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Sims 3 Goals



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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,104 Member
    soocoolsim wrote: »
    My goal this week is to make good progress on the Disneyland Paris resort I’m creating for the Orient Express community world collaboration. Haven’t gotten further than creating the flower garden of Mickeys face and the front facade of the hotel so a long way to go.

    I so have to see it when its finished.:o I love anything disney related.
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    GITTE2001GITTE2001 Posts: 2,642 Member
    a goal was just finished

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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,942 Member
    I have several ongoing games with different goals and I record them and post the videos on YouTube.

    Isla Paradiso Bunch - Part 1 got me started on YouTube. It was about trying to get a badge for having sims make 300 elixirs. It was my second attempt at this badge and after the sims made over 400 elixirs the badge still hadn't triggered. I then decided to try for a variety of other badges that came with Island Paradise EP. My sims completed the tasks for all but one of the badges and none of them triggered.

    Isla Paradiso Bunch - Part 2 I decided to continue with the game as I liked the sims and I decided to forget about badges and do something else. I started a quest to get the household to find all of the tomb objects for each of the three World Adventures worlds. This series includes lots of walk throughs of tombs. So far they've collected all of the tomb objects for Egypt and China. They have two objects to collect from France - for the two huge tombs under the nectary in France. I'm still working on that and will post the videos when I get to it.

    Caroline and Friends Part 1 - I did some research and found the badges I failed to get in Isla Paradiso Bunch Part 1 can generally only be achieved by a single sim household because they need to be achieved by an individual sim and the achievement of the badges is allocated randomly by the game regardless of which sim in the household does the job. So it is technically possible to get the badges with more than one sim because it should be possible for one sim in the household to be randomly credited with the achievement, it isn't going to happen often. So I started this new game and made a video series of it. Caroline got all the missing badges for me. Except for the 300 elixir badge as I didn't bother with that one. Her friend Wilma moved in with her and together they got the final badge for Island Paradise - the badge to have 5 parties on a houseboat.

    Caroline and Friends Part 2 - Then I moved them to Sunlit Tides where they live now in a much larger household. They are currently working on the University Life badges. Plus a few other random badges they might do.

    The Perfect Genetics Challenge - self explanatory. It is another video series. Currently on Generation 1 Episode 30. The heir is a teen and lots of things are happening in the ever growing household.

    The Story of Oscar and Louise - this has evolved somewhat and there are a few different video series on this one. The series I'm currently working through is Oscar's Teen years. I have completed Oscar's childhood. Louise's childhood and teen years have already been done but they weren't as complicated as Oscar's. Oscar's childhood and Oscar's teen years takes place in a Big Game with about 13 worlds and over 800 sims.

    The McFluff Story - I had a silly idea based on a skin I came across - it made my sim look like a cat in human form. So I made myself a witch, Gertie McFluff. She has 15 cats. She is working on trying to find a way to turn the cats into humans because they were her least favourite friends that she accidentally turned into cats and now she feels responsible and wants to fix the problem but currently has no idea how. This is a multi generational story and takes place in the same Big Game as Oscar's Childhood and Oscar's Teen years.

    30 Granchildren - this is another video series based on my attempt to get the Head of the Household badge - have a sim with 30 grandchildren.

    Cake Island Mermaids and Colourful Mermaids - two video series all about mermaids and dive lots and sims in general.

    That's about it for now. I hope you get the idea - I do lots of different things with my sims and each story has different goals. The mermaids are mainly just for fun and enjoying the colour. They also live in the Big Game and show up as townies in the McFluff story and Oscar's Childhood/Teen years.
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,453 Member
    edited April 2020
    - to get a computer that doesn’t go belly up so that I can actually play the Sims 3 again.

    Then I’ll figure it out from there.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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