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Do you use cheats?



  • StutumStutum Posts: 1,053 Member
    I sometimes use cheats
    Update: I must admit that I've started to cheat a bit more lately. I still don't cheat to get lots of money (I only use that one if I want my sim to start at 0), but I started a new game recently, and cheated up some satisfaction points, so I could get the care free and needs no one traits right away. Anything else will be played out as normal.
  • Faraway_SonFaraway_Son Posts: 84 Member
    If the money tree is considered a cheat, then yes I do. However, it's a legitimate item that you can posess in the game, so I have never felt like it was a cheat.
  • John_SalonicaJohn_Salonica Posts: 353 Member
    Yes, I use cheats all the time
    Theres nothing wrong with using cheats

    I use motherload, testingcheats , bb.moveobjects, casfulleditmode. Without cheats your sims can only live in the 20x20 lots or empty houses which I hate
  • robyngravesrobyngraves Posts: 230 Member
    Yes, I use cheats all the time
    I'm a builder, so I use cheats. However, I don't use the money cheat.
  • JadesimmerJadesimmer Posts: 76 Member
    I sometimes use cheats
    cas.fulleditmode: to loss body weight when too lazy doing excise
    bb.moveobjects: nothing you can do without this cheat as a builder

  • JeansooJeansoo Posts: 3,307 Member
    I sometimes use cheats
    I never use skill, money, job performance, free real estate cheats but I do for bb.moveobject, bb.enablefreebuild for get to work workplace, resetsim for being locked in and preventing alien abduction.
  • Simoleon_KachinnnngSimoleon_Kachinnnng Posts: 13 New Member
    I sometimes use cheats
    I use the Move Objects cheat so I can put items where I want them to go because the game's grid limitations are horrible. I also use the menu cheat to stop my Sims from ageing while I get used to the game again. Eventually I will more than liikely do a save without cheats and a wild save with cheats. But not right now.
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