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When you first started playing the sims...what took you a while to figure out?

I remember back when I first started playing Sims 1, I could not figure out why my sim was crying all of the time! I played for days before my brother told me that her social need was low and that she needed to talk to someone. :D


  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,959 Member
    When I started to play Sims 3 it took a while before I figured out what a birthday meant. I’d created an adult sim and one day, right before I had planned to get her pregnant, it said it was her birthday. ‘Yaaay, party!’ is all I thought and continued playing, waiting for the festivities to begin. So, “Birthday time!” the game cheered in the evening. Next moment I was looking at an old lady who wasn’t able to have babies anymore. I’d had no idea aging was divided in stages.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,224 Member
    Eme783 wrote: »
    I remember back when I first started playing Sims 1, I could not figure out why my sim was crying all of the time! I played for days before my brother told me that her social need was low and that she needed to talk to someone. :D

    Same here, except that I had to figure it out on my own. Come to think of it, the simple act of playing TS1 was an exercise in figuring thngs out the first few sessions. The tutorial was a help, but it didn't cover everything so there was a lot of trial and error, and then experimenting. Same with the first sessions with TS2, lots of things to learn and figure out. Those were the fun days!
  • lisken0221lisken0221 Posts: 112 Member
    my family got sick the child first when the parents got sick I sent them to work because they very poor. Both the parents died while the little boy got well after resting at home and missing school. I played him for a while living all by himself. So sad.
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 4,437 Member
    My older cousin saw me playing sims 1 at my home back in 2000. She liked it so much that decided to make her own sim in my game. She played for a couple of hours and then she left to another continent, where she lived (irl). I was completely amazed when i saw my cousin's sim at a club dancing in the cage (hot date). Haha i didn't know that another played sim could appear in my game. I missed her so much irl that i decided to be her best friend for ever in my sims save :)
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 3,447 Member
    edited March 2020
    When I was still new to the Sims game in Sims 3 I didn't know how to build or to fix a house. I accidentally ball dozed a wall for the bathroom so my family couldn't use the bathroom. They got very smelly & one of them died. My daughter who was also playing the game figured it out & showed me.
    Before Sims 3 I only played the Civilization game & I grew up with PC games on 3 1/2 floppy disks.
    PS: I'm now good @ building different unique homes without the use of mods in Sims 4.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,560 Member
    In The Sims there was a fire the next morning as the wife of my couple fixed breakfast.

    1. I didn't know without cooking skills there was a very high chance there would be a fire.

    2. More importantly I didn't know if I had hit the space bar on my keyboard I could have switched to the husband and made him extinquish the fire. Because they were in a panic and I was in a panic I didn't know how to stop it.

    3. I didn't know they needed a fire alarm and it was all chaotic and I couldn't switch with the mouse probably because I was in some sort of shock and didn't know to hit the space bar to switch to other family members. Lessons learned. :D
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  • EveryDaySimEveryDaySim Posts: 177 Member
    When I started Sims 1, my sims would wave at me and act like their path was blocked when I told them to go out the front door where the foyer was - even though there was nothing there.

    It took me a while to figure out that what was blocking them was the foyer light that was on the space right in front of the door.
    I promptly began using overhead lights to block burglars, lol.

    In Sims 2, I could not understand why my Sim kept going out to the sidewalk to panhandle for Simoleans. It took me a while to get the hang of that one.
  • KeithiaKeithia Posts: 22 Member
    When I first started The Sims 1, for the longest time, I could never figure out what the Grading system is all about. During those days, people don’t usually google about game and stuff.

    I was playing the Goth Family at that time. So one day, Cassandra Goth was taken away (eternally) to study in a military school. I was regretful and sad for quite a while.

    Looking back, it was bittersweet memory playing the game. :)
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  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,949 Member
    In my first household ever, I didn't know that married sims were supposed to move in together. My first ever sim married Hank Goddard, but for some reason, the popup never came up to move in together, so he continued living with his ex-wife Pauline Wan and their three EA story progression kids. I wrongly assumed that the reason I couldn't control him was because you could only control one sim, so I didn't know that he was returning home to his secret other family every night until I followed him when he left.
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,831 Member
    edited March 2020
    When I started playing TS1 I was waiting for the child to grow up. I thought I was doing something wrong.

    Also when I played TS3 I didn't know sims can die of electric shock. I created a super beautiful and nice sim, kind of barbie style, to marry my legacy bachelor. I had her to repair something a few days after their wedding and she got electrocuted twice. They didn't produce any heir. Then I created a new partner for life for my sim. This time it was kind of tomboy sim. She was nice and all but it wasn simply my sim's love of the life like his first wife was.

    Sometimes I feel like I need a manual to play :D
  • SquirrelTail15SquirrelTail15 Posts: 253 Member
    TS4? Gardening took me over a month. I didn't realize how to plant stuff for ages. I'm a bit of a gaming noob sometimes.
  • davina1221davina1221 Posts: 3,456 Member
    I started the Sims3 close to when it came out. I didn't realize at the time that you could adjust life spans and played normal with no cheats. My couple progressed through 5-6 kids and I fulfilled nearly all their whims. Happy little family. I went on to make other families/saves. Many expansions later, I went back to them and just by chance went into where the points for their whims was and I can't remember how many both of them had, but it was considerable. I was shocked as at the time I had played them, I didn't know that points was collected and you could trade them in for things.

    The other was gates. Took a trip to the Sims3 site to finally realize why I couldn't lock some gates. Gates can't be part of the walls/house/incomplete. Gates have to completely meet and close. I'm a huge gate person and make fences around all my home lots.
  • FurSimsOfficialFurSimsOfficial Posts: 2,362 Member
    It's hard to remember, but I think in general with every new Sims game, I always try to figure out how the new UI works and usually can't find stuff or I am used to the old UI and then slowly come to realization that things are not existing anymore.

    When I played TS1 as a 9/10 year old kid, I always had my eye on a little black dot that was placed near the babycrib. I think it was a fault in design, cause it was always there, in every game, every save from me and all my friends. Me and my sister used to laugh at it and make stupid jokes as what it could be :D That's the only thing I remember trying to figure out :D
  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 1,904 Member
    I'm still not great at roofing without auto-roof. I want to click a button and cover the roof. Learning to actually think about and plan out roofing in any complex way is something that I have not done yet.

    I actually think this game has always been easy to play for me, to be honest, which has also been fun. The first household I played was the Newbie tutorial and I think that was generally easy too. My natural instinct is to take care of them, I guess.

    I don't watch other players that often, but I tried a few times recently. I'd end up thinking, "Wow, your sim is really hungry, I'm distracted from your gameplay because you aren't feeding them." So, I don't really remember struggling. I did go through a phase of building huge houses that took forever to walk across. Sure, there were some cooking fires and in TS4, camp fires in Granite Falls but that's part of the game. I haven't really had emotional deaths but if they happen, I'll roll with them.
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  • fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,440 Member
    I first started with ts1 for ps2 and I could not, for the life of me figure out how to get in to build/buy mode. I started playing a sim family where the baby crib was outside for some reason and couldn't figure out how to move it inside.
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  • EEbEEb Posts: 3 New Member
    One of my sims died, i can't remember how, he probably starved to death because I was lousy at taking care of my sims, and a window popped up saying that the sims wasn't a death simulator, but if it was I would have won the game. I became a sim murderer that day.
  • SimsQueerSimsQueer Posts: 85 Member
    When I first played The Sims 2, I couldn't figure out how to take care of kids and toddlers. They all got taken away and I was super frustrated.
    I was 7-8 years old at this time.
  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 740 Member
    For quite a while I thought the kitchen counters were just decorative. I didn't spend money on them at first, and I couldn't understand why my sims were only ever eating quick meals like cereal and yogurt even though they had a stove. It wasn't until I had more money and built a nicer house with a more realistic look instead of just the bare necessities that I put counters in. And then I was stunned to see one of my sims start prepping a salad on the counter!
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,996 Member
    I had no idea how to delete walls. If I built an extension I would have doors leading to other rooms forming a bizarre labyrinth :D
  • SimsandraSimsandra Posts: 315 Member
    I played Sims 1 and 2 a lot but for some reason, when I started with Sims 3 I had problems to figure out, how to switch families
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,996 Member
    @Simsandra wrote: »
    I played Sims 1 and 2 a lot but for some reason, when I started with Sims 3 I had problems to figure out, how to switch families

    A lot of people had trouble with that at first. I think they made it a bit more practical after the first patch though. I almost forgot about that actually
  • Frn0731Frn0731 Posts: 7,104 Member
    In sims 3 I couldn't figure out what that little thought bubble, the one that looked like a window and someone waving was. I kept checking out side to see if someone was there looking at all the windows. I finally came to the forum and posted a picture of it , I was told by someone not to troll. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ?? finally some kind member told me it meant they needed social. duh
    Laugh out loud. Often
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,996 Member
    @Frn0731 When I first saw a Sim standing around waving their arms I actually thought that they where just waving to their neighbors... :no_mouth:
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,163 Member
    It took me a long time to figure out that it was best not to build a house at all and only build a toilet and shower to build up enough money to get properly started.

    The next thing it took a long time to figure out was when to download CC and programs to lessen the cost of the online telephone service on the dial-up BT service as I hadn't got cable broadband yet!
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,895 Member
    When I first started playing Sims, I pretty much couldn't stay on top of an entire family of sims. Two was the maximum. As I got better I can now handle sixteen at once...which involves a lot of judicious pausing and queuing up commands.
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