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Rebecca - By Mizoreyukii - Winner Of Season Two



Welcome back models. I'm so glad you came back look in at the third season of this competition. This contest is a beauty contest for those models who wish to showcase that beauty and show everyone that have what it takes to be the successful model of the year. It’s based mostly on building a model portfolio, your models beauty, creative shots, and how charismatic you are in your work and presentation. This cycle is based on upcoming models, all models don't get signed to stay in the competition till the end, so show us your passion for modelling round by round by achieving the highest score to stay on.

Most people know i only run this once every year ... so don't miss out! Come and join in with all the fun! Our model of the year will grace next cycle’s banner.


♥ Follow Sims 4 Community Forum and Contest Rules.
♥ No more than 2 adult Female Sims per person.
♥ No fantasy models (no zombies, vampires, aliens, fairies etc.)
♥ All contestants must be of your own creation.
♥ Sims 3 and 4 okay
♥ Photo shopping/GIMP will be required for all rounds.
♥ Be sure to add your models names when posting your entries, it makes it easier for us judges to recognise who you are.
♥ BE NICE! Nasty people, or fighting will not be tolerated.
♥ You can use contestants that have appeared before in other contests.
♥ Rounds will be 5-7 days (depending on the number of pics required for the tasks).
♥ Judging usually takes 1-3 days.
♥ Photo shopping is allowed and in most cases necessary.
♥ No Face plastering and photo shopping clothes onto your sim unless i call for it in the duration of this competition.
♥ Any size Sim is welcome – The next top model could be thin, plus sized, or anything in between.

MOTY is judged by round, and if you choose to drop out you will not be able to re-enter at a later time.
The three people who have the most cumulative scores over 6 rounds will get to participate in the finale.
Extensions are available to anyone during the round. And each round will go for one week ... including a weekend.
I plan to host this cycle loosely as normal because i have other commitments that i have to tend with.


Here Is Our Judging Panel!


JUDGE AND HOST - JAMIE: I'm your host Jaime. I've hosted many contests just like this before and I'm interested in what your ladies have to offer this coming season! Not only am a contest host, but i am an ex model and editor with many years of experience. My job is to push your creative limits, and hope to inspire you to improve your talents along the way. I like my contestants to feel supported and encouraged along the way though i am honest and very firm judge. 'Bring it this year ladies, it's 2020!'

JUDGE - RAHA TANI: Hello! My name is Raha Tani. I’m thirty years old and have been shooting professional portrait and fashion photography for fifteen years. I am excited to join the judging panel for this cycle of Model Of The Year and look forward to all of the dynamic creativity from each of our contestants! As a judge, I’m looking for someone with a clear inspiration, a vibrant and storytelling point of view, and an attention to pose and composition details. I’ve said this throughout my career - 'the big picture matters, but the details tell the story'. I can’t wait to see what our models present to us!"

JUDGE - DEV: Welcome to Cycle 3! My name is Dev and I am thrilled to be one of the judges for this cycle of MOTY. I have been a model, host, photographer, and editor for almost a decade. I love seeing contestants push themselves creatively and technically. I want to encourage you to find and develop your unique voice. Don’t be afraid to take risks… and have fun!

1. xjojox
2. Deviouslyvivid
3. Rahatani


Model's Name:

MODEL HEAD SHOT - Close up, We need to see how beautiful your model is for consideration.
MODEL BODY SHOT - On a plain background, PNG if you can or white.

It is April, April's colours are red and yellow. Pick one or both to dress her in.
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