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Any mods that add a simple "Chat" interaction?

RummourRummour Posts: 28 Member
I am a huge Role Player which is one of the main reasons why The Sims in general is one of my favorite games. This also means that I often take every action I do seriously in terms of story telling, especially when my sims are performing communicative interactions with other sims. It really bothers me when I have to direct my sim to do something that by description has nothing to do with my idea in mind, but I have to, know, there is no more accurate interaction to choose.
The best example of this is the "chat" option. In the previous sim games, we always had the option for our sims to simply "Chat" with one another. They would randomly talk about something and we would/could only imagine what that was about. Cool, right?
Well I really hate how in the Sims 4 EVERY single talk interaction tends to be very specific like "Ask about day" or "Reveal Deep Secret" or "Complain about / Weather" or "Debate Game Strategy" and so on.... The only option that isn't as specific is "Deep Conversation" but even that is kind of specific to a degree.
My problem is that when I am making a story, It really grinds my gears to have to select the same "Ask about Day" option or something similar multiple times simply because I want my sims to talk to one another but there is nothing better to choose, nothing more general. I really wish we had just a plain old "Chat" interaction like before, which would let me have my sim talk, and me just imagine what they are talking about. I hope it makes sense what I mean.

Anyway, after this overly long ramble (sorry about that!) I was curious if there are any mods, or anyone who could make a mod like this, to simply add a basic, simple, general "Chat" interaction. It doesn't have to have any effects, it can just be a little thing to initiate a talking action. Heck, I'll be happy if anyone could simply rename one of the exiting options "Chat" and leave it like that. I just don't want every freaking option we have to be so darn specific. :s

Sorry for the long post, feel free to share the same or similar ideas or advice you might have.


  • SloturtleSloturtle Posts: 7 New Member
    I've seen a natural Chat interaction before in my game and I only use CAS related mods
  • FDSims4FDSims4 Posts: 4 New Member
    There is the "Discuss Interests" option. As far I know, in this interaction, they randomly talk about something they randomly have interest.

    Moreover, after they finish any chat interaction, another chat interaction is randomly started.
    You can see which chatting interaction was chosen by looking in the small circle close to the Sim face at the Interaction Queue (left bottom corner).
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