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Laptop/pc which is able to run sims 3 and 4??

Hi everyone,

I have been searching for a laptop which can run sims 3 with ambitions, pets, seasons and generations and/or sims 4. I got the sims 4 when it was free for a short time but it is just sitting in my origin account because I am unable to use it on this laptop. Would it be feasible to run all of these (+ all my custom content) on one computer without paying an extortionate amount for one? If it wouldn't, what would I be able to run and what would be the lowest price I would have to pay? (extortionate for me is over £400 for a new one. I would look for a second-hand version of any you recommend.)



  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 974 Member
    Don't get a laptop, they don't work very well with PC games. It's best to get a good desktop PC with plenty of memory, gForce, Windows 10 & make sure that it's upgradeable.
    I made the mistake of getting a laptop & it only lasted 3 years. Then I got smart & reached what would be a good PC for gaming that was that least expensive & great quality.
    I got an HP desktop PC with Windows 8. Then over 4 years I upgraded my software that Windows 10. Over 2 years later I got a newer monitor.
    My desktop CPU tower & mouse is 7 years old. I've been playing Sims 4 & Civilization V since 2014. Also 6 months ago I replayed Sims 3. I was amazed how the old game looked on my desktop, especially with my new monitor.
    Also, Sims 3 doesn't freeze up anymore & I can finally get the simspoint games for my Sims 3.
  • ClaraMaria123ClaraMaria123 Posts: 186 Member

    Do you remember vaguely how much it cost? If it was over £300 do you think I could get a similar machine second hand for a lower price?

    Thanks for your help!
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 974 Member
    Mine was new when I first got it & cost $800.00 Today that would be equivilent to $2000.00
  • HestiaHestia Posts: 1,951 Member
    Are you traveling often or do you need a “gaming laptop” wherever you go?

    If otherwise, I suggest building a desktop PC.
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