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"Pelican Town to Sims Town" - A Stardew Valley, Sims 3 Fanfic



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    Geez @KevinL5275 I meant to add this to my main post to you above ^^^

    A random shot of pretty Haley while I was taking pictures. Just for you. :blush:

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    Wow that's an interesting top she has on >:) Its perfect for Haley though. <3

    Me? Confused on your characters? No way. o:)
    I thought Abigail lost her hair color when one of her spells went wonky? Boy, am I mixed up.

    No pressure on writing the "big drama," I'm just looking forward to it. :)
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    KevinL5275 wrote: »
    Wow that's an interesting top she has on >:) Its perfect for Haley though. <3

    Me? Confused on your characters? No way. o:)
    I thought Abigail lost her hair color when one of her spells went wonky? Boy, am I mixed up.

    No pressure on writing the "big drama," I'm just looking forward to it. :)

    @KevinL5275 Oh lol! No you aren't mixed up, even I had forgotten. :open_mouth: Yes! There were some white highlights after she got struck by lightning and then she used her magic to turn it Blue to be different for Sebastian. <3 Now its back to purple. :blush: She missed it. (Maybe author missed it too. ;):p )

    I knew you'd like that revealing top on Haley. :smirk: She's trying to dress warmly, but show something off at the same time. ;) I wonder if being with Sam, she might desire to show a little less of herself like that.....leaving it only for him in a private setting. Who knows? Anything could happen? :p I can't help teasing. :mrgreen:

    Thanks. I'm always glad to hear when y'all are looking forward to more. <3 Soon! I promise!
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    Here's more as promised my friends. :mrgreen:
    There is a little bit of a steamy part, but...I think it's tame enough to be on here. :p Picture heavy too so sorry to those of you with slow connections. <3

    I hope you'll enjoy it. <3

    Pelican Town to Sims Town
    Continuation of Chapter 17

    That afternoon, Shane, Emily, Abigail, and Sebastian were sitting in the guy’s living room and started chatting about all sorts of random stuff to pass time before dinner. The subject went from life in Appaloosa to life back home.

    “What!? Abigail cried. “Don’t tell me you guys don’t know about the Junimos? The forest spirits that reside in the old Community Center?”


    “No,” Shane flatly replied.
    “I read something about them not long before we came here,” Emily said. “They seemed pretty cool, but I wasn’t sure if they were real or just the delusions of past forest dwellers.”
    Sebastian nodded at that.
    “No, they very much exist. They’re the only spirits I’d ever been able to see in Pelican Town and it was exciting! Adorable little things!” Abigail mused. That was before she met Donna and was finally able to see a human spirit like she’d always dreamed of. She hadn’t told any of them about Donna yet and wasn’t sure when. That was for another time. She went on to describe how the Junimos looked.


    Emily found Abigail’s description and information about them quite fascinating, while Shane just stared at the blank wall twenty feet ahead of him, halfway listening.


    It might’ve interested him more if he hadn’t been feeling so down, his depression making a lovely comeback. The trigger frustrated him and he was trying very hard not to let it show. Doing his best to learn to suppress it.

    Sebastian could see the faraway look in Shane’s eyes. He decided to ask him what he thought about Joja sodas and why most of them tasted so terrible, as the girls began talking about something else.


    He managed to get a little chuckle out of Shane, only for Shane to then shrug and say, “I dunno. They taste about like beer to me, so…”
    “Oh...,” Sebastian uttered, his voice trailing off, unsure of what to say next.

    Shane knew the guy was trying to be thoughtful and not talk about anything alcohol in front of him, which part of him appreciated, but right now…he didn’t want his thoughtfulness. Nor his sympathy. He rubbed at his eyes, hating these emotions.

    The two guys just sat in silence and listened as the girls carried on their conversation about the monsters that dwelt in the caves back home.


    Shane had forgotten how giddy Emily could get while happily conversing with friends and the elevated pitch in her voice screeched terribly in his ears. It didn’t help that Abigail’s voice was doing the same. His nerves were getting quite rattled, but once again, he reminded himself to suppress it and keep cool. They certainly weren’t meaning, or trying, to annoy him. It was just something else that was making everything around him seem worse.

    Emily wasn’t oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend was acting differently today and she made sure that at the first opportunity she would talk to him about it.

    That opportunity came sooner than expected. Sam popped into the room and asked Sebastian and Abigail if they’d like to do a jam session with him. “I got Elliott to agree to join us!” he exclaimed. “It’s gonna be so LIT with the piano added in! Whaddya say guys?”


    “I’m down for that!” Sebastian expressed. H**l yeah I am…he thought, shooting a quick glance at Shane. He was more than happy to get away from that awkwardness and promptly stood up, holding out his hand to Abigail.
    “Oh, uh,” Abigail began, darting glances between Sebastian’s hand, him, then Emily, and then at Sam, “yeah, that sounds really fun!” Then she turned back to Emily. “We HAVE to finish this conversation later.”
    “Definitely,” Emily chuckled.

    As Emily watched the two disappear into Sam’s room, she turned to address Shane only to find her eyes meeting with his legs instead of his face.
    “I gotta go to the bathroom,” he informed her.
    “...Okay,” she acknowledged. “You want me to fix up a little snack? I could hear your tummy rumbling the entire time we were talking.” She winked.
    “Sure. Whatever,” he said with a shrug and made a beeline for the bathroom.

    Emily sighed as she watched him disappear, standing up herself and heading for the kitchen. It always made her heart ache to see her love feeling sad or distressed, especially when he'd been so happy lately. She had an idea of what might be bothering him so she planned out how she was going to approach it and what she was going to say - while fixing up their snack - to make the conversation go as smoothly and tenderly as possible.

    In the bathroom, Shane ran the water to as cold as he could get it, cupping his hands underneath...


    ...then promptly splashed the liquid onto his face, breathing heavily over how refreshing it felt. He did it again and expelled the same breaths. Then he stared into the mirror, watching the beadlets of water, mixed with sweat, stream down his cheeks and drip off his jaw. He was checking to make sure his eyes didn’t look bloodshot. Thankfully they didn’t. His heavy, wet bangs slid down over his left eye, annoyingly obstructing his vision. He swiftly brushed them away with an exasperated breath of frustration. “I need to get a haircut.”


    Instead of joining Emily in the kitchen, he simply went into his bedroom.

    Emily noticed and grabbed the plate of broccoli, baby carrots, and dip and took it into Shane’s room with her.

    When she went in she found Shane sitting on the couch, leaning forward with his head down and his arms on his knees. The gray aura around him gave her the feeling that he wasn’t in the mood for a snack so she set the plate down onto his desk. It was time for that talk.

    “Hey. You feeling okay?” she tenderly asked him.

    He wanted to answer, but at the same time he didn’t. So he just ended up saying nothing.


    Realizing that was a silly question, Emily went with a different approach. She gently sat down beside him and said, “I noticed you’ve been a little quiet today. What’s going on?”

    Shane squeezed his eyes shut for a moment. He really hated this part. But he knew Emily would sit there in silence for hours waiting for him to answer; because that’s how much she loved and cared for him. The depth of her love always warmed his heart and made this kind of thing easier to do. “I’ve been…craving a drink ever since I woke up this morning,” he softly revealed, timidly rubbing at the back of his neck. “My hands were even beginning to shake again. I thought…drinking a soda would help, but…it didn’t do nothing. It just made the craving worse…and I got upset. Now I’m feeling depressed.”

    Emily’s eyes glistened as she intently listened, her soul feeling and fully understanding his pain.


    “I thought I had overcome it for good, you know?” He turned his head toward her, with such a hopeless frown it tugged at her heartstrings. “But who was I kidding? Even when there’s literally zero alcohol around to tempt me I still go into a relapse. What the h**l is up with that? Is there no hope for me?”


    “Shhh,” she tenderly hushed, raising her hand to stroke his cheek. “Don’t think like that. Of course there’s hope. There’s always hope. What you’re experiencing is very normal.”
    “No,” he choked. “I don’t want it to be normal. I can’t relapse. I have to overcome this for good!”
    “You will,” she assured.
    “Emily I,” his voice cracked, afraid to admit, “I about drove over to the Bar this morning to get a drink until I remembered there wouldn’t be any. When we’re back in Pelican Town, what’s going to stop me from hitting up the Saloon in the same way when I get a serious craving like this again? It’s like I was on auto-pilot. And the alcohol will actually BE there!”
    “Your will to stay sober,” she firmly answered for him. “And me. You’ll always have me to help you.”


    He lowered his head. “You know you can’t always be there for me in every moment of weakness. I can’t ask that of you…nor do I wanna be that kind of burden to you.”
    “Hey…haven’t we had this discussion already?” she gently asked with a light smile, taking his hand.


    “Yes…,” he expressed in a surrendering tone.
    “So you don’t need to worry anymore because you’re strong and I love you and I have complete faith in the promise you made to me before about staying sober.” She stroked his cheek again.
    “I meant it with all my heart.”
    “I know…and that’s how I know you’ll stay strong and conquer the cravings when they come.”
    “But I almost gave in today…I almost let you down.” His eyes glistened with tears.
    “But you didn’t!” Her eyes doing the same. “You had a moment of weakness and it’s okay! It’s gonna happen. Just remember that it doesn’t have to control you or determine how the rest of your actions will go. You proved that to yourself today. You should be proud of yourself.”
    That was a good point to which he nodded at. “I just never want you to give you any reason to give up on me. Everybody does…”
    “Well,” she paused, leaning in a little closer and saying with frankness, “I’m not everybody. Never have been.”
    That got him to smile. “That you haven’t…and I love that about you.”


    “There’s my guy,” she lovingly said, taking his face into her hands.

    Shane pulled her in closer by her waist until their lips grazed each others. “You’re such an incredibly amazing person Emily. Thank you for being my rock and my constant companion. For whipping my butt back into shape when I fall down.”
    They chuckled.
    “I never believed anyone like you existed in the world. You’re truly an angel. My guardian angel.”
    “Aww, listen to you. You’re too sweet. I'm just being me.”
    “I mean it. I love you so much,” he whispered, lightly kissing her lips twice. “I’d be so lost without you. I sure as h**l was before. I am yours…until the day I die.”
    “Oh Shane…” She pulled his face in closer to give him an even deeper kiss. “You’re my rock too, you know. And someday I’ll need you to be my strength too. We’ll always be in this together.”


    Soon all of Shane’s worries - even the lingering craving - melted away as he lost himself in her kisses.



    In the heat of the moment he found himself preying on her lips, licking and biting, like an aroused and ravenous wolf.


    He feared he’d been too rough in his passion though, and pulled back just to be sure. Panting and grinning brightly, rosy-cheeked Emily assured him that she was just fine. More than fine.


    Satisfied, he gladly continued.


    It didn’t take long for his “prey” to overtake him, slithering over his body, and proving her declarations of love and devotion through her own wild kisses.


    “Oooh,” he moaned, wondering why they weren’t ripping each other's clothes off already.


    “Mmm,” she moaned in return, biting his lower lip and firmly pressing her body against his. It would seem she was having a similar thought.


    Just then, both of their stomachs rumbled loudly in unison. It was such a humorous sound that the two instantly laughed out loud, killing the sexual moment.

    Foreheads pressed together, Emily said through a grin, “I knew you were hungry."
    “You are too apparently…”
    She giggled, rubbing noses with him now. “Guess we should continue this later?”
    “Might be better. Sustenance is good for peak performance,” he smirked.
    “Oh my you!”


    They sat back from each other now, holding hands.

    “So are you feeling better now?” she lovingly asked.
    “Absolutely,” he lovingly replied in turn. “Thanks to you.”

    Her heart swelled with joy. That’s all she wanted to hear.


    Meanwhile, in Sam and Sebastian’s bedroom, the group finished their warm up jam and prepared themselves to play a song while Sam peeked through the blinds on one of the windows again. He looked back on his earlier text messages to Haley and read her replies:


    He wasn’t sure if Alex was in the house or not and honestly, he didn’t care. All he wanted was for Haley to come over and hear the music; and of course to be near her again. He had a couple of favorite Rock songs from back home that had a piano part and he’d been dying to play them ever since he learned how super talented Elliott was on the instrument. The man finally agreed to it.

    “So we playing the song what?” Elliott asked.

    “Not yet,” Sam replied. “I’m waiting for Haley to get here. I want her to hear it.”

    Elliott looked away with an impatient sigh to which Leah placed a caring hand on his shoulder. “It’s alright,” she soothed. “You’re acting like we’re in a hurry to go somewhere else and…we’re not. I’m actually really excited to hear the song.”
    “I’m glad,” he expressed with a smile. “I just don’t want these kids getting any ideas that I want to join their band.”
    She gave him a smirk. “Would that be such a bad thing?”
    “Yes! I’m not the Rock band type!”
    She shrugged. “Okay, that’s true. You certainly got the hair for it though,” she winked.
    He dismissively shook his head at her with a grin.

    “Alright! She’s here!” Sam happily informed with a clap, heading for the door. “Be right back.”

    In a few short minutes, Sam escorted Haley into the room. The blonde seemed a little reserved as she greeted everyone which Leah thought was unusual, but regardless she warmly welcomed her and told her it was nice to see her outside of the ladies house. Haley uttered a quiet, “thanks” to her.

    As Sam readied his guitar he asked the group, “Alrighty everyone. Time to show these two lovely ladies a rad performance!”
    Haley and Leah blushed at the sentiment.
    “Ready?” he asked each musician with an individual gaze, to which they nodded. “You remember the song?” he asked again for good measure. "Got it in your head?"
    “Yes,” Elliott answered for them all. “Let’s just do it.”
    Sam and Sebastian shot raised eyebrows at each other to Elliott’s silly impatience. “Alrighty then. You lead us off Elliott. Ready when you are,” Sam said, raising his hand to do the beat count.

    Silence filled the room for a couple of seconds as each musician got in the “zone.” Haley and Leah’s hearts thumped in anticipation. On Sam’s cue, masterful music rang from Elliott’s fast and fluid fingers on the keyboard, stunning everyone. It was a beautiful start to the song which Haley wasn’t expecting, but was pleasantly surprised by. She watched as Sam turned and then cued in Abigail’s cymbal part which really got his foot, and hers, tapping to the beat. On his next cue, Abigail brought in the drums.


    There’s that Rock sound, Haley thought as she continued to watch Sam in admiration, directing and throwing in random guitar notes - along with Sebastian - at the appropriate time. There was just something about him immersing himself into music, dancing along with it, that made her fall for him all the more. It was incredibly attractive. Soon Sam stopped with the hand cues because it was time for him and Sebastian to fully bring in the guitars and naturally the song continued all on its own. Haley's face lit up with the brightest of grins as she watched all of them playing together, creating such a sound; all from memory no less! It was incredible! THEY were incredible!


    Leah tapped her hand on her leg to the beat, enjoying the show as well.


    When Sam started singing, Haley’s heart melted all the more as he looked only at her while doing so, apart from looking down at the guitar strings occasionally. Her eyes never strayed from his either and her cheeks turned red. She couldn’t help it. He was pretty…and stealing heart away more and more in every moment they spent together.

    This world was so much different from her own and in some ways she felt out of place in it, even while simply being in the audience.


    But in this moment, and once before, Sam showed her that she was always welcome in it…and could very much be a part of it if she wanted to. Nevermind the lyrics strangely speaking similarly to her feelings on the matter, more so…she could see him saying it through his eyes. He wanted her in his world and honestly…she wanted to be in it. Not just because of him, but because it was a world that inspired her and could give her the courage to express and be whoever she wanted to be. It was a doorway that led to the life she always dreamed of for herself.


    Her thoughts were interrupted as Sam entered into a short, yet epic guitar solo and her mouth dropped in amazement over it. She clapped wildly when it was over. The two continued to exchange smiles at each other throughout the remainder of the song. Abigail and Leah noticed and thought it was adorable.

    When the song was over, Haley and Leah clapped loudly while Haley threw out a few whistles.

    “Excellent!” she exclaimed when Sam approached her.
    “I’m glad you liked it,” he blushed.
    “I loved it!”
    Sam’s heart swelled and fluttered with joy hearing it. “I’m really glad you came over to hear it,” he said, affectionately taking her hands. “It means a lot to me that you did. Thank you.”


    “Of course Sam,” she sweetly said, gripping his forefingers. “You’ve been there for me a lot lately so…I knew I should be here for you. I wanted to be here for you.”

    Now that really pleasantly surprised Sam to hear. So much so that he stupidly asked, “Really?” and instantly regretted it.
    Haley chuckled at his expression. “Yeah,” she answered with a coy gesture, but sincerely meant it.


    “Awesome.” He smiled, feeling her sincerity. She cares about me. His heart continued to flutter.

    The two stood quietly blushing and holding each other's hands for about a minute until Haley asked, “Can you guys play another one?”

    Sam glanced around the room and addressed, “Wanna play another one guys?” His two buddies gladly shook their heads while Elliott hid his reaction to where only Leah could see it. She gave him a beaming, desiring nod and he acquiesced. Anything for her. Plus he really couldn’t deny how much fun it was to jam with the kids. “I’m still not joining your band,” he declared as he sat back down at the keyboard.

    “I know…,” Sam droned, returning to his spot beside Sebastian. “We get it.”

    Sebastian just shook his head at the long-haired man. “You know Elliott, the more you say that the more it sounds like you actually wanna join to me.”
    Leah snickered.
    “You don’t know what you’re talking about boy,” came the response.
    “Oh I think he knows exactly what he’s talking about,” Abigail chimed in, winking at her man.
    “What’s the matter Elliott? Too afraid to admit the truth?” Haley threw in. “I thought a gentleman never lies.”
    Sam raised his eyebrows at her. Impressed.

    Elliott knew he could continue to play along or blow them off, but either way, they would still think he was masking his interest in joining. Which he wasn’t. Maybe it would be fun to have them keep believing that he was. So he went with the blow off. He wasn’t the playing along type anyway.

    “What song will it be boys? We must make haste. My lady and I are due for a very important dinner date.” He smirked at Leah to which she shook her head with a smile. He was ever transparent to her.

    More to come. :)

    A/N: This was my first time playing with a "text generator." I hope I did it right. :lol: It's fun to add new things like that to your stories. :blush:

    Second, I'd like to think Sam and the gang played something pretty similar to this song for Haley and Leah. :blush: Turn up the volume and Enjoy! (Lyrics in the spoiler below, if you wanna follow along.)

    "Right Now" - Van Halen

    Don't wanna wait til tomorrow,
    Why put it off another day?
    One more walk through problems,
    Built up, and stand in our way ,ah

    One step ahead, one step behind me,
    Now you gotta run to get even.
    Make future plans, don't dream about yesterday, hey,
    C'mon turn, turn this thing around.

    Right now, hey,
    It's your tomorrow.
    Right now,
    C'mon,it's everything.
    Right now,
    Catch a magic moment, do it,
    Right here and now.
    It means everything.

    Miss the beat, you lose the rhythm,
    And nothing falls into place, no.
    Only missed by a fraction,
    Slipped a little off your pace, oh.

    The more things you get, the more you want,
    Just trade in one for the other,
    Workin' so hard, to make it easier, whoa,
    Got to turn, c'mon turn this thing around.

    Right now, hey,
    It's your tomorrow.
    Right now,
    C'mon, it's everything.
    Right now,
    Catch that magic moment, do it,
    Right here and now.
    It means everything.

    It's enlightened me, right now.
    What are you waitin' for,
    Oh, yeah, right now.

    [Guitar Solo]

    Right now, hey,
    It's your tomorrow.
    Right now,
    C'mon, it's everything.
    Right now,
    Catch that magic moment, and do it right,
    Right now,
    Right now, oh, Right now,
    It's what's happening!
    Right here and now,
    Right now,
    It's right now,
    Tell me, what are you waiting for,
    Turn this thing around...
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    I know the feeling of being bored listening to my wife and her friends talk. :D

    I also know the feeling of my wife's hugs and kisses making me feel better. :D

    It looks like you had a lot of fun setting up the band practice session. I love the detail, and a great choice of song.

    Good job on the text message as well. :D
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    This was a great update!
    I love how supportive Emily is with Shane,
    those were some hot kisses! <3 Glad Hayley decided to join the others too.

    How do you create text messages like that?, they always look so cool when I see it in
    blogs and such.
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    @emorrill Oh no! What is wrong with Shane?
    I didn't know about Junimos. They look like they would itch if they got on you. :lol:
    I'm glad Shane was able to open up to Emily and talk to her about what was going on in his head. That is the key for anyone is to be able to talk to someone who can help them deal with those dark thoughts and feelings before they act on them.
    Yep, some hot images and looks like Emily knows just how to help Shane. :grin:
    She's so right, sometimes he will help her, others she will help him. That is the way it is when you love someone. It ain't 50/50 all the time.
    I think he will be all right. Seen it happen many times in real life. No reason he can't be strong and keep it together especially now that he has allowed others to be in his life and admitted he needs them.
    lol at their tummies interrupting the make out session. I don't know if her healthy nibbles sound like enough of a snack though.
    Cute how you added the texting.
    It sounded like they were really rockin' with the song. Shame there are no other sims in the town except droids that they can't perform for.
    You did manage to find a sexy sweater perfect for the season. :wink:
    Great song.
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    I know the feeling of being bored listening to my wife and her friends talk. :D

    I also know the feeling of my wife's hugs and kisses making me feel better. :D
    ^Ha ha, I love this so much. <3 Cute.
    What would you men be without us women? :smirk:
    I did have fun setting up the band performance. :mrgreen: It was a doozy to write though. :confounded: I dunno why, my brain just didn't want to cooperate as quickly as it usually does when describing a scene and all its details.
    Glad you liked the text message. :blush:
    So what did you think of Haley showing a bit of selflessness there? ;)

    I love how supportive Emily is with Shane,
    those were some hot kisses! <3
    ^Thank you. :blush: And yes, they were! <3<3 That's why I shared so many pictures of it. :mrgreen: I could omit any of them! (I actually did omit one because it looked just like a previous picture, it was just more from an aerial view). You should've heard them when I was taking the pictures...I was like "Man, you two need to calm down cause I'm about ready to run to hubby and get some of that myself." :smirk::lol: Anyway! :joy:
    The site I used to create the text message is this:
    I loved how much you could customize it to your liking. :)

    @bekkasan Didn't mean to worry you for a little bit there about Shane. :kissing_heart: But yeah, he'll be alright from here on out. <3 No more drama from him. ;)
    That is the key for anyone is to be able to talk to someone who can help them deal with those dark thoughts and feelings before they act on them.
    ^Amen. :star:
    Glad you liked the kissing images. <3:mrgreen:<3
    She's so right, sometimes he will help her, others she will help him. That is the way it is when you love someone. It ain't 50/50 all the time.
    ^YES. :star: I felt to have her say that because I could see some readers thinking, "Oh here she is again always helping him, but would he really be able to help her like that in return?" And the answer is an emphatic YES! Because it's exactly what you said there. ^ Like I told you in our texts ;) there's so much Shane hate in the Stardew community so if anyone who is a fan that reads my story I want to make a statement to them; hater or not. :lol: That statement being that people like him CAN change and CAN stay sober and CAN love unconditionally, never to revert back. :star: People don't seem to put as much faith in others as they used to and it's pretty sad. :(
    I've learned so so much writing out Shane's character when I knew nothing about alcohol and certainly knew nothing about the addiction and withdrawals from it. I'm thankful to his character for helping me to learn more about a very real, dark, and tender subject. He'll always be special to me because of that. <3 Anyway...
    lol at their tummies interrupting the make out session.
    ^Hee hee, I knew you would get a chuckle out of that. :lol: It reminded me of how hilarious you thought it was when on "The Ghosts of Christmas Past" that snowball fell on the guy's head just as they were about to kiss, killing the moment. :joy: I still love that movie and will forever thank you for introducing it to me. :blush:
    I don't know if her healthy nibbles sound like enough of a snack though.
    ^Yeah I think they need some dinner! :p
    Performing for droids? Hmm...that's not a terrible idea. 🤔 ;) I think it's safe to say that Sam's gonna make it. :star:
    You did manage to find a sexy sweater perfect for the season. :wink:
    ^Why thank you. :lol::kissing_heart:
    Haley did good this time around didn't she? :smirk:;)
    Glad you liked the featured song too. :blush: That song popped on the radio as I was driving the other day and I was like, "Oh my gosh this song is PERFECT!" So I had to use it. :mrgreen:
    Thanks for your sweet comments as always. :kissing_heart: I'm a little stuck on which events to do next, but I'm working on it. 👍

    *I decided to take a couple more pictures to add into the wordy parts of the story in my previous post. I just felt there needed to be some. Scroll up and check them out when you get the chance. :blush: I'll have them there in a jiffy.

    Thanks everyone. <3
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    Ty, will try it out.
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    What did Haley do that was so selfless? Just coming over to watch Sam play? :o

    I totally forgot about Shane's cravings after watching Emily "cure" them. :D

    Tell me how do I get my wife to seek me out for that action, too. :P

    I'm a 46 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, and a simverted personality.
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    KevinL5275 wrote: »
    What did Haley do that was so selfless? Just coming over to watch Sam play? :o

    Tell me how do I get my wife to seek me out for that action, too. :P

    @KevinL5275 Yeah it was that. Guess y'all didn't think it was as selfless of an act as I did... ;)
    It seemed to be a pretty big step to me for her since she was still leery about seeing and being around Alex, but it's okay. :)<3

    As my brothers would say, "It's all good in the 'hood!" :lol:

    Maybe your wife should play sims too, watch two sims makeout for a bit, and that should get her all fired up to come over to you. :smirk:;):p Ha ha! I dunno! LOL! :joy:

    I have a surprise picture of Haley for you that I will share in a PM. :blush:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,472 Member
    Hey everyone. <3

    Been hard at work writing some more of the story. :) Might be a bit of a delay in releasing more. The reason being is I actually went and wrote the concluding scene to the Chapter first before moving on to the other events that are supposed to happen beforehand. I don't do that very often, for this reason, but I was imagining out the scene and figured I better get it down on "paper" while it was all fresh in my mind. :blush: I'm so very glad I did. It's flowing SO well and I know it wouldn't have if I had waited on writing it in the order of events. I think it will make a decent Chapter 17 finale. :mrgreen: (Not to be confused with the story finale. We're not there yet, but getting closer. ;) )

    I had the thought of making Chapter 20 the last chapter of the story, but...we'll see. :)

    Anyhoo, for funzies (Ha ha! That's like something Haley would say! :lol: ) I thought I would throw out 3 little outtake/teaser pics of Alex. :blush: (I had one of Sam, but I decided it gives away too much...and I'd much rather have you be surprised with it while reading the story. Sorry. :p ) So yeah all I have here is pics of Alex.

    I paused the game for posing and scrolled around to find Alex frozen like this:


    Not sure what he was doing - or trying to say - but I thought it was humorous enough to take a picture. :lol: (Plus, he just looks good. :love: )

    I swear...seeing him standing there with that Tommy Hilfiger shirt off that hot jock look of the late 1990's...takes my mind back to my high school days and this random old gem 🎵 starts playing in my mind. (Cause it was all over the radio then) I love how pictures and especially songs take you back to some fond memories. High school was mostly a drag for me, but I loved my friends, I loved choir, and I had a wonderful hometown and life...those are the things I miss. <3 And I would revisit them in a heartbeat.

    Random old gem song:
    Did that take some of you back any? ;)

    Okay, so moving on. :p

    Here was another pause moment while posing and this cracked me up. :joy:

    :star:"FABULOUS!!!" :star:


    And lastly, because his chest is so beautiful :love: I took a major close up picture of it. :smirk: Enjoy ladies.


    Mmm! 🤤

    Anyway, stay tuned for more! It's gonna be fun! :grin:

    Thanks always for your patience. <3
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