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The re-release Sims 1 and Sims 2 petition thread.


  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,428 Member
    @SimGuruKate @SimGuruGnome @eamaki Please consider rereleasing TS1 and TS2 on Origin
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  • Destin2016Destin2016 Posts: 481 Member
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  • SiythewprstsimmerSiythewprstsimmer Posts: 1 New Member
    Signed I’m down 100% it’s so hard finding a computer with a dvd rom , i own 98% of the sims 2 games but not sims one but i can’t play them because no computer i have had a DVD’s rom . DEFINITELY SOMETHING YALL SHOULD DO !
  • Lady_Angel79Lady_Angel79 Posts: 1 New Member
    TS1 for sure!!
  • simlicious2015simlicious2015 Posts: 295 Member
  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,464 Member
    I would love this. Signed.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 16,036 Member
    Signed I’m down 100% it’s so hard finding a computer with a dvd rom , i own 98% of the sims 2 games but not sims one but i can’t play them because no computer i have had a DVD’s rom . DEFINITELY SOMETHING YALL SHOULD DO !

    Have you considered an external DVD drive? I use this one with my laptop.

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  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 6,144 Member
    Considering, I missed S1 and S2; I’d be down for buying it if it was re-released.
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  • MagnezoneMagnezone Posts: 202 Member
    I already have UC, but I'd like other people who missed the opportunity to get UC to be able to experience TS2 as well. I'd also like an easier way to install The Sims 1, because whilst I do own it with all the packs, it's a nightmare to get working.

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  • redroses16redroses16 Posts: 5 New Member

    Would love a remastered version of Sims 1 and Sims 2. I have Sims 2 Super Collection (Mac), but my Mac is slowly dying on me, and I will be so sad when I won't get to play it any longer. What I miss most from Sims 2 is the CAS personality chooser and turn ons/offs. I feel like it adds a lot of depth to the characters and makes them more unique. And also the little cut scenes for first kiss, woohoo, birthdays. Vaguely remember playing Sims 1, but would totally pay to be able to play it again.
  • AlexcielAlexciel Posts: 76 Member
    (This could be a pool, to count the votes)
  • DeadManHBKDeadManHBK Posts: 47 Member
    I would love it if they re-released the first two! I still have Sims 2 (hoping it will work on my new desktop), but I have had an ongoing struggle with getting Sims 1 to work on any of my current PCs. The struggle is real, folks - all I want is to relive my childhood. is that too much to ask?
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  • sikasika18sikasika18 Posts: 335 Member
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 5,019 Member
    I have diskfuls of my downloaded programs and CC ready and "pruned" to use in The Sims and Sims 2. All checked so as to not crash the games. Most of the download sites are not on the internet anymore alas. I could use one of my old PCs with XP or Vista but they seem too slow these days.
  • garapoesgarapoes Posts: 272 Member
    A re-release of TS2 would be a dream! My absolute favourite version of the sims, I'd love more people to be able to experience it. Signed!

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  • bluelightingbluelighting Posts: 635 Member
    edited May 11
    well one i never had sims 1.

    i have had sims 2 had quite a few, i threw them all in the trash and swore no to played them again to me they were just so ugly.

    i think tree or four months after sims 3 came out, i bought one, i liked it and bought every game that came out. i like it.

    now Id welcome sims 3, but now i look at sims 4 and im sorry the sims 3 ppl are just plain ugly to me.

    Sure I'd like to have the sims 3, if it were in a sims 4 stye and fashion. i want more adventure just like the next guy.
    but i think for me, there's no going bk.
  • bellagoth_bellagoth_ Posts: 533 Member
    I agree. I especially miss the Sims 1 and its quirky humour. I would gladly pay for a complete collection on Origin (even though I already owned most of the packs years ago).

    Keep in mind that they have released other games on Origin that are older than the Sims.

    If memory serves, Grant was asked about doing a remaster of TS2 and he replied that there were no plans for it since content for TS4 is still being released. This was... maybe 2 years ago? He said something along the lines of: "We can either keep releasing content for TS4 or remaster TS2." Honestly, I'd rather see them remaster it since I never got to play it and people seem to agree, for the most part, that TS2 is the best in the series. Especially since it's clear no pack will fix TS4.

    You're free to take this with a grain of salt since I found that post a long while back, back when I used to scan their twitters and I've no interest or time to search for it now.

    and for the op, i agree! sims 1&2 deserves more love, it wold be cool if they also adapted the sims 1&2 from the ps2 for pc, i miss those games <3
  • Horrorgirl6Horrorgirl6 Posts: 1,836 Member
    I don't see the issue of remastering the game.Just give them another team, and Sims 4 have their team.
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 6,526 Member
    small question what do you fine so interesting in such old games? me when i move on older games then to be unintressting to me as a player
    If you went the sims5 to remain offline feel free to sign this petition http://chng.it/gtfHPhHK please note that it is also to keep the gallery

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  • SajahiSajahi Posts: 16 Member
  • Horrorgirl6Horrorgirl6 Posts: 1,836 Member
    small question what do you fine so interesting in such old games? me when i move on older games then to be unintressting to me as a player

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  • xLunaSimsxxLunaSimsx Posts: 5,292 Member
    Signed! I love this so much & I'm glad you created this. I'd love a re-release of these games.
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  • windweaverwindweaver Posts: 7,317 Member
    I really don't care if they do the original, but I'm in for the sims 2
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  • AloeVistaAloeVista Posts: 321 Member
    I can't sign this.

    Sims 1 and Sims 2 were my absolute favorites in the franchise. I still play Sims 2 (an ultimate collections account). Although I'd LOVE to have a "remaster" of those games, since this is EA that would be doing it I know they would screw it up. They've done a horrible job with Sims 4, and the last thing I want to see is them sullying my two absolute favorites and classics. The only way I would agree is if it was NOT EA doing the work.
  • KpoiKpoi Posts: 31 Member
    I support! I think that this could be a project for the team alongside The Sims 4's upcoming dlc and content, and I'm sure people would pay money for a remaster of either of them or both! Take a look at the Sims 2 promotion, so many people were happy about it and EVEN NOW, people contact support for it!
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