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How can I bring a toddler home from daycare?

The daycare feature must be bugged in my game, I don't understand what it's "thinking".

I just entered a household at 1:30 AM. Mom and dad at home, but toddler greyed out at "daycare" (yes, in the middle of the night). I waited 30 sim minutes to get him home, but nothing happened. The toddler makes a mess in the house, is very angry but can not be interacted with because he is still at daycare. I sent parents to bed, and it's now 3 hours and the toddler is still at daycare. When a kid is at school I can tell them to leave early, but I find no such option for the toddler to leave daycare.

Is there a way to bring him home, or will he in the end be taken away as I can't connect with him and he will probably go hungry soon.

Wish the game would stop sending toddlers to daycare at 1:30 AM...
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  • FairyGodMotherFairyGodMother Posts: 7,127 Member
    I think this was a bug before, but thought it was fixed?

    I would try scrolling out in the world and click the travel button and see if it will show the toddler, and allow you to travel with them. Go to the park or something kid related and if it works, then travel back home.
  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 7,543 Member
    Update: At 8:20 AM the poor toddler returned from daycare!!! That's nearly 7 hours while everyone else in this household were at home.

    If anyone knows a fix for this glitch, please let me know.
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  • WaytoomanyUIDsWaytoomanyUIDs Posts: 316 Member
    edited January 16
    I haven't experienced this bug, but have you tried resetting the sim?
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  • CaprianaBCaprianaB Posts: 223 Member
    I haven't had this happen with a toddler at daycare (yet), but last week I was playing a sim on his normal day off but it said he was at work. I couldn't interact with him the same way the OP couldn't. I tried going to another house (I play on rotation) to see if coming back would help. Nope. It was several sim hours later before he was playable again. I haven't had this problem again so far and have played a little each day.
  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 5,057 Member
    It has happened to me before. From what I gather, it happens when you switch households and then switch back. Toddlers could be locked at daycare. To solve, you just have to wait it out from what I've seen. It usually lasts a few hours and then their pictures won't be grayed out anymore.
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  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 7,543 Member
    Thanks for replies! I'll remember to travel with the toddler if it happens again. Right now game solved it, but I think it happened due to some errors in their scripting. Seems like quite a few events that should not happen at night, do happen at night. As if EA forgot the script to consider if it's day or night. Like sims grilling in the garden at 3AM, and when they are done they don't even eat the food... Or when entering a house at 4 AM absolutely none of the sims living there, regardless of age, are in their beds. Why not? Looks like the script doesn't care about the clock at all.

    Game should obviously think that if the family is at home and it is at night, toddlers should not go to daycare. Hopefully they will fix this.
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