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Solved! Where can I find Nobility Sash to recolor?

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I'm starting my nobility project, and I want the most important houses to have a sash, one color per house.

I found one CC top download, from a royalty pack at batsfromwesteros on tumblr. But the sash provided is only blue, and in SimsStudio I'm not able to adjust textures or add swatches.

I've seen pictures out there with other color sashes, and I'm pretty sure there must be some more CC available.

What I want i a sash item that I can open and adjust in Studio. Then I can adjust colors and add swatches etc as needed for my project.

I also saw order brooches and family badges out there, but those brooches I downloaded could not be edited, so I can't use them. I need to color adjust them as well for the many different orders in my game. If I can't have them separate I might just paint them onto the sashes, though. But any brooch, medal or badge that looks good on a formal attire would be cool. I'm not playing a royal family, so it won't need to be over the top royal looking, but at least my dukes and barons will have sashes with accessory to show their grades etc.

I'd be glad if you like to share your experience and/or links to CC.
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