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First experiences with The Sims (20th birthday)



  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 5,859 Member
    my first sims game was sims 3 pets on ps3 my sim was a treasure hunter I don't remember his name because of how long it has been but I had a lot of fun happy birthday sims game may you have many more and I hope we get some news soon
    the sims 4 isn't getting new whims right now and I think they have dropped them all together if we want new whims in sims 4 we need to tweet the gurus and tell them we like whims
  • emereemere Posts: 1,365 Member

    Long, long time ago... I was a Simcity player (Apple), at some point i needed to change my computer but I did not have money to buy a new Apple so I changed to PC. My Pc was for work but I was sad because I missed my game. I do not live at USA so a friend bought me The SIMS 2 in one of his trips, I did not kew nothing about the game, he just told me: I think you can play with the people that lived in your Simcity cities :D Even now, after so many years, I still remember the first house I saw when playing the game for the first time, I thought: how did they create this!!! Since that day The Sims still surprise me o:)

    My most embarrassing anecdote is from Sims 2: I struggled playing sims nights, I thouht the game was really dark... until I discovered that I needed to Turn On the lights duh!

    I have some many memories of this game, so many hours of joy and creativity! Thanks for all these ;) (and thanks to the Sims 4 team for the BEST vampires of all the series).

    Happy 20th Anniversary!


  • WhatCobblersWhatCobblers Posts: 101 Member
    bethyGrace wrote: »
    Oh gosh I've made too many mistakes over the years to count...

    I started with the Sims 1 and I'm pretty sure I never accidentally killed my Sims, which was a surprise?

    The first Sims 2 mistake I can remember making was having my first ever sim marry Goopy Gilscarbo, who turned out to be a romance sim and I decided I hated him and then drowned him in the pool.

    Favourite moment in the Sims 3 was when I successfully got my Sim-self killed by the Curse of the Mummy (world adventures) - I loved how the screen slowly got blacker and blacker.... then I brought her back as a playable ghost, had a ghost baby, and then brought my simself back to life with Ambrosia o:)

    Sims 4 hasn't been my main game (I play mostly the Sims 2) so not many fun stories to tell there.

    Happy birthday to The Sims!

    Goopy Gilscarbo! I remember that character! I think one of my Sims married him too. Whenever a townie with a really unusual or humorous name came up in Sims 2, I made it my goal to get them to move in to one of my households, just out of sheer curiosity. 🙂
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 10,191 Member
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    ... :p ...
  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,533 Member
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    Roddy's already enjoying his slice.
    So he's covered.

    Wait...did I just take the bait? I've been bamboozled!
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  • JustMe123JustMe123 Posts: 160 Member
    Happy 20th Anniversary to The Sims! :smiley:

    I played The Sims 1 when I was little and I loved it. When I got the Sims 2, we had to upgrade the computer because it didn't work on the old one... when I finally played it though, I was so happy! I love that game! I enjoyed The Sims 3 especially when Seasons and Island Paradise came out although it usually had technical issues. I have also really enjoyed the Sims 4 since Seasons and Island Living came out, though unfortunately I find TS4 much harder on my eyes than the previous games so I can't play it as much as I would like to now. Obviously my favorite expansion packs are Seasons and Island Paradise/Living! :smiley:

    I have enjoyed playing the games so much and I'll probably always love The Sims. Happy Simming! :smiley:
  • dominimpdominimp Posts: 148 Member

    Major history with myself and the franchise. I was hooked since Making Magic.

    Sadly I can no longer play Sims 1 (Classic, 2000, etc)... But I still play 3 and 4.

    Odd thing happened with 1 and 2 but I won't get into that...

    Now is a happy time for 3 and 4 and it has come a long way and it doesn't seem like it is slowing down...
    So I am still on the bandwagon hoping to miss my stop and that there is plenty of road left.


  • jkgoodspeedjkgoodspeed Posts: 35 Member
    I began with the Sims with the original. I really had no desire to play it, but a girl I was interested in played it and she talked about it so much, I figured I'd better at least get educated with the game so she'd think I was cool haha! End result: never got together with her, but found a new love! I believe I've played them all throughout the years and have moved from the PC versions to Xbox, mostly for convenience sake.

    My favorite memories come from Sims 1 was downloading a Marilyn Monroe skin (who I love!) and marrying her (so happy!) and in a moment that makes me sound like a serial killer (which I guess I was...), finding new ways to torment sims, like removing ladders from pools, boxing them in windowless rooms, making them use cheap stoves with no cooking skill, etc. At one point, I had to move, because my entire lot had become a sea of gravestones :D

    The Sims games have been wonderful time-fillers and surprisingly, therapeutic. During tough times in my life, it's been nice to be able to escape, even temporarily, to a place where life can be what you want it to be!

    It's been amazing reading all of these posts about everyone's first experiences :)
  • MortimerGothMortimerGoth Posts: 68 Member
    I will quote what I wrote on a similar thread a while back:
    I heard some friends at school talk about the Sims (PC version). I got the PS2 version first, and enjoyed it. I then got the PC version (Double Deluxe) and some expansion packs - I was hooked. I also spent a lot of time on the old Sims UK forums, sharing stories and pictures.

    Just to add, I found the Sims on PS2 very difficult. My family were always on the edge of poverty as I recall :D . I found the PC version more enjoyable.
  • jkgoodspeedjkgoodspeed Posts: 35 Member
    > @WhatCobblers said:
    > I remember really enjoying Sims 1 as a child, particularly Superstar and Making Magic expansion packs. One thing that has stuck in my mind was the music (I can still hear the yodelling in On Holiday). I used to find some of the sound effects when a sim did something bad quite disturbing: if you missed work, the phone would ring and there would be this striking chord, accompanied by what I can only describe as a death hiss down the phone. There was also some weirdo who would phone my sims up with a random prank call now and then.
    > I was also really bad at looking after babies- they were nearly always taken away by the social worker. In Sims 4 my childcare skills have improved, (though have always had to remind Norrell and Leoni to feed their children). I'm still not very good at getting their homework done.
    > One thing that made me laugh in Sims 2 was the cutscenes, particularly the marriage scene when one of them didn't want to go through with it. The look of horror in their eyes as the ring of commitment came closer to their finger. Nooooooooo! :D
    > When I first played Sims 4 (skipped Sims 3 unfortunately), I spent ages looking for the telephone in Buy Mode, then discovered that they can do all the different calls on their mobiles. How times have changed. I do love the amount of exploring they can now do around their neighbourhood, and that they can find hidden things. But what actually excited me the most about the Sims 4, when it first came out, was the amount of choice in CAS, particularly that you could create blue, green and red sims! (I love that I now have a purple mermaid). :)

    @WhatCobblers I did the exact same thing with the phone - I spent almost an hour going over every single menu, trying to find a phone thinking how stupid it was that they didn't include one...seems the stupid one was me! :)
  • HeloNecroHeloNecro Posts: 89 Member
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    I was playing the sims since it came out on game boy. It was Sims busting out- then later there was a Sims 2?(I recall watching others play the Sims date night but it was always short, how could I ever forget the sim living with her Mom slapping her and then her slapping her back? Haha. To me that's so funny... but now not so much. Anyway, Later my older sister and I visited a neighbor where one of the kids could play Urbz on their playstation(or was it a gamecube or xbox?) playing two player style- I was in love. My favorites were Urbz and Sims 2 Pets on the PSP. I always found Dusty Hogg attractive lol but I think I preferred the Sims when there was never an objective to the game and I could do whatever I want. When my mom got deployed to Germany they had the Sims 2(the sims 3 had actually came out during this time), I was fixated on the Sims 2 and grabbed the university life triple bundle, double deluxe and bon voyage. Then I came to learn of sims 3 due to the advertising and became interested in that but I regret not buying more of them. TT.TT I don't think I got to play Sims 3 as much... I'm sure I liked it... there was a bunch of packs that came out for it but I think my pc must've stopped working around then as it would do again when I started playing sims 4. Blue screen of death. r.i.p
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  • sheyoncexxxsheyoncexxx Posts: 24 Member
    I remember my first experience playing The Sims, I was at a friends house and she had it. I was so jealous! We played for a hour or so, and the next day I went round and played again (she wasn't even in!!) I was hooked, and have been since!!
  • JeanabJeanab Posts: 1 New Member
    I've played every Sims that was out there, from the moment it was released. I have so many stories and memories from all the death challenges to making my own casino. My favorite story yet comes from Sims 4. We will call her Samantha, and her husband Bob. So, Samantha is cooking and catches herself on fire. She wouldn't run to the shower, which used to be the fix to being caught on fire, so she died. Death comes and I have Bob plead for her life. He catches on fire and dies. I swear to God that Death threw up his hands! I'm pretty sure we both had the same thoughts about Bob that day. Thanks for making a game with no potential end, barring death, and bringing me years and years of joy....and taking my money for 20 years. LOL It's been worth every cent...but I'd love to see a casino, and be able to own it, for posterity's sake.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 1,422 Member
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    I remember playing ts1 with my sister and trying to build a house but we made bathroom way too big so in the end we filled it with at least 50 toilets cause we had no idea how to undo the room o_o
  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 17 Member
    My first experience with the Sims series was a big disappointment. I've installed Sims 2, but my first pc couldn't handle the game and chrashed at the start. But then, I tried Sims 1 and had so much fun with building and decorating houses. Finally, my inner architect has found a playground.
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,886 Member
    In 2001 we bought our first computer and along with it we got to pick two games. I saw this game with little people on it and how you could play their lives and that sounded amazing to me. I remembered watching my father playing SimCity and me sighing “oh if only I could go into those small houses and play with whoever lives there!” This seemed to be that game.

    I installed it and started playing and I remember literally being enchanted. Couldn’t stop, it was so addictive. But after a while a problem arose: my sim became increasingly unhappy. Tired, not enough time and money to enjoy herself, a house filled with flies and not enough time to clean it. All I was doing with her was cooking, eating, cleaning, sleeping, working, cooking, eating, sleeping, working, cooking etc etc. One of my last moments in the game was finally managing to send her to bed, right at the moment she had to go to work.

    I closed the game, must have played for about five hours absolutely loving it, but with the feeling something was standing between me and the potential the game had. It just was too hard, too grinding, I had a feeling I never got to the point where I could start enjoying playing her life.

    I loved it, yet I never opened the game again. I forgot about Sims. Until 9 years later when my daughter got the new successor, Sims 3, for Christmas. And she had to really convince me to try it :D I did though and haven’t stopped playing since.
  • ButteredToastButteredToast Posts: 16 Member
    My uncle gifted me his entire collection of the Sims. He has since passed but I could never forget his generosity. I recalled complaining to my uncle about how (aside from Tetris) video games were really boring because all you could do was killing everything that moved. He said, "Not all games are like that. I have something that I think you would like."

    He was right.
  • SimmerMarsSimmerMars Posts: 153 Member
    The 25th of this month will be my 20th anniversary playing The Sims. My mother bought it for me as a bday gift. How time flies! 😭😅 I spent so many hours locked in my room glued to my computer.
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  • SimmySimianSimmySimian Posts: 342 Member
    In 2000 while playing sim city I thought, I’d much rather play with the people in the houses. As soon as I learned that the sims was a thing, I was instantly hooked. Since then, I’ve purchased 99% of the packs (and spent waaaaaay too much in the Sims 3 Store), and had countless hours of fun. If I don’t play for a few days, I get cranky. Will Wright is a hero.
  • MelsieYTMelsieYT Posts: 161 Member
    I was six when the first game came out. I think I might've actually been a couple years older than that though when I was first introduced to the game - maybe eight? I was staying over at my aunt's for a few nights and we ended up playing for HOURS. In the first iteration of the game you could upload pictures and make custom sims, so my aunt made our sim selves and I was AMAZED. I got my parents to get me the game not too long after that, and thus began my two-decade long obsession.
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