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Does The Sims 4 require a trait overhaul?

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Does The Sims 4 require a trait overhaul? 182 votes

Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
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No, I like the way the traits are in The Sims 4.
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    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    Trait Comparison Chart - Part 1

    The Sims 3
    Advantages and disadvantages

    Evil is the recommended trait for the Criminal career and allows players to choose the Lifetime Wishes of the Criminal career (Evil or Thief). Similar to the Good trait, Evil Sims can donate money for a positive moodlet, but the money is given for the purpose of sabotaging the charity. While it does have one conflict, Evil Sims will get along with most Sims. In addition, Evil Sims can steal Candy from a Baby, Troll on the Forums and get the "Fiendishly Delighted" moodlet when misfortune strikes nearby Sims. A Sim with the Evil trait does not get the "It's Dark" moodlet if in a room without light unless they have the Coward trait.

    Despite conflicting with Good, Evil Sims can still use "Mastermind Plot" on Good Sims.

    • Sim will get a "Fiendishly Delighted" moodlet when misfortune strikes nearby Sims!
    • Sim doesn't mind a lack of light, a dark lair is welcome!
    • Sim will excel in the criminal career track.
    • Sim will fare well in most fights.
    • Evil Sims cruelly enjoy harassing other Sims when misfortune strikes them, such as mocking a Sim who died known to the other Sim, or teasing a Sim for not reaching the toilet in time. Other Evil Sims and Mean Spirited Sims, however, enjoy listening to the mocking.
    • In The Sims 3: Showtime, an Evil Sim can ask the genie for World Misery instead of World Peace like Sims without the Evil trait.
    • If mermaids[TS3:IP] have the Evil trait, they have the special ability to Summon Sharks.
    • If witches from The Sims 3: Supernatural have the evil trait, they can summon poisoned apples by command, whereas regular witches can choose to summon normal apples and only summon a poisoned one by accident.
    • An Evil Sim will always laugh when mourning a dying Sim who was unfriendly or was their enemy, but will cry if the Sim who has died was part of their household or was their friend. Regardless, witnessing a dying Sim will give them the "Fiendishly Delighted" moodlet for a few hours. Evil Sims also gain a slight Fun boost from watching non-friends and non-household members die.

    Player notes
    • The Sim can steal candy from newborns and toddlers. Stealing candies may cause Sims to slowly gain weight.
    • Other Sims will be cautious around evil Sims once the trait is discovered, Good Sims or Sims in the Law Enforcement career track especially so.
    • The Sim can donate to undermine charities once a day by clicking on the mailbox.
    • The Sim can do many things with an evil twist, such as "Wash Hands with Evil Soap", or "Do Evil Dance." However, it doesn't have any impact in gameplay.
    • The Sim has a keen interest in death, as they will often have wishes to visit the graveyard, see a ghost, or see the ghost of a living Sim. Usually the wish to see a ghost of a living Sim appears when the Evil Sim and the opposing Sim aren't getting along very well.
    • Evil Sims and Mean Spirited Sims tend to get along, unless the Mean Spirited Sim has the Good Trait.
    • Sometimes when walking into a room, an Evil Sim will rub his or her hands together and laugh maniacally.
    • Evil Sims are immune to the Creepy Graveyard moodlet, and aren't scared of vampires, or bugs. Evil Sims will still be disturbed by ghosts, unless they have another trait like Brave, Party Animal or Daredevil alongside it.
    • Evil Sims can "Shakedown" other Sims for money [TS3:SN].
    • Originally, a bug allowed Evil Sims to get the "Fiendishly Delighted" moodlet from their own suffering or minor instances of suffering such as exposing sims to a gross environment or having low hygiene. It has been fixed in previous patches.
    • Evil Sims never get the Upset moodlet when fighting with a friend or family member, instead they will wish to see their ghost.
    • Evil Sims have trouble befriending Unicorns, and the relationship between the Evil Sim and the Unicorn will decay faster.
    • While Evil Sims would usually cheer when they are nearby a Sim who is the Emperor of Evil, Evil Sims who also have the Friendly or Family-Oriented traits will still be angry with the Emperor and boo them. They share this with Mean Spirited Sims who can have the Good or Family-Oriented traits.
    • Evil Sims will autonomously "Shoo Off" cats sitting on furniture, even if the cat is asleep.
    • Evil Sims often wish to befriend other Evil Sims upon discovering that they both share the Evil trait.
    • Evil Sims tend to talk maliciously when gossiping about other Sims' misfortune around the neighborhood. They share this with Mean Spirited and Inappropriate Sims.
    • Evil Sims strongly benefit from undertaking a Business major while studying at college. [TS3:UL]
    More info

    The Sims 4

    The Sims 3

    • Bookworms can read faster than other Sims.
    • They have more fun reading than other Sims.
    • Sims can write higher quality novels than other Sims.
    • Teenage and child Sims can finish their homework 27.8% faster.
    • Provides a bonus to Sims writing in the Vaudeville genre.
    • NPCs with this trait are attracted to the following lot assignments: Library and Bookstore.
    • Bookworms can join a Book Club and receive a new book every Wednesday for a one-time fee.
    • Bookworms prefer watching the history channel on the television.

    Player Notes
    • Bookworm Sims get environmental boosts from being in a room containing a bookcase.
    • Bookworm Sims will gain skills faster while reading skill books.
    • Bookworm Sims will write faster than other Sims.
    • Bookworm Sims will tend to read books autonomously more often than other sims.
    • Very handy if career involves Political, Medical, or stay-at-home author.
    • Bookworm Sims are inclined to accept gifts earlier in a relationship if it's a book.
    • Bookworms strongly benefit from undertaking a Communications major while studying at college. [TS3:UL]
    More info

    The Sims 4


    The Sims 3

    • Hot-headed Sims will bypass getting sad or uncomfortable and just get really mad.
    • Objects breaking, other Sims not being nice and other negative moodlets can enrage this Sim.
    • Hot-headed Sims will react badly to negative social interactions.
    • This trait provides a bonus to Sims writing in the satire genre.
    • Hot-headed Sims are more likely to autonomously insult or argue with other Sims for little reason, but not as often as inappropriate and/or mean spirited Sims.
    • Hot-headed Sims will sometimes take their anger out on other Sims.
    • Hot-headed Sims tend to hold grudges, and they are far less accepting of apologies than other Sims.

    Player notes
    • Negative moodlets on these Sims that are related to anger are 50% more effective.
    • Sims with the Hot-headed trait will become "Very Angry" with the other Sim right away if the other Sim performs a Mean interaction with them, as opposed to thinking the other Sim is "Impolite", "Rude" or "Unforgivably Rude". Some Mean interactions like "Greet Rudely", "Accuse of Being a Diva" (if the Hot-Headed Sim does not first have the Diva trait) and "Slap With Glove" bypass this and cause them to feel insulted instead of being angry.
    • Hot-headed Sims will always retort when argued with, never being distressed unlike other Sims. This trait is shared with Diva Sims, who will also proceed to automatically slap the Sim arguing with them. If a Hot-headed Sim is "Accused of Being X", the Hot-headed Sim will angrily dismiss the insult rather than appear persecuted.
    • Hot-headed Sims are still subject to an awkward reaction when an Argue or Insult interaction is performed by a Sim with the Socially Awkward trait.
    • If the mood level is low, they become angry instead of uncomfortable and furious instead of miserable.
    • If a Sim who is a friend of the Hot-headed Sim uses one single mean interaction on them, the Hot-headed Sim may gain a wish to stop being friends with the offending Sim. The friendly trait slightly lowers the chance of this wish occurring.
    • Hot-headed Sims are more likely to have wishes to be mean to Sims whom they have lost friendship with.
    • Don't allow a Sim to the use the "Splash" interaction on a Hot-headed Sim while swimming in a pool, as the Hot-headed Sim will furiously splash back, decreasing the offending Sims's fun gain. They share this attribute with grumpy and mean spirited Sims.
    • Hot-headed Sims are more likely to win a brawl, [TS3:LN] but the trait does not affect the outcome of the "Fight!" interaction.
    • Hot-headed Sims are always able to perform interactions under "Funny", due to the fact that they can never get sad or depressed unless the Hot-headed trait is removed.
    More info

    The Sims 4


    The Sims 3

    • Unflirty Sims are more likely to reject romantic approaches from others.
    • Unflirty Sims have fewer romantic social interactions available to them.
    • Unflirty Sims are less likely to cheat on their partner autonomously assuming they have one, due to their rejection of romantic advances.

    Player Notes
    • The unflirty trait will usually be discovered after the first attempt at flirting, rather than dragging on with unsuccessful attempts.
    • To get around this trait, it's helpful to be good friends, best friends, or BFFs with the unflirty Sim before even flirting once.
    • Strangely, this trait does not conflict with the hopeless romantic trait, so the Hopeless Romantic trait will bypass the Unflirty trait.
    • Unflirty inappropriate Sims will not autonomously attempt to kiss acquaintances of their preferred gender like their normal counterparts, but the option to do so will appear for Friends.
    • Unflirty Sims may talk negatively about Sims flirting with each around the neighborhood after the "Gossip" interaction is used.

    The Sims 4

    • These Sims can reject people in public.
    • These Sims have renamed romantic actions that are less effective than the normal counterparts:
    1. Unflirty Introduction
    2. Futile Flirt
    3. Crudely Compliment Appearance
    4. Blow a Timid Kiss
    5. Ask Completely Inappropriate Question Over and Over Again
    6. Anxiously Confess Attraction
    7. Feebly Ask on Date
    8. Unflirty Kiss
    9. Reluctantly Hold Hands
    10. Reluctantly Embrace
    11. Pathetic Pick-up Line
    12. Attempt Seductive Whisper
    13. Awkward Hug
    14. Lightly Brush Cheek
    15. Give Half-Hearted Massage
    16. Ineptly Ask for Massage
    17. Reluctantly Profess Undying Love
    18. Reluctantly Look Into Eyes
    19. Nervously Ask to Be Boyfriend/Girlfriend
    20. Whisper Nothing in Particular
    21. Reluctantly Snuggle
    22. Unconvincingly Tease Like a Flirt
    23. Send Unflirty Text
    • A Sim who performs an unsuccessful romantic interaction with an unflirty Sim will receive a +2 "Hold Your Horses" embarrassed moodlet, besides the usual +2 "Awkward Encounter" embarrassed moodlet. At the same time, the unflirty Sim will receive a +1 "Flirty Rebuff" embarrassed moodlet.
    • An unflirty Sim who performs an unsuccessful romantic interaction will receive a +1 "Flirty Disaster" uncomfortable moodlet.
    • An unflirty Sim who is targeted by an successful romantic interaction will receive a +1 "Moving Too Fast" tense moodlet.

    The Sims 3

    • Perfectionist Sims do most things better than other Sims, but it takes a bit longer for every task that benefits.
    • The Sim can paint higher quality paintings, prepare higher quality food and write better novels.
    • This trait can help Sims becoming better architects. [TS3:A]

    Unlocked interactions
    Perfectionists can point out the flaws of other Sims in conversation, usually only available in the Mean interactions if a Sim thinks another Sim is being rude.

    Player notes
    • Painting, Writing, and Cooking skills take longer to be raised than usual, but they are of higher quality.
    • Perfectionists always do neat actions automatically, such as making their beds after waking up, or cleaning their dirty dishes after eating. For this reason, Perfectionist is like the Neat trait, but with added benefits at the cost of time.
    • Nonetheless, perfectionists can also have the Slob trait.
    • This trait provides a bonus to Sims writing in the Historical genre.
    • This trait will just add to a few random activities such as moving clothes to the dryer, recycling and other things (see Neat or above)
    • They are (mostly) always doing appropriate things, similar to the Proper trait but with the Inappropriate trait they won't be as polite and sensible as without it.
    • Perfectionist Sims will never autonomously express any humiliation or embarrassment to other Sims.
    More info

    The Sims 4


    The Sims 3

    • Geniuses will learn the logic skill 30% faster than other Sims.
    • Geniuses enjoy playing chess and will improve at it quickly.
    • Geniuses will learn the mooch, chess, hacking, and dominoes[TS3:ST] hidden skills 30% faster than normal.
    • When a Sim in the household dies, geniuses can "Play Chess for (Sim Name)'s life".
    • Geniuses can solve crazy mathematical problems on the computer for cash. This will also raise their fun motive slowly as well as slightly raising their logic skill.
    • Geniuses will perform better in the law enforcement, science and medical careers.
    • Geniuses can create pixelized paintings using Paint Stylized Still-Life.
    • Geniuses will praise their children more often for doing their homework, much like family-oriented Sims.
    • Geniuses can initiate "Deep Conversations" at any point in a relationship and they enjoy them more.
    • This trait will provide a bonus to Sims writing in the science fiction genre.
    • This trait will provide a bonus to Sims writing in the mystery genre.
    • NPCs with this trait are attracted to the following lot assignments: Library.
    • Toddlers with this trait will learn their toddler skills faster than other Sims.
    • Geniuses are unaffected by the quest action "Convince (Genius's Name) that the Sky is Falling".
    • Geniuses benefit from all majors in college.
    • Geniuses prefer watching the history channel on the television.
    More info

    The Sims 4


    The Sims 3

    • Ambitious Sims will get promotions and salary raises faster than other Sims due to their increased job performance gain rate.
    • Ambitious Sims may sustain the 'Anxious to Advance' negative moodlet if it's been a while since they've received a promotion or improved a skill.
    • Ambitious Sims gets 15% more Lifetime Happiness points from fulfilling a wish or lifetime wish

    • If a Sim has the moodlet "Anxious to Advance" and changes traits, they will be unable to alleviate the moodlet, but it's possible to remove the moodlet by using the Moodlet Manager lifetime reward or drinking a Sorrow Annihilator juice in Late Night. Neurotic Sims can also remove the moodlet by using the "Share Worries" interaction on other Sims.
    • A Sim with this trait is 10% more likely to experience a midlife crisis, compared to a Sim without this trait.[TS3G]
    • An ambitious child or teenager will have possible future lifetime wishes appear more often.
    • Ambitious teens and children will raise their school performance faster than normal. Raising their grade level will also get rid of the "Anxious To Advance" moodlet.
    • Ambitious Sims react very positively when being asked about their careers - even if they're unemployed/retired.
    • Ambitious Sims gain wishes relating to high tier financial goals more often than other Sims, such as becoming a business partner/owner or having a certain net value of Simoleons.
    • Ambitious elderly Sims are more likely to have wishes for their children to reach a certain tier in a career than their normal counterparts. For instance, an elderly retired Emperor of Evil with this trait will wish to "See (Sim's Name) Become a Criminal Mastermind". Insane Elderly Sims generate random career wishes for their children that may not have anything to do with the career they were formerly in.
    • Ambitious Sims benefit from all majors while studying at college .
    More info

    The Sims 4


    The Sims 3

    • Sim can play with some children's toys, and has a great time with them.
    • Sim will want to have fun more often than other Sims.
    • Childish Sims will become bored by conversations and repeated social interactions more easily.
    • Childish Sims will cheer when they have seen a ghost.
    • Provides a bonus to Sims writing in the Children's genre.
    • NPCs with this trait are attracted to the following lot assignments: Hangout
    • Childish Sims prefer to watch the kids channel on the television.

    Unlocked Interactions
    • Sim can fish in pools.
    • Sim has the "Play with Mirrors" option when initiated upon a mirror.
    • Sim can slide down the rail of a spiral staircase.
    • Sim has the "Play Tag" option when interacting with other Sims.

    Player Notes
    • Sim will experience the "Cuddle Time" moodlet from sleeping with a teddy bear in their inventory (usually exclusive to young Sims).
    • Sim will Have a Blast for 5 hours, like Toddlers and Children.
    • Childish Sims can get environmental boosts from being surrounded by children's toys.
    • While fishing in the swimming pool a Childish Sim can gain the Fishing skill. But they won't catch any fish.
    • Childish Sims will read children's books, meant for parents to read to toddlers to teach them a skill.
    • Sims may gain this trait if they "Wish For Youth" from Leon's Fountain of Youth.
    • Childish Sims will interact with the "Skyscreamer Swingset" far more often than other Sims.
    • Childish Sims will autonomously use the "Scare" interaction on other Sims, much like Mean-Spirited and Evil Sims.

    The Sims 4

    The Sims 3

    • Examples of clumsiness include nearly tripping on short stairs, tripping over nothing when attempting to move, dropping food, losing fish and dropping engagement rings during proposals:
    1. Clumsy Sims will occasionally trip when they stop walking.
    2. Clumsy Sims may drop the meal they are carrying, causing it to be lost.
    3. Clumsy Sims may drop a fish that they caught, causing them to lose it.
    4. Clumsy Sims may accidentally drop the ring while proposing marriage.
    • Clumsy Sims break objects more frequently, and at times will feel ashamed and want to repair them.
    • Clumsy Sims will occasionally (and accidentally) stop cooking when attempting to cook with an oven, starting a fire.
    • Clumsy Sims are more likely to fail tricks and as such are not good at the Acrobat and Magician careers in Showtime.

    Player Notes
    • Clumsy Sims are more likely to catch fire while inventing, even if they also have the Handy trait. [Confirmation needed]
    • Clumsy Sims are more likely to slip and fall into the pool when they start to jump in.
    • Clumsy Sims are more likely to fail the "High Five" interaction. This will cause the other Sim to learn this trait.
    • Ironically, Clumsy Sims do not have an increased chance to step on their partner's toes while Slow Dancing, and will also keep from doing so altogether after practice as normal.
    • Clumsy Sims are at a disadvantage when undertaking a Physical Education major while studying at college. [TS3:UL]

    The Sims 4

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    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    Trait Comparison Chart - Part 2

    Insane (Erratic)
    The Sims 3

    When choosing clothes, the Sim picks randomly and the outfit may be unsuitable or inappropriate. Examples include showing up to a drowned Sim's funeral in swimwear or going to a serious meeting in a clown costume.
    Sim makes decisions on a whim.
    Sim's wishes may not always make sense.
    Provides a bonus to Sims writing in the Auto-Biography genre.
    Insane Sims can rummage through neighbor's trash cans.

    Player Notes
    • An insane Sim's response to a marriage proposal will be random and not based on relationship level.
    • Insane Sims are not affected by ghosts.
    • Insane Sims can talk to themselves to fill both the social and fun motives, alleviating both the "Lonely" and "Stressed Out" moodlet.
    • Insane Sims can create distorted paintings using Paint Stylized Still-Life.
    • Insane Sims will autonomously sit on a toilet or in a bathtub without using it.
    • The "Speak Madness" social interaction will creep-out non-insane Sims but will entertain other Sims with the insane trait, and give out a bonus in relationship the first time if the Sims have not found each other's insane Trait (and mark it as discovered). It takes a very high relationship at best friend level to get a sane Sim to react positively to the said interaction.
    • Like childish Sims, an insane Sim can gain fishing skill while fishing in the pool. However they will not catch any fish.
    • Insane Sims are prone to randomly insulting or arguing with other Sims for little reason. Insane Sims can be friendly otherwise. The friendly trait prevents them from doing this at all.
    • Insane Sims autonomously consume fruits from the inventory even when not hungry, often yielding the "Stuffed" moodlet.
    • If the World Adventures expansion pack is installed, insane Sims will always wear sleeping clothes when travelling to a destination world.
    • Insane Sims will cheer for the Emperor of Evil, unless they have a trait such as the good trait which will have the opposite effect.
    • If an insane Sim has suffered a romantic betrayal or break up, they may end up taking out their frustration on another Sim at random instead of their cheating/former romantic interest.
    • Insane Sims strangely never autonomously use "Fight!" interactions - even if they are mean spirited, evil or hot-headed. They may still slap Sims for a dare if they use the "Watch This!" interaction from the daredevil trait. They may also start using "Fight!" interactions if they have suffered a romantic betrayal or break up.
    • Wishes from insane Sims may not always make any sense, and may not even be fulfillable. For example, they might wish to steal an item, while lacking the kleptomaniac trait.
    • Insane Sims may exercise and/or go on computers while at parties, giving the "Rude Guest" moodlet to the host, unless the insane Sim in question has the inappropriate trait.
    • Insane Sims may get the wish simply to go out at random.
    • With the Pets expansion pack installed, insane Sims may sometimes act like one of the major pet animals.
    • There is a glitch with the insane trait. With the Pets expansion pack, an insane child may start stretching because there is no animation for kids doing the "Acting like a horse" action.
    • Interestingly, the "Talk About Conspiracies" interaction will be considered friendly, and it will usually be received positively. On a side note, the "Catch Anything?" interaction will allow the Sim to discover if the target Sim has the angler trait, and if so, give a bonus to the relationship.
    • When swimming or exercising, Sims may choose other clothes types.
    • If Sims have both the Insane and never nude trait, they may take showers and baths in their everyday clothes, formal wear, etc.
    • Insane Sims act nervously while swimming, but they do not suffer any ill-effects like hydrophobic Sims do.
    • If the Supernatural expansion pack is installed, Sims with the insane trait will get the "Lunacy" moodlet during a full moon.
    • Insane witches may autonomously cast ice blast on plumbing, breaking them in the process.
    • Insane Sims tend to perform their "catch and eat invisible fly" animation when something unfortunate occurs to a nearby Sim.
    • Much like neurotic Sims, insane Sims may "Look Through Window". This interaction can only be performed autonomously, and boosts their fun motive slightly.
    • Insane Sims may sometimes have a warped expression, even if they're in a good mood.

    More info]

    The Sims 4


    The Sims 3
    • Throughout life, this Sim will be prone to swiping others' things. It's genetic!
    • Sim can return stolen objects to their rightful owners via the mailbox, resulting in a positive 'Returned Stolen Property' moodlet. They may even wish to do this action immediately after the theft.

    Player Notes
    • You can click the Swipe Items interaction close to something and your Sim might steal the intended object. It will then appear in the family inventory[TS3] or the Sim's inventory[TS4]
    • Kleptomaniacs can only swipe three items per day without mods or hacks.
    • Kleptomaniacs can swipe some items from community lots. Kleptomaniacs are able to swipe a car parked at the stadium, but won't be able to swipe paintings from the art gallery or a barbeque grill at a park.
    • If a Sim is caught swiping an object, they will be kicked out immediately and the relationship with the Sim who caught the kleptomaniac will drop severely.
    • Sims with this trait can only swipe items between 7pm and 6am.
    • Kleptomaniacs can swipe items from outside a house even if they have not been invited to go in. To be able to steal from the inside, the sim has to be invited in.
    • The maximum value of the item a kleptomaniac is able to swipe is determined by this formula: Career level X 350.[1]
    • Sims with this trait can swipe any movable object, no matter how big. However, there are some items that a kleptomaniac won't be able to swipe (see list below).
    • In The Sims 3 for console, Sims with the kleptomaniac trait are able to steal from the inside of community lots, unlike the PC version.
    • Most maids and babysitters[TS3] have the kleptomaniac trait, but the trait is more likely to appear on Sims that are generated later in the game to replace old ones.
    • Kleptomaniacs may autonomously swipe objects without the player's control in between 7pm and 6am as long as there are no other Sims nearby.
    • Kleptomaniacs will occasionally steal small items and paintings from work or school, which will then be placed in the family inventory. The player can choose to place the items around the home or sell them for money. There will be no notice from the game when they do this, and sometimes they may steal useless items such as bowls when eating inside the bistro lot. This works differently to the "stash tinket" scenario if any Sim was working in the Evil or Thief branches of the criminal career, as the kleptomaniac may even steal small items while working in a more innocent career such as professional sports.

    More info

    The Sims 4


    Loves Outdoors
    The Sims 3
    • Sims with this trait are always in a better mood when outside, as they will they receive the 'One with Nature' positive moodlet (+20) when they stay outside for at least 15 minutes. The moodlet will last until they go back indoors.
    • Sims with this trait will perform outdoor skills such as fishing and gardening better than most other Sims.
    • Sims who love the outdoors perform better in the athletic, science and military careers.
    • Sims who love the outdoors have a 10% lower chance of suffering from allergies.[TS3:S]
    • Sims with this trait receive 'Stir Crazy' moodlet faster than other Sims when they remain inside for a long time.
    • Sims who love the outdoors prefer to watch the fishing and gardening channels on the television.

    More info

    The Sims 4

    The Sims 3
    • Sim will always clean up messes they have made.
    • Sim actually has fun while cleaning, and the objects will be cleaner than normal.
    • Sims will clean even while being in a bad mood.
    • Sims will clean the entire house following a single prompt.
    • NPCs with this trait are attracted to the following lot assignments: Laundromat [TS3:A].
    • Sim cannot use dirty objects.
    • Sim will clean up without you telling them to.
    • Player Notes
    • Neat Sims will have more potent negative moodlets from being in dirty rooms.
    • Neat Sims will always wash their hands after using a toilet if there is a sink nearby.
    • Neat Sims receive wishes to clean certain parts of the house.
    • When staying over at another household, waking up from sleeping in a bed may cause the "Rude Guest" upon the host Sim(s) as the guest Neat Sim will always make the bed.

    More info

    The Sims 4

    The Sims 3
    • Sim makes messes, but that's just fine. Sim won't feel any differently about the surroundings...
    • Sim can lick a plate clean to satisfy hunger.
    • Sim will have no problem eating spoiled or burnt food! It's good.

    Player Notes
    • Sim cannot gain the Dirty, Filthy, or Vile surroundings moodlets.
    • Objects used by slobby Sims get dirtier more often.
    • Sim will slam down their food gluttonously while eating.
    • After a shower, sim might leave a puddle of water on the floor.
    • Grungy moodlet negatively affects sims with this trait, while the smelly moodlet does not.
    • NPCs and inactive sims with this trait will not visit the following lot assignments: Laundromat
    • Sims fart/belch sometimes.
    • Sims with the Slob trait will make out with kissing booth attendants callously when asking to be kissed. The attendant will angrily wave their arms as if attempting to escape, and exclaim disagreeably with the Slob Sim. [TS3:S]
    • Sims will never get nauseous from dumpster diving.

    The Sims 4

    The Sims 3
    • Snobs love to gloat and boast about their possessions and achievements.
    • Snobs will always react positively to compliments.
    • Snobs will get positive moodlets when purchasing expensive things.
    • Snobs will get the "I am Beautiful" moodlet when looking in the mirror.
    • Snobs are more likely to wish for money-related goals.
    • Snobs often wish to befriend rich Sims.
    • NPCs with this trait are attracted to the following lot assignments: Big Shop & Little Shop (not used in the game)
    • Unlike most other Sims, who tend to get along well if they share a common trait, if two snobs encounter one another, they are more likely to dislike one another, as they tend to reject other Sims' "Boast about..." interactions. Both snobs think that they are the best and hate anyone else believing that they are the best.
    • Snobs will be more descriptive when describing the taste of nectar.[TS3:WA]
    • Snobs will actually get along with easily impressed Sims, as easily impressed Sims are more accepting of boasting interactions, and there's nothing a snob loves more than admiration. The same goes for schmoozers, as snobs will never turn down a compliment.
    • Snobs that own the same type of furniture with one being more expensive than the other will tend to use the more expensive one.
    • If a snob is viewing art, they are more likely have an unimpressed reaction.
    • If a snob buys an inexpensive item from the consignment store they will get the "Feeling Cheap" moodlet[TS3:A].
    • A snob will react more negatively to eating morsels.[TS3:WA]
    • A snob will often wish to "Talk About Self" to Sims they've just met, or upon discovering that another Sim shares the snob trait.
    • Snobs will sometimes wish to make new outfits for themselves using the dresser.
    • A snob will react negatively to the "Worry about Money" interacton unless they also have the frugal trait.
    • Snobs will receive more potent negative moodlets from being in dirty rooms, much like neat Sims. They will even autonomously complain about a slob's behavior.
    • Snobs will receive stronger moodlets from being in well-decorated rooms, especially if said room contains a mirror.
    • Snobs will often wish to buy mirrors and other expensive items, which can provide plenty of lifetime happiness points if the snob has an ample source of disposable financial income.
    • Snobs prefer to watch the shopping channel on the television.

    More info

    The Sims 4

    The Sims 3
    • Vegetarians live longer than other Sims.
    • Vegetarians will get disgusted and nauseous from eating meat.
    • Vegetarians prefer to watch the gardening channel on the television.

    Player Notes
    • A household with at least one member with the vegetarian trait can prepare vegetarian cuisine.
    • Vegetarian vampires must consume plasma fruit or plasma juice from the fridge. Drinking from other Sims will make them nauseous.
    • Vegetarians won't have problems eating produce such as eggs and cheese.
    • This trait does not conflict​ with the angler trait, even though Vegetarians become nauseous from eating fish.
    • Simmunity lifetime reward makes vegetarians immune from being sick by eating meat. Vegetarians will still get the "Disgusted" moodlet however.
    • Here's a list of vegetarian alternative dishes which are fine for vegetarians to eat:

    More info

    The Sims 4

    The Sims 3
    • Family-oriented Sim's interactions with family members will have better results.
    • These Sims enjoy tending to the needs of babies and toddlers more than other Sims, even if it means a bit (or a lot) of stress.
    • A Sim is better at teaching toddler skills like learning how to walk, talk, and use the potty chair, than other Sims without the trait. They can complete these 50% faster.
    • Sims have better starting relationships with family members.
    • Sims write better children's books than others.
    • This provides a bonus to Sims writing in the children's genre.
    • They are more likely to succeed in the Daycare profession, same with the Nurturing trait[TS3:G].
    • Sims who have this trait will generally look after their children.
    • Family-oriented Sims may receive wishes to have many children.
    • Family-Oriented Sims will disapprove of The Emperor Of Evil.

    Player Notes
    • Sims often wish to have children and grandchildren.
    • Family-oriented Sims enjoy doing laundry. [TS3:A]
    • Family-oriented Sims train and teach toddler skills faster than other Sims.
    • Family-oriented Sims are better at tutoring children and teens, which will make their school performance increase faster.
    • Most Babysitters will have this trait, and will react negatively to the "Joke About Children" interaction. Babysitters with this trait will generally look after toddlers and babies better than those without it.
    • Family-oriented Sims are less likely to cheat on their spouses.
    • If a birth has taken place somewhere in the neighborhood, Sims who are family-oriented will talk positively about the birth when the "Gossip" interaction is used.
    • Family-oriented Sims will often wish to quit their jobs or take time off work if they have a newborn baby in the household; even if they are on the verge of promotion or even if they'll end up with financial problems when they quit. Giving the Sim the Workaholic trait will prevent this.
    • Family-oriented Sims will only "Try for Baby" with Sims they are married to.

    More info

    The Sims 4

    The Sims 3
    • Good Sims don't generally consider performing mean interactions on other Sims.
    • Good Sims will not have negative reactions to social interactions as often as other Sims.
    • Good Sims will boo other Sims who work as an Emperor of Evil, the top level of the criminal career's Evil branch.
    • Good Sims have an easier time befriending unicorns, as the relationship between the good Sim and the unicorn will increase faster.
    • Good Sims are sympathetic, and will appear genuinely concerned if another Sim is experiencing misfortune, rather than laugh at them. They also will be sorry for a Sim who has caught their partner cheating in front of them.

    More info

    The Sims 4

    Dislikes (Hates) Children
    The Sims 3
    • Sims with this trait will not enjoy being on lots with children.
    • Sims that dislike children will react negatively to talking about children.
    • Sims with this trait will often reject social interactions from children.
    • Sims with this trait will get a negative moodlet from socializing with children, holding, or taking care of babies.
    • Sims with this trait will autonomously use mean interactions on children.
    • Sims with this trait will reject the silly face interaction unless the sim is best friends with the said sim.
    • Male Sims that dislike children will be "bored" by their wives if they announce that they are pregnant.
    • Female Sims who dislike children strangely still gain positive moodlets from being pregnant and giving birth.
    • Male Sims who dislike children also still gain a positive moodlet from their wives giving birth.
    • Sims who dislike children will autonomously chastise childish Sims for their behavior as a mean interaction.
    • If a birth has taken place somewhere in the neighborhood, Sims who dislike children will talk negatively about the birth when the "Gossip" interaction is used.
    • Sims who dislike children will still receive the "Negligent" moodlet from having children in their household taken away by a social worker despite their disdain for children.

    More info

    The Sims 4

    The Sims 3
    More info

    The Sims 4

    The Sims 3
    • Mean spirited Sims receive a positive moodlet from being around their enemies. They also receive a very slight mood boost for each enemy they have.
    • Mean spirited Sim won't autonomously compliment other Sims unless they have a trait like Schmoozer that allows them to.
    • Mean spirited Sims will have a greater chance of winning fights.
    • Mean spirited Sims will autonomously use negative social interactions more often than other Sims.
    • Mean spirited Sims will occasionally angrily mumble to themselves much like Grumpy Sims if left idle, or even scream in anger for no apparent reason.
    • Mean spirited Sims are able to troll on forums like evil, grumpy or inappropriate Sims. Then, they may wait for a response from the forum users. Not being responded to on a forum will earn the Sim a negative moodlet.
    • Mean spirited Sims will cheer on the Emperor of Evil, unless they have the Good or Family-Oriented traits.
    More info

    The Sims 4

    Commitment Issues
    The Sims 3
    • Sims need 90 lifetime relationship to propose marriage and 80 to get married.
    • The Sim may want to change career paths if they feel cooped-up in their current vocation.
    More info

    The Sims 4
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  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,929 Member
    Neither. I think the game requires an emotion system overhaul. Only after that is done, traits will become relevant. They aren't now.
  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 459 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    I think all of the traits could use a little polish for sure.

    In a perfect world I'd get rid of the traits all together and implement a slider system. In real life, people tend to fall between two extremes: Neat vs Messy, Introvert vs Extrovert, etc. It would make all the sims have more depth as they would have more characteristics to define their behavior in everyday circumstances.
    Then we could have a likes and dislikes section for cats, dogs, children, etc., and a hobbies system for skills and activities each sim was more interested and less interested in doing.

    But if nothing else, making the existing traits have more baring on how a sim behaves would be nice too.
  • DaWaterRatDaWaterRat Posts: 1,422 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    Personally, I find "need" or "requires" to be a little stronger, word wise, than I actually feel. It could certainly benefit greatly from a trait overhaul, and I'd certainly like a trait overhaul, which is why I voted "yes" even though I'm not too fussed about traits as they currently are. They're fine. But they could be much better.
  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 4,029 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    Definitely. Some of the Traits play like they barely made it into the game for the release date, and like many other features, seem like they were rushed out.

    The entire personality structure should have been the first priority to polish and complete after the game's release, before toddlers and before any paid content. This includes missing emotions like Fear.

    But regarding just the traits, they need to be reworked to have more concrete game effects and behavioral influence and they need to override all generic emotion buffs if they're going to make any kind of difference for Sim personalities.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 1,819 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    The traits need to be more like Sims 3 traits.
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,082 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    100% yes
  • HestiaHestia Posts: 1,997 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
  • asimbsimasimbsim Posts: 380 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    I think this ties in more to needing an Aspirations update for me. In previous sims games there were more Aspirations that directly related to traits, and aspirations that directly related to career desires, so it made the traits more meaningful, because they really could drive the direction of a sims ambitions and life. So for me, it's an Aspirations AND traits update thats needed, so they both work together and are meaningful. Aspirations are so lacking and odd that I barely use them now.
  • Evil_OneEvil_One Posts: 4,422 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    Of course it definitely does... But will they?
  • Placebo7Placebo7 Posts: 91 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    @Hestia Wow, that comparison really sums it up.

    Yes, traits are terrible. There are too few, and the ones that exist have very little impact on gameplay. Looking at the Sims 3, traits affected who you might be friends with (because--shock!--you couldn't just easily become friends with literally anyone!), and what careers you are good at. Now, an evil sim might "laugh maniacally" but otherwise pretty much plays about the same as any other sim. It's no fun.
  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,519 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    Yes. The whole emotions system needs to be overhauled. All the traits do is make the sim tense/angry/sad if they haven't been outside/played video games/worked out, blah, blah, blah.

    That's why every sim feels the same no matter what trait you give them.
  • NausNaus Posts: 262 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    YES, but like I mentioned in another thread, the whole system is designed around EMOTIONS and not traits like in The Sims 3, so they'd have to go and pretty much rewrite a huge chunk of the code to add checks for the different traits to actually make them matter in big and small ways in-game. I doubt they'll do that at this point. There's only 2 or so years of content left for The Sims 4. It's probably not worth the investment.
  • SimsLovinLycanSimsLovinLycan Posts: 1,744 Member
    edited February 22
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    Absolutely. Right now, traits have very little impact on our sims' autonomous behaviors. Loner sims don't show signs of being any less likely to try and strike up a conversation than sims without the trait or Outgoing sims, Evil and Mean sims aren't that much more likely to do mean or mischievous things than sims without the trait or Good sims, Hotheaded sims are no less likely than Goofballs to start randomly being friendly right after a string of mean interactions, etc. It's pretty depressing to watch as this super-positive, ultra-nice, weirdly extroverted behavior pattern is imposed on every single sim when autonomy is left on, regardless of traits. Kind of creepy too. I mean, I can see not liking 🌺🌺🌺🌺, but what do these devs have against introverts or grumps? Everyone in this world can't be a cheerful extrovert, you know. If they were...*shudder**puke*

    Edit: Also, why is the word for Oscar from Sesame Street's race censored now? That's just too freaking much...

    Edit 2: And now the word used to describe the personality type of one of the seven dwarfs is censored too...What The Heck?!!
    There is a song I hear, a melody from the past...
    When I woke for the first time, when I slept for the last.
  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 1,543 Member
    It doesnt need a trait overhaul, it needs a PERSONALITY system. A few traits does not a complete personality make. Especially when objects or actions nullify the emotions sims get from their natural traits
    The Sims has currently lost its identity. #FixThePersonalities


    Please bring it back.Personality,depth,humor,consequences,lore,customization.
  • EveryDaySimEveryDaySim Posts: 125 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    I agree wholeheartedly that a personality system is what is needed. The thought occurs to me often that it feels like I am playing an E3 demo with background AI, rather than a game that has any real AI whatsoever. It feels like we got sold the placeholder system, and they've never gotten around to putting AI in the game.
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,424 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    I agree. And the Coward trait needs to come back. It's funny watching Sims freak out, then faint sometimes.
  • KaronKaron Posts: 2,156 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    @JoAnne65 I was thinking yesterday that maybe the problem with emotions is that there's a limited number of them. If we had more emotion types, we wouldn't be overwhelmed by the quantity of objects/interactions/etc that can change our sims emotions, since we would be seeing them more rarely. But, still, I think traits should be more powerful than emotions.
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,569 Member
    edited February 23
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    I think it requires a complete personality overhaul. Both traits and emotions included.
    Zodiac signs, likes, dislikes, favorites.... Etc.

    Honestly I'd be the happiest if they got rid of emotions. I don't like them. They annoy me.
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 3,777 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    I put yes but Only if it's a minor one and traits, not personality. I do NOT want to see turn ons, etc. I would say the same thing as now but look at really adding a few more behavior types and bonuses for each trait that make them seem to actually have that trait. Kids included.
  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 442 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    Yes, TS4 needs a trait overhaul.
    Yes, TS4 needs an emotions overhaul.
    Yes, TS4 needs some sort of personality slider; yes, TS4 sims need more personality.
    Yes, TS4 sims need Zodiacs, likes, dislikes, favorites, turn ons, turn offs, interests.
    Yes, TS4 needs more gameplay depth attributed to all of these things.

    Will we ever get any of this? Not sure.
    Is it even possible to implement any of this at this stage? Not sure.

    But, just because something is unlikely or seemingly impossible doesn't mean it's not needed. All of these things or some combination of them in conjunction with the bolded is desperately needed to breathe new life into this game.
  • PotsaePotsae Posts: 26 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    Those comparisons were very interesting to read, thanks for putting it all up. For me traits overhaul doesn't even start to describe everything I would like to have different with personalities, but it sure would not hurt.
    From another point of view, I'm sure that there're enough people who are content with it and would resist such huge changes so many years after the game launch which makes me think that it would be better to just leave things the way they are and start anew in The Sims 5.
  • CamkatCamkat Posts: 1,863 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    Absolutely. Traits need to have meaning and carry some weight, no matter what emotion the sim is currently in. I think with this, the emotion system would need to be turned down a bit, but even so, right now, as is, traits are totally useless and there's actually no reason to pick them (IMO). Currently as the system stands you might as well close your eyes and hit buttons for all the difference it will make to these "smartest sims yet".
    Origin ID: Peapod79
  • thecatsredthecatsred Posts: 327 Member
    Yes, I believe it’s finally time for a trait overhaul.
    Traits should affect personality and quirks, not like, emotions which are the same across all sims.
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