneman.

    Later that night, the three friends were having their usual night out in a forest, near the Resistance camp. They always enjoy camping while talking about life and of course their dreams.
    “Hey Zay, you’ve said that you are assigned by Hondo for a trade mission? Why it’s only you? Shall I come with you?” said Braala as he’s sipping his hot drink. “Yes, I was assigned by Hondo. It’s a very simple mission hence that’s why Hondo needs someone who can do it, and I volunteered.” replied Zayneman as he stared into the sky. “Are you sure you don’t want us to help you?” asked Lilymari worrying that this is the first time that one of them need to do a solo mission. “Of course, Lily, I can do this! Trust me, OK? “ said Zayneman as he smiled.

    As the night goes by, the three of them continue to talk and later on headed into their tents sleeping throughout the night.

    The next day, Zayneman was ready to be deployed. Hondo gave him a box. “Here, this is for you,” said Hondo. “What is it, Hondo?” asked Zayneman curiously as he opened the box. “A light sabre?! I’ve always wanted this! Thanks Hondo!” said Zayneman cheerfully. “Zay, please be careful. Use this to protect you. May the Force be with you!” said Hondo as he hugged Zayneman. “I will and thank you. Please Hondo, please take a good care of Braala and Lily, when I’m not around, ” said Zayneman as he stood up and walked out from the Cantina. “May the Force be with you, kid!” whispered Hondo as he looked at Zayneman.

    Zayneman arrived at the First Order base. He’s looking for someone. He finally spotted him. As he walked towards the officer, he was stopped by the Troopers. What will happened to Zay? Can he complete the mission? Will he be returning alive? Can the Resistance win against the First Order? Will Lily finally told Zay that she loves him? What will happened to Braala knowing that Zay is going to the mission alone, by himself?

    Here's the link to Children of Batuu
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    Everyone's entry's have been looking spectacular! I probably won't participate for this challenge (School just started for me so I'm pretty busy and I'm not thinking I'm gonna get the pack, just don't like most of the items but anyways.) But I've been checking the hashtag every so often and WOW, people are getting creative. Such amazing sims, always nice to be surrounded by the ultra talented simmers that are you guys!
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    My entry for the current challenge:

    Darth Junior

    Meet the Sith Lord the Stormtroopers stationed at Batuu have nicknamed (behind his back) Darth Junior. Junior is incredibly young to be a Sith Lord; his voice still cracks and wobbles at times. Respect is not something the Stormtroopers or the locals readily show him, so Junior punishes any insubordination harshly. He's known around Batuu for his childish temper, and a Junior tantrum where he taps into the dark side of the force is not anything any Stormtrooper wants to experience. #GLovelysQCC

    I just wanted to make an over-the-top Sith Lord character for this challenge.
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    My entry for this weekend's QCC is Juniper Cantina. She's a villain themed Sim who joins the First Order and fights against the Resistance. She fights for a position as a governor of the kingdom.

    Title: Fighting for First Order
    Origin ID: mikrolactaki3
    Gallery link:

    Joanne | 18 | Greece. Informatics student. I'm mikrolactaki3 on the gallery. Using 2 computers! My Blog:
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    Hi, here's my entry for the Batuu theme:
    name of the creation: BATUU top model
    LINK to gallery:
    Backstory in gallery:
    "Ctlrfragn gztstr ichtsypds? Agdr tsinr irgds !!! TRANSLATION: "Who said I'm not hot enough for the catwalk? .... I'm soooooooo TOP HOT !!!"... Batusia is a no faction kind: she's a rebel fashionista !!!
    further explanation:
    Batusia is an alien that doesn't take any part in the politics fights for power because she only cares about fashion and alien models rights: she thinks that being a top hot model is beyond the race or social habits ... she doesn't like to dress or perform on catwalk with space or aliens outfits: she wants for the aliens the freedom to dress as they wish and as long the First Order or the Resistance do not mess with the fashion thing she's fine! ... but if it necessary to express some sort of side preference... sure Batusia prefers the scoundrels 😉

    I found some time to make the 8 outfits display 😃 here it is 👍🏻

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    Scoundrels to Resistance?

    Pim Corsina:
    When Pim was very young, a woman named Kurol came upon her being attacked by several large vermin. She drove them away and took care of the little girl's wounds as best as she knew how. All Pim remembers before that is being hungry and afraid. Pim still has scars from the attack and always covers herself as much as possible. She first met a scoundrel when Kurol's son Tak visited Kurol, his mother. He'd show up whenever he was in port, give his mother small gifts that he'd "found", and entertain the little girl with stories about his adventures. When he discovered that Pim was good with anything mechanical, he began telling her that when she was older, she could join him on his ship to repair things and learn to pilot, much to Kurol's disapproval. Not only did Pim learn to pilot, but Tak gave her his ship when he decided that he was too old to continue his life as a scoundrel. It's a decision that he's been heard to curse himself loudly for whenever he's had too much to drink at the local cantina.

    Nuri Vila:
    Nuri's family had been traders who traveled wherever business could be done. Along the way, she'd ended up becoming an excellent pilot and left to make her own life. Despite her skills, she'd been kicked off of several ships due to her tendency to flirt with almost everyone and play pranks. Pim decided to hire her for a few runs despite her reputation, and was the first to see that when it came to business, Nuri would be completely serious and was extremely competent. Together, they've been very successful. Some have assumed that the two are lovers. No one would believe that Nuri would like to be and is too shy to approach Pim. Nuri, shy? No, no one would believe that. And no one would ever believe that Nuri is in love with Pim.

    Tiko Baril:
    Tiko is an idealistic young man who grew up hearing stories of two famous scoundrels from one of the town's elders; the only elder that no one else had time for. While the elder had heard the stories from someone else, he swore that one scoundrel had ended up with a princess, and the other his own city. Both had been part of the Rebellion, back in the days of the Empire. With the First Order gaining strength and a new Resistance movement organized, Tiko wasn't going to spend the rest of his life on his boring planet where nothing interesting ever happened. He already knew how to pilot a bit, and managed to work his way to where Pim and Nuri were in port.

    The story
    Scoundrels Pim and her co-pilot Nuri hired Tiko on a trial basis. In between being rendered mute and red-faced by Nuri's flirting, he'd managed to discover that things for the Scoundrels weren't going as well since the First Order had showed up. After trying to appeal to Pim's sense of justice, he began trying to convince her that joining up with the Resistance to help destroy the First Order was just good business. Will he succeed?

    Nuri flirts with Tiko, much to his discomfort.

    Tiko tries to convince Pim to aid the Resistance:

    I created the sims once I saw the announcement early Saturday. I see now that I'm not the only one to think of including a Twi'lek. 😉 I've been working on the backgrounds and story when I've had the chance since then. Creating the sims was the easy part! 😁

    Edit: I rethought the whole spoiler thing, and decided to remove it. I hope that's okay.
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    Loving all the entries! Excited to explore Batuu! =D
    Here is my entry:

    "My beloved daughters, if you are reading this letter, it means we didnt survive, but fortunately you did! And right now you must hide, take some of these commoner clothes and go find Yuki, he will have some more and will help you travel to Batuu, our rich and beautiful Glomoon is too dangerous right now that they discovered us! And in Batuu you wont be recognised and will be able to stay close with some friends. You both have a great power that you will learn to control and once you are ready you will join forces with the Resistance to fight the one who is destroying everything! I know that right now it is hard, but I want you to not lose that joy in your eyes and have hope that someday you will go back to Glomoon to rule our land! May the force always be with you, Mom and Dad" Will Tharyn and Maya be able to escape with Yuki, and will they learn about their powers and their parents story? They just found their letter, so their clothes are half commoner, half royals of the planet Glomoon that I just invented hahaha!




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    I posted Flintlock (because I forgot to change her name lol) on the gallery yesterday.


    I'll expand on her story a bit here:

    Ainsley Flintlock grew up on a peaceful planet, where her family repaired or recycled droids for a living. Her father, Alann, spent all of his time hunched over pieces of wire and wheels while teaching Ainsley everything he knew. Alann was incapable of holding conversations with anyone other than droids or his family, but they loved him all the same. There was no one in the world she was closer to, other than her mother.

    Lenna, Ainsley's mother, was the public face of their enterprise, selling and trading everything Alann repaired. Unfortunately, that kept Lenna away from them from some time, and Ainsley missed her terribly. Alann grew restless when he was left alone with his daughter and often did his scavenger work then, leaving Ainsley to her own devices. While he was gone, she experimented with the droids and even made a companion for herself, one that could play sabacc. She became quite good at it too.

    There was so much Ainsley didn't know...

    One night, during one of her mother's many outings, Ainsley was awakened by shouting and weapons firing. It startled her, but when she tried to leave her room, her father shouted, "stay in there!" as he ran out the front door. That was the last time she spoke to him. Storm troopers killed her beloved father, but they left her alone.

    Shocked, Ainsley left her fear behind and stood by her father, weeping. Lenna stood just feet away, her face a mask of calm. "It's done now, I never want to see you again," Leanna said quietly to the troopers. Ainsley's mother tried to explain that it was for the best, that her father was with the resistance and would have gotten them all killed, but Ainsley's heart turned cold. The following morning, she packed her things and left home with just her droid companion. Years later, she'd heard her mother had been killed by resistance fighters in return for her betrayal.

    As for Ainsley? She's a Galactic Privateer now. Taking sides doesn't always work out.
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    I still haven't found inspiration, so I might skip this one
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    I’ve really enjoyed seeing people get creative with and without Journey to Batuu. I don’t have the pack, but some of the ways I’ve seen CAS made use of here makes it way more tempting than I was expecting


    Danika Guerra - A Staar Wars Story

    After picking up her lightsaber from the pointy burning end too many times to count (36 and a half), young Danika Guerra was kicked out of Jedi training by master Obi-Wan Ke-nobody just as he was imprisoned for fraud and blatant copyright infringement. Narrowly escaping the descent of the Rebel Alliance’s armada of copy-right lawyers and forensic accountants, Danika, finally realising why three hours a day of her Jedi training was spent sewing "Staar Wars: A New Pope" t-shirts, abandoned her calling for a new life and a one-way ticket to Batuu

    This is not the droid you’re looking for…. because it’s a sim… I thought that was fairly obvious :unamused:


    Armed with only her excellent education, a cheery moral ambiguity and the mistaken belief that stormtroopers are the Emperor’s meteorological unit, Danika arrived in a sunny Batuu that looked suspiciously like something AlphaFFrog threw together in Oasis Springs. After a confusing conversation with a local bounty hunter, who was clearly her type having two feet (optional) and a pulse (also optional), on how exactly to pronounce Batuu (two or tao?), Danika discovered the planet was more divided than public opinion on a Star Wars prequel trilogy….

    Oasis Springs ...Batuu a place where random townie fashion choices finally make sense :|


    Needing to avoid The Resistance having gotten her hands burnt, literally 36 and a half too many times, before and wary of The First Order a side so dark they made stormtroopers wear white after Labor Day, Danika wound up lost and alone in Black Spire market. On a new world with no Jedi masters, dawn starts or lessons on painting Millennium Hawk models Danika looked around and she finally picked a side ... her own … and she suddenly felt ….. free. Free to find her own destiny, adventure, a romance (or three) and, most importantly, free to sell bootleg Ewok hot water bottles … o:)

    Danika Guerra
    Traits: Cheerful, Clumsy, Materialistic
    Aspiration: Serial Romancer
    Skills: Having a moral ambiguity so wide you could fly a Death Star through it

    Outfits (l-r) Everyday, formal, athletic, sleep, party, swimwear, hot, cold


    Disclaimer: AlphaFFrog doesn’t endorse copyright infringement, illegal merchandising or using Ewoks as hot water bottles however furry they may be
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    name of the creation: Arpagonis the scoundrel

    LINK to gallery:
    Arpagonis the scoundrel:

    LINK to gallery (monkey standalone version):
    Meryl the MONKEY



    short GALLERY backstory:
    "Hey hun do you want a cookie? We are friends" Armando is so in love with this cutie he met in #atuu that he can't stop huggin' her ... but sometimes he has the impression that the little #monkey is staring at his purse ... is it just imagination?

    A little more about the characters Armando is a scoundrel and he's quite salty and sly ... he's used to people playing his same sort of tricks stealing and cheating ... but when it comes to a sweetie as Meryl the monkey he becomes quite soft-hearted .. he had a little monkey pet when he was a child and Meryl remembers him of his childhood ... Sometimes love makes people blind ...
    ... but ... "Ehi!!! that monkey keeps staring at the purse!!!"
    ... I guess Meryl is even more scoundrel than Armando: is she's double playing?
    Can you be sure Armando that you're her "master"? Maybe she's working for the De Rats BROS ...

    if I'll find time I'll put outfits pic
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    Awesome entries everyone!! Good luck!! :D
    And now here is my secret, a very simple secret...
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    Once I saw the horns in the CAS for Batuu, I couldn't resist making a Zabrak. And then she needed a backstory, which got me wanting to include a cute youngster like the baby Yoda (not that anything compares to its cuteness). The gallery link for their entry is here.



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    I'm just to green for this. I've been trying for days to upload my household and story (never used the forum before).
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    SSSue1106 wrote: »
    I'm just to green for this. I've been trying for days to upload my household and story (never used the forum before).

    Yes I found it quite difficult to post the first week too, a couple reasons. You have to have a certain number of posts/likes to have privileges like posting images, and once you do - you have to host the images and upload from there (I still have not fathomed how to do this despite lots of threads explaining!). :# So I just copy/paste the link to my creation (from the Sims4Gallery site, browse for your creation then left click on it to get the direct link) and also copy/paste the bio I have done for it. It isn't very spectacular without pics but can help people find your entry. Don't despair, keep trying! x <3
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    SSSue1106 wrote: »
    I'm just to green for this. I've been trying for days to upload my household and story (never used the forum before).

    I think this is the link to your entry (great job!) B) -
  • SSSue1106SSSue1106 Posts: 16 Member
    Oh Flash5, thank you so much. I never even knew about challenges on the forum and it looks like a lot of fun. I'll keep trying.
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    Duardo is a Noctaprime, a hated alien race believed by many to have no soul. They make their living as space pirates, smuggling just about anything. Duardo finds that his latest "package" is a powerful elemental princess to be delivered to her new owner on Batuu. Elementals are so rare that Duardo has never seen one and this one makes this soulless pirate's heart skip a beat. He decides to help her escape but once clear of Batuu, will he be able to let her go?
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