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The Sims 3 100 baby challenge - youtube - my first time doing this!

mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,963 Member
So then, I have started a 100 baby challenge on my Youtube account in the span of time that I was forced to be away from these forums. I am letting myself some differences in play style and slight deviations from the regular rules (such as, if the mother is currently unable to have more children, because the house is full, she is allowed to have outings with her children for fun). I am also making myself give my children houses, or marry them off when they're adults - no kicking kids out here!

I'll leave the first part out of the spoiler and spoiler the rest for easier thread reading :smile:

Moving forward, all old parts will be in a spoiler, 10 or 15 videos in a post, so only the first and the last video will be left unspoilered.
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  • mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,963 Member
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    Okay, this is where my Twitter has voted on the fact that I should have my camera on when streaming, so here's me! :)

    Provided I do not poof, I'll update this topic every 5 videos or so, or every 2 weeks. Thank you for putting up with me!
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    We start off the next chunk of videos with
    Teen love, how cute!

    Reconnecting with our teenage love interest:

    Toddlers. Loads of toddlers. URGH. THIS BE HARD.

    Running all these sims around is hard, man!

    taking ALL the pictures! ALL the pictures of the town and grannies on the beach!


    This pregnancy has resulted in two kids, all female and filled my house back up again! I'm so happy with this!

    We do lots of growing up!

    I need good grades, but schools don't let me in :expressionless:

    Need to date fast! Also I built a pretty cool double house. Fast also lol

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    Last pregnancy of this heir! Child wise everything should be downhill from here and I should have some nice breathing space before the next heir takes over.

    Well, it's decided! Dee is our new heir! Now to just live out Bella's time and move all our children out and we can start it all over again with Dee :)

    Our fertile years are now over. We're old!

    I kind of want all them eggs, so spring festival is THE thing in this episode.

    We get this gardening thing started and get really into it.

    What could be more fun than spending a generation throwing potions at other people?

    Today is all about that Doris day

    This trip to France is sooo bugged! Think this is the last trip that we're taking for a long while

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    New generation, new town, we bending the rules a little bit:

    chasing a paparazzi and his doppelgangers:

    We're a wolf now!

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