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They may add more to the pack, if so, what are your top picks?

davina1221davina1221 Posts: 3,216 Member
A simmer mentioned that CAS is light with 15 items, so I'm wondering if maybe it will be added to with scarves, socks, mittens, ECT to knit?

Game changer Iron Seagull posted a video of the results and in the video there's a tweet from one of the gurus where they state that the items which won are guaranteed, but that they might add more into the final pack.

I sincerely hope they add a few more craftables, especially the pink cat toy. There should be way more knittable items in a knitting pack.

Personally, instead of new skills ect. being added, I wish they would consider adding what they have already shown us and leave more crafts for a craft like GP, which is probably what should've happened with knitting. I'm glad Happy Haunts didn't win, which I voted for, because it really needs to be an EP and added with Dangerous Stuff, grim, goth, and Afterlife which would make a truely awesome pack. I wish the stuff pack would've been something like a Wedding SP. Anyways, here are things that I would really love in my game and we need stuff that we don't already have like items of in the game already.


I love the number 12 fringe thing.

Hanging lights are about all I put up and not for decor reasons, so for me to really like lights is huge. I absolutely fell in love with # 24 hanging light with hanging balls, 26(I noticed many voted for this) <3 , 33 desk lamp with craft yarn inside <3

65 door with craft stuff on it <3<3<3
70, 76 curtains <3
82 craft shelf <3<3

Hearts are beside my extreme favorites.

90 rug(pretty please) if you add another rug, consider this. We already have the half one.

Would love these in future packs:
42 cat <3
45 clown
54 desk
71 curtains
78, 84 wall shelves
97,98,99(awesome as a scrapbooking one) standing craft shelves for future packs
102 very cute little desk/nightstand
117-8 couch/chair style
60 door
DaWaterRat wrote: »

1. glass jar with buttons? left table <3<3<3
2. Blue bins right table
3. round yarn holder on large table
4. Stool <3What happened to this stool? It wasn't even in the vote.


24 apron dress <3<3<3;):'(
59 the men's pants with ball strings <3<3<3
the toddler girl cloud outfit <3o:):pCan't believe this didn't make it; it was the cutest one of them. The winners look like reg. CAS; this says knitting. I do like the ones that won, though.

If I could only pick 3, these would be the ones.

If socks are thrown in, 36 is a real nice design.

In future packs:
3. hat- would look great on older female sims <3 Really liked this the best.
6 & 10 we don't have anything like them. Love 10 as well.
15 is cute

female clothes-
26 & 30 cat shirt and long sleeve shirt are cute
42 &45 love the shorts and skirt

Male clothes- really liked these
54 cat shirt
60, 62,63 lounge pants would really be used so much <3<3<3

68 would look cute on toddler boys
72 I really love this and would've spent a vote for it, if there had been more spots <3 It looks knitted, unlike the winning ones, although I do like the ones that won.
74 They are kind of cute and we don't have a bunch of choices in pants to some degree

76,78,79 are nice shirts/dresses 76 looks like an item that could be knitted; nice.
83 & 84 are really nice and I hope they do add them someday; really loved these!! <3

64 loved the cat slippers and I don't put slippers on my sims.

Loved the pet outfits and they would make neat freebees one day or in some type of winter pack. Especially 87, 90 <3 , 91 <3

Doilies and the large rug with balls are my favs. <3<3<3
Granny I liked that as well and the quilt holder, hanging plants, granny chair, round hoop decor on the wall cuckoo clock

From cozy, I like the yarn rack <3<3<3 , which is the last picture in this group.


I like the yarn holder and pen holder on the desk, also.

Knitted pillows <3 & baby blankets <3 are some of the first things that come to mind when knitting is the subject.

I also hope there is a cheat to unlock it all. <3 Otherwise, we have items we bought, but can't access for our games. I may one day want winter wear, but not have sims in that game play that knit. Some like leveling and working and some like sandbox and telling a story and not being bogged down in leveling just to get there and give up on the way because it took too long. Some feel strong about them being knit only and they can do that, but don't seclude the items where they can't be accessible and restrict storyplay. I always wanted that Unicorn in Sims3 and you had to do so much to get it. Sometimes, you just want stuff and start the story, not start over all the time. That way, both types of players can play the way they want to and be in control of their storylines. :)

So, since they will probably add to this pack, what would you like to see???


  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 2,094 Member
    THE LLAMA HAT!! I was SO upset when it didn't make the CAS vote.
  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 3,518 Member
    If I had to choose some additions, my top three would be:

    1. Unisex Hat #6
    2. The Sad Clown Doll #45
    3. Stained Glass Window #57

    Other objects I'd like:

    Cat Toy #42
    Window #58
    Door #62
    Rug #90
    Wallpaper #93
    Ottoman #121 (Love this!)
    Either of the other couch and chair sets that didn't win. I like those better. :p

    ...And pretty much anything with a cat on it.

    Others that I'd like to see from CAS:

    Hats #2, and #4
    Boots #37
    Pants #47
    Toddler #65, #66, #67 (People are right, there's not enough toddler clothing. Especially in black.)
    Kids Boots #82
    Cat Sweater #91

  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 1,479 Member
    edited March 20
    Personally I would add:


    1 pair of craftable mittens with few swatches
    2 pairs of craftable woolly socks (long and short) with few swatches
    extra craftable hats instead of hairs


    2 yarn rolls (with band and ball shaped) with many many colors so we can sell yarn and decorate with the rolls all we like
    1 craftable decorative pillow with few swatches (it just needs to be a thing) or separate ones from couches as decorative objects wink wink
    tragic clown (45) (since grimmy be lonely and its just tragic to leave tragic clown out)
    separated decoratives (for example singular embroidery hoop, singular wall flower) don't make it collage only
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 1,996 Member
    For CAS, more clothes for toddlers and kids since they got 2 things. From the initial vote, outfit 69 would be a definite for me. 67 and 73 for toddlers and 76, 83, and 92 for kids would be my other picks.

    For BB, definitely more craftables. 42 Is my top pick. That toy is so adorable and I'd love to make it for my toddlers and kids along with the bear which made it in. 31, 39, 35, 36 would be my other additions.
  • DaWaterRatDaWaterRat Posts: 947 Member
    I still want the Viking hat and the llama hat. I've been where the air hurts your face in winter, and the viking hat is more fun than an ordinary balaclava (though a balaclava might be good for bringing back burglars.) The rest of CAS stuff... pretty much all the kids and toddler's stuff would be welcome.

    For BB - maybe more of the craftable toys (surely the cat can be a color swatch of the bear), a couple of the lights (craftable or not), and the briefcase ... ottoman? side table? Number 121. I've never looked at this as a Knitting only pack, so I like the broader Arts and Crafts vibe we got, even if it means we got fewer craftable items than I'd wish.

    And I'm still holding out a sliver of hope for a sewing machine... (I don't want to make one myself if I don't have to. My modeling skills are up to it, but my UV skills are awful, and I can't learn from 95% of the youtube videos out there, but the non-video ones are a decade out of date. )
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 6,747 Member
    Any and all of the cat stuff, especially if it can be created via the knitting skill. On top of that, I really wanted 10 and 78 from CAS - they are surely meant to be worn together!

    Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.
  • BK747BK747 Posts: 37 Member
    I agree with @Simmingal. There need to be more craftable hats, mittens, and socks. Especially mittens - we need mittens!

    For hats, I think #1, 5, 9, 15 (if given the correct array of swatches) would provide the most versatility across ages, genders, and fashion styles.

    I hope that existing hats in the game will be made craftable as well.

    For BB, I love the stuffies that were selected, but I hope they will all be playable, not just grim and the bear.

    I think wallpapers 93 and 94 would be awesome (the yellow and pink ones).

    I know we have a lot of chairs already in the game, but chair #108, if added in a basic set of swatches (not with the weird half blue, half wood look) would be a very nice basic chair that would provide a lot of versatility for usage in game.
  • TamakiSakura84TamakiSakura84 Posts: 244 Member
    Top 3 items I'd like to see added from each vote.

    1. #75 toddler slippers
    2. #68 toddler top
    3. #4 cloche hat

    1. #77 curtains
    2. #65 craft supply door
    3. #26 knitted ceiling light
  • Gingasnap27Gingasnap27 Posts: 27 Member
    I would love to see the following:

    Build/Buy: 15, 35, 42-43, 49, 81, 115-116

    Hats - 1, 15, 17
    Females - (tops) 27, 29, 32, 34; (shoes) 37, 41; (bottoms) 43, 49
    Males - (tops) 51, 56; (bottoms) 59, 62
    Kids - 70-71, 76-77, 80-83, 86

    I think we definitely need more winter type/warmer clothing for females. The selection is so small currently!
  • Jon the WizardJon the Wizard Posts: 187 Member
    Build/Buy: 57, 113, 114, 19
    CAS: 2, 16, 18, 50, 59, 64, 91, 30, 41, 67, 80.
  • SweetKarma13SweetKarma13 Posts: 11 New Member
    Id like to see #3 hat or the #4 hat as well as the #24 full outfit.
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