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Question about story progression in TS3

simplyzoesimplyzoe Posts: 318 Member
Hi, I have located my favorite sims and the world I last played plus another world with more sims I created that have horses and such.
My question is how do I not lose my favorite family's careers (or any of their careers I picked out) if I change "active household"?
I was setting the world up and was getting each family and commercial lot situated and it kept popping up that this sim or that sim found a job or changed jobs. I was busy playing and then noticed my main sim had changed jobs? Simmish bad words flew out of my mouth because he was a high level "hit movie composer" in the music industry and changed to an entry level job.
So then I found my old worlds which was the last families I had played and started there but do not want the same thing to happen again so I am doing "edit town" and am placing lots and moving sims around but some of the homes I need to make sure they have cribs and pet supplies and I cannot edit the house if they are in it.
I also want to be able to change households and have that family frozen in time without story progression "on" which it is not by the way.
That said, I have the NRAAS mod but do not know how to do the settings.

Thanks in advance . . .
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