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Hilarious Sims 2 Playthrough.

KaeChan2089KaeChan2089 Posts: 3,303 Member
I just stumbled across this person's Sims 2 playthroughs and they are a breath of fresh air and she is HILARIOUS!

Alfred Pennyworth's Queen.


  • lisken0221lisken0221 Posts: 98 Member
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed watching it soo much, very funny.
  • WhatCobblersWhatCobblers Posts: 165 Member
    This brought back some memories! I wish now I'd bought a few more expansion packs for Sims 2 when I used to play it. Strangetown was my favourite neighbourhood because of the quirky residents.
    Many thanks for sharing. 🙂
  • witchypiewitchypie Posts: 14 New Member
    That was ICONIC! :D Definitely entertaining, and her makeup is to die for!
  • MagnezoneMagnezone Posts: 55 Member
    I absolutely love Juno Birch. I need to watch more of her Sims 2 content though.
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