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How is your dunny roll supply?

Apparently we are a nation of dragons who hoard toilet paper.


I got a small pack yesterday, just in case the strange phenomena occurred here. Glad I did, because the local stores were all out by this afternoon. Living regional, they might have more coming in later this week, or it might not be until next week... Who knows.

Also, did you hear about the fire?

A truck load of dunny roll, up in flames! Given how scarce the stuff is getting, it might have been $1million worth! :p


  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,832 Member
    I had enough here to last us a week or two. I'm hopeful things will be calmer by the time I need more. Problem is, every time I see something about it I start laughing. Not much makes me laugh but seeing all that hysteria does that to me.
  • giggler36giggler36 Posts: 838 Member
    I'm set, there is only me and the furkids. I bought a huge pack from Big W which will last me months. It is rather sad tho when people are fighting over loo rolls!!
  • AriaMad2AriaMad2 Posts: 1,380 Member
    We need to stock up a little more, just in case supplies run low. We've still got a packet, but maybe one more packet or two would be good.

  • MiriamHuckleMiriamHuckle Posts: 5 New Member
    So many people are panic buying but have no idea how to survive even a short break in the supply chain so they're just jumping on the TP bandwagon. Canned food, Ibuprofen, rice, beans, lentils, first aid stuff, sterilizing handwash. *Dramatic sigh* These toilet paper hoarders are going to crash and burn come the zombie apocalypse.
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,603 Member
    I couldn't believe it toilet paper turned into gold :D is hard to get I have two packs I should be fine I hope :# and all of this will blow over very soon
  • mercuryfoammercuryfoam Posts: 1,156 Member
    Woah you guys are prepared.

    We've got like a few rolls left x: But we've a relative working in woolies whom we'll harass should it become an emergency lol.
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,774 Member
    This week was the first time I've seen loo paper in my local woollies, since I made this thread.
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,774 Member
    So, the dunny roll hoarding resumes...
  • dragancaordragancaor Posts: 2 New Member
    > @Movotti said:
    > So, the dunny roll hoarding resumes...

    I just can't understand why! We saw on the news that Coles & Woolies had limited sales for it again, but everywhere (except Vic) is doing okay vs the virus.
    Whyyyyy is TP so coveted??
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,832 Member
    Maybe some people are just terrified of running out. But I suspect at least some of it is people hoping to sell it for a massive profit if it ever does become unavailable.
  • LashinLashin Posts: 74 Member
    Well, I've got a few books of Yellow Pages.

    Meanwhile, Aldi Special Buys toilet paper is gathering dust in the clearance section at my local store...
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