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some CC and game questions

SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 4,602 Member

Does anyone know if there is a mod i can use to change eye color, face templates and custom skins in game not CAS? Using the blender i can use the make up function at the mirror and plastic surgery which only changes EA's facial and associated CAS features (but not CC ones) but I would like to be able to change these features on sims already in the game and pre-mades.

If there is no mod and no easy way to be able to do this can anyone point me in the direction of good eye overlays and overlay face templates that would turn up using the make up function using the mirror? I have no idea if any custom skins could be added in this way at the plastic surgery function but if not I would just have to be satisfied using a good default skin as at least that affects all sims globally and I could utilize custom skins when in CAS making new sims.

RE default skins and face templates I am getting a little confused as I have been searching for hours and notice some info says add all to game and others only 4-6?

so for example if I use default skins do I have to choose 1-4 skins no matter how many there is and then add more on for the supernatural skins? so does that mean 4-6 default skins for normal sims then 4 extra default skins for supernatural sims?

Same question re Face templates I understand like skins I can have as many custom ones as I want but for default can I only choose 4-6 the same as default skins?

I also came across skins with teeth, eyes and face templates all included which would be a good choice if the face templates and skins were nice nice looking so wondered if anyone had any experience using those as well or know of any good ones to test?

Please don't anyone suggest SimPe i think it's called as that is over my techie head at the moment so i am looking for easier to achieve fixes to this where possible :)


  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,822 Member
    I don't know of any program to change in game faces but I've never looked. :(

    I do know that the 1-4 default skins is for the 4 skins in game. If you can link me to the 4-6 skins maybe I can have an idea.

    Now there are geneticized skins which are different. http://www.modthesims.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:Geneticized_Skintones

    Face templates you can pick which to use or use all of them. I don't remember them effecting in game Sims, just for future Sims.

    I've stuck with the same 4 default skins for years so I don't know much about any new ones. Sorry. :(
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 4,602 Member
    edited January 16
    Hi @Rflong7

    I have tried to do some further research on this and I believe that any default skins can be used as long as I am using only 1-4 skin package files only?

    The next question is do defaults skins actually have to be listed 1-4 on the package file for them to work correctly? or can i choose any 4 package files regardless of their number as long as I stick to using 4 package files in total?

    The 6 files I was referring to that i wanted to try are mayberries invasion DF skin and after unzipping them the files look as follows this is why I questioned if I could use 6 files in the first place as I am just not sure.


    I also need to know if I can use an default skin each for all the alien, witch, werewolf, vampire or plant sims or have they somehow got to be fitted in the same 4 files??

    I have read now that unless a template is a default it will not show up on sims already in game (and sometimes even defaults may not work on sims already in game either) like default skins do and this is why i found face templates confusing as well and started to search for a mod I could use to put an already created sim back into CAS so i could make the changes I want to but when I could not find a mod like that I started to look for overlays that will show up at the mirror in makeup but so far I have only found eye overlays that will work at the mirror but not custom skins or face templates that work like that.

    why oh why do I always want something thats not available :)
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  • kamra19610kamra19610 Posts: 460 Member
    Yes there are defaults for aliens and so on and I use them. Google it there is lots of alians to choice from. Best of luck.
  • Seera1024Seera1024 Posts: 3,372 Member
    The number on the default will correspond to which skin it is the default for.

    You can choose 1 of the ones with the #2 in it and 1 of the ones with the #3 in it. You can't choose both #2's or both #3's.
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