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Sim's 3 and 4 Methods for Money (WIP)

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Money, something important in the Sim's. Yes, in Sims 3 it would be easy to travel to the future and check the lotto records for a large sum of cash, but that just isn't fun. Here is how my sim went from sleeping on the ground to owning a mansion with several cars.
Pick your traits wisely! *(x,x) displays game trait is in*
Certain traits help your sim collect more valuable items and makes them better at money-making skills.
These traits include; gatherer(3), angler(3), green-thumb(3), artistic(3,4), frugal(3), genius(3,4), kleptomaniac(3,4), lucky(3), and mooch(3).
A sim with any of these traits will have an easier time making money.
Gatherers easily find collectibles around the world, which can be sold, and with Supernatural, these can be cut with the gem-cutter for a higher selling price.
Gatherers have a 10% higher chance at successfully catching an insect, and 5% of having the insect value higher.
Seeds planted by Gatherers increase by 45%.
Space rocks analyzed by Gatherers will have a higher value.
Metals smelted and gems cut by Gatherers will have a higher value.
Collectibles hunted by a werewolf with Gatherer trait will have a higher value.
Gatherers have a 30% chance of harvesting 2 extra produce of a plant.
Anglers easily level up in the fishing skill and catch rarer and more valuable fish.
Anglers will catch fish faster than other Sims, and gain fishing skill faster.
Green-thumbs produce higher quality crops that can be sold for more money at the super-market.
Sims with green thumbs will learn the gardening skill 25% faster than other Sims.
Garden products tend to be higher quality when grown by Sims with this trait.
Artistic sims easily level up in the painting skill and their paintings will be higher quality and can sell for more money.
Artistic Sims will build the painting skill 25% faster than other Sims.
Frugal sims are good for the aspect of saving money. Frugal sims can clip coupons from the newspaper. These coupons can be used in any shop around town.
Frugal Sims can search the internet for coupons.
Frugal Sims will often autonomously turn off the lights in the house, which lowers bills.
Genius sims can use "Solve the Unsolvable" interaction on computers to earn a large sum of money. You can use library computers starting so you do not waste your earnings on a computer of your own.
Geniuses will learn the logic skill 30% faster than other Sims
This trait will provide a bonus to Sims writing in the science fiction genre.
This trait will provide a bonus to Sims writing in the mystery genre.
Geniuses will perform better in law enforcement, science, and medical careers.
Geniuses can solve crazy mathematical problems on the computer for cash. This will also raise their fun motive slowly as well as slightly raising their logic skill.
Kleptomaniac Sims can steal small things like decorations but can also steal things as big as cars. The things you steal can be sold for a lot of money depending on the value of the item.
Kleptomaniacs can only swipe three items per day without mods or hacks.
Kleptomaniacs will occasionally steal small items and paintings from work or school, which will then be placed in the family inventory.
The maximum value of the item a kleptomaniac is able to swipe is determined by this formula: Career level X 350.
Mooch sims can ask other sims for money.
Mooching Sims can "Mooch Food" from neighbors' fridges.
Can "Mooch Food" from other Sims at any level of Mooch skill. It provides the mooch a quick meal on the go. This interaction will often succeed unless the mooch has a poor relationship with the target.
Can "Mooch Small Amount Of Money" if Mooch skill is at level 6 or less.
Can "Mooch a Large Amount Of Money" at any level of Mooch skill.
Sims with a very high Mooch skill of level 7 or more can "Mooch Absurd Amount Of Money", which can provide a huge amount of money if the interaction succeeds.
Common ways to make money easily
Gardening is a very good source of income, but sometimes it's better to try other and possibly more efficient methods. Here are beneficial ways to earn money fast.
Sims high enough in a music skill can play for tips, the small amount earned while laying the instrument will increase and build up to make a sufficient sum.
The more you increase your sculpting skill, the higher the value of the items you sculpt will be. A base sum such as 100 simoleons for an ice sculpture will not be much when you're making back 9x that amount by selling the sculpture.
Becoming a Partner
Once you have collected a decent amount of money, try investing in a business. Places like the Vault/Archives are cheap and make you about 1,200 simoleons per week.
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