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Are Flowers The New Plum?

I've been noticing that instead of the word plum (commonly used for censoring words the forum finds offensive) there have been pink flowers instead. Not sure if its just the same person using the flowers just to be creative (haven't been paying attention) or if they changed it from plum to the pink flowers. Anyone else seen them around?
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  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 13,834 Member
    Yes, they've changed the word "Plum" to the pink flowers to be more creative now when we use words that's not supposed to be used. But the moderators still can see what we're posting since they have that power to see stuff like that as it's explained by EA_Mai in this thread... :)
  • IdontrcallIdontrcall Posts: 18,968 Member
    Although I think the flowers are very pretty, I find them distracting. I preferred the word "plum" simply because it didn't draw my attention to the censored word when I'm trying to read other words, lol...if that makes sense. But they are pretty.
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  • SimsLovinLycanSimsLovinLycan Posts: 1,559 Member
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    I find the flowers to be even more annoying than "plum." Plus, way too many perfectly innocent words are censored on these forums, and there isn't even an option for individual users to turn the censorship off. I'm 33, I'm not afraid of a little mild language. They're bleeping out words that are ho-hum to your average 11-year-old over here, I think they're a little overboard on the language policy...
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  • popstarissapopstarissa Posts: 488 Member
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    Haha I used to just graze over and barely notice “plum.”

    The flowers really attract attention. Now I am like the FBI trying to figure out what the word is supposed to be. 😂
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  • DaWaterRatDaWaterRat Posts: 917 Member
    I find the word "plum" less distracting than the flowers, but I guess it makes sense, as there were a lot of times when someone would be caught off guard and try to explain what they meant because they didn't realize the word was censored, so the flowers do make the censoring more obvious.
  • fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,003 Member
    I agree. The pink flowers are very distracting. I liked "plum" better.
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  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 1,980 Member
    Yeah, and it's annoying and stupid. I don't want to see giant flower emojis in every post with a censored word. It's so obnoxious.
  • CaptainElsaCaptainElsa Posts: 215 Member
    Yeah, they said the flowers are meant to be distracting so the user will rethink and rewrite their words, which I feel is extremely coddling and pedantically sheltering. Like a smothering school teacher presiding over first graders. If you're old enough to be on an online forum, you likely know that words exist and are used in a multitude of ways to express thoughts and ideas. If that frightens you, the internet is probably not the place to be. At the very least we should be able to turn such rigid censorship off. I don't care if you type "🌺🌺🌺🌺" for example. It's not hate speech, it doesn't refer to anyone and it's harmless. But then again, I have real problems in my life than to get the vapors over boo-boo words.

    TL;DR: we're all old enough to be online certainly we are all mature enough to not be upset by words that describe, for example, defecation.
  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 1,104 Member
    edited March 12
    I didnt notice the flower thing until now. I guess I perfer plum to the flowers, but the censoring in general doesnt bother me at all and I actually like it. I do not use expletives irl and neither do my friends or family so it doesnt stand out to me (the sensoring) Though before it was censoring words that was not meant to be an expletive. I was talking about black hair, and you can use 🌺🌺🌺🌺 - curly to describe 4c hair. Its a word starting with k that rhymes with stinky.

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  • VamprisVampris Posts: 801 Member
    edited March 14
    I thought the flowers were like the hearts censor (did this forum have hearts?) near valentines day and were just going to be temporary.
    Honestly I just have more problems with the language censor. Can't say 🌺🌺🌺🌺 (hint: doctors do it to your finger to get blood it rhymes with rick), can't say 🌺🌺🌺🌺 (another word for dummy), and some other word I can't think of right now that is also innocent

    They deadass should tune it abit or add in an option to turn off the censor I've been on other more 'innocent' forums that had that option.
  • InuMiroLoverInuMiroLover Posts: 343 Member
    Personally I find it both dumb and distracting. It makes me think of someone obnoxiously adding an unnecessary amount of emojis to their post. Why cant we have filter settings instead of this ridiculousness?
  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 945 Member
    Doesn't bother me at all. As one of those obnoxious emoji users myself I like it. I grew up in a family with strict rules on foul language so me neither any of my friends or family use them. Even simple words most people would consider okay are considered not good according to my teachings.

    My mom still has a heart attack every time she sees one of those learning books like learn Tamil for dummy's lol.

    The internet is foul and toxic in general and yes I've seen explicatives used all over the internet. I think it's nice to have a place here where you don't have to worry about your eyes seeing those kind of words,for people who prefer not to see it of course.

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  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 2,383 Member
    I like the censoring, I don't use expletives either irl and don't enjoy seeing or hearing them, never did, not as a kid, teen, or adult. I've probably sworn once in my entire life... But the flowers are really annoying to me. I much preferred plum.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 31,371 Member
    What everyone should remember here is this, not all words censored were curse words and or swearing or foul language. Let's not all assume every censored word was a bad word, but a word on a list that we have no idea was supposedly meaning something else rather than what the person meant. And we don't have knowledge of that list so there will be more of it.
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  • Placebo7Placebo7 Posts: 42 Member
    Cinebar wrote: »
    What everyone should remember here is this, not all words censored were curse words and or swearing or foul language. Let's not all assume every censored word was a bad word, but a word on a list that we have no idea was supposedly meaning something else rather than what the person meant. And we don't have knowledge of that list so there will be more of it.

    Yes, I was pretty shocked to have a comment "flowered" recently for a word I used akin to "dumb." Not a swear word at all, and yet there were those annoying flowers. I hate the flowers.
  • RebbilinaRebbilina Posts: 348 Member
    Now I'm very tempted to use foul language in a post to see if it's changed to flowers.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 1,126 Member
    Let's see if my non-foul slang would consider to be a plum or flower.

    That's my real life slang.
  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 193 EA Administrator
    edited March 16
    Can you all please have another look at our forum rules here?

    Just because the system automatically replaces swear words doesn't mean that it is ok to swear. Please keep in mind that these forums are readable by people of all ages and behave accordingly.

    Thank you,
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