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The Sims 2 Pets PS2 Screenshots needed! Any help would be amazing!

SophieLogicSophieLogic Posts: 52 Member
I have been going crazy trying to find pictures of a house I played NON-STOP as a child so I can rebuild it in The Sims 4. If anyone has time to access a PS2 or know where to find screenshots, I would be so grateful! Looking for many different angles so I can get a good reference to finish my build!
I can imagine that wiki could also do with getting more pictures for their stub pages!

Name: Firefly Lake
Owned by: Mira May
Wiki: Link

(The only two screenshots I can find online are these)
And to give context, this is my current remake which I will put on the Gallary when I have finished it!
(P.S. I noticed the blue sofa out of place and the missing left window after taking the screenshot, it's fixed now :D)

Thanks in advance!
Happy Simming!


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