September 18 - Everyone ready for the Friday Highlight? It's ready for you here!

Friday Highlight January 24th - A week on The Sims Forums

EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,800 EA Staff (retired)
Sul Sul Simmers!

How are your Sims doing? Getting used to reduced spaces? What kind of situations are they running into? ;)

Chaos at @ShadyLady_DQ 's home - we blame the murphy bed. Found here

As someone who loves smaller homes for my Sims, I can tell you something: I'm really enjoying the huge amount of tiny houses you are uploading to the Gallery!

Now, what are some of the great discussions you have been creating on the forums? Let me show you!:

This is it from me this Friday! I'll be back next week with more! Unless, you know... my murphy bed* decides otherwise!

If you have more recommendations, leave them below :)

Happy Simming weekend!

*Nope, I don't own one :sweat_smile:


  • mirka999mirka999 Posts: 90 Member
    HI Mai,

    Thanks you so much, I'm very happy you choose me :) I like to create a specific builds (rooms and houses) for the simmers,

    Happy Simming all :)
  • WndblwzWndblwz Posts: 229 Member
    edited January 25
    I want to express my appreciation for the obvious amount of time you take to scan the boards, assess the ones to bring to the communities' attentions and present in such a concise and interesting manner. I'm an old-head :D , laser-focused on customer service/retention/relations/yada yada and I appreciate a good effort. THANKS, @EA_Mai and team!
  • EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,800 EA Staff (retired)
    Awww thanks! :blush: Hoping to share with you many more Fridays like these! :smiley:
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