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ISO Curly/Wavy Female Hair (MM) ** Please Read **

ItsKiteyyItsKiteyy Posts: 119 Member
Hello all of you wonderful Custom Content-ers out there. I am in search of some more curly/wavy hairstyles - similar to the ones pictured below. I would like different styles with the same textured hair (i.e. braids, plaits, pigtails, ponytails, side partings etc.) all of a similar length too so it looks natural...

Any suggestions/links etc. welcome and appreciated! Much love <3



  • SchmoloopSchmoloop Posts: 45 Member
    I can't see the picture, but Lana CC Finds/SSSvitlans has good maxis match hair.
  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 6,020 Member
    edited July 17
    Lana's is way out of date, they closed their site a year ago. I would recommend Maxis Match CC World instead, they still update daily.

    I get most of my curly hair from LeeLeeSims1

  • RandomSims4AddictRandomSims4Addict Posts: 8 New Member
    We can't see your picture, but I love these hairs, so I'm going to share them with you, enjoy!
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