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Sims 4 Machinima || Oh My Delinquent (BL/LGBT)

Hey, I'm hyungry! This is my first machinima release on YouTube. It's a BL (boys love) story. Hope you like it if you watch it!

Gay, School life, Slice of life, Youth, Romance

Jun is a senior in high school. He doesn't have any friends. He tends to mind his own business and keeps to himself because that's just what he likes. He ends up witnessing a fight involving Drew, another guy in school who's quite well known for being a 'delinquent' since he always has scars and bruises on his face from previous fights. Jun ends up helping Drew out which leads to an unexpected friendship. Together, the two become closer and closer learning more about one another. As their friendship grows stronger, so do these strange feelings that begun to occur. What will be of the two?

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