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Opinion on The Sims Mobile


  • CatNoir666CatNoir666 Posts: 1 New Member
    I'm playing Sims Mobile 4. You have to wait sooo long for events and I always need money and energy. I tried for extra money but none of those hacks work. Very disappointed in this game!!
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 18,934 Member
    edited February 2020
    CatNoir666 wrote: »
    I'm playing Sims Mobile 4. You have to wait sooo long for events and I always need money and energy. I tried for extra money but none of those hacks work. Very disappointed in this game!!

    Welcome to the forum @CatNoir666! The Sims Mobile discussion forum is here. :)
    Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. 😊
  • EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,800 EA Staff (retired)
    Moving this to The Sims Mobile discussion space ;)
  • RhindyCenRhindyCen Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi all,

    Is it possible to have new career ? I want to suggest Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor.
    Some barbells Smith-Machine and bench press look cool, right ?
  • PuffBallPuffBall Posts: 1 New Member
    I just noticed that I can only throw a party from my first house. I now have three and I can’t show them off. Not sure if this is a glitch though.
  • SpookynevSpookynev Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello! Could you guys pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee bring back the baby yoda challenge because of the new mandalorian episodes pleaseeeeeeeeeeee we need baby yoda
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 1,347 Member
    edited December 2020
    I find the mobile game to be so boring but yet I have grown so attached to the legacy I have going that I’m 30 generations in LOL. I barely play though - the only decent part of the game is customizing homes and sims. I’ll play a challenge every now and then so I can get more money and items so I can further customize my sims and the two homes I own but honestly the game is just so terribly boring (I like playing with cheats and unlimited money/resources in the pc version) I just can’t bring myself to delete it at this point since I’ve committed for 30 generations now lol
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  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 723 Member
    I played Sims Mobile briefly at some point a couple of years ago. I also got bored pretty quickly. It felt like there was so little to do. Everything taking energy and costing lots of money was frustrating. I also remember that my female Sim took a shower and kept her clothes on! No blurring or anything. I did have one child in the game but again you couldn’t do much. I deleted the app and don’t miss it. It could’ve been a lot better.
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  • boombamboomboombamboom Posts: 45 Member
    Is there any way to cheat with codes in The Sims Freeplay?
  • SimerooniesSimeroonies Posts: 16 Member
    I actually enjoyed it the first few months I played but it got boring and repetitive after with the tasks. I did enjoy the graphics and that you could kind of interact with other players but the events were always the same and still are
  • SbarrySbarry Posts: 1 New Member
    I’ve been playing sims mobile for years and I’m close to quitting. Everything costs so much and it’s ❤️❤️❤️❤️ near impossible to ever complete events unless you pay real cash. I don’t remember the last time I completed a sweets challenge or these new archeology challenges. It’s very frustrating. And why is there a level cap? That’s just ridiculous! I play multiple times a day so it’s not because I don’t play. I’m just BORED. I’m so tempted to just delete it. Also, why can we have access to items that are were in past events. Supposedly that’s what the eco building is for but I haven’t been blown away by what it offers. Please put some more effort in. Make it worth what I’ve put into it!
  • SuperT259SuperT259 Posts: 22 Member
    I like sims mobile but I think that the energy bar is completely useless. You run out of energy right at the beginning of an event and then have to wait like 7h for the event to complete.
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