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Creating a CC interactive toy from EA's The Purple Pursuer Action Figure

Hello experts!

I'm trying to create an Object (Create 3D Mesh) and based upon a EA object: The Purple Pursuer Action Figure, which is an interactive toy that a toddler/child Sim can play with.

For the Mesh and Texture, I am using one created by someone else as a static decorative object. And I have sized it similar height to the original EA Mesh of The Purple Pursuer.

Looks like I've done most things right importing the Mesh Lod 0, Lod 1, Shadow Lod 0, Shaow Lod 1. Adding the texture. And the object looks really good in the game and the toddler can play with it.


But it doesn't fit in her palm the way the original EA toy does. I think it may be something in the Mesh, regardless of the size I edited the Mesh to be in Blender™

Specifically I edited the Scale X.Y,Z sizes of both the s4studio_Mesh 0 and the s4studio Mesh 1 to be 0.45 instead of 1.0 (original size)


Save as a new Mesh.
I then deleted s4studio Mesh 0. And changed s4studio Mesh 1 in the Scene icon to have a value of 0 under the Cut section of S4Studio CAS Tools. Save as new Mesh (for use in S4S as the Shadow Lod)


Brought it all together in S4S being careful to import Mesh in both Lod 0, 1, shadow lod 0, 1.

So you can see what I've done. But I don't know enough about Blender to expertly say what is different about this Mesh of Buzz Lightyear and the EA Mesh of The Purple Pursuer. Obviously there must be something (with the mesh) that the child's hand is prevented from fitting much closer around the toy.

I've tried my best to use naming conventions as I see it in the two tools. But i am a complete novice. The only Mesh I ever created were for customized sizes for Painting & Posters.

I would appreciate any help to informing me what I can do to fix this.

I have already asked this question on the Sims 4 Studio Forum, but looking at the response rate from other people's queries before mine, I can't know if a reply is coming for me anytime soon from their experts.


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