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Is there a mod to download a list of townies/all sims in my save?

SamanthaThunderSamanthaThunder Posts: 34 Member
edited February 1 in General Mods Discussion
I want to make a “yearbook” of all sims in my sims save (I don’t really know why, just felt like it would be cool!)
Is there a way or some kind of mod that will allow me to receive a list of all sims in my saves’ name or if it’s possible to show a picture of these sims, that would be even better.
As I remember, MC Command did have a feature that allowed me to download a list of all sims’ names in a notepad file. But I didn’t have any luck in finding that feature again.
Does anyone know about this?


  • uglytownieuglytownie Posts: 29 Member
    Hmm, I can't recall of a mod that does that. But the easiest way I could image is to download the Sims 4 Tray File Importer tool, save all your sims to your library and then browse it that way and copy and paste their names into a file.
  • SamanthaThunderSamanthaThunder Posts: 34 Member
    UPDATE: I found it! If anyone owns MC Command, they could do this through typing “get_pop” on the cheat bar.
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