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Problem adding swatch in Sims4Studio (picture)

SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 7,758 Member
edited February 17 in CAS Custom Content
I have some experience from creating recolors, and normally it works just fine. This time I want to add a couple new swatches to a file I created some time ago, and that no longer is listed in the very short list of my 5 recent projects in Sims4Studio. So, I learned that I will need to place my old cc file in the Sims4Studio/Mods folder in order to get access to a version that can be expanded on, and not just edited catalog info.

Btw; I found that I also had to add the cc file that my old file was based on, in order to see the mesh in S4S.

When I open the old file in S4S, all looks normal. I see all the previously created swatches fine. I added 4 new swatches, and all looked good.

But in game, only the 4 new swatches show up like intended, while all the older swatches get the red and white error like pictured.


My question is: When adding swatch to existing cc, do I really need to delete all previously created swatches and make all new? Or is there a way to only add, like I thought I was doing, and still having the old swatches work like they used to do?

I assume that I do something wrong, and I really would like to avoid having to recreate every single swatch when updating any cc with new swatches.
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  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 5,863 Member
    edited February 17
    Did you add the mesh to your game as well as the recolors? You need to have both. The red and white question mark look indicates that the mesh is missing.
  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 7,758 Member
    Yes, the original mesh was included, and 4 latest added swatches performed perfectly both in S4S and in game. The red/white is only on the 6 swatches that were created when I created the new file a week ago. I find it so strange that some of the swatches are working while others don't.

    I have now imported all the swatch files again, and it looks to work again. Still no idea what I did wrong...
    Simmerville on Youtube | My blog is updated weekly: Simmerville's Sims
  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 5,863 Member
    I'm glad you got it to work!
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