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New Simmers, welcome! - Community’s tips & tricks to get started


  • LibertyTheFreeLibertyTheFree Posts: 223 Member

    It does! Though you'll have to quit CAS first in case you put in the command mid-session. Also, try making sure testingcheats is on and put a true after cas.fulleditmode(that will be cas.fulleditmode true)
  • Euphoria97Euphoria97 Posts: 32 Member
    @LibertyTheFree thx it worked 😊😊
  • Euphoria97Euphoria97 Posts: 32 Member
    btw how do I move sims out of the house?
  • LibertyTheFreeLibertyTheFree Posts: 223 Member
    Euphoria97 wrote: »
    btw how do I move sims out of the house?

    It’s in your sim’s phone. There should be a Split and Move action under the household tab. Of course, you can do that in manage worlds while managing any household. There’s a transfer sim button, a button with a left and a right arrow, among the others.

    Both opens up the transfer sim menu and go into map :smile:
  • LunacyaliveLunacyalive Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello hello, i'm lunacy and I've played sims since sims2 came out when I was a little kid.
    I've played every sims game out there aside from a few expansion packs.
    I just joined because I re-downloaded the sims 3 and I've been having issues with it :s
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,162 Member
    WurmGore wrote: »
    Hi! I want to get sims 4 but this would be my first sims game and I know there are tons of expansion and stuff packs. I really need advice on what to buy!

    I've watched a few videos and I know I would love building the homes and creating characters most of all. What packs would benefit me the most?

    Does anyone have any in general tips about the game? I know pretty much nothing :( I just don't want to waste money on packs that I won't end up getting my money's worth with. I also don't know which ones provide the most content. Like I said I'm very into character customization and building and furnishing the homes!

    Please and thank you!

    Honestly, I recomend going with base game for awhile (like I did) until kinda figuring out what may benefit you to 'expand'. ;)
    Tarmax94 wrote: »
    Hi! I have a question, I've downloaded a bunch of sims from the gallery, but I want them all to be in my game, as my neighbours, without me having to place them one by one, but the game itself placing them in the empty houses, or at least showing up in public places so I can friend them, is that possible? If not, I'll just go ahead and add them one by one.

    You have to place downloaded households yourself. To make them just npc again, switch them to 'unplayed' after placing them.
    I am trying to join a fence to my house (which is on a foundation but I don't want my fence to be on a foundation) and I get the message 'conflicting block clusters'? How do I fix this? The house has being uploaded to the gallery under the ID TouchoftheWind and the lot is called Fern park rebuild.

    This... THIS! Is a real pain I've been fighting in build mode since the beginning. I find if you extend a fence to the wall, that sometimes works, or copy and paste a small chunk of wall next to the house. It can be tricky, (and frustrating) but it can be done. Also it's often best not to have the fenced area enclosed as a 'room' while trying to place the last 'tile' next to the foundation of the house.
    Wugri wrote: »
    > @daydreamer263 said:
    > Same!! I cannot work the roofing tool to save my life :/ I finally did my first build though with eco living. Granted it was very easy to do when I do have to worry about building a roof :D

    Do have to worry, or don't have to worry? :wink:
    I hated flat roofs up until now because they are always boring, mine are anyway, but no longer! Well, technically, my flat roofs are still boring, but at least now they're functional! Ha! Problem solved :blush:.

    Cool! I had alot of trouble figuring out how to build roofs. It's not easy, I grant that. However, my first house has a really awesome flat roof with two rocket ships and an observatory on top. :smiley:
    I did end up building a complex set of roofs though as I learned how to do it from watching videos and with practice.

    This is an outdated screen shot, I've continued to work on it since then, but it gives you an idea.

  • AubreyBASSicAubreyBASSic Posts: 1 New Member
    > @EA_Mai said:
    > I'll start! :) :
    > Building can be a bit scary at first. It takes some time to learn how to get the best of the game’s building tools so don’t get discouraged if your houses look like giant boxes or the roof is not quite how you were hoping for. Practice makes perfection!

    Hello @EA_Mai I am a content creator on Mixer (a live streaming platform). I am curious if EA provides sponsorships for those who play Sims 4 on a daily basis. If so I am interested in receiving more information. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  • mamacaronimamacaroni Posts: 5 New Member
    Hi guys! Can I still save lots and sims in the gallery even if I had mods? Will it still be downloaded by others? Thanks
  • LibertyTheFreeLibertyTheFree Posts: 223 Member
    @mamacaroni Of course you can still save and upload them :smile: (Or so I remembered) There is a custom content filter in the gallery and local files that shows or hides any item made with CC. It's probably off by default, meaning if you upload something with some form of CC they'll be filtered as such. Script mods that didn't add items shouldn't affect your upload.
  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,062 Member
    Welcome new players. As you know you can change your aspirations at any time. You've been told about how to get to editing in CAS any time.

    With this cheat on after you switch your aspiration to a different category, you can gain that categories bonus trait too. For example, you just completed the Soulmate aspiration for your sim that gives you the bonus trait of alluring because it's in the romance category of aspirations. Any aspiration in that category will give your sim the alluring bonus trait. This includes any custom aspiration you might choose in any of the aspiration categories. Let's say you now want your sim's new aspiration to be Friend of The World which is in the Popularity category. All aspirations in the popularity category give your sim the Gregarious trait. All aspirations in the Creative Category gives your sim the bonus trait of Muser just because you chose that category.

    If you have full edit mode in CAS enabled, after you change Aspiration Categories go to CAS. You don't have to change your sim all. What this does is give your sim the bonus trait in that aspiration's category of aspirations. You don't have to do this if say you started your sim with the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration then after you completed it gave your sim Mansion Baron because you still have the bonus trait from choosing a Wealth Category of aspirations.

    I share this because not everybody knows this. I think I learned this trick from Carl. Check out his site. He shares a ton of useful tricks, tips and cheats that help in the game.


    Also, build mode isn't scary or tricky at all. Don't let the nice Guru worry you about that. It's much easier to build in Sims 4 than it has been in any other Sims game in the franchise. I love building in Sims 4. I find it very "zen".
    Playtesting - not just tabletop games and card games any more. Really that should have been playtested in Beta and not [img]just with accounting and marketing but actual players. https://i.imgur.com/t48COW6.jpg[/img]
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,162 Member
    edited June 17
    mamacaroni wrote: »
    Hi guys! Can I still save lots and sims in the gallery even if I had mods? Will it still be downloaded by others? Thanks

    Generally if you have any Custom Content or Mods, no one will see it unless they deliberately turn CC on in the gallery.
    So my recommendation is to save your game then disable all mods/cc. It's easy, you just uncheck it in settings menu. Then reload your game, all CC will not load from your save. Check that everything is still good, (Maybe make a non-cc save just to be careful not to overwrite the save with CC), then you can upload it without it flagged as containing CC and everyone will see it.
  • whylulutho_64whylulutho_64 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi! Can anyone explain how to get a positive reaction from a 'discuss fear of commitment'? Or is it just randomized every time? Been trying to pair my sim with a noncommittal trait with someone who can accept his issues but I always get a negative reaction. if there's any insight about this, please let me know. Thank you!
  • LibertyTheFreeLibertyTheFree Posts: 223 Member
    @whylulutho_64 There seem to be a few social options that always flop. I might say they will only “success” under very, very specific circumstances(fruitcake-related for example), or none at all. Such as when the two shares a trait, has some relationships etc. Thankfully most of which had little actual impact beyond role playing. Which can suck for some simmers out there :smile:

    Do avoid doing the same social 3 times in a row. Also try brighten up the conversation first, get the chatter to a pleasant conversation might help, a friendship might also do it. Sometimes it will take just luck. There was one of my Unflirty sim who usually need some 5 tries to hug someone!
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,127 Member
    I wanted to add about the fear of commitment @whylulutho_64 that it is a social that can work while romancing a sim prior to getting in a committed relationship. Once you become a girl/boyfriend engaged or married it has a negative impact. Unless they tweaked it since I played with this trait.
    The good thing about the sims though is there are lots of romancing socials so you don't really need to use that later and if you do and it is met with a negative reaction just blow a few kisses and whisper sweet nothings and you'll be back on track in no time.
  • Cavapoo_KingCavapoo_King Posts: 403 Member
    Carl's sims 4 guides are very handy
    especially when learning to build
    Hope you are having a lovely day
    From @Cavapoo_king
  • Plankton027Plankton027 Posts: 42 Member
    I have been creating (a lot) in CAS and sharing to the gallery, usually I will get an initial amount of downloads then things go quiet as expected and I will get a few here and there over time. Just now I watched as my news feed went mad and it seemed that someone downloaded almost all of my shared items in 2 batches, just download after download.
    While this may seem awesome its very confusing as I have 213 shared items (I create a lot more then play) and some of the builds (lots in particular) are not that good in comparison to most other builds out there.
    Has anyone else seen anything like this before as I just cannot understand why someone would want everything I have shared.
  • KookaburraKookaburra Posts: 16 Member
    Is there any way to change a CAS from one race to another after making them?

    I have a sim that I made as a magic-user but I'd like to make them human without needing to try and match all of the facial adjustments I'd done to get the sim to look exactly as I wanted.

    This is something I miss about Sims 3. Unless I remember incorrectly, I recall that you could swap between races while still working on the same sim (speaking of, I miss the other race options)

    If there isn't anything I can do, I will have to just remake her. Thought I'd ask first before I do it, though!

    Thank you in advance <3
  • StrawberryAisuStrawberryAisu Posts: 1 New Member
    I wish I had known that by accidentally hitting the blank button on a baby, you can get them taken away by child protective services :( I lost two or three babies that took SO LONG to have this way
  • ZazzyKittynZazzyKittyn Posts: 27 Member
    Welcome all new simmers
    Save before you do anything new
    After you do something new do Save as in case you need to make changes cause your sims can't get to bed bathroom etc
    You can bulldoze those lots that have buildings and create your own or get from the gallery
    You can also can find pets {cat dog} sims in the gallery also and play with them
    If you want a specific pet {cat dog} sim building check this forum out they have a new one each month where you can request buildings households pets
    on the first page they have a link to the current month for June it can be found here

    Check the forums if you have any questions
    Remember you are in control there is no right or wrong way to play Play your way
    There are contests challenges depending on how you want to play you can take part in

    All I can say is remember to save
    if you have problems with loading follow these couple steps and you should be good to go if not then Check out AHQ
    Windows key + R
    Delete all the files and folders inside it except for LocalContent. Do not delete this folder.
    Windows key + R
    In the command box that opens, type %AppData% then click OK.
    In the Roaming folder that opens, delete the Origin folder.
    Click on AppData in the address bar, Open the Local folder.
    Delete the Origin folder in there.
    Open My Documents click on the Folder Electronic Arts
    Open Sims 4 folder and delete this file localthumbcache.package
    Open your mods folder and delete this file Resource.cfg
    Restart your PC and log back into Origin.

    If you play on laptop make sure laptop mode is not checked and you are not playing with it windowed if you get a white screen when Sims start after I made these changes I stopped receiving a white screen as the Sims loads

    Enjoy your self and welcome
  • KillerDollTVKillerDollTV Posts: 33 Member
    > @Kookaburra said:
    > Is there any way to change a CAS from one race to another after making them?
    > I have a sim that I made as a magic-user but I'd like to make them human without needing to try and match all of the facial adjustments I'd done to get the sim to look exactly as I wanted.
    > This is something I miss about Sims 3. Unless I remember incorrectly, I recall that you could swap between races while still working on the same sim (speaking of, I miss the other race options)
    > If there isn't anything I can do, I will have to just remake her. Thought I'd ask first before I do it, though!
    > Thank you in advance <3

    testingcheats true and then cas.fulleditmode should allow you
  • S3bSterS3bSter Posts: 19 Member
    My top three tips:
    For console players (PS4 /Xbox)

    1) Do try the tutorial - it helps get you grips with the controls (L3 for PS4)
    They have now updated it in June 20 to show you controls on the main screen - this can also be toggled off.
    You can quit the tutorial when you are ready to explore on your own. Or restart by knowing the main features and using a new Sim with the new knowledge you have.

    2) Read the forums and tips on how to use different things. Some things you will learn by playing, some will be harder to understand but hopefully the forum is here to help.

    3) Think about your end goal with your save / household.
    Family /Legacy player?
    Single Mingler?
    Friends and social?
    Empire builder?
    The Possibilities are endless.
    But once you know, tweak your settings to support you.

    Aging, auto populate households, mergingg and creating new households. Mods / content creation.
    These will enhance your gameplay to suit your objective / challenge.

    The rest as many have mentioned, enjoy and have fun!
  • hipotonixhipotonix Posts: 1 New Member
    Recently I had my origin account merge with an account I created maybe a decade ago to play the Sims 3 on. Ever since then I have lost access to my main account here on the Sims Forum (@MagsIsAwkward). Does anyone know a fix to merge forum accounts or to regain access to the old one?
  • LibertyTheFreeLibertyTheFree Posts: 223 Member
    @hipotonix Wow that's a really odd case. Your forum profile's still there. I'm rather dry on what to do, but you can bet on messaging a EA Community Manager or see if there's support on https://help.ea.com/en/

    It's all generic, but could help :neutral:
  • GermaineGermaine Posts: 3 New Member
    Im really having trouble obtaining my simID can someone plz help i dont know if im typing it in wrong
    My son and i love the Vampire pack
  • belleyabelleya Posts: 2 New Member
    Mods TOTALLY change the gameplay!!! They spice up the game just a bit and make things more interesting. I would highly recommend checking out the mods in this article and seeing which ones you like the best. My favorites are the UI Cheats Extension, MC Command Center, and the Live-In Services. You can hire a nanny to take care of your 7 babies! It's fantastic. Another one I use pretty often is the food delivery mod. You should look at them and see which ones you're most interested in!
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