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Patching In More Pack Integration

SimsLovinLycanSimsLovinLycan Posts: 1,559 Member
edited March 22 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
One of the best aspects of "Get Together" and "Realm of Magic" is how both of these packs actually has features that are integrated with features of other packs. For instance, GTG's club system adds more club activities based on features of packs you've installed. As a result, you can create a witches' coven, a guild of evil vampires, a karaoke club, or a cabal of mad scientists...all with the magic of Clubs. In RoM, you are able to make a cat or dog your familiar if you have "Cats and Dogs" installed (in my opinion, the only compelling reason to own C&D beyond storytelling or bringing back a favorite pet who's ascended to the "next dimension"...and has likely decided that Snake Way ain't worth it...).

But, when I look around at the other expansion and game packs I've purchased and installed (and my one stuff pack), I find that aside from Clubs and familiars, there isn't that much integration between the packs at all. For instance, I would love it if I could have a scientist in GTW be able to make serums that can turn a sim into a vampire or a mermaid/merman if the appropriate packs are installed, or create a holiday where one of the activities (if you're a caster) involves brewing potions or casting spells if you have RoM, or a special bath soak for vampires called "Plasma Soak," or cats and dogs having a chance of chasing off plasma bats in "Jungle Adventure" if they have a high enough relationship with your sim and are well trained, or being able to scare plasma bats off by singing a high note if your singing skill is maxed out. It would be so cool if those sorts of cross-compatibility elements existed in more expansion and game packs. It could not only make the gameplay more interesting, but it could also make owning more packs a lot more worth while than just adding a few new features on top of the base game and that's about it.

Just something to think about. I'mma leave this right here and show myself out...
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  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 212 Member
    This is something that I've thought about and strongly am for as well. EPs especially should allow for integration (a good word, I've tried explaining this idea in another thread and the best I could come up with is "foundation"). Like, it's literally in their name: expansion. So do your job and expand the game. :D The more the packs exist in their own bubble, I feel the more they miss out on a lot of opportunities to interact with the other packs. This is why I'll never understand why GT is seen as a fail because it's an EP focused on clubs, when clubs offer a lot more integration than some other elements in other EPs.
  • popstarissapopstarissa Posts: 488 Member
    I totally agree with this. A lot of packs offer a stand-alone experience—go to Uni, own a shop, be a cop. Other packs entirely ignore the prominent features of previous packs; for example, Uni completely ignores the Seasons calendar.

    Few add in features that build on the powers of other packs. Often makes it feel like you’re playing each pack individually, save for it might rain on your robot. A definite missed opportunity.
  • coogee78coogee78 Posts: 65 Member
    I agree more integration between the packs would be a good thing. I might encourage more people to buy the packs if one they already have is enhanced by a second pack.

    Spa Day would be more appealing if you could run a spa or Strangerville could tie into the scientist career from Get to Work as well as robotics from University like someone was suggesting on another thread. Realm of Magic and Vampires having some interaction would be great as well.
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