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Ruby's Sim Request Thread - CC and Non - CC

I've decided to let my creativity get to its finest by starting a request thread for sims.

Simply answer these questions below and I'll create you a sim, which will be added to the Exchange and link sent to you! (because I don't know any other way)

Celeb Look Alike
Simply link, post, or pm me pictures of the celeb and a description on how you want them to look, also some traits an and favorites, zodiac, cc or no cc.

From scratch
Highlights or tips colored different? Specify below if yes
Hair Color/s:
Hair Style (Curly, wavy, straight; short, long, etc):
Eye Color
Freckles or Beauty Marks?:
Prefered Clothing style and colors
Tattoos - Yes or no
Earrings - Yes or no
Traits and favorites
CC or None? - I'll link you to cc to install it, likely ATS3 or MTS.

Ill try to do them as soon as possible.
(Apologies if this is in the wrong category, couldn't find another to do with sims.)
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