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Knitting Gameplay Questions for the Community!


  • JusKeepSimminJusKeepSimmin Posts: 27 Member

    I love the idea of a knitting club for elders. :) I wouldn't really consider knitting to be a fame-building exercise, but I'd definitely want to sell items my Sims have made themselves. Opening their own retail store or having a yard sale with all of their own items is what I'm thinking with this pack.

    I'm a fan of crochet and as long as it's a good mixture of knitting/crochet, I'd be happy with the outcome.

    I love the crafting desk! It's something similar to what I own irl and I think it's something I'd use in a lot of my builds. I do wish you could sketch/draw at the crafting desk as well (maybe "sketch for knitting inspiration" where they can unlock new items to knit).

    It's much more realistic for a knitting project to take a bit of time and to be completed in steps over time.

    Honestly, no. I'd rather them have the option of sitting/kneeling to knit.

    I'm envisioning a little old granny rocking and knitting on her rocking chair while her grandchildren are sitting on the floor next to her learning.

    Absolutely love this idea! This could tie into social media and building an online presence. In that regards, I'd consider it a fame-building skill. I'd like to see my Sim open their Etsy-like shop and earn royalties from online sales. It would also be super cute for them to be able to read comments on their items. Like if my Sim put up a poorly-made item for sale and in return had some bad feedback. A rating system like restaurants might be nice too.

    An embarassed moodlet would be kind of great. :D I think we've all been there.

    I already want to name my elder's knitting club "chicks with sticks". So there's that.

    Yes! I wish there was more autonomy in the game.
  • VicariousHumanVicariousHuman Posts: 18 Member

    Q4_ I've posted a full response to the questions earlier, but I've got a really detailed answer for Q4.
    I believe this Time Table is balanced well between RL and sim knitters. It may seem like a long time but keep in mind large projects take a few days ( IRL it make take up to a month for a master knitter).

    Ex. Items: finger puppets/coasters/cup cozy/pet toys that look like yarn ball
    Skill Level Hours to Craft +10 minutes Project Planning/Browse Tutorial (or whatevs)
    a. beginner 4:00 4:10 Total
    b. mid 3:00 3:10
    c. master 2:30 2:40

    Ex. Items: scarves/placemats/socks(pair)/Hat
    Skill Level Hours to Craft +20 minutes Project Planning/Browse Tutorial (or whatevs)
    a. beginner 6:00 6:20
    b. mid 4:30 4:50
    c. master 3:45 4:05

    Ex. Items: deco pillow/lampshade/child's toy/plushies/Etc.
    Skill Level Hours to Craft +30 minutes Project Planning/Browse Tutorial (or whatevs)
    a. beginner 9:00 9:30
    b. mid 6:45 7:15
    c. master 5:37 6:07

    Ex. Items: rug/blanket/pouf/toddler outfits
    Skill Level Hours to Craft +40 minutes Project Planning/Browse Tutorial (or whatevs)
    a. beginner 13:00 13:40
    b. mid 9:45 10:25
    c. master 8:07 8:47

    Ex. Items: child, teen, YA, A, elder outfits
    Skill Level Hours to Craft + 1 hour Project Planning/Browse Tutorial (or whatevs)
    a. beginner 18:00 19:00
    b. mid 13:30 14:30
    c. master 11:15 12:15
  • Sallinger79Sallinger79 Posts: 2 New Member
    I love that you're asking these questions! As someone who's been knitting (and crocheting, but I'm mostly just going to say knitting because it's faster and that's the theme of the pack) almost as long as I've been playing The Sims, and who's always wanted my Sims to be able to knit like I do since TS2 (Freetime came sooo close! And Mrs. Crumplebottom got to knit!) I have no words for how excited I am about this pack.

    Q1: Seasons - being able to give knitted gifts to other Sims. Also, if it's something kids and teens can do (and it definitely should be), Scouts should be able to donate knitted items to charity to get their badge. Parenthood - Knitting could help with emotional control. Get Famous - maybe giving a well-crafted, knitted gift to a fan or celebrity could boost your fame, but a poorly-crafted one would have the opposite effect. Knitted objects could also show up as fan mail.

    Q2: Personally, this wouldn't bother me, but I do both. I have a lot of friends who only crochet, though, and I know that most of them feel like knitters look down on their craft. (Which, unfortunately, can often be the case.) Or people associate it with "ugly" things, like the '70s-coloured afghan on your grandma's couch, or don't know the difference between the two crafts at all and are constantly ask them, "What are you knitting?" when they clearly have a crochet hook in their hand. I know that last one is a particular sore spot with a lot of crocheters. And I can't speak for all of them, but it would probably be salt in the wound to have something that's clearly crochet being produced by a set of knitting needles. (On the other hand, if it was properly labelled as crochet, and made with a crochet hook, you'd probably make a lot of people really happy - even if the animation wasn't 100% perfect.)

    Q3: I only knit at a desk if I'm supposed to be working on something else and am procrastinating! :grin: Seated at a desk is definitely not my preferred place to work. Ideally, I want to be on a comfy chair or couch - although I will knit just about anywhere.

    Q4: It really varies. Something like a washcloth/hotpad or a hat or cowl in bulky yarn will only take a couple of hours. Because the yarn is so thin, a pair of socks takes me 16-28 hours, depending on how complicated the pattern is. (Yes, I've timed it. What?) A sweater in bulky yarn would probably take less time than a pair of socks, but in thin yarn would take several times longer. A blanket could take a ridiculously long time to knit - I've never actually knitted a blanket (although I've crocheted several). Again, though, it would really depend on the thickness of the yarn. Crochet is generally a lot faster than knitting too, because the individual stitches are bigger, so it gets complicated. Generally, though, I think you could probably get away with basing it on the size of the finished item. It wouldn't be 100% accurate, but I think most people would understand.

    Q5: While I prefer to knit sitting, I knit standing in lineups, waiting for the bus, and even walking if I'm stressed or really need to get the project finished. The trick there, though, is that the yarn needs to be in something. If I'm knitting standing up, I almost always have a project bag hanging off my arm. The yarn ball stays in that, and a single strand feeds out to my needles. When I stop working on the project, I put it back in the bag, on top of the yarn, until I'm ready to pick it up again.

    Q6: I actually learned to knit on my own from a book. (And now there are loads of YouTube videos to make it even easier.) But one of my grandmas did try to teach me when I was really little. It's hard to remember because I was so young, but I think she started the first few rows for me and then guided me through making a few stitches, fixing my mistakes as I made them until I got the hang of it, then let me work on my own until it was the size I wanted, and finally finished it off for me. I only made one lumpy, misshapen doll blanket, and then forgot how to do any of it until I taught myself again years later. I've also taught a few of my friends to knit, but I made them do the cast-on and first row themselves, and was just there for support if they got stuck.

    Q7: I've never sold items on Etsy - it just seems like too much work to me, and so little money for the amount of time involved. I have done a bit of yarncraft on commission, but that also usually turned out to be a headache - with people changing colours or wanting a different pattern after I'd already started. So now I just make things for myself, as gifts, or to donate. Making things for charity is possibly the most satisfying. There are a lot of organizations online that collect everything from blankets, to sweaters, to accessories (socks/hats/scarves/mittens), to toys for kids. There's even an organization called Knitted 🌺🌺🌺🌺 that provides soft, prosthetic breasts to people who have had a mastectomy. Offline, there's a group in my city that does a big blanket drive every November where they also collect warm clothing. So I usually make a bunch of hats and mittens for them throughout the year and keep them all in a big bag. And I make other things for online organizations to mix it up, or if I stumble across a cause that really speaks to me. In-game, the easiest way to donate those would probably be through the mail box. But maybe there could be something like a donation box and timed knitting drives. A Sim/household could see how many items they could make to fill the box before someone comes to collect it. (This could also be done as a club with Get Together. Or maybe it could be part of a contest and the people who made things for the box could earn some fame if they make enough items to make some sort of list.)

    Q8: Well, I'm going to assume that this "awful, itchy sweater" was made by someone with really low knitting skill, because otherwise, how dare you malign my hobby in that way? :wink: But aside from an uncomfortable moodlet while they're wearing it, and maybe a happy, relieved moodlet once it's finally off, I can't think of much. (The person who made it could also get a happy moodlet for seeing it being worn.) But... do you know about The Sweater Curse? Knitting lore says that you should never knit your SO a sweater, because it will mean the end of the relationship - either before the sweater is completed or when you give it to them. (Most versions say you're safe if the two of you are already married.) Might be a fun little in-joke to throw in, if there's a way of doing that.

    Q9: Ooh, this is a toughie. "Knitters have balls." "Knit wit." "Knitty gritty." "Purls of wisdom." Honestly, none of them are super great. But throwing in some knitting/crochet slang could be fun! Some examples: Ripping out yarn when you've made a mistake (or given up on a project) is called "frogging" - because rip-it sounds a bit like ribbit. If a bunch of people get together to work on the same pattern (yarn/colours don't matter), it's called a crochet-a-long or knit-a-long (usually shortened to CAL or KAL). Non-knitters/crocheters are sometimes called muggles - I don't know if there'd be a copyright issue there. (Probably.) A project that isn't completed yet is called a "work in progress" or "WIP," and a WIP that has been left abandoned for a long time is called an "unfinished object" or "UFO." A pile of yarn, either pulled from the centre of a ball or the result of frogging, is often called "yarn barf."

    Q10: Personally, a big part of what I'm looking forward to with this pack is building my Sims' knitting skills. If they suddenly all became level 10 knitters when I wasn't paying attention, I think I'd be a bit sad that I'd missed it! I'd much rather it be a case where, if Sim A is a knitter and Sim B isn't, A would get an option like "Offer knitting lessons" and B would get an option like "Teach me to knit." (Or however it makes sense to phrase it.) The offer/request could happen autonomously as well, but I'd personally prefer if it was opt-in like when you get invited to an outing or something. That said, it would be a nice surprise to have a Townie move in and find out they're a great knitter - as long as that's not the case with every Townie.
  • Lady_LuSsh01Lady_LuSsh01 Posts: 214 Member
    I think Knitting/crocheting is the best thing since sliced bread so to be able to do it in the sims will be amazing, I think you can defiantly get famous with this, by creating your own handmade clothing boutique. You could be the talk of the town, maybe you stuff is made of the finest products only a celebrity can afford. or your a nice family business with prices for everyone.
  • Pinmat135Pinmat135 Posts: 346 Member
    edited March 8
    Q1: Knitting should be an elective class with DU. Hmmm... what else... I don't know, I think that's good.

    Q2: *shrug* I don't know anything about crocheting.

    Q3: At the very least, some special animations for getting wool/yarn/etc. from the desk itself.

    Q4: N/A

    Q5: Yeah, of course!

    Q6: This is happening. No question.

    Q7: N/A

    Q8: Uncomfortable moodlet, animations where they scratch themselves. Taking inspiration from Lyoufln, I like the idea of a sim you hug getting a short Itchy moodlet too!

    Q9: *looks up knitting puns* Well... there's a pin that says "Professional Prorastiknitter". Found this: yarnmeme.jpg
    And, uh... Hm... here's a website full of awful jokes. It's organized kinda weirdly, but it has some good jokes.

    Q10: I wouldn't want it to be autonomous.
  • ernesdoernesdo Posts: 1,471 Member
    edited March 8
    Hi Conor! Loved you on the livestream a bit ago

    Q1. Thank you for continuing crosspack stuff, it really ties the game together. Personally, I do NOT want knitting to provide fame – maybe selling it, but not just knitting something. From Get to Work, there’s that gun (I can’t recall the name right now) that allows you to transfigure objects; continuing that with appropriate items from this pack would be nice. I don’t have the witch gamepack, but iirc there’s a spell for transfiguring stuff too, so that too. Including knitting as an elective class in University pack would be great.

    Q2. I don’t knit or crochet so I am neutral on this. It would provide more stuff for our sims to knit which is a huge plus, but if I were a crocheter (crochet making person??), I think it would bother me to see someone knitting a crochet item. If you can do unique animations for crocheting, I think it would clear up this issue.

    Q3. I looooove this desk! My love for it is not limited to crafting though, I want to see my sims using the drawing tablets at it, businesspeople getting that obnoxiously large desk for their office, for the sims who love clutter, etc. I think it would be cool for the desk to tie in knitting (having the materials laid out?) but it wouldn’t upset me if it was “just” a desk included in the pack.

    Q4. I don’t knit so I can’t answer this too much, but I agree with the idea of some items taking more time to craft. It would be great if you were able to categorize stuff by short, medium, and long amounts of time (or just two). I don’t see a hat and a sweater taking the same amount of time.

    Q5. I was going to say that I do want knitting to be a seated activity, but then I saw luthienrising’s post with the historic picture of a woman standing and knitting and that changed my mind! If you can make animate it to make sense (such as in that picture) then I am perfectly happy with knitting be a sitting or standing activity.

    Q6. I would love for this to be a thing

    Q8. Embarrassment mood (stronger for teens and children?) and interaction for others to tease (mean), joke (funny), or ask about it (friendly). Those who made the knitting item get a positive mood for seeing someone wear their work, possibly have the option to gush over it (friendly)

    Q10. What if there’s an aspiration-tied trait that makes a sim have the “teach to knit” be autonomous and for everyone else it’s not? This way, not everyone is going to become a level 10 knitter and it won’t be the like the computer issue (everyone flocks to it lol) but you can still have those story moments where X won’t stop trying to spread their love of knitting

    thanks for hosting this session! :)
  • beadierturtlebeadierturtle Posts: 159 Member
    Crosspack! I’m planning on making Knitting compatible with things like Get to Work Retail Lots (including Mannequins!), Get Together’s Club Rules, and City LIving’s Yard Sale Table. What else would provide fun crosspack functionality? For example, should knitting provide Fame in some way?

    Make it so we can make full body animal suits for children, and they get an extra happiness boost. When they become a teen, the suit becomes only a hat, but they continue to keep a small happiness boost if they keep wearing it as a teen. This boost is only available to that specific Sim, to all others it's just a cool hat. The Sim, as an adult, can gift the hat to another child, but then it becomes a suit again and that Sim can no longer get the benefit, but the new owner can wear it and the cycle continues ("your grandmother made me this here bunny suit when I was your age").

    You can knit big stockings and hang them either on a wall or on a fireplace (each assigned to a specific Sim living in that household) and Father Christmas will fill them when he arrives. With what? Well, that depends if you've been naughty or nice, doesn't it?

    Island Living
    You can knit a hammock that can be placed on any beach area you could normally build a sand castle on (takes the same space as a single bed, two could sit on it or one can lay down, can nap/sleep or sunbathe). You can knit a mounted version of the endangered fish that won't upset other Sims, but you must have it in your collection first. You can knit a child's bed that makes the kid look like they have a fish tail for legs.

    Discover University
    You can knit an animal mascot of either University, can also knit book covers for homework books (can also work with children and teen homework books).

    Cats & Dogs
    Sweaters for the pets. Chew toys.

    Realm of Magic (also Child Stuff, Toddler Stuff)
    Okay, let's get weird. You can knit a yarn golem. It can perform duties like the android or the scarecrow. With both RoM and C&D you can knit animate yarn pets. With Parenthood you can knit a child sized yarn golem that will play with your child (whatever that child does, the yarn buddy will also do when activated). For this though, you need RoM, Parenthood, and either Toddler and/or Child stuff. For a toddler buddy, you need RoM, Parenthood, and Toddler Stuff. A toddler buddy won't play with a child, unless you also have child stuff. The child must activate the doll, and then it's next action must be something to do with playing (with a toy, dollhouse, junglegym, etc.) and as long as it's something the child could be doing with another child, the doll will act like any other child. The child that activated it gets a happiness boost while this is happening. When not activated, it's sitting in a small chair which it will return to at the end of each activation. Any child the player can control can activate it, so you only need to make one. If one is in the same room with a sleeping child, it will scare off any monsters under the bed for the child, so the child won't need to wake the parent(s). The child and doll can become partners in crime, where the child can order the doll to prank items. If the child becomes good friends with the doll, the doll will lose all magic when the child becomes a teen, but that doll will grant a small happiness bonus to that specific Sim when nearby. Ah, the times we had.

    Jungle Adventure
    You can knit an article of clothing for one of the skeletal temple guardians. If they accept it (depending upon your knitting and area lore skill), not only will they wear it for the duration of your vacation, but they might also open up an area previously closed. Must be chilly to be that skinny.

    Q9: I need your best Knitting puns. Feed them to me.

    When someone doesn't like your sweater they are "knit-picking".
  • blackbeauty32009blackbeauty32009 Posts: 1 New Member
    Thank you, SimGuruConor for these great questions and the opportunity to share suggestions and feedback! :) Our Sims community is literally bursting with great ideas for this pack! I'm having a few jitters making this post, as it's my first comment and there are so many great posts already, but knitting and the Sims are two of my abiding interests, so here goes, I hope some of my thoughts are interesting to those reading them:

    Q1: All these ideas are awesome, along with the good suggestions from other players about pets and toddlers. Dogs also like playing with yarn balls and knitted toys. Our Frenchie would go nuts over yarny things. Knitting should count towards Fame, just like the other creative activities. It's not unrealistic since there are lots of famous people who knit or have knitted (Julia Roberts, Vanna White, etc.) And there are famous knitters, like Elizabeth Zimmermann, Kaffe Fasset, Stephen West, just to name a few. Perhaps a couple new herbal items from the Herbalism skill to craft, like a skin balm to help get rid of the itchiness/rashes that some sims will likely experience when wearing lower quality knitted garments and a lotion for new knitters and elderly knitters to help take away the ache in their hands and shoulders. Could knitting also be an activity for which scouts could work to achieve a new badge? Some more examples: Actor/Geek/Genius sims could also have the option to make a Doctor Who scarf and Family-oriented sims with knitting skill could make heirloom items, like a wedding ring shawl, or a fine blanket for their family members.

    Q2: There is crossover with knitting and crocheting in real life anyway; some crochet hooks are so long they look very much like knitting needles.

    Q3: Those desks are cool! I knit anywhere, but prefer to use desks for laying out my work, putting pieces together, patterns and blocking. Also storage.

    Q4: Full sweaters usually take the longest time, up to a month or so. Scarves, hats and little things don't take a lot of time. Toys take a bit longer, since there are little bits and pieces to make and put together. It would be good if the project completion times were variable according to the project and the sim's level/abilities/mood.

    Q5: Standing and knitting is okay for a little while, especially if one is walking to find some seating, lol. I used to knit while standing and waiting for the bus. It was alright for a bit, but it felt good to sit down and resume knitting when the bus came!

    Q6: This question has also been very well contributed to by other players. In addition to their great ideas, it would be awesome if children and teens could hang out and add knitting to their list of things to do. They could knit together and share their knowledge, no matter what level they're at. Knitting wouldn't be done at the exclusion of their other activities, but could become just another activity they could do together, or by themselves. Multitasking, for everyone, would be good too--knitting and watching movies or programs on TV or Computer, or listening to music, or talking with other sims at the same time knitting. Toddlers could watch someone knitting and learn for when they age up and can start knitting themselves, if they want too.

    Q7: It would be fun for our sims to arrange a knitted toy donation run/charity event for the baby turtles in Sulani and the conservation work there, for example. Being able to market and sell knitted goods online would be a good addition to the other things sims can sell online, like their music and books.

    Q8: This question is another that has been very well answered by other players, and I want to add just a tiny bit more to the discussion: Knitted garments don't always cause itchiness and rashes, depending on the type and quality of yarn used and other factors. Could we have a quality system for knitted things, like the one with food, books, paintings, etc.? The higher the quality of the garment, the less chance of getting an uncomfortable moodlet and the more the sim enjoys wearing it. Perhaps a sim with the Herbalism skill could make and/or offer the Soothing Skin Balm, or something like it, to sims suffering from itchiness and the rashes that come from wearing a lower quality sweater. At least until they can get the sweater off and take a comforting bath. :)

    Q9: Deferring to the Queen of hilarious knitting puns and other funny things: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee-"the Yarn Harlot".

    Q10: I wonder if the autonomous knitting thing would be something like a Genius/Science sim always running to the Observatory/Telescope, or a Creative sim always playing an instrument or painting? If so, no worries. The interaction would likely be no more intrusive than any of the other things our sims do autonomously. It wouldn't bother me if my sims became high level knitters on their own, anymore than all the times they became high level pianists/guitarists/painters/chefs/mixologists, etc. without me directing them. Besides, it would be a chuckleworthy moment to see Don Lothario sitting at the park with his knitting in hand trying to flirt with Bella and the Calientes.

  • AdamsEve1231AdamsEve1231 Posts: 6,049 Member
    @SimGuruConor First of all, thank you for asking. I'm excited to answer your questions. Secondly, Hopefully I'm not repeating too much of what others have said. I shared some of my ideas over in another thread.

    Q1: I like the crosspack ideas you have already suggested, especially City Living's flea market. Here are my crosspack ideas:

    GET FAMOUS - Not particularly a fan of gaining fame, but it could be cool to create crafting videos for followers. Perhaps for a teen exclusive thing (because teens really need something to distinguish from YA) they might gain or lose relationship points if they wear a knitted item to school made by a parent or elder (depending upon the quality). That's more of a reputation than a fame thing though.

    CITY LIVING - I'd love to see a Craft Festival (i.e. crafting competitions, a knitted fashion show, admire world's largest yarn ball, pose for a picture with world's largest yarn ball, vendors for purchasing Knitting supplies, with a cookie food stall like the Cupcakes food stall).

    SEASONS - We need more things for kids and toddlers to do so it'd be cool if knitting was something Scouts could do to earn badges. I think knitting different items for different seasons would be cool like mittens, beanies, ugly Winterfest sweaters and Winterfest stockings in Winter, Scarves, gloves, and blankets in Fall, shawls or wraps in Spring, and perhaps sleeveless tops and skirts in Summer. We need a Knitting Holiday on the Calendar with knit items and teach to knit bonuses, wearing knitted items, or using knitted items. (Seasons)

    GET TOGETHER - Knitting Circles as a club option (the Tight Knit group). :p I do think Real Men Who Knit would be a fun club. Xtreme Knitting Games perhaps as a goaled party option.

    TODDLERS - It would be cute to watch toddlers play around in yarn or baskets/bins of supplies like they do with pots and pans in the kitchen (Toddlers).

    CATS AND DOGS - And for that matter.... please, please, please let cats be able to play with yarn too!!

    SPOOKY DAY + CATS AND DOGS - Unlockable knitted costumes for pets would be wonderful, and could be fun for the whole family (toddlers, kids, teens, and adults).

    DISCOVER UNIVERSITY - Knitting could be a Uni class. Yarn "bombing" should be a thing outside the university statue. Perhaps an exclusive teen and YA prank. :tongue:

    TINY LIVING - I think knitting is perfect for Tiny Living because of the nature of "cozy" spaces so perhaps some bonuses for using knitted items in your tiny house.

    LAUNDRY: Knitted items may come unraveled in the wash! :grimace: Eek!

    KIDS ROOM: Knitted toys. I was thrilled that was part of the vote! Maybe for teens and kids - knitted bookcovers for school. I used to cover my textbooks all the time in middle and high school.

    ROMANTIC GARDEN - Wish for crafty skill at wishing well. Or a knitting-related wish like Nimble Fingers. And if it fails, you could lose a level of knitting ability or two. :open_mouth:

    OTHER: Knitting could be a freelancer career, part-time job, or odd job. I would love to see new interactions and activities like 'Read Knitting Book,' 'Blog about Knitting,' 'Browse web for patterns,' 'Admire knitting work or knitted item,' (perhaps a Mean interaction would be to 'complain about knitted item'), 'Watch Craft Channel,' and 'Share Knitting Tips.'

    I'd love a Master Knitter aspiration that isn't just the same thing over and over again (i.e. talk about knitting to 5 Sims) where projects grow more complex at each level. And an unlocked trait like "Nimble Fingers" that would allow Sims to craft items more quickly and create higher quality crafts that don't have to be restricted to knitting (i.e. woodworking, painting, floral arranging, child arts and crafts, etc.) And a bonus to focused mood when crafting.

    Q2: I'm okay with crochet-esque items. I like the idea of more than one "craft" appearing in this stuff pack. Like I'd love to see more coloring options or finger paints for toddlers and kids or chalk drawings on the sidewalks in City Living.

    Q3: I'm indifferent about the desk. Yes, I like the idea of new desks, but knitting at one versus not knitting at one isn't a dealbreaker for me. I would like knitting 'freedom' so we could knit in all sorts of places like at a restaurant or at the beach or while waiting at the vet and sitting on the floor like kids do when completing projects for school.

    Q4: My friend who knits says it takes her up to a couple days to finish a medium sized project like a sweater and a week or more to do a large project like a blanket. I have no idea how this time would translate in game.

    Q5: I'm a bit indifferent to this question too. For a large object though, like a blanket, I'd imagine it would be harder to knit standing than sitting. Perhaps energy would decay faster in a standing position and your Sim would need to be at a higher level to knit a larger project that takes up more space. I think it would be odd to watch a group of Sims knitting while standing though.

    Q6: I love the idea of building treasured memories with someone as you learn from and or teach to them. I remember learning to sew with my grandma and it wasn't the most pleasant experience. I stabbed myself with the needle too many times to count. (Perhaps Sims with a low skill level might have a knitting needle "accident" that sours their mood and leaves them uncomfortable for a few hours.) However, I did really enjoy the time with my grandma - talking and sharing life together over an activity.

    I think it would be cute for teens to teach younger siblings. Perhaps it would increase "responsibility." I like the idea of asking someone to teach you knitting. Perhaps as part of a Master Knitter aspiration, your Sim would be required to teach a certain number of Sims and make items for everyone in your household.

    Q7: It would be cool if Sims can "send" and "receive" items through the mailbox like we could in Sims 3. Or if we could donate knitted items similarly to how Sims can donate to charity. Maybe baby booties or hats to a new parents of infants or blankets to a homeless Sim or yarn vases to brighten a hospital.

    Q8: Sims should be uncomfortable and get an "itchy sweater" moodlet. They could be scratching at things and squirming. Perhaps they would get strange looks or questions from people around them, and they should be able to 'complain' to others. Maybe they'd feel a little overheated too in a large ugly scratchy sweater and start to sweat. A bathtub option would be nice for soothing the skin. Or removing the sweater option would also be great (placing back in inventory). Please let us put knitted items in our inventories.

    Q9: I already used the "Tight Knit Group" phrase above, and I'm sure others have also.

    Q10: Autonomous Knitting would remove the challenge of leveling and half the fun of playing so I vote no. 'Join' others who are knitting might be a good autonomous option though.

    Great questions!!
  • peterskywalkerpeterskywalker Posts: 476 Member
    Q1: Children and teens who do knitting should get emotional control, as it can be a calming activity (parenthood). If you wash knitted clothes in the washing machine, sims may get a cloth shrunk temporary buff and occasionally do a uncomfortable animation (laundry day).

    Q2: Sound great! I would especially like a interactive teddy bear toy for children.

    Q3: The desk could be used to store crafting. Furthermore sims could use it to think of crafting ideas (new interaction where sims think about what to craft and they either get an inspired interaction at the end which increases quality of knitting as long as its active or a negative tense buff. Sims can't think of crafting new ideas while they have the negative buff.

    Q4: Knitting can take a long time in real life, but this is the sims were talking about. It should definitely take longer than painting but not forever. Big objects and clothes should probably take around 6-8 hours and small objects can take around 2-3 hours.

    Q5: Sims shouldn't knit standing up. If sims can't find a place to sit, they should either sit on the floor or kneel on the floor like the children do sometimes when completing homework.

    Q6: I love the idea of a Teach to Knit interaction. First off, it should not just be between grandparents and children. Any sim age teen or older should be able to teach your child to knit. Secondly, sims should not need to have mastered the knitting skill for this interaction to appear. Once the teen sim or older has a decent skill level in knitting (around level 4) they can teach the kid as long as their skill level is higher than the kids. Finally the interaction should be as follows: the kid should sit on the teen or older sims knee or lap as they try to knit something, with the parent occasionally pointing at places their child should fix or placing their hands over the child to try to help them knit. Finally, kids should also be able to knit by themselves as they could always use more gameplay.

    Q7: I am not Etsy savvy so I don't have much idea. Maye allow sims to put knitted objects up for sale on a computer and then they can check later to see if someone was interested in buying and whether they like the price that sims is offering.

    Q8: Sims should occasionally get a itchy buff that causes them to do scratching animations. Sims should be able to show off sweater to the sim who gifted them the sweater which boosts relationship. Sims who gifted the sweater could accuse the other sims of hating the sweater/ question why aren't you wearing the sweater I gifted to you.

    Q9: If someone makes a bad crafted item they could get a "Knit-wit" buff.
    A real kick to the Knits. (If someone insults your knitting skills maybe)
    Show off your knits.
    Just Knitting around
    Your sims Yarns for some quality knitting time.

    Q10: No the teach to knit interaction should not be autonomous. Sims should be able to knit objects autonomously but no teach others. That way not every sim will be a knitting aficionado.

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  • LunarChanelLunarChanel Posts: 28 Member
    Okay, I'm honestly super glad to see that most of the users stating their opinions on game play are against the idea of autonomous "teach to knit" interactions. Not that it would necessarily be a deal-breaker for me when considering to buy the pack, but it would be very off-putting and I would probably scour the surface of the internet to find a mod that disables the autonomy of that interaction.

    I do appreciate being allowed to give input though, so thanks. :)

    And once again I say: LET CATS PLAY WITH YARN BALLS!
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 1,985 Member
    I forgot to mention it in my own post, but I see someone else mentioned it. For Seasons, knitting should contribute to the different badges in the scouting after school club for kids and teens.

    Arts and Crafts: The act of knitting itself.
    Give Back/Good Deeds: Donating something the child knit themself or something that was given to them as a gift.
    Sociability: Knitting with another sim.
  • KaitlinMarieKaitlinMarie Posts: 21 Member
    Super fun idea that I thought of because of my mother in law who knits and does cross stitch. It may have been said before but I haven't recently read through. I think it would be cool if lower level sims in the knitting skill level could accidentally make mistakes and potentially have to start over. It could be a random chance thing for lower levels like starting fires while cooking. My mother in law had mentioned that she had messed up one of her projects but didn't realize until she was decently farther along and had to really backtrack. Just an interesting addition I think, as well as realistic!
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  • MyTrueLoveTS1MyTrueLoveTS1 Posts: 28 Member
    Q1. I like the mentioned cross-pack ideas. No Fame, please. Knitting is for one's self and loved ones.
    Cats&Dogs: cat toy that looks like yarn ball. Knitted collars & pet outfits.
    Laundry Day: some one else mentioned the ability for a chance to have knit items shrink in the dryer (must dry on clothesline). Maybe also the color may change if washing machine is used (must hand wash for guaranteed protection). The rugs from Laundry Day look easy to convert to knit/crochet rugs.
    Seasons: Knit Clothing can be used as Winter Wear with Extra Warm Buffs. Winterfest exclusive colors and images for sweaters. Other holiday oriented gifts/tree ornaments.
    The "No Knit Wit" Scout Badge for completing 1st knitting project.
    Parenthood: Emotional Control,"knit to calm down". Parents with high or low knowledge of knitting can increase or decrease Emotional Control with the result of child calming down or have tantrum. Empathy, knit "cheer up gift". If someone they know is having a bad day.
    Be able to knit/crochet unique (placemats/cozys/caosters) that are only shown in Live Mode as giftboxes when exchanged. Knitted items can be viewed by setting table or view in inventory.

    Q2. By the most basic comparison knit & crochet are both a series of knots. I think that's pretty cool. =)

    Q3. Function only as desk, please.

    Q5. Definitely sit while knitting.

    Q6. "Teach to knit" interaction could look like the "help with homework" but sitting on couch and have placement of "homework/knitting" lowered.

    Q9. skein pronunciation: "skane". Definition: Length of yarn in weight. PUN- No pain No skein.

    Q10. I like the idea, but it's safer to say No to autonomy in this case.
  • Katrus91Katrus91 Posts: 1 New Member
    Cats & Dogs: It should be possible to give the knitted toys/dolls/teddies to your cats and dogs. Maybe they could take the toy/doll/teddy with them when they go to sleep, putting it down next to them or kind of hugging it. That would be adorable!

    Discover University: A knitting course! Where they have a small knitting project instead of exam/presentation/essay.

    Realm of Magic: Spellcasters being able to hover their knitting, like they do with books and cauldron ladles.

    2. Crochet should only be available if it gets an own animation, imo.

    5. They should sit cross-legged on the floor if they’re indoors. Maybe they can sit cross-legged on grass too.

    6. They can either sit next too each other on a sofa, or sitting cross-legged on the floor facing each other, or the one who learns sit at a desk and the one who teach stand next to them.

    7. I’ve heard about knitting “clothes” for inanimate objects in the city, like lamp posts and even trees. I guess that’s like what the sims can do with the university statutes (yarn bombing?). Anyway, I’ve heard that some do it to raise money for charity.

    8. If they don’t like the person who gave it, or if they are hotheaded, they should take it off (if too much work to give a separate animation it can just be the normal spin around) and then throw the sweater on the ground and stomp away. This will cause an angry moodlet. If the one who made the sweater sees it happening they'll get a sad moodlet because of their gift is being rejected.
  • LionflashLionflash Posts: 71 Member
    Q1: Crosspack!

    Would it be possible to add Knitting as a Holiday Tradition?--or at least include it in the Arts & Music Spirit tradition? Knitted clothes would make great Hot Weather clothing, and a lot of clothes from other packs could also be knitted.

    Would you be able to make "Rock in Rocking Chair" a club activity?--would be a great way to keep a Chair Rockers club together. Are more Club/Holiday Icons out of the question?

    If you Stream yourself Knitting you could have an online knitting channel which definitely could give you fame!

    This might be too complicated, but can some clothes be Hand-Wash only? Or maybe can be machine washed, but should not be put in the dryer? Maybe knitted clothes start more fires in the Laundry machines?

    Yarn Bombing the University Sculptures should definitely build the knitting skill :)

    If the Grim Reaper Knitted object wins in the vote... can you gift it to the Grim Reaper to spare another sims life like the Death Flower?

    Q3: A cool crafty desk

    Does Knitting use inventory? Maybe the desks can hold supplies, be used to order supplies, as well as hold finished objects? Maybe the desk has a unique interaction that lets you "Practice Knitting" and grants the Inspired buff from having a work space? Maybe cats will autonomously assault this desk or the Knitter's Satchel for yarn balls.
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,141 Member
    Poor @SimGuruConor 😅 “Ask and ye shall be answered” For 12 pages!!

    Perhaps this is why we aren’t asked these things very often 😉

    But honestly, everyone answered so wonderfully that I have nothing to add. I will say that I know tons of simmers who are beyond excited about this, and everyone says they’ll be happy with whatever they get, because you included rocking chairs 😂

    Thank you so much for all of the work you’ve put into this.

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  • RavenLillyFlowerRavenLillyFlower Posts: 2 New Member
    > Q1: Crosspack! I’m planning on making Knitting compatible with things like Get to Work Retail Lots (including Mannequins!), Get Together’s Club Rules, and City LIving’s Yard Sale Table. What else would provide fun crosspack functionality? For example, should knitting provide Fame in some way?
    > Q2: If some “Crochet-Like” objects became craftable through Knitting, how would you personally feel? Happy? Enraged? Strong sense of ennui? We can’t guarantee unique animations for crocheting, but I’d like to still potentially provide them as a craftable object for players.
    > Q3: There’s a cool crafty desk floating around in concept art that you guys may have seen (49 - 52 in the object vote). What would knitting at one of these desks mean to you, if anything? Asking around the office, nobody knits at a desk, but I’m curious if anyone would find value if the new crafting desk tied in with knitting somehow.
    > Q4: I’d like Knitting to actually take some time to craft, something Sims can save for later and come back to. In your experience, how long have some of your knitting projects taken? I’ll try not to make it feel too grindy, but definitely longer than it takes to paint in our game.
    > Q5: If your Sim wanted to knit something, but they couldn't find a place to sit, would you be okay with them standing up and knitting? Asking for a friend...
    > Q6: Along with the Mentor interaction, I’d like to include a proper “Teach to Knit” interaction. I’d love to have that moment where the Knitting Master granny teaches their grandchild how to knit. For those of you who experienced similar things, what was that experience like for you? I’m curious what people think this should look like - both animation and story wise.
    > Q7: I’d like to have some Etsy store-like gameplay, as well as donation gameplay with Knitting. For those of you who may have gone down those paths in real life, what were some interesting takeaways or stories you’d like to see represented?
    > Q8: Lets say a Sim is wearing an awful, itchy sweater that they’re wearing only because somebody gifted it for them. What kind of things would you like to see happen to them?
    > Q9: I need your best Knitting puns. Feed them to me.
    > Q10: This is my biggest question, so I saved it for last. Should the “Teach to Knit” interaction mentioned above be autonomous? While this might sound trivial, I feel this is very important for gameplay. I’m interested how people would feel about their level 10 knitter trying to spread their knitting knowledge on others. Let's say you have someone in your family who is a level 10 knitter, if this interaction is autonomous the entire house is going to get a real deep dive into knitting, perhaps constantly.

    Q1: That would be amazing, it would really tie some of the packs together. Knitting providing fame and being able to impact things in other packs would make for some really neat gameplay.

    Q2: I would be happy! It would give us more to do with knitting, plus having a more story telling aspect added to it rather than just buying it from the build and buy area.

    Q3: Personally I think adding a few different rocking chairs instead of a desk would be useful, since that is where people knit at most often from what I have seen. If this was not just knitting I would say keep one of them since I really liked the designs, however it wouldn't really mean anything since I see myself having my sim knit on a couch or chair rather than at a desk.

    Q4: Yes! Having it take long would make it seem more realistic, I haven't knit much but when I did it took ages. So instead of being something like painting where you just quickly paint to gain some extra cash it should be something that it could take so long in sim hours to do they couldn't do it in one sitting.

    Q5: It doesn't make sense to knit standing up, way to tiring.

    Q6: Youtube taught me to knit so I'm not much help with actual experience, however I think the older or mentor sim sitting on a chair while if it was a child sitting on the floor in front looking up? Or sitting on a couch next to each other.

    Q7: Got nothing for this one.

    Q8: Perhaps a moodlet for uncomfortable called something like 'Itchy Sweater, if only you could take it off.. Oh wait you can!'

    Q9: Professional Procrastiknitter, Knittastic.

    Q10: I think it should be autonomous, just like having one of your family randomly going up to you and asking if you want to knit!
  • Zimz4Zimz4 Posts: 84 Member
    Q1: About Mannequins, please update Get to Work to have toddler and pet Mannequins!
    Q8: An ability for sims to express and tell the knitter they don't like what they've knitted, that what they knitted actually sucks, expressing unhappiness with it. A knitter should be mindful that what's being knitted actually fits, isn't itchy, and is compatible with the dress-style of the intended wearer, and not knit something because the knitter likes a specific type and colors of garment and wants the intended wearer to wear that.
    Q10: Big fat hell NO!. This pack is already turning into a hobbyfest for women. While I understand there are actually guys that knit (good for them and it should definitely be available in the sims for any adult and maybe even children to knit regardless of gender), knitting just isn't a common pastime for men. Even though the theme for this pack is DIY, for men that usually involves construction, renovation, vehicles, technical design, and heavy machinery. I see none of that happening in this pack. I already greatly dislike how every townie autonomously becomes a spellcrafter if you have realm of magic installed, I don't want my sims worlds infested with an army of happy knitters. It's takes away from whatever shred of personality I imagine my sims have.
  • NinnsterNinnster Posts: 1,211 Member
    Here some of my thoughts on this

    Q1: Sorry. Hard core builder. I got no idea what you can even do in game gameplay wise :joy:

    Q2: I wouldn't feel much of anything to be honest. It's a "meh" kinda thing for me. Do or don't. No strong feelings here.

    Q3: Yeah I agree knitting at a desk is unnatural, and not very normal. For me the desk would make sense for assembly. Maybe combining your knitted macrame with the plant and vase, fit your knitted lamp shade on the lamp, or stuffing your knitted pouf. It could also be a place to look at knitting recipes and plan what you are doing, or maybe draw your design?

    Q4: To knit a pair of wool socks my grandma would use roughly 20 hours. That's the only reference I have.

    Q5: No. Please don't. That would be incredibly awkward. I see old ladies on the bus knitting, and they always put it away when exiting. They don't walk off while still knitting. You wanna sit to rest your arms, and to have your yarn beside you. Makes no sense to stand.

    Q6: My grandma taught both me and my sister. She would sit next to me on the couch, and do the first row or two for me, showing me how it's done, then give it to me, show me how to properly hold the yarn and needles, and then talk me through as I awkwardly and slowly try my first few hoops. As you do more, you slowly start to do it faster. Sometimes you fall outta rythm though and have to pause, or forget the count and gotta go back and recount the hoops. I remember vividly how one of the main things she kept saying was to loosen my grip. It cant be too loose, or too tight, and as a beginner you very typically grip it to hard, making it too tight.

    Q7: Haven't gone down this path unfortunately

    Q8: That was me last week. It's always the neck. I keep pulling on the neckline, or holding my neck to relieve it from the itching for a little while. I'd love to see the Sim do what I wanna do in those situations: Take the sweater off and throw it on the floor. Over it. Sweater can heck it.

    Q9: "We're a tight knit group" "It's when you get into the knitty gritty that things start to unravel" "People say crocheting is like knitting, but it's knot" "Sorry, wrong thread" "She's a real knit picker" "I'll never finish this, unless I pull an all-knitter!"

    Q10: For me autonomous is a no. Just because someone in the family can knit, doesnt mean the entire household is interested in learning it. It wouldnt make sense for everyone to suddenly know the knitting skill. To me if I was a skilled knitter, I wouldnt perhaps force myself on them as a knitting teacher, but I WOULD likely offer to knit things for them. Offering crafted items makes more sense to me, than offering teaching. Maybe the entire family has knitted sweaters in their inventory, or are gifted sweaters? I think that sort of interaction would make more sense, and be more funny :blush:
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  • creativEnitcreativEnit Posts: 1 New Member
    SULSUL! @SimGuruConor
    1. Yes to crosspack compatibility, except to gaining fame.
    2. Doesn't matter, always happy to find more craftable objects in my game.
    3. I would appreciate it if some of the bigger objects would be crafted on the desk, it would probably make more sense that way.
    4. Sure! Same as above, some of the more advanced crafts (mostly bigger items) need more time to craft IRL. Must be able to resume later like the woodworks.
    5. It's possible, but it would be very uncomfortable after a while. ;)
    6. I'd be focused, much like when someone helps me with my homework. ;)
    7. No stories to share.
    8. Be definitely uncomfortable, maybe even develop a rash.
    9. Knitting to see here.
    10. Thanks, but no thanks. It was a choice for me to learn about knitting.
  • redrogue60redrogue60 Posts: 1,508 Member
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    1. Yes. Always Cross Pack! This should not be a question. As for which Packs well
    • #1 Cats & Dogs for new and interesting Pet Clothing. Cat's should be attempting play with the yarn ball, Cats should try to mess with you while knitting. Playing with a bit of string with kitty. Yarn ball toy. Pet Blankets
    • #2 Get Together for club activities and a new Club type and Icon (Should have done that for Witches and Vampires just saying)
    • #3 Get to Work is a no brainer for Retail. New Store type - Craft Store to purchase supplies and maybe a better set of needles. Can be updated with other art supplies and equipment as new things becomes available could be like Hobby Lobby. Knitting store signage
    • #4 City Living the already stated Yard Sale Table, also Crafting Conventions as a new event downtown, Lot Trait update
    • #5 Seasons - Where do I start. Cold weather clothing - Outerwear, New Socks, Mittens, Holiday Gifts, New Traditions (Knitted Ugly Holiday Sweaters, Crafted Gifts) Knitted sweater with Rabbit/ Easter Egg, Turkey Sweater
    • #6 Spooky Stuff - A sweater with a black and white motif of spider webs would be a cute touch. Pumpkin Sweaters, There are lots of cool costumes that are made of knitwear on Pinterest for example I have seen dragon cowls. Knitted pet costumes
    • #7 Parenthood & Get Together & Seasons - Baby Shower party, knitted Baby Blankets, knitted baby & toddler clothing. New school project. Calming crafting
    • #8 Discover University - I think sending an attendee a scarf with University's colors would be nice same goes for sweaters. I'm sure the Harry Potter Buffs would go for school colors thing. Elective Classes. Classes in general. Yarn bombing objects
    • #9 Laundry Day - It is so easy to shrink knitwear. I recommend a drying rack as new object. You could accidentally shrink a sweater and now poof the baby has new clothes.
    • #10 Outdoor Retreat - Campfire knitting
    • #11 Realm of Magic Enchanted Knitting needles, Enchanted Cloak

    2. I changed my mind. Crochet and knitting are different. If you want crochet items then put in crochet animations too. If it delays things slightly I don't really believe it hurts any feelings

    3. It's cool. I have no objection to it

    4. Longer than painting but not a lifetime. It should be based on the project though.

    5. I'm fine with them knitting while standing or kneeling as another person stated, or sitting cross legged on the floor. I would also like them to be able to knitting while watching TV and knitting while watching TV in Bed, Knitting while sitting in Bed

    6. Teach to Knit should be a given.

    7. I have bought things from there but not made for Etsy. I would think donations of clothing for new babies, Blankets for victims of house fires, blankets and pet clothes to send to a Pet Charity, Knitted outwear for Homeless Sim charity

    8. I get rashes sometimes from itchy sweaters. I think a rash would be pretty normal a reaction. But if grandma makes it for you, yo better get that icy thing on. With that mentioned I think a pink bunny pajama set would be fantastic for a Christmas Story homages. I'd watch that for negative ideas.

    9. No autonomous Teach to Knit. My goodness the Knitter would end up being insufferable. However a Sim asking another Sim to teach them or The Master Knitter asking another Sim if they would like to be taught is the better way I think. No forcing folks.

    Interactions to definitely add
    • Talk about Kitting
    • Ask to teach Knitting
    • Talking while knitting
    • Watch TV while knitting
    • Would you Like to Learn to Knit?
    • Show knitting project
    • Mentor Knitting
    • Donate knitting project to XYZ charity (Pet shelters, Homeless, Children's Hospitals, Disaster Victims)
    • Measure Sim for Sweater
    • Measure Pet for Sweater
    • Give Sim knitted Gift
    • Send knitted gift to Sim at College
    • Buy Yarn
    • Buy new needles
    • Research new pattern on the Internet
    • Sell Knitted Item on online store
    • Research family name pattern on Aran sweater
    • Make Holiday ugly sweater
    • Scratch head with knitting needle
    • Knit in bed
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  • MoonfoxNightcryMoonfoxNightcry Posts: 155 Member
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    Love your ideas! Here are some more:
    Seasons: knitted items like scarves or jumpers worn by a sim give them a warm/cozy emotion, particularly in cold weather. Crafted plant items could be uplifting/energising in Spring. Holiday traditions around crafting/knitting and gifting these to people. Ugly Winterfest sweaters are an option to make, and gift, and an embarrassed or fun emotion depending on the sim wearing a gifted sweater.

    Realm of Magic: Imbibe magic into items: Cursed or enchanted items to gift to people that cause different emotions/illnesses, or increase magic skill. Cursed items might be haunted, or make items break around the home. Enchanted items, like a plant craftable, improve flower/fruit/veg harvests or improve potion/spell success on site. Wearing a lucky item = better duelling success.

    Parenthood: giving hand made gifts improves familial relationships. Can gift dresses, scarves, socks, etc, or toys and plants or other crafts. The ability to teach skills to children. Gifting toys or clothes to babies or toddlers, or as a present to new parents. I would love to have more family play! I would really love to see a lot of home made children’s/toddlers clothes and toys. Hand-me-down items can be much loved or embarrassing.

    I’d love to see some traits and aspirations associated with crafting/knitting. Also favourite things!

    Q2. MAKE A NEW ANIMATION PLEASE! I’m sick to death of reused animations, it’s boring and nothing feels new. Knitting is unlike other activities in the game and not having a unique animation will look silly.
    I’d love to have craftable clothes (see ugly sweater/scarf/dress idea above), that would be amazing!

    Q3. I love the desk but I want to see it used for crafts other than knitting. If sims knit at the desk, their hands should be above the surface and the knitting needles not clipping into the desk. Knitting while sitting on an armchair is the obvious preferable choice. Can the desk/bench be used by more than one sim at a time? I would love to see a couple of sims sitting together, crafting or knitting together.

    Q4. Good idea! I think some knitting could be completed in a couple of sim hours (if it’s a small item and a skilled sim), but maybe 9 sim hours (split up) for a low skill sim, or a complicated knitting piece.

    Q5. Yeah, it’s much better than a desk! But they should get tired standing.

    Q6. Awww that would be amazing!! I love the idea of integrating this with family play - especially toddlers and children with elders! I could see it being similar to sims watching tv together: sitting on the couch and talking, knitting together. A desk or bench that allows two or more people to sit at it at a time would be awesome for crafting together, grandparent and grandchild, or a young couple, dad and son, etc.

    Q7. Yeah sure, I think lots of people would like that. For me, I think it would be enough to sell the items in a yard sale/shop or listing it online, or just clicking “sell” like we can with paintings.

    Q8. Yesss!! Love this idea. I want to see their comfort drop, their embarrassment rise, awkward facial expression, blushing. scratching at themselves and tugging the collar/sleeves, wanting to hide, walking with arms pinned to their sides or covering their face. Some sims should find an “embarrassing” item funny and be playful and silly with it. Also would love to see confident body language and a strut/smile when they’re wearing a quality item.

    Q9. Ah, man, that’s my boyfriend’s department. I’ve got nothing.

    Q10. Yes! More autonomy is always good. Love it, bring it, more of it, with everything!! It makes my sims feel real. I don’t like having to push the button every time I want my little robots to do something. They should be able to do what they want and choose to do! This would be incredible. It should also be influenced by relationship type and level, so a close relationship = teaching or being taught.

    Thank you so much for asking the community! I love this new approach and it’s exciting to think that the next pack could be something truly directed to the actual community :)
  • TiarellaTiarella Posts: 656 Member
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    Another idea regarding fame: if sims wear an item made by someone famous, they get a 'reflected fame' buff & a chance that passers-by would pause to exclaim over their 'designer wear.'

    Also, if a sim is taught to knit by someone famous, or perhaps just by a famous knitter, they get a few points of fame for being that knitter's student--you could presumably use the Vampire-family tracking mechanism to track 'families' of knitters.

    Robots' knitted objects should always have a metallic sheen! --perhaps they could produce synthetic yarns for their household members?--if you go with having unique yarns for each gameworld.

    @Sallinger79 - I :love: love, love, love :love: your 'knitted fan mail' & 'sweater curse' ideas--so much so I made a note to remind myself to tell you! (I have to make notes or I forget, feh!--which is why I'm not @ -ing everybody with great ideas. If I didn't have paper & pen handy, --whooosh!-- can't remember what that great idea was or who suggested it. :grimace: I need more sleep! :lol: )

    Eta: @Bloosmoo - just read your post; fantastic idea for regional patterns! :love::love::love: The following post is near the bottom of p.4--is it allowed for me to encourage those of you who also love it to go 'like/awesome' Bloosmoo's post?
    Bloosmoo wrote: »
    I did type out a long rambling answer and the computer ate it. So basically what everyone else says but with a few tweaks to question 1:
    Which would be cross pack interactions.
    Sulani : There are some crochet type tops in game for children and bikini's for adults, it would be good if you could go to Sulani and have these as regional patterns you could only learn there.
    Cats and Dogs: Again a regional pattern only learnt in Brindleton bay by some crusty old fisherman who taught how to knit a Guernsey or fishermans rib type jumper, probably up at the lighthouse museum or something and of course dog coats and tiny cat toys.
    Get Famous: gain fame yarn bombing doesn't have to be good fame or bad fame, fame is fame only yarn bombing can be good or bad.
    Seasons: Have Father Winter give the gift of a woolly jumper itchy or non itchy depending how he feels about your sim.
    Realm of Magic: Witchy knitters could do a knitted curse, (really itchy jumper that feels like the sim is wearing barbed wire) or the soothing socks of serenity that actually effect the energy level of the sim gifted with them. Maybe even a hat of wisdom that increases the sims skill building while wearing it.
    Vampires: Little knitted bats for baby vampires to play with or a little kiddie mobile of knitted bats
    Get to Work: knitted aliens!
    Over and out but thank you for asking for feedback, that's an awesome move.

    Yeah--and the hermit in Granite Falls could teach a unique pattern (or sell a unique yarn/fiber/dye?)

    (I can only read a page or 2 at a time, but I'm noticing we simmers aren't hitting the like/awesome buttons as much as we used'ta--probably 'cuz there's too much to read. Sure hope SimGuruConor wasn't planning on using those indicators to help figure out which suggestions are likely to be most popular!)
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  • purpleplumpurpleplum Posts: 24 Member
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    1. I love the idea of cats getting into yarn! Playing with it, messing up projects and so forth. I think that it would be interesting if wool crafted clothes were tagged as cold weather, but some kind of negative moodlet if worn as hot weather wear. Gaining Fame from knitting would be weird. It's already too easy to get famous.
    2. Happy! Crocheting and knitting are similar enough that I don't think it's worth the work to create a whole new animation. In real life I can't tell a difference in the end product either.
    3. I'm a seamstress, so I will most likely be using the new desk for a decorative  sewing machine (aka the fancy coffee machine from Get Together :D ). I hope there will be a pack with sewing one day!
    4. I don't knit, but I like where you're going with the timing.
    5. Yes? Although I can't imagine it would be easy. Sitting on the floor, though, definitely!
    Skipping 6, 7, 8, 9
    10. I think it would be nice as a story option, but I don't want every sim knitting. Maybe they have to have a high enough relationship? Like enough to become best friends, somewhere high.
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